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Port d'Alcúdia real estate for sale: Pure lifestyle

Every year, many Germans are drawn to Mallorca: the island where vacation dreams come true. But why not live where others go on vacation? The solution: buy Port d'Alcúdia real estate and enjoy life to the fullest! Just 54 kilometers from the historic capital Palma, you can combine life and work in the municipality of Alcudia and make your dream of the Mediterranean come true in the northeast of the island.

Two sea bays, a historical place, beautiful moorings for boats and the village center on a hill: this is how you could live if you buy your new Port d'Alcúdia property. The siesta is not to be missed, the hospitality of the islanders accompanies you and you can go to the sea in every free minute - this and more awaits you in the picturesque area around Alcudia. Not only let your soul dangle, in and around Alcudia it can be lived! Whether you are a sports fan, relaxation or sun worshipper - you are well prepared for every situation in life when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.

You will discover: The village, already built at the time of the Romans, is a gem of Mallorca. So take some time for a walk along the 30 kilometers of coastline of the region and be fascinated by the nature, the people and the many advantages of living on your favorite island. We'll show you the benefits of the region, enlighten you on what to consider when buying property in Port d'Alcúdia, and point out the main attractions along the coastline.

Port d'Alcúdia real estate buy and enjoy the sun


As beautiful as the four seasons can be - the year-round mild Mediterranean climate is and remains simply attraction number 1. When autumn and winter once again bring the gray over Germany, you sit in sunny Alcudia, drink your coffee with a view of the sea and enjoy the beautiful sun rays on your skin while the gentle breeze blows around your nose. It can be so simple: Mallorca is not called the 17th state for nothing and practically invites you to create a residence here. So why not just buy your own d'Alcúdia property?

30 kilometers of coastline await you in the region, two sea bays virtually hug Alcudia, so you could even choose where to enjoy the sun on which day along the 10-kilometer stretch of beach. The climate in the northeast of the island is mild, with year-round temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees. Interacting with the rugged nature, Alcudia is what you would expect from a relaxing expatriate or part-time expat life: Between craggy rocks, beautiful pine forests and the sea it can be lived as a single, as a couple or family so right.

Especially the beaches Ca'n Picafort in the south of the region and Port d'Alcúdia are popular hot spots, which invite you to relax and do sports - the sea is very suitable especially for families with children because of the low wind and the few waves. Our highlight when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property: Especially the widest beach section with 100 meters width is a special feature and guarantees you peace and personal space despite tourist visitors. These are the most popular beaches in Alcudia:

  • Playa de Alcudia
  • Playa de Muro
  • Alcanada
  • Coll de Baix
  • Playa S'Illot
  • Ses Caletes

Tip: the bars, clubs and pubs invite you to spend fun evenings with locals and friends.

Especially if you get an idea of the region in advance as a tourist, you will realize the following: Living here is definitely a dream! Therefore, you should grab and buy a coveted Port d'Alcúdia property. Even though the island's capital is nearby - you don't need to leave Alcudia: Everything you need for a happy and relaxed life is there: from food to wellness. Enjoy the quiet seasons as well as the popular summer time: you will surely get your money's worth in your finca, apartment or new house.

Be enticed to live close to the sea, enjoying the many daily possibilities, no longer missing Germany,’s greyish suburbs and gloomy winters, but enjoying Alcudia’ superb nature with pine forests, sandy beaches and sea and year-round mild climate. Dare the life transition and buy your property in Port Alcudia.

Port d'Alcúdia real estate purchase and experience perfect infrastructure


Port d'Alcúdia property for sale: House in port de alcudia - mallorca, spain

Especially because you are used to it from Germany, a good infrastructure plays an important role for you. Don't worry: If you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, we can assure you that you won't expect any nasty surprises in terms of accessibility, services and shopping: From the weekly market to the gas station to the hairdresser, everything is available. And the best thing about it: you live on an island - you can even drive 50 kilometers to the capital for shopping.

As in many other places, the weekly market in Alcudia is an important event: Here people chat, negotiate and even travel from all over the island. Market days in Alcudia are always on Tuesdays and Sundays: It starts at dawn and around noon it is already dismantled again. However, you have several hours in between to buy the fresh food you need. Best of all, much of it is harvested and produced regionally and is often of the highest organic quality. However, the village of Puerto de Alcudia does not have its own weekly market.

