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Buy a property in Portals Nous - enjoy the exclusivity

Welcome to Mallorca! Let's discover Portals Nous, a town with just under 2,700 inhabitants located 10 km west of the city of Palma. If you buy a property in the lively town of Portals Nous, life will be sunny all year long. From rooftop bars, a marina and a shopping mile, you will find everything your heart desires. Portals Nous is a high-society’s hot spot and nearby, Puerto Portals’s marina is “the place to be '' where you might even spot celebrities in summer.

If you buy a Portals Nous property you’ll be able to indulge in the variety of culinary offerings, as the gastronomy offer in Portals Nous is just as exclusive as the town itself. Bargain hunters should not get their hopes up too much here as the glamour factor is high and the town doesn't have too many properties on offer for those on a budget.

Two beautiful beaches round off the perfect life in Portals Nous. Shopping, dining and sunbathing, life in sunny Portals Nous will exceed your dreams if you buy a property here, in Portals Nous.

Buy a property in Portals Nous - fulfil your dream!

Who doesn't dream of living where others go on holidays? Where, if not in Portals Nous could your dream property come true?

See and be seen is the motto of this picturesque village. On the 100 m long sandy beach Platja de s'Oratori, most show off their latest shopping spree. For individual styles and extravagant tastes, there is hardly a better place in Mallorca than Portals Nous. Portals Nous is the place to be and for those who like to stand out, the place to buy a property. However, some prefer to stay out of the spotlight and simply enjoy the sun.

The beach was awarded the blue flag seal of quality for sustainable tourism and good water quality. If you buy a property near the beach in Portals Nous, you’ll enjoy a more carefree, happy and relaxed life. Imagine feeling the warm sand under your feet and strolling relaxed to the nearest beach bar for a little refreshment. Under the many umbrellas set up, the beach loungers offer shady spots to relax and enjoy your new dreamlike life with all your senses. Feeling the light breeze on your skin, tasting the salty sea air, hearing the gentle sound of the waves and gazing out at the glittering horizon. As soon as you buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll find that the deep blue sea helps put daily problems in perspective, washing away worries and stress.

The sea water has particularly invigorating effects and stimulates the body's circulation. The sea is said to have a healing effect, so if you buy your property in Portals Nous, it will be like getting the best medicine for free, without the side effects. In Portals Nous, you’ll be enchanted by the pleasant climate and the superb sea nearly on your doorstep. Life is here for you to enjoy. Your new happiness is waiting for you.

Buy a property in Portals Nous - marina, life, pure nature

If you buy a property in Portals Nous, you will be surprised by the village’s exquisite selection of stores and restaurants. Portals Nous boasts numerous opulent hotels that attract wealthy guests from all over the world. Proximity to the centre of Palma and the airport is one of the reasons to buy a property in Portals Nous. The roads to and in Portals Nous are well developed and thanks to this advantageous infrastructure, you can reach all corners of Mallorca quickly and easily.
The town itself also has a lot to offer. In addition to the Platja de s'Oratori beach, the well-protected Caleta de Portals Nous bay also belongs to the village. The bay is quieter and is particularly popular with families who buy a property in Portals Nous. There is no strong swell, which makes swimming safe for everyone. Platja de s'Oratori is only a few hundred metres away and offers views of the open sea. If you buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll benefit from the large gastronomical offer, mostly in the marina’s bars and restaurants.

Water sports of all kinds are available in Puerto Portals’s marina. With up to 700 berths, the harbour is famous for its variety of leisure activities and its own designer shopping boulevard.

For a contrast to the glamorous life of Portals Nous, head north of the town. If you buy a property in Portals Nous you’ll find numerous natural areas in the interior of the island, for long walks, hikes and cycling. You’ll discover the many natural paths whilst hiking, experience the tranquillity of the wilderness, recharging your batteries as your life pace changes.

Although the region’s forests are particularly well-known for their hiking routes, if you are a cycling enthusiast and buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll get your money's worth too. Mountain bikers in particular greatly enjoy the surrounding nature as the views over the town and the sea from the top of the mountain, really reward any sporting effort. You will have a more leisurely ride if you cycle along the coast through the suburbs of Palma, as the cycle routes here are mostly flat and less strenuous.

In this natural environment, you will get your money's worth all year round, enjoying the beaches and the sea in summer and the countryside and mountain air in the cooler months.

If you buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll have access to the harbour’s water-sport options, such as jet skiing, sailing, paddling on SUP boards, all the while enjoying great views.

If you buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll sense the all-round relaxed yet chic atmosphere of the marina, while many shopping opportunities and countless restaurants invite you to linger. For family days-out, there is no better place than Portals Nous to keep everyone happy.

