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Buy Llucmajor real estate: Become luxurious home

You are constantly just stressed, the weather is dull and gray and the people around you go about their daily routine? Then get out and go to the Germans' favorite island. But not to go on vacation, but to live: Buy a Llucmajor property now! Do what you have always dreamed of and move to the Mediterranean Sea with all its advantages: Live where others go on vacation.

South, south, Llucmajor: Where others go on vacation, you can make your life's dream come true and move there. All you have to do is buy the right Llucmajor property. But don't worry - the region of Llucmajor is geographically the largest municipality in Mallorca, but at the same time it is quiet and relaxed. So when you buy a Llucmajor property, you can make the best of all worlds come true here: Enjoy your life in peace, go about your daily routine and at the same time party, visit cafes and play sports whenever it suits you. The only thing you need for this: you should buy your own Llucmajor property.

Whether you are a sports fan, hiker, globetrotter or hermit, you will find exactly what you are looking for in Llucmajor. With the help of Neptunus International, you can even live in the region and all you have to do is take the plunge and buy a Llucmajor property. Let yourself be surprised by the historically grown place, its culture and Mediterranean diversity and experience the special flair of Mallorca first hand. Therefore, learn below how to properly approach your Mallorca experience in the long run by buying the ideal Llucmajor property for you and then enjoy the sweet life in the unofficial 17th state of the republic.

Buy Llucmajor property and enjoy exclusive proximity to the beach


Not to be sneezed at: The coastline of Llucmajor stretches a whole 47 kilometers along the island and holds one natural highlight after another for you. Discover little by little the fascinating location of Llucmajor, explore the rocky sections as well as the long sandy beaches and simply enjoy your life in the south of the dream island Mallorca. The only thing you need: A roof over your head. Get quick advice now and buy a Llucmajor property! So you will soon escape the dreary everyday life and the uncomfortable weather in Germany.

Enjoy not only the sea view along the incomparable coast of Llucmajor, but take advantage of the top location and jump into the cool water. The year-round mild climate makes it possible: in summer you can expect average temperatures of about 27 degrees, in winter about 14 degrees. So you can explore the island all year round, enjoy the sea and take a walk along the beaches to relax. So if you want to buy a Llucmajor property, that should be almost reason enough.

Even if the weather in Germany is unpredictable, with an exclusive property on Mallorca you can be sure to have made the right decision. Here it is possible to live as a single, couple, dropout and family so right! Enjoy the sea view from different platforms - Llucmajor has a lot to offer: From the viewpoints of Son Veri Nou, Maioris, Puigderrós, Sa Torre, Badia Blava, Badia Gran enjoy to the lighthouse of the same name, Cala Pi and the watchtowers of Cala Pi and S'Estalell. So if you buy a Llucmajor property, you have done everything right.


Buy Llucmajor property and benefit from the infrastructure always advantageous


No matter what you need, you will find it in Llucmajor. So if you buy a Llucmajor property, you do not have to worry about the infrastructure: doctors, pharmacies, supermarkets, weekly market, beauty, party and shopping - no wish remains unfulfilled. The only thing you need to do for this: buy a Llucmajor property. If that is not enough, the capital Palma de Mallorca is barely 30 kilometers away, the airport even only 20 km.

You want to buy a Llucmajor property or already have one? Then the weekly market is definitely one of the highlights of the second largest region of the island. This takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Plaça d'Espanya - starts at sunrise and closes in the early afternoon. So if you want to mingle with the locals and need fresh food at the same time, the weekly market is a must.

You will not miss anything on site when you buy a Llucmajor property. In addition to the classic weekly market, from the end of September, various themed markets invite you to stroll over and discover great crafts, regional products, but also various festivities. The best part is that you mingle with the hospitable locals and manage to connect.

In addition to the places for everyday use such as pharmacies, doctors and Co., the fun side of life thanks to the good infrastructure is not to be despised. So if you buy a Llucmajor property, you acquire at the same time the "good mood package" of the region and can store along the promenade, visit cafes or just look at the sea.