Not only the market is important if you are considering buying a Port d'Alcúdia property. The accessibility of the island itself and the stores relevant for daily use are also important. You will quickly discover that both many cafes, restaurants and co. sweeten your everyday life as well as vital facilities are available: Doctors, pharmacies, banks and post offices. So no need remains unfulfilled. Sit back and relax - you are prepared for every eventuality in Alcudia when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.

Not only daily life, but also the beautiful things in life are part of the infrastructure: especially cultural topics are part of the fascination of Port d'Alcúdia. So if you buy a Port Alcudia property, you have a wonderful starting point to approach the Mallorcan culture, to grasp the Roman origin of the village and to educate yourself. Our tip: Visit the library of Alcudia - a picturesque outdoor area awaits you, as well as the Biblioteca Can Torró, which opened back in the 14th century.

You will discover fascinating architectural gems within the city walls. The inhabitants are culturally proud and attach great importance to the regionality of Alcudia. Aware of it, investors and benefactors, the likes of “Bertelsmann Foundation”, have helped maintain the historically valuable library, contributing as much as a million euros.

If that is not enough, you can of course engage in sports in many places. For example, how about a climbing trip, snorkeling off the coast, golfing or quad biking cross-country? There are various possibilities to let off steam in Port Alcudia.

Whether on foot, by car, scooter or quad: If you decide to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, the infrastructure is there. You can do everything essential for you in the immediate vicinity, do not have to make any compromises - on the contrary: Learn to enjoy the regionality of the island and benefit from short distances, sports activities and cultural added value.


Become part of the Mallorcans with Port d'Alcúdia real estate buying


Alcudia is a municipality that has over 20 thousand people - the largest town here is also called Alcudia. The town of Port Alcudia or Port d'Alcúdia follows closely behind. So, if you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, you should get acquainted with the region, but also with the historical background: both are crucial to get to know the Mallorcan people, or more precisely, the inhabitants of the region. Only in this way you will also manage to connect with the locals and shed the image of a guest to really become part of this society of about 5,000 people.

Historically, the entire island of Mallorca was influenced by the ancient Romans. The Roman-historical core primarily influenced Alcudia’s local culture. Various buildings bear witness to this and you can find cultural remains in various local museums. Despite the Roman influence, the name Alcudia was established during the Arab occupation between 900 and 1200 AD. Its Arabic root "Al-Qudya'' means "hill" and comes from the mountain range that runs through the region and separates the two bays.

Already 2,000 years before Christ this region was inhabited, which is confirmed by archaeological findings. So when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, you live in the midst of thousands of years of history. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the departure of the Arab occupiers, as well as the end of the Middle Ages, Alcudia was plagued by many raids by pirates. This experience heralded the construction of the second city wall - a second ring in Renaissance style, which you can still admire today if you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property. It was precisely the subsequent expansion of the port that gave the region a stronger trade and a better economic situation and infrastructure. So the inhabitants have seen themselves as residents of a port city for several centuries - and rightly so!

Especially in summer, the real life in the harbour town becomes apparent: party together with the guests, take a boat trip to snorkel or to tour around Mallorca. Many special events take place within the ancient city walls, such as open-air-concerts and theatre performances and the following festivals :

  • Second Sunday in May: Aniversari de Sarau Alcudienc
  • Festes de Sant Pere: 29th June
  • Mare de Déu de la Victòria - pilgrimage : 2th July
  • Alcúdia's main festival Festes de Sant Jaume - celebrated in honour of the village's patron saint on 25th July
  • Sa Fira - fair on a weekend at the end of September / beginning of October

However, it is not only in the summer that people celebrate - there are also many festivals and celebrations outside the tourist season. If you do need some peace and quiet, we recommend a trip to the Albufera National Park or to one of the many monasteries in the region after you buy your new Port d'Alcúdia property.


What are the advantages of buying Port d'Alcúdia real estate?