The island of Mallorca has many golf courses. The most famous ones might even be near the property you’ll buy in Portals Nous and, whether to play golf or attend business meetings, the very popular "Golf Bendinat" is just a few minutes away from Portals Nous.

Buy a property in Portals Nous - be part of an island community with a heart

Native Mallorcans are known for their open and friendly nature. The many sunny days on the island soothe the mind and contribute greatly to the island's nice way of life.

Mallorca is an interesting and popular holiday destination, especially among Europeans. Many fall in love with the island, which offers a wide range of cultural events and sights as well as a diverse natural environment. Almost 20% of the island's inhabitants are expats. Portals Nous is probably one of the towns in Mallorca with the most diverse population. Here, families live alongside pensioners, Spaniards alongside foreigners, all became residents of Portals Nous when they bought their property here.

Many who wish to emigrate to Mallorca opt to buy a property in Portals Nous. Portals Nous is also much sought after for second homes acquisitions. But it's not just the super-rich who live here. In some areas, the town is divided into two worlds that live together in harmony despite their differences. The residents love social events and so various events take place throughout the year in the port of Puerto Portals. One of the top European motorsport events is held in March. For 3 days, fans from all over the world can marvel up close at expensive sports cars. In July and August, an open-air market is set up for several weeks. At the weekly market in Mallorca you will find a wide selection of local and handmade products as well as music and an entertainment program for the kids, which you can enjoy if you buy a property in Portals Nous.

The Christmas market provides a festive atmosphere, albeit without snow but with a small ice rink. The event attracts islanders and tourists alike. Christmas is a special time in Mallorca. If you buy a property in Portals Nous, at Christmas you’ll discover and enjoy its international atmosphere, under palm trees, and the seafront. Anyone looking for company will be warmly welcomed by the locals when they buy a property in Portals Nous.


You will not regret buying a property in Portals Nous

Portals Nous is a jewel and there are plenty of reasons to buy a property in this insular region. In this relatively new and regularly modernised village community, everything is catered for. Despite its modest size, the village of Portals Nous has various nurseries and schools, recreational venues and leisure activities and whenever feeling drawn to the city of Palma, the short distance is a real advantage. Business people who work in Palma and wish to live in a quieter place in Mallorca, will find what they are looking for when they buy a property in Portals Nous. Many small Suburbs offer significantly more peace and quiet and opportunities to retreat from the hustle and bustle of Palma's city centre. Nonetheless, Portals Nous is also ideal for families as the “AGORA Portals International School”, one of the best international schools in Mallorca, is located in Portals. In addition, Portals Nous’s nightlife is characterised by stylish bars and restaurants around the harbour. A café during the day, a bar in the evening. The special location right on the seafront is just as heteroclite as the residents of Portals Nous.

Another detail that makes buying a property in Portals Nous interesting and attracts many people is the liveliness of the place throughout the year. The numerous events on Puerto Portals’s harbour give many reasons to enjoy the company of residents and visitors throughout the year. Each event is special in its own right and every age group is catered for.

The real estate for sale in Portals Nous meets the high demands of the many yacht owners and celebrities. Life revolves primarily around the centre of the marina. In order to provide guests and residents with every conceivable amenity, the resort is constantly evolving. Parts of the resort are being renovated and a beach club is being planned. Another highlight of the already luxurious harbour.


Buy a property in Portals Nous - a portfolio of different property types

In this glamorous place, which many celebrities have chosen as their holiday destination, a paradisiacal life awaits you. The superb homes include mainly villas and apartments.

Before you buy a property in Portals Nous, choose the type of property you’d like. Finca-style houses impress with their country style. The charm of the natural stone buildings with their huge plots of land is popular with many residents. The building style is typically Mallorcan and stems from the original agricultural life on the island.

In Portals Nous, villa lovers in particular will find what they are looking for. The Mediterranean façades and unusual house shapes define the image of the village. The Mediterranean style is predominant although the newest homes tend to be very modern and atypical. See and be seen will also apply to your own home here. Give free rein to your ideas and your wishes will become reality when you buy a property in Portals Nous.

If you are interested in an apartment, you’ll find what you are looking for in one of the apartment complexes. The upper-floor apartments are most popular, as they usually enjoy unobstructed views of the sea, a highlight for many who wish to buy their property in Portals Nous.

Neptunus International will happily advise you on the right property to buy so as to satisfy your particular needs.


Buy a historic finca-style house in Portals Nous - Portals Nous property for sale

If you wish to buy a finca-style house as a property in Portals Nous, know that in Spanish the term finca means a plot of land, or estate, in the countryside, usually planted with olive trees, vines and orange trees. As Spanish farmers often had to walk long distances to get to their plantations, many of them built small houses on their land in order to be on site, particularly during harvest time.

This is how we understand finca-style houses and today, some fincas are still used for agricultural purposes. However, most of them have been regularly renovated, extended and luxuriously furnished over the years.

