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Buy Portixol real estate: Enjoy sea view

Have you been dreaming of a finca-style house with a sea view for a long time? Have you been wishing for a healthier lifestyle in the fresh air, with lots of sun and pleasant temperatures for some time?

Imagine waking up in the morning to a fantastic sea view. The sun is shining. You enjoy your first coffee on your spacious terrace and feel the soothing rays of the sun on your face. Afterwards, you treat yourself to a refreshing swim in your pool before doing a few things on your laptop on your outdoor terrace surrounded by palm trees. Always with you: the fantastic view of the sea. Wouldn't that be a great start to the day?

Later, enjoy a light lunch in summer temperatures and a pleasant sea breeze. In the afternoon you relax with a good book by the pool. You will end the evening on the beach promenade of Portixol with a beautiful sunset and a delicious dinner.

A healthy lifestyle with being outside a lot, breathing wonderful sea air, enjoying healthy food and regular sports like swimming or diving can be yours every day if you buy a Portixol property.

So, if you dream of living in Mallorca and do not want to give up style and comfort, then you are well advised to buy Portixol real estate. A finca offers you luxury and comfort, coupled with tranquility and nature, as well as an impressive view of the sea.

Buy Portixol real estate and benefit from the good infrastructure


You want to live by the sea and yet everything for daily needs should be nearby? In the best case within walking distance? Great! Another point that predestines Portixol for a real estate purchase.
If you buy a Portixol property, you will benefit from an excellent infrastructure. Everything for your daily needs can be reached on foot in less than 30 minutes.

Due to the southeastern location as a suburb of Palma, you have from international doctors and pharmacists to hairdressers and gyms to various schools, a wide range of public facilities and shopping.
You can also reach everything on foot with a nice walk along the beach promenade. This path takes you along the bay through the picturesque port of Portixol, which has up to 280 berths for pleasure boats and sailing yachts, to the old town and past the famous cathedral "La Seu" of Palma.

If you don't feel like a walk or want to make a bulk purchase, then you will find the popular shopping center "FAN" in 5 minutes drive. Here you can shop relaxed and also get everything for the daily needs.
Another advantage is the location to the airport. If you use your property in Portixol only as a second home or vacation home and often travel back and forth, you will appreciate the short drive time of less than 10 minutes to the airport.
As mentioned earlier, you will find a number of school facilities in the Portixol area. One of the most popular is the international school "Academy". It is mainly attended by Spanish, British and German children and can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes by car.

  • The offer for children in Portixol is completed by child-friendly beaches with shallow waters and numerous playgrounds where the little ones will enjoy their time in the sun.
  • Maybe you already knew it and are interested in a property in Portixol on Mallorca for this very reason: The island is an absolute paradise for cyclists! And this has several reasons:
  • Mallorca has perfect temperatures for cycling. The most popular times are especially February to May and September to October.
  • There are fantastic mountain routes on the island, which are more demanding, but have less traffic and offer an impressive panorama.
  • Both beginners and professionals will get their money's worth. Besides the more difficult routes in the mountains, there are also enough flat routes by the sea to enjoy.
  • Needs and desires of bicycle tourists are perfectly covered almost everywhere here, because there is a very good infrastructure of accommodation, bicycle rentals and stores throughout the island.
  • The number of very well developed and signposted cycle paths is constantly growing.

Especially the last point speaks very much for Portixol. By buying Portixol real estate you have one of the most popular and beautiful bike routes right on your doorstep.
You can ride from Portixol in a westerly direction directly along the sea to the Paseo Maritimo in Palma. This is Palma's beautiful seafront promenade, popular with locals and tourists alike for a stroll or a bike ride.

But you also have the option of continuing by bike from Portixol in a southeasterly direction to the end of Al Arenal. In doing so, you will explore one of the most beautiful and easiest routes on the island. On the way back you can go through Santa Catalina to Son Espanyolet and Son Duret, thus getting to know the city of Palma from the inland side.
The total coastal bike path from the port in Palma to El Arenal is 20 kilometers.


Get to know the Mallorcan people when you buy Portixol real estate


Thanks to a variety of services, a healthy lifestyle and a very good infrastructure, the former fishing village of Portixol attracts a large number of different people. From young to old, everyone can find their happiness here: from child-friendly beaches and many playgrounds for the little ones to relaxing walks by the sea and culinary delights for the older generation, everyone will find something to suit their taste. This is exactly why the inhabitants of Portixol are also so wonderfully diverse and international.

Besides Spanish, the national language is Catalan. However, due to the growing international flair, English and German are also spoken a lot. The majority of the inhabitants are native Mallorcans, but also many Britons, Germans and Swedes have settled in Portixol.

The architecture in Portixol is a successful mix of 'old meets new'. The original cottages have been upgraded immensely and sit between chic new hotels and modern urban art. This little enclave has a definite flair that has to be experienced to be understood.


Why buy Portixol real estate?


