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Binissalem property for sale: Relaxation, sun and luxury

You want to buy a house, a finca or an apartment on Mallorca? In the many small towns outside the capital Palma you can discover unique, quiet spots and explore Mediterranean areas.

Below we look at the factors that make buying a property in Binissalem attractive to buyers and investors. Known as the island’s wine Capital, Binissalem has loads to offer, particularly in summer.

Binissalem boasts a historic town centre, with the Serra de Tramuntana mountains as a stunning backdrop, as well as breathtaking hiking and cycling routes through magnificent vineyards. Binissalem is famous for its stone architecture, with typical village properties that exude charm, luxury and character.

Buy Binissalem real estate and experience pure joy of life


Have you ever thought of buying a property in Mallorca to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and way of life? Mallorca has some beautiful villages that remain quite secluded from the pressures of life. Binissalem is one of those picturesque villages where resident achieve this dreamed life.

Located in the heart of Majorca, near the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, Binissalem has gained in popularity in recent years thanks to its flourishing agriculture and production of excellent wines.

Property buyers are increasingly taking a look at the impressive houses and fincas found in this picturesque and historic little town, with only 8,000 inhabitants.

If, in addition to mountains and vineyards for hiking, you are reluctant to give up beautiful beaches and coves, you will have to invest just under an hour from Binissalem to reach the northeastern beaches of Alcúdia and Pollença, or to find unique, quiet bathing spots around Sóller, to the north. The roads will lead you through Mediterranean areas and natural places that invite you to stroll and discover, just like Binissalem.

The beautiful bays and beaches of Alcúdia and Pollença, in the north of Mallorca, are just 30 minutes' drive from Binissalem and popular towns such as Soller, its bucolic harbour and sandy beaches, are just under an hour's drive. If you buy a property in Binissalem, you'll also benefit from its rich cultural heritage, viticultural landscapes and natural sites to explore.


Binissalem real estate for sale - get to know the excellent infrastructure


It makes real sense to settle in a lively village such as Binissalem. In the summer season, from May to September, you will enjoy Binissalem's particularly festive atmosphere. From simple dishes to fine gastronomy with seasonal delights prepared with ingredients mostly sourced from local producers, Binissalem has a variety of excellent restaurants and bars open all year round. Binissalem has several supermarkets, a traditional weekly market and all the necessary amenities for an easy everyday life.

Binissalem produces excellent wines with its own Denomination of Origin certification. If you buy a property in Binissalem, you will have the opportunity to discover all the wines produced here, as well as authentic Mallorcan gastronomy, on a daily basis.

Binissalem surprises by its friendly atmosphere, which is especially exuberant and lively at night in the historic centre. Binissalem also has some art and craft shops, as well as a selection of quality clothing stores. If you like traditional and creative work, you will enjoy the Binissalem stonemasons' and sculptors' fair, with workshops offering an insight into Mallorca's centuries-old architecture and Binissalem' stonemasonry and sandstone buildings. Dance performances and traditional music create a great atmosphere in a very family-friendly environment.

If you are interested in the creative works, you may also like the annual stonemason show in Binissalem. This usually takes place in May and shows the work of stonemasons and sculptors from the area. Learn how architecture was created in Mallorca centuries ago and how Binissalem real estate was created back then. Also, buy beautiful handicrafts at the stone fair, as well as decorations and furniture made of marble or the reddish Binissalem sandstone typical of the area. Interesting workshops and dance performances provide a great atmosphere in a family-friendly atmosphere at the fair.

If you buy Binissalem real estate, you can benefit all year round from the famous red wine that is exported from the small town all over the world. But not only the wine itself is worth buying Binissalem real estate. Especially nature and sports enthusiasts are always drawn to the so-called capital of wine; the reason for this is the breathtaking nature, which invites you to hike and bike, as well as the exclusive golf courses, where you can leave everyday life behind.

On easy hiking trails through vineyards, olive groves and pine forests, you can unwind and escape the stress of everyday life. Especially popular is the hiking trail "El Cami", more than 100 kilometers long, which leads from Santa María via Binissalem to Alaró. Along the way you will see many wineries where you can taste the fabulous red wines.

Huge vineyards of several growing areas and nice dinners with delicious wine and typical tapas of the country are waiting for you.

If you want to buy a fancy Binissalem property, you could even think about buying your own winery or an old mill, which abound in the region around Binissalem.