The region of Alcudia has over 20 thousand inhabitants. Here there is a foreigner share of over 25 percent - the fascination of the region is therefore spreading. If you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property here, you are not alone. Among the more than 5,000 foreign residents, the proportion of Germans living there is about three percent, which, however, means just 150 people. This means tranquility for you and at the same time yet individual connection: You will certainly get to know the Germans over time and can exchange information on relevant issues of everyday life in Alcudia.

In addition, when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, you expand your linguistic and cultural horizons. Thanks to locally offered language courses, museums, guided tours and the like, you will certainly quickly connect and soon identify with the region. The picturesque buildings from the Middle Ages, the warm climate and the wild nature do their part when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.

One thing we can say with certainty: if you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, you will never be lonely again. Whether along the harbor promenade, on the water or in the forest - the wonderful nature surrounds you and you will find many like-minded people who want to spend their time with you in Alcudia. Not for nothing Spain and especially Mallorca is considered hospitable and welcomes everyone with open arms.


Port d'Alcúdia property for sale: What suits you?


There are the most different possibilities to be able to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property: The type of property is just as different as the location and the facilities you want. Whether it is a finca, an apartment, a house or something completely different - if you have decided to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, you are sure to find the right exclusive property in Mallorca with the help of Neptunus International!

Besides the classic fincas as a getaway plan, you will of course find a variety of different building styles, types of furnishings as well as prices when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property. We will help you to find the right property. For example, how about a classic Mediterranean home or would you prefer the modern luxury apartment? We make both possible for you and even more! No matter if terracotta and wood belong to your new dream home or rather a lot of glass and a pool - the most important thing is that you feel comfortable when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property to start your new phase of life.

The best thing about buying a Port d'Alcúdia property: The view of nature! It doesn't matter if you live directly at the harbor and have a view of the sea, feel comfortable in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the old town or prefer to live a bit further outside with a view of the mountain range and the pine forest. The view of nature in combination with the climate, people and Mediterranean mindset manages to slow you down and show you what is really important: you have to feel good! So dare to want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.

So, all in all, Alcudia is the ideal region to start anew and make possible the dream of living on the most popular island of the Germans. You will enjoy growing old here: the dry-warm climate is good for lungs and bones, the activities are exciting for young and old and the mentality of the island does the rest. So whatever you are looking for in Alcudia - you will find it with Neptunus International and fulfill your dream of being able to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.


Port d'Alcúdia property for sale: Buy finca in Alcudia and live in picturesque buildings


This is typical Mallorca: You will find fincas all over the island. These picturesque structures are often located just outside the center and promise an idyllic setting against a majestic backdrop and indescribably beautiful nature. So if you are looking to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, a finca could be just the thing for you. Especially people who want a good mix of hustle and bustle and tranquility will make a good choice here. But what exactly makes a finca a finca?

  • A finca is surrounded by a large plot of land - peace and relaxation are pre-programmed here. This is included when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.
  • The finca itself is built of natural materials and so mostly already climatizes itself optimally. In addition, the mixture of clay, stone and wood just looks beautiful! Another reason to want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.
  • When you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, you notice: every finca has beautiful shutters, often colorfully painted to add that certain something.
  • In Port Alcudia, every finca has beautiful traditional shutters, often colourfully painted, adding that certain something.

Historically, farmers lived in fincas. These had their main residence there to be as quickly as possible in their own fields and not have to walk a long way. How nice that today you can benefit from this dream location when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.

Go for high-quality materials - not only on the outside, but also on the inside. How about a stone sink, for example? Or a sideboard made of granite? These natural materials make the typical finca look like a Mallorcan dream and you live it when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.


Port d'Alcúdia property for sale: Buy a villa in Alcudia and benefit from tranquility


Not just spill the beans, but make a splash is your motto? Then a villa is exactly the right thing if you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property. Especially a Mallorcan style villa looks like a Mediterranean mansion: You expect a lot of space for individuality, a great equipment and a high construction quality.

If you are planning a new start for your family and want a villa as your new home, Neptunus International lists beautiful properties. These benefit from the tranquillity of the surrounding nature and a certain anonymity, whilst being located near the centre.

Unlike fincas or apartments in the center, villas are mostly newly built properties. Chances are good that you are even the first occupant. While you are looking at the panorama or the sea from your balcony after buying your Port d'Alcúdia property, your children can splash around in the pool and just enjoy their childhood. Live your dream and secure a villa by buying Port d'Alcúdia real estate.