As you have probably noticed, there are countless reasons to want to buy a Portixol property. For some it is the more than 300 days of sunshine a year, for others it is the healthy and international lifestyle, where influences from many different countries have mixed with the Mallorcan culture. If you also like to live close to the pulse of life, yet quiet and idyllic, Portixol is exactly the right place for your next property purchase.

Portixol combines the typical Mallorcan lifestyle in Palma with peace and relaxation by the sea. In Portixol you live close to the city center of Palma, are quickly at the airport and still live quiet and tranquil. This small, idyllic place with lively cafes and restaurants directly on the beautiful bay offers a cozy fishing village romance paired with excellent gastronomy.

You can already look forward to the delicious food with a fantastic view of the sea at sunset. The bay of Portixol has a special charm for this, because it radiates a very great naturalness. In addition, it offers calm and sheltered water, which is especially popular with locals and families with small children. And although the bay is quite small, it is not crowded.

Another special feature of Portixol is the mix between old and new. The old character, which is mainly characterized by the typical fishermen's cottages, has been preserved. Supplemented by many modern elements and new buildings, a cozy village has been created, which has retained its quaint charm and is still modern and trendy through the many trendy bars and restaurants.

Portixol real estate for sale: Finca, house, apartment or maybe a villa?


Since the modernization of the entire district, which began about two decades ago, the former fishing village has become one of the most popular residential areas of Palma. Today, Portixol offers a variety of different property types. From apartments to villas, there is a suitable property for every taste.

The most attractive area is certainly the first row of buildings around the picturesque bay of Portixol. There you will find trendy restaurants and cafés and can enjoy the hustle and bustle on the well-frequented beach promenade. The former fishermen's cottages, once kept simple, are now in a restored, high-quality condition and are among the most sought-after properties in Portixol.

Also at the further running beach promenade and beautiful coast of Portixol first-class real estates in elevated standard to luxury were developed.

An apartment is enough for you, but please with a sea view? No problem, you can find upscale apartments in the building complexes on both sides of the yacht club in the harbor. Here you will find popular vacation and second apartments with a wide, picturesque view of the sea.

If you feel more comfortable in a more down-to-earth, home-like environment, you will also find beautiful apartments and houses in the streets behind the promenade. Here you will enjoy the company of locals and local stores.

Portixol real estate for sale: Buy houses in finca style in Portixol

You want peace and seclusion? You prefer a country estate in nature, like to live far away from the hustle and bustle, but with a magnificent view into the distance and the sea? Then you should buy a Portixol property or at least consider buying a finca style house in Portixol!
In a Mallorcan house in finca style, you are protected from prying eyes from the neighborhood due to the location and enjoy pure privacy. In addition, you are far away from tourist crowds and can explore your personal hotspots of the beautiful Balearic island in peace.
The once very simple houses have been transformed by international visitors into elegant, spacious properties that are second to none.
Features of modern fincas include multiple bedrooms with private bathrooms, a spacious pool, and an outdoor terrace including an outdoor kitchen. The historic fincas are surrounded by an extensive and beautifully planted garden area, which already provides a very picturesque impression when driving up.
Due to their size, fincas are ideal for families with children. But there is also enough space for friends and visitors. Even for your pets, fincas and their spacious properties can be an absolute paradise. Surely everyone will find his favorite spot in the shade.
Soon a big birthday or another family celebration is coming up? You will have enough space in a finca for that, too! Enjoy the fantastic outdoor area and celebrate your festivities by the pool or on the terrace overlooking the sea. You celebrate in your private environment and still enjoy an exclusive atmosphere. Your guests will be thrilled and celebrate with you until the morning hours. And fortunately, in a finca, you don't have to be considerate of neighbors seeking peace and quiet!

Portixol property for sale: Buy a villa in Portixol

First of all, there are no real villas in Portixol. These, which we call so, are lovingly renovated former fishermen's cottages. They captivate with their Mallorcan charm, but are somewhat smaller than normal villas.

However, buying a villa in Portixol still means experiencing a Mediterranean lifestyle in its most exclusive form. If you decide to buy a villa with pool right by the sea in Portixol, you will live in one of the most desirable residential areas of the island of Mallorca.

A villa in the first sea line in Portixol means exclusivity, luxury and pure joy of life. Especially popular here are the first class restored and high quality equipped fishermen houses directly at the port of Portixol.

Maybe you are a lucky owner of a boat or sailing yacht? Then you can "park" practically right in front of the front door and always have your favorite vehicle in view. But even without a yacht, this location is very exceptional, because you live on one of the busiest beach promenades and the most frequented bike path in Mallorca.

In addition, Portixol has become a trendy neighborhood for hip bars, restaurants and cafes and is therefore both extremely popular. By buying Portixol real estate you have some of the most sought-after restaurants right on your doorstep and can therefore happily do without shopping every now and then.

Since there are no clubs or discos in Portixol and therefore no noisy nightlife, you can enjoy a wonderful silence at night and enjoy the sound of the sea on your terrace