In the wine-growing areas you will also discover many luxurious manor-style country hotels. If you are lucky, you will still find historic buildings of this type in the region, which are offered for sale. We will help you find a unique property in Mallorca, so you can soon buy your own Binissalem real estate.


Discover the Spanish mindset, when you buy a property in Binissalem


If you buy a property in Binissalem, you will feel reminiscent of ancient times. The historic stone buildings and narrow streets of Binissalem invite you to stroll around to admire the beautiful architecture. The fact that the town's name translates as "sons of peace" seems to come as no surprise here as Binissalem is a peaceful, yet vibrant, village.

Binissalem's particular atmosphere is mainly due to its nature-loving inhabitants. Mallorcans who work in Palma and other larger towns usually live closer to their workplace, so as to avoid lengthy commuting. On the other hand, the inland area attracts residents who prefer quietness and privacy.

If you buy a property in Binissalem, you will enjoy its peaceful and friendly, yet dynamic, neighbourhood, all year long. The cosy village gets very vibrant at weekends, particularly during the summer season and especially during the "Sant Jaume" festivities of July and Septembre’s grape harvest celebrations, "Fideus des Vermar" and "Festa des Vermar". Picturesque Binissalem is then transformed into a place vibrant with exclusive events.

If you wish to experience Binissalem's great atmosphere, wine tastings with local producers such as, for instance, the Bodega José Luis Ferrer, and befriend kind people, you should buy your unique property in Binissalem and settle here.


Buy a Binissalem property - chief reasons


If you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy hiking in Mediterranean areas or indulge in the pleasures of life, you should consider buying a Binissalem property. While a few years ago Mallorcan cities such as Palma de Mallorca, Inca or Manacor were the focus for property buyers, these preferences have changed drastically in recent times.

The desire for tranquillity is very tempting today and luxurious villas, holiday fincas or cosy flats in the heart of a Mallorcan village are in increasing demand.

Located fairly near the city of Palma, beautiful harbour towns and superb beaches and within perfect reach of the most central places, you will hardly find a better location for your own property than Binissalem.

Many people are also attracted to the particular architecture of this wine producing region. Binissalem has beautifully renovated fincas and stately homes, most set in a picturesque backdrop with the mountain panoramas.

The properties situated on the main square of Binissalem, in front of the historic church, benefit from a vibrant atmosphere. For views of the mountains, a quaint flat will be a great choice.


Binissalem real estate for sale - from fincas to flats and exclusive villas


In the heart of Mallorca you will find architecturally unique buildings that reflect the island’s original Mediterranean style. If you are looking to buy a property in Binissalem, you will be surprised by the selection of special properties in the centre and surrounding areas of the village. Whether you wish to buy a typical Mallorcan finca, a luxurious villa with a swimming pool or a fancy loft, Neptunus International has unique properties for sale in Binissalem.

Neptunus International lists unique residential properties, including historic country houses with charming, spacious interiors or modern villas on large plots, with a swimming pool. With the mountainous panorama as a backdrop, Binissalem's unique properties promise a dream life in Mallorca.

As a wine-growing village, Binissalem has a wealth of old wine cellars as well as agritourism hotels. Throughout the area, villas and picturesque fincas are available for sale and by buying such a property in Binissalem, you will realise your dreams of a quiet, yet animated village lifestyle in Mallorca. Century old mills and picturesque stylish flats are also a hallmark of this village. Aspire to this bucolic region with superb villas, fincas, flats or stone houses, letting Neptunus International help you find the property of your dreams, here in the heart of Mallorca!


Property for sale in Binissalem - stylish finca in a quiet location


The Spanish term “finca” used to refer to typical farmland houses built of natural stone and set amidst olive groves, almond orchards or vineyards, so farmers were within easy reach of their crops and lands.

These spacious stone properties are superb examples of Mallorca's original rural and agricultural estates. Nowadays, fincas near Palma are often newly built edifices with a typical finca look, whereby those located inland - such as in Binissalem - are mostly original constructions.

Anyone looking to buy a property in Binissalem can also expect to find chic Mediterranean villas.

These villas have landscaped gardens adorned with all kinds of Mediterranean plants such as palm trees or bougainvillaeas. They usually have a swimming pool and a veranda with beautiful views of the natural panorama. The spacious, brightly decorated interiors have high quality floorings and natural elements such as stone and wood, all characteristics of former fincas.