A good infrastructure also means your access to culture and language. Of which Llucmajor has so much to offer. When you buy a Llucmajor property, you will get the opportunity to explore everything on your own: For example, how about a hiking trip to the Cala Pi lighthouse or the Cala Pi and S'Estalell watchtowers?

History and culture welcome you in Llucmajor practically at every corner when you buy a Llucmajor property. Mallorca as a whole looks back on an eventful history - Llucmajor has also laid one or the other milestone in this context to welcome you today with such breathtaking scenery and cultural diversity.

Best of all, when youbuy a Llucmajor property, you can be sure you'll find the peace and relaxation you're looking for. You can explore the sweet island life and can also experience the unspoiled culture of Mallorca. The short distances will help you to do so: In just 10 minutes you can be at the beach, in the city, discover museums or enjoy a cup of coffee along the promenade.

If that's not enough after you buy a Llucmajor property, you can also enjoy sports throughout the area. There is one of the most popular golf courses in Llucmajor. In addition, you are invited to go cross-country quad biking or sailing along the coast. Especially for families, the close location to the water and nature is a highlight - how about a visit to the water park or a hiking trip in the mountain massif Puig de Randa, for example?

No matter why you want to buy a Llucmajor property, the largest municipality with its 16 small towns is fascinating for everyone. You can enjoy sports, experience cultural and historical diversity up close, experience Mallorcan hospitality and live a quiet life at the same time. Dare: it is so easy to want to buy a Llucmajor property.


Get to know the Mallorcan culture when you buy a Llucmajor property


The dream island of the Germans, Mallorca, offers a variety of experiences, people, cultures, natural spectacles and flora and fauna. Geographically, the region around Palma does not have the largest share of it. Even before Palma de Mallorca, the municipality of Llucmajor is the largest in terms of area and number of inhabitants. So, if you are thinking about moving to the 17th state, why not buy a property in Llucmajor and benefit from all perspectives: cultural, social, economic?

The municipality of Llucmajor consists of 16 towns that are as diverse as they are varied. In total, almost 40 thousand people live here and have made the region their home. Besides the "classics" like S'Arenal or Cala Pi, we especially recommend Llucmajor. So if you discover the island as a new place to live, you should buy a Llucmajor property. The village with about 10 thousand inhabitants is a melting pot of the best qualities of the island - here you can experience all facets of the island and pick the best of everything.

When you buy a Llucmajor property, the main thing is to find connection and support in the place. You will easily succeed if you spend some time with the history, which you will encounter practically in every street. Various museums, but also buildings and nature itself bear witness to it. Did you know, for example, that in Llucmajor there are hand-made caves that are over 5,000 years old and probably served as burial sites? Over the centuries and millennia, the place has experienced a lot: Roman colony, Arab conquest, decline of the Mallorcan kingdom in the 14th century, rise in modern times as a shoemaking town to the economic-industrial center of the island, which led to considerable prosperity. So when you buy a Llucmajor property, you have unique access on the spot to connect the pride and hospitality of the people with the historical events.

However, you should not only look into the past when buying a Llucmajor property to understand the locals and connect. Also take time to discover the region with all its facets on your own. Because especially in summer, when the other corners of the island are crowded, you can enjoy your peace in Llucmajor and at the same time take short trips to the other regions. How about a party trip to S'Arenal, for example? Nevertheless, you don't have to leave Llucmajor for parties, celebrations and events - there are also special highlights here that will bring you closer to the locals:

Visit the weekly market that takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Plaça d'Espanya when you buy a Llucmajor property.

Every Friday, a special highlight awaits you: in combination with the weekly market, a flea market takes place where you can find rarities, browse through household goods and find the odd quirky item.

On September 29 every year San Miguel is celebrated. You can also participate in this when you buy a Llucmajor property.