What distinguishes a finca-style house from other Portals Nous properties for sale is the large plot of land and the country house style of the natural stone building. Due to their origin, these houses are usually located inland and not directly by the sea. They offer peace and seclusion.

If you are considering a finca as your dream property when buying Portals Nous real estate, you need to take your time. Due to the history of the origin of the fincas, you will face a challenge to find a finca in Portals Nous.

If you want to buy a property in Portals Nous and dream of a finca-style house, you’ll need to take your time. Due to their historical settings, fincas are hard to find in Portals Nous. However if you are determined to buy a finca-style property, you will find that many villas have a finca appearance, albeit with a smaller plot than that of authentic fincas. The villas located above the village offer just as much privacy. You will have a unique view of the sea mostly through large windows and Portals Nous looks especially impressive, green and lively from above.

Let's go through our portfolio together. If we don't already have a suitable property, we will look for it for you.


Buy a waterfront villa in Portals Nous - Portals Nous property for sale

Hardly any other type of property could be better suited to this exclusive location than a villa. In the best locations at the port of Puerto Portals and in the higher area of Portals Hills, you will find villas in the higher price range. The proximity to the harbour and the direct seafront location are ideal if you want to live in the heart of the action. This area is the village’s life centre. No wonder then that many prospective buyers looking to buy a property in Portals Nous opt for this location within the village.

Above the port area, the elevated geographical position influences property prices and the view of the sea is the focal point for buyers. The sweeping views over the village up to the turquoise sea make any heart beat faster and nearby, Portals Nous allows residents to live on the sunny side all day long.

The many generous rooms and layouts give plenty of space for luxury of all kinds. The new buildings in particular boast state-of-the-art technology and among other things, are equipped with a fitness room, sauna, home cinema and indoor pool. You are not the only one who will feel perfectly happy here when you buy a property in Portals Nous. Your guests will enjoy coming back at any time. Show them the beautiful beaches of the town. A shopping trip and a café at the marina are a must whilst visiting.

Some plots are currently being redeveloped. This gives you the chance to help design your dream property. Experience the exciting construction phase and look forward to being the first owner to move into your brand new villa.


Buy a large house in Portals Nous - Portals Nous property for sale

The town is particularly interesting for families due to the good international schools. While you may work in Palma and benefit from the short commute to the capital, if you buy a property in Portals Nous your children could even walk or cycle to their village school.

In the village of Portals Nous you will mainly find houses and flats, the oldest part of the village being where most of the locals live. If you decide to buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll find that in this part of the village, real estate prices are well above the average prices of Mallorca properties. Here, amongst the wide range of houses for sale in Portals Nous, you are bound to find your new dream home.

If you want to buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll also be able to choose between terraced or detached houses. Some terraced houses have a large garden with a pool often used communally. Many detached houses boast their own small gardens and an open-plan kitchen. Everyday errands can be easily reached on foot. Supermarkets, restaurants and hairdressers can be found in the immediate vicinity. In Portals Nous you will find many buildings as well as plenty of nature areas. The village itself is dotted with various plants and trees. The green atmosphere emphasises the village of Portals Nous’s Mediterranean character.

The main road that takes you directly to Palma runs through Portals Nous. If you buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll also reach many other destinations from your new home.


Buy a stylish flat in Portals Nous - Portals Nous property for sale

Portals Nous is constantly changing due to its increasing popularity. The real estate demands on the town are high and those who welcome high society want to offer them new highlights on a regular basis.

When it comes to buying real estate in Portals Nous, the many apartments in the resort could hardly be more different. A property on the first sea line, just a few metres from the beautiful sandy beach is a much sought-after gem for many buyers. Some of these properties are in need of renovation, allowing for you to personalise them. Do not hesitate if you discover one of the properties in a prime location.

Of course, if you decide to buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll preview many new flats with the latest technology and modern equipment. Take a look at these construction projects and be the first owner to move into an ultra-modern flat. You’ll most certainly benefit from a pool in the communal gardens of most flats. Elevators make it easy to live on the upper floors. With a bit of luck, you will have unobstructed views as far as the sea.

If you are looking to buy a property in Portals Nous, you’ll also find Mediterranean-style flats. Not everyone likes a modern design and in Portals Nous, there are properties for every taste.

Apartments in this chic town can be used as a second home or vacation apartment. The proximity to the airport is ideal if you want to travel to Portals Nous more often during the year. But also for business people, Portals Nous is the perfect place to commute to Palma every day. If you opt to buy your property in Portals Nous, you’ll surely enjoy a pleasant new life.

Families with children need a garden for kids to play undisturbed and safe. Single people also appreciate remote work from a peaceful garden. flats in Portals Nous are very diverse and it is definitely possible to have your own garden.


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