Nevertheless, the Mallorcan real estate law is not that simple. Therefore, if you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, let Neptunus International advise you and guide you from the viewing to the purchase.

Port d'Alcúdia property for sale: Buy house in Alcudia and enjoy privacy


Port d'Alcúdia property for sale: Spectacular house with sea view in Puerto de Alcudia

You will benefit from privacy and enough space for the whole family with a house in Alcudia. So you should take the chance and buy a Port d'Alcúdia property. Thereby you live close to the Torre Major and look directly to Ses Pedreres. Even if you really want to live off the beaten track, you will find the right property at Neptunus International. In the middle of nowhere you can do all the things that are otherwise not possible - no one will disturb you while drinking coffee, in the pool or on the terrace. When you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, they first learn what it means to enjoy your life.


Port d'Alcúdia property for sale: Buy apartment in Alcudia and experience the city


Are you a city person through and through? No problem! With Neptunus International you will find the right property in the center of Puerto de Alcudia. Especially those who love the hustle and bustle, stroll along the promenade in summer and like to spend their time in cafes, will get their money's worth with a central apartment in Port d'Alcúdia property buying.

The typical Mallorcan old buildings in the Alcudia region welcome you with colorful facades that directly bring good mood. So when you buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, you go home every time with a smile on your lips - what could be better? The best thing about this central location is that everything you need is waiting for you right within walking distance.

Whether you want to have a coffee, soak in the sun, party with the tourists or shop in peace - you can do it all with just one step on the street. It doesn't get more central than this: let us find you your dream apartment if you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property. These are suitable for singles, families, couples - in other words, for anyone who wants to start a new phase of life in Mallorca.


Buy Port d'Alcúdia real estate and see the most beautiful places

Despite, or perhaps because of, its rich history, the municipality of Alcudia is a hotspot for those who dare to embark on an adventure abroad. All that's needed is the right property to get you started. If you then buy a Port d'Alcúdia property and the step is done with our help, it is about discovering the region around Puerto de Alcudia for yourself. This concerns not only the stores that are relevant for daily needs, but mainly what makes up the soul of the region. So that you can better identify yourself here and thus become a part of the region, we have compiled the most important sights and must-sees for you:

  • Visit the historic city wall and be amazed at the many cafes and attractions around it.
  • The lighthouse in Alcudia has been extensively renovated and is worth a visit.
  • In the region you will find many monasteries.
  • The historic library Biblioteca Can Torró in the center of Alcudia dates from the 12th century.
  • In the national park you can relax your soul.
  • Port Alcudia welcomes you with many cafes and restaurants.
  • For more tranquility, visit the sculpture park and rose garden.
  • White sandy beaches as far as the eye can see - not for nothing are the 10 km long beaches considered the cleanest on Mallorca.

If that's still not enough, you can connect with the soul of the region at the weekly market right in Alcudia town. Come here to talk with the locals and meet new people. You will only have this chance if you choose your luck and buy a Port d'Alcúdia property.

Neptunus International assists you with Port d'Alcúdia real estate buying

Your decision is made: You want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property. Neptunus International is at your side from A to Z. Especially since the Majorcan real estate law is very complex, you are well advised with a team full of experts. We search and find your dream property, help you with the purchase and the transaction and even accompany you until the keys are handed over. So that nothing can go wrong linguistically, we have Spanish native speakers in the team.

Buying a Port d'Alcúdia property is the first right step towards independence and ensures that you are among the few who live your dream and not dream your life. This is due to the incredible nature, picturesque places, mild climate, hospitable people and the fact that you can live where others go on vacation. Therefore, we attach great importance to the fact that you can rely on us 100 percent and find your dream property if you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property - whether apartment, finca, house or even villa.

So, don't hesitate any longer if you want to buy a Port d'Alcúdia property, but contact the competent team of Neptunus International by getting in touch with us. We know all the tips and hurdles that lie along the way when buying Port d'Alcúdia real estate and will help you deal with them skillfully. Move into your new dream home in Mallorca and be amazed by nature, people and mentality.

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