On October 19, you can participate in the traditional fair es Firó if you buy a Llucmajor property.

Discover the Fires de Llucmajor when you buy a Llucmajor property. Here they can visit the traditional art and craft market on three weekends in a row from September and thus acquire one or the other nice piece.

Of course, you won't only discover the Mallorcan soul in the context of festivals and events when you buy a Llucmajor property. Get involved in sporting activities, take in culture and history - how about a monastery tour, for example? In addition, the locals are so open and hospitable that you can probably already start a conversation in the café, restaurant and Co.


Why buy an exclusive Llucmajor property?


Not to be underestimated: The region of Llucmajor is the largest municipality on the island of Mallorca - almost 40 thousand people call it home. Of these, 10,000 live in the town of Llucmajor alone. Of these, in turn, more than 10 percent have foreign status. Among German property owners, however, Llucmajor is not yet very widespread. So this gem is just right if you are looking for peace and quiet, but want the real Spanish life. That is why you should buy a Llucmajor property.

Also, if you buy a Llucmajor property, you will do yourself a favor in terms of language skills and cultural knowledge. So broaden your horizons when you buy a Llucmajor property. With the help of the many offers such as language and sports courses on site and in the surrounding area, you will certainly quickly find a connection and soon succeed in calling the island or Llucmajor your new home. The mild climate, the friendly people and the great infrastructure in front of the idyllic scenery make it even easier for you to find your feet when you buy a Llucmajor property.

Get to know tranquility, idyll and solitude anew when you buy a Llucmajor property. At the same time, you will never be alone - the place just has so many corners to discover and people who make it easy to connect. Whether it's hiking in the mountains, a trip to the sea or a visit to the café, Spain, and of course Mallorca, are considered hospitable, open and make it easy to arrive in your new home.

Another important point why you should not wait long and buy a Llucmajor property is the fact that here you can still find prices where you are not so lucky otherwise in this location. With not even 100 thousand euros you are often already there when it comes to a townhouse. Of course, the prices here can also go to the immeasurable - it ultimately depends on what you want when you buy a Llucmajor property. Nevertheless, it is true that especially in Llucmajor you can escape from the German real estate price boom and the chances are really good to be able to buy a suitable Llucmajor property despite a small budget.


Llucmajor real estate for sale: Finca, house, apartment or maybe buy a villa in Llucmajor?


The options are simply overwhelming when it comes to what you can and want to buy a Llucmajor property. The different ways to be able to buy a Llucmajor property are in most cases the choice between classic Mallorcan finca, a house of your own, a central apartment or a prestigious villa. Depending on your budget, your vision of your new home and the family constellation you are moving to Llucmajor, different housing options may apply better than others. In any case, with the help of Neptunus International you will find the help you need to find the perfect home - we will guide you from A to Z when you buy a Llucmajor property.

Whether you prefer classic old architecture or rave about a modern living space: If you want to buy a Llucmajor property, you will find a variety of beautiful properties on site, from which you only need to choose the right one. We will help you with that! How about, for example, a classic home, a city villa, an apartment that puts you right in the heart of the village, or the classic getaway life in a Mallorcan finca? The be-all and end-all of all these options is that you feel comfortable when you buy a Llucmajor property.

Do you know what the best thing is when you buy a Llucmajor property? You give yourself and your family the chance to start anew and that in front of a breathtaking backdrop in the midst of unspoiled nature and with a view of the mountains. The 1A location that you acquire here creates one thing above all: a very special feel-good factor. In combination with the hospitable locals, the view of nature, the many opportunities to be active and the consistently mild climate, you will be decelerated - so you manage to focus on the essentials and that only by buying a Llucmajor property.

In summary, Llucmajor is THE place to take off again, leave everything that was behind you and enjoy the sweet life in Mallorca, on the favorite island of the Germans. Whether you are young or old, here you will also do something good for your health: the dry-warm climate is good for lungs and bones, the activities are exciting for young and old and the mentality of the island does the rest. So whatever you are looking for in Llucmajor - you will find it with Neptunus International and fulfill your dream to buy a Port Llucmajor property.


Llucmajor real estate for sale: Buy luxury finca in Llucmajor


Historically, mainly farmers lived in fincas. This residence was to allow to be as quickly as possible in their own fields and not have to walk a long distance. Isn't it great that today you can benefit from this dream location when you buy a Llucmajor property?

These picturesque buildings are often located just outside the cities and promise an idyllic setting against a majestic backdrop and indescribably beautiful nature. So if you want to buy a Llucmajor property, a finca could be just the thing for you. Especially people who want a good mix of hustle and bustle and tranquility will make a good choice here. Especially because the materials used also illustrate exactly that: Terracotta tiles, lots of stone and granite.


Llucmajor real estate for sale: Buy exclusive villa in Llucmajor


If you are planning a new start for your family and want a villa as your new home, Neptunus International offers you beautiful properties close to the town - here you benefit from the tranquility of nature as well as a certain anonymity, but are still centrally located and quickly in the center.

Unlike fincas or apartments in the center, villas are mostly newly built properties. Chances are good that you are even the first occupant. While you look at the panorama from your balcony after buying your Llucmajor property, your children can splash in the pool and simply enjoy their childhood. Live your dream and secure a villa by buying a Llucmajor property.


Llucmajor real estate for sale: Buy a house in Llucmajor


Is it your dream to live in peace, anonymity, but still well connected? Then you should take the chance and buy a Llucmajor property. Thereby you live close to the center and look directly on the Puig de Randa.

Even those who want to live away from it all will find the right property at Neptunus International. In the middle of nowhere you can do all the things that are not possible elsewhere - no one will disturb you while drinking coffee, in the pool or on the terrace. When you buy a Llucmajor property, they first learn what it means to enjoy your own life.


Llucmajor real estate for sale: Buy apartment in Llucmajor


The typical Mallorcan old buildings in the region of Llucmajor welcome you with colorful facades that directly bring good mood. So when you buy a Llucmajor property, you go home every time with a smile on your lips - what could be better? The best thing about this central location is that everything you need is waiting for you right at walking distance.

Whether you want to have a coffee, sunbathe or shop in peace - you can do it all with just one step on the street. It doesn't get more central than this: let us find you your dream apartment if you want to buy a Llucmajor property. These are suitable for singles, families, couples - in other words, for anyone who wants to start a new phase of life in Mallorca.


These dream settings are waiting for you when you buy a Llucmajor property


The region around Llucmajor is quite rich in history. So that you know exactly which cultural, but also alternative sights are a must, we have compiled the most important of you for you:

If you buy a Llucmajor property, you should first visit the center in the former fish hall. Here you will get all the relevant information and immediately have insight into a historically significant building.

Visit the beautiful marketplace when you buy a Llucmajor property: Here social life, history and hospitality meet. The special thing: The market square was extensively renovated in 2010. Here you catch sight of the town hall and can visit the weekly market on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Take a walk through the town and let the buildings have an effect on you. The Mediterranean style has fortunately been preserved despite all the historical turmoil.

Sacral buildings like the church characterize the village. This building was already mentioned in the 13th century, but had to be rebuilt in the 18th century.

Special reference to history: the place owes its prosperity to the shoemaking trade. So discover some monuments to it when you buy a Llucmajor property.

Enjoy the view of the mountain Puig de Randa or climb it on the way to the 3 monasteries located there.

For water lovers, Delta Bay is something special. Few visitors get lost here - but it is a hot spot among the locals, which includes you if you buy a Llucmajor property.

If that's still not enough, you can connect with the soul of the region at the weekly market right in Llucmajor. Come here to talk with the locals and meet new people. Our tip: Visit the Infopoint in the old fish hall - so you have a good introduction to the region and culture at the beginning of your new phase of life. You will only have this chance if you choose your luck and buy a Llucmajor property.


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