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Villa Cala Viñas
Ref. 6800032 Villa for rent in Cala Viñas
Schlafzimmer 7
Badezimmer 6
Wohnfläche 432 m²

Neptunus - We are crazy about the sea. For the salt on our lips. Sunglasses on our face. And a sarong around our waist. You too?
Then you don't always have to have your own property. Try out whatever suits you, whichever region you prefer, and whatever kind of neighbours you want.
We would be happy to arrange a villa, apartment or country house for long-term rental in Mallorca. Maybe this will turn into true love!

There are a few points to consider when renting a property in Mallorca:

A distinction is made between rental contracts for a main place of residence and for temporary rentals. The difference is whether the tenant has the property as a permanent residence, i.e. used as a habitual residence or only as a temporary residence. The general legal provisions for the rental of apartments tend to protect the tenant, particularly with regard to the use of the rental property. However, limited leases, which only cover certain periods or seasons (winter, summer, etc.) or periods of less than one year, protect the rights of the lessee much less, since here the parties are entitled to enter into contractual agreements that specify different regulations, agree the terms of local tenancy law differently, or exclude them contractually.

As a rule, rental contracts in Spain contain a special clause that specifies the expiry of the rental period on a specified fixed date, and the corresponding notice period. In this case, all outstanding payments and expenses incurred up to the time of the specified notice period must be paid by the tenant. If the contract does not contain this clause, the locally applicable rental law (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos) stipulates that early termination can only legally take effect after the minimum term specified in the contract has expired.

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