Binissalem is a stonemason municipality and most properties are adorned with stone elements and have perfect old wine cellars.

If you buy a finca in Binissalem expect luxury, and pure materials such as natural wood, sandstone and marble. Beautiful swimming pools and green spaces with Mediterranean vegetation are all convincing features for property buyers seeking a quiet living place.

If you wish to buy a property in Binissalem, Neptunus International’s expert team will help you find the original Mallorcan finca that meets your requirements. Whether you want a property for long-term residence or as a holiday home, there are still authentic properties in and around Binissalem.


Binissalem property for sale: How about an exclusive villa


While some fincas in Binissalem have been built on the foundations of old country houses, villas are usually luxurious new constructions with modern designs. More often than not, in Binissalem these properties have beautiful views of the mountains and natural surroundings.

Like the fincas, most of the luxury villas in the heart of Mallorca have a swimming pool, ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. The area’s fertile soil is a plus for keen gardeners wanting to grow their own fruit trees or even vines. The villas beautifully landscaped gardens also boast palm trees, olive trees and aloe vera plants and are ideal for nature lovers wishing to buy a property in Binissalem.

Villas in Binissalem are not only characterised by their beautiful exterior designs, the architectural styles and materials used are also hallmark features in Binissalem. Sand-coloured stone buildings have a natural effect and quite usefully lower temperatures in the hot summer months. The typical arch-shaped entrances and rooms are also characteristic features of the villas in Binissalem.

If you buy a property in Binissalem, you will be impressed by their interior designs. Beautiful eat-in kitchens made of natural stone and marble, elegant wooden elements used selectively and large open spaces, are the architectural particularities of these Mallorcan villas.

Original styles with wooden shutters, beams and golden touches in the interior design reflecting Binissalem’s typical lifestyle, are also common. You will discover all this and much more if you buy your own property in Binissalem with the help of Neptunus International.


Binissalem real estate for sale: dream homes with the best amenities


People who consider buying a property in Binissalem often have in mind large villas, fincas or top-of-the-range cottages with exclusive furnishings. Regardless of the type of property sought, Neptunus International is your ideal real estate partner. Many houses in and around Binissalem are vacant, awaiting for the right buyers who dream of a village life surrounded by large landscapes. Whether a family, a couple or a single person - we will help you buy the property in Binissalem that meets all your requirements.

In our catalogue you will find unique properties with magnificent panoramic views over vineyards, almond groves and mountains, private gardens with or without swimming pools where to enjoy garden parties, evening barbecues and tapas whilst savouring Binissalem’s excellent wines.

If looking to buy a property in Binissalem, whether as a permanent residence or as a holiday home, you will have the choice between a renovated, refurbished, wonderfully extended authentic finca, a new construction, or a village home in the heart of Binissalem.

Buying a property in Binissalem has many advantages in terms of personal taste and design wishes. Some prefer an original manor home and style, others a modern interior design that combines the open living space with the natural environment.

Neptunus International lists some unique luxury homes in Binissalem, exuding typical Mallorcan charm.


Binissalem property for sale: first-class apartments


If you want to buy a property in the urban centre of Binissalem, there are beautiful and charming apartments on offer. Central flats are the most popular, offering views of the beautiful mountains and the lively town centre. If you buy a centrally located flat in Binissalem, you'll be a stone's throw from the village’ shops, boutiques, restaurants and many other amenities.

Nevertheless, there is no real talk of "urban" style in Binissalem as most flats are natural, charming and nicely furnished. They are perfect properties for those who love much light or the creative. These flats usually have magnificent views of the lively village centre, balconies ideal for sunbathing, and high quality kitchens where you can prepare your favourite Mallorcan dishes, with fresh ingredients, enjoying them in your own veranda.

Whether you buy an authentic and original property in Binissalem with wooden beams and natural elements or choose to buy a modern flat, Binissalem has diverse dream properties on offer.

If you wish to buy in Binissalem you will notice that properties located in the heart of the village are mostly built with light-coloured natural stone.

Neptunus International helps his clients find their dream property in Mallorca. Whether a flat in the centre of Binissalem, a picturesque house on the outskirts of the village or a detached finca surrounded by vineyards - we will make your Binissalem dream home in Mallorca, a reality.


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