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Buy property in Port Alcudia: Pure lifestyle

Every year, many Germans are drawn to Mallorca: the island where vacation dreams come true. But why not live where others go on vacation? The solution: buy Port Alcudia real estate and enjoy life to the fullest! Just 54 kilometers from the historic capital Palma, you can combine life and work in the municipality of Alcudia and make your dream of the Mediterranean come true in the northeast of the island.

Two sea bays, a historic heart, beautiful moorings for boats and the bucolic village: this is how you could live when you buy your new Port Alcudia property. Siestas, the hospitality of the locals, the proximity to the sea all day long and more awaits you in the picturesque Alcudia. A property in Port Alcudia means a more balanced life, conciliating work, sport and relaxing in the sun, by the sea.

The village, which dates prior to Roman times, is one of Mallorca's gems, where you can wander along the region's 30 kilometres of coastline and surrounding nature, meet friendly folks and enjoy the many other benefits of living on your favourite island. As follows, our shortlist about the main attractions along the coastline, the region’s benefits and the things to consider when buying a property in Port Alcudia.

Buy a property in Port Alcudia, enjoy the sun


Mallorca’s four beautiful seasons and year-round mild Mediterranean climate remain the number one attraction. As Germany ‘s grey autumn and winter seasons unfold, you would be in Alcudia, drinking your coffee whilst looking at the sea and enjoying the warm sun, with a soft breeze around. Called the 17th state, Mallorca invites people to set up residence. So why not consider buying a property in Port Alcudia?

Alcudia has about 30 kilometres of coastline, two bays and 10 kilometres of sandy beach to enjoy on sunny days. The climate north-east of the island is mild all year long, with average autumn and winter temperatures varying from 15 to 20 degrees and spring and summer temperatures from 20°c to over 35°C. Surrounded by rugged nature, Alcudia is all you can expect for a relaxing full or part-time expatriate life. Between rocky hills, beautiful pine forests and the sea, it's the perfect place to live.

The beaches of Ca'n Picafort in the south of the region and Port d'Alcudia are specially popular hot spots that invite relaxation and the practice of sports. Due to soft winds and weak wave action, the beaches are most suitable for families with children. If you have a property in Port Alcudia you’ll easily access its widest beach section with a width of 100 metres, where peace and personal space are guaranteed, despite the tourist affluence. The most popular beaches in Alcudia are:

  • Playa de Alcudia
  • Playa de Muro
  • Alcanada
  • Coll de Baix
  • Playa S'Illot
  • Ses Caletes

Tip: the bars, clubs and pubs invite you to spend fun evenings with locals and friends.

If you have previously visited the region as a tourist, you will know that living here is a dream! This is why properties in Port Alcudia are so coveted and a reason to buy here. The island's capital is not that nearby, however Alcudia lacks nothing and has all that is necessary for a happy and relaxed life from daily groceries to wellness. As quiet seasons are as enjoyable as the popular summertime, you will get your property money's worth all year long, whether it is a finca, a flat or a house.

Be enticed to live close to the sea, enjoying the many daily possibilities, no longer missing Germany,’s greyish suburbs and gloomy winters, but enjoying Alcudia’ superb nature with pine forests, sandy beaches and sea and year-round mild climate. Dare the life transition and buy your property in Port Alcudia.


Buy real estate in Port Alcudia and enjoy perfect infrastructure


Being used to Germany’s good infrastructure, this is an important point for you. If you buy a property in Port Alcudia, you won't have any bad surprises in terms of accessibility, services and facilities. The infrastructure is complete with all that is necessary daily.

As in many other towns, Alcudia’s weekly markets are singularly important: here people from all over the island converge, chat, and bargain. Port Alcudia does not host its own weekly markets. The two markets are held in the centre of the town, on Tuesdays and Sundays. They usually start at daybreak until midday. Much of the products for sale are regionally harvested and produced and of organic quality.

It is not only the market that is important if you are considering buying a property in Port Alcudia. The accessibility of the island itself as well as the shops relevant for daily use are important. There are many cafes, restaurants, stores as well as essential facilities, such as Doctors, chemists, banks and post offices. So don't delay, buy a property in Port Alcudia, sit back and relax, enjoying everything Alcudia offers.

Alcudia's infrastructure has all that is necessary for a comfortable life. The many cultural amenities are also a fascinating aspect of Alcudia. If you buy a property in Port Alcudia you will have first hand access to great historical and cultural patrimony in the area, such as, for instance, the Roman remains or the 14th century Can Torró Library, in the old town.

You will discover fascinating architectural gems within the city walls. The inhabitants are culturally proud and attach great importance to the regionality of Alcudia. Aware of it, investors and benefactors, the likes of “Bertelsmann Foundation”, have helped maintain the historically valuable library, contributing as much as a million euros.

There are also many sporting activities, such as climbing, snorkelling, playing golf or cycling across. If you buy a property in Port Alcudia, you will be able to engage in the various accessible sports - a great opportunity to enjoy!

If you buy a property in Port Alcudia you will hence benefit from the good infrastructure with all essentials in the immediate vicinity. Whether by car, scooter or bike, you will also realise how practical it is to have everything fairly close by and the benefits of the regionality and proximity of things on the island.


Become like a Mallorcan when buying real estate in Port Alcudia


Alcudia is a municipality of over 20 thousand people - the largest town here is also called Alcudia. Port Alcudia follows closely behind. If you wish to buy a property in Port Alcudia, it is imperative that you learn about the region and its history so as to understand its Mallorcan inhabitants. This is crucial to connect with the autochthonous and become part of their society.

Historically, the entire island of Mallorca was influenced by the ancient Romans. The Roman-historical core primarily influenced Alcudia’s local culture. Various buildings bear witness to this and you can find cultural remains in various local museums. Despite the Roman influence, the name Alcudia was established during the Arab occupation between 900 and 1200 AD. Its Arabic root "Al-Qudya'' means "hill" and comes from the mountain range that runs through the region and separates the two bays.

This region was already populated 2,000 years before Christ, which is confirmed by archaeological finds. So when you buy a property in Port Alcudia, you are living in the midst of thousands of years of history. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the departure of the Arab occupiers and the end of the Middle Ages, Alcudia was often raided by pirates. This experience heralded the construction of the second city wall - a second ring in a Renaissance style, that you will be able to still admire today, if you buy a property in Port Alcudia. It was the subsequent expansion of the port that brought more trade to the region, as well as a better economic situation and infrastructure. The inhabitants have therefore seen themselves as residents of a port city for several centuries - and rightly so!

Especially in summer, the real life in the harbour town becomes apparent: party together with the guests, take a boat trip to snorkel or to tour around Mallorca. Many special events take place within the ancient city walls, such as open-air-concerts and theatre performances and the following festivals :

  • Second Sunday in May: Aniversari de Sarau Alcudienc
  • Festes de Sant Pere: 29th June
  • Mare de Déu de la Victòria - pilgrimage : 2th July
  • Alcúdia's main festival Festes de Sant Jaume - celebrated in honour of the village's patron saint on 25th July
  • Sa Fira - fair on a weekend at the end of September / beginning of October

Events are not only celebrated in the summer, other festivities take place outside the tourist season.
If you buy property in Port Alcudia, you’ll be near interesting sites such as regional monasteries and the Albufera National Park, which are plebiscited by calm and relaxation seekers.


Why buy real estate in Port Alcudia?


Alcudia has over 20 thousand inhabitants with about 25% foreigners for the whole population. The fascination for the region is spreading fast and actually, 3% of the foreign population is German.

If you buy a property in Port Alcudia you will broaden your linguistic and cultural horizons. Thanks to the easy access to language courses, museums, guided tours and the like, you will quickly make connections and soon identify with the region. Residing near picturesque middle-age edifices, the beautiful climate and the surrounding wilderness, are some of the reasons to buy a property in Port Alcudia.

A property in Port Alcudia, opens horizons. Whilst walking the harbours, swimming in the sea or hiking in the wonderful nature around, you will meet like-minded people and broaden your social perspectives. Spain, and Mallorca in particular, are considered hospitable and welcoming.


Buy the property in Port Alcudia that suits you


There are many aspects to consider when buying property in Port Alcudia. Properties are just as varied as desired amenities or the location. Whether you're looking to buy a finca, a flat, a house or another type of property in Port Alcudia, Neptunus International guarantees helping you find your exclusive Majorcan property!

As well as the classic finca, there are other property options and types, different furnishing styles and, of course, prices. If you are seeking to buy a property in Port Alcudia, we will help you find the appropriate one. You might like a classic Mediterranean home or prefer a modern luxurious flat or a wish to buy a finca in classic terracotta colour. Are you looking for a modern architecture with open windows and a pool ? When you buy a property in Port Alcudia, your priority will be to feel at home and start your new life.

One of the best things about buying a property in Port Alcudia is the natural surroundings. The views are great, whether living on the harbour in front of the sea, in the centre of the busy old town or slightly further out, with views of the mountain range and pine forests. The view of nature, the nice climate, kind people and a Mediterranean lifestyle will help you slow down, as you start realising what is really important and makes you feel good! So take the step forward and buy a property in Port Alcudia.

Alcudia is an ideal region to start anew if you wish to live on this most popular island amongst Germans. Growing old here is kinder thanks to the climate, sportive activities and also the islanders ‘mentality. Neptunus International will help you fulfil your dream to buy a property in Port Alcudia.


Buy a property in Port Alcudia: living in a picturesque finca in Alcudia


Typical Mallorcan fincas are found all over the island. These picturesque houses are often located just outside the centre. Their idyllic setting near majestic backdrops and an indescribably beautiful nature make them a good choice for a balanced lifestyle, away from everyday’s bustle. What exactly characterises fincas? Fincas are usually surrounded by a large plot of land - peace and relaxation are prerequisites that you will get when you buy a finca in Port Alcudia.

  • Fincas are usually surrounded by a large plot of land - peace and relaxation are prerequisites that you will get when you buy a finca in Port Alcudia.
  • Fincas are often built with natural materials yet today are optimally air-conditioned. Their architecture, mixing tiling, stone and wood, looks simply beautiful! Another reason to buy a property in Port Alcudia.
  • Fincas are often built with natural materials yet today are optimally air-conditioned. Their architecture, mixing tiling, stone and wood, looks simply beautiful! Another reason to buy a property in Port Alcudia.
  • In Port Alcudia, every finca has beautiful traditional shutters, often colourfully painted, adding that certain something.

It is not uncommon for fincas to have fruit-tree groves around. Imagine having your own fresh oranges? Farmers historically lived in these fincas. They had their main residence there so that they could get to their own fields as quickly as possible and did not have to walk long distances. You will have the privilege to enjoy such a dream location, if you buy a property in Port Alcudia.

Built with high quality materials, both outside and inside, the typical Mallorcan finca is a real dream, which you will experience first hand when buying a property in Port Alcudia.


Buy property in Port Alcudia: buy a villa in Alcudia to enjoy peace and quiet


A villa might be more appropriate, when buying a property in Port Alcudia. Mallorcan-style villas, in particular, are Mediterranean mansions, with large spaces for individuality, great furnishings and high build quality.

If you are planning a new start for your family and want a villa as your new home, Neptunus International lists beautiful properties. These benefit from the tranquillity of the surrounding nature and a certain anonymity, whilst being located near the centre.

In contrast to fincas or flats, villas are mostly newly built and you could even be a first occupant. So, live your dream, buy a property in Port Alcudia and imagine, gazing at the sea from your own balcony, in your own property in Port Alcudia, with your kids splashing about in the pool.

Mallorcan real estate law is not simple. When you buy a property in Port Alcudia, Neptunus International will advise and guide you through, from viewing to purchase.


Buy property in Port Alcudia: a house in Alcudia to enjoy privacy


Often located in the immediate vicinity of the Torre Major and Ses Pedreres sites, you will benefit from privacy and enough space for your whole family with a house in Alcudia. Those who prefer to live off the beaten tracks, will find their dream property with us, Neptunus International. Houses with a swimming pool and a terrace for sale are available in Port Alcudia, so have a first look and start a great new life!


Buy property in Port Alcudia: An apartment in Alcudia for a city feel


Are you a city person? Neptunus International will find the right property for you, in the centre of Port Alcudia. If you love the city's hustle and bustle, enjoy strolling on the marina promenade and enjoy a drink on a terrace, you will get your money's worth, living in a centrally located flat in Port Alcudia.

With colourful façades, Alcudia’s typical Mallorcan old buildings give an instant sense of happiness. What could be better than living in a centrical property of Port Alcudia, with everything within walking distance?

Imagine sipping your morning coffee on a sunny terrace, partying with friends or simply window shopping. We will help you find your dream flat property in Port Alcudia. Thes flats are suitable for singles, couples, or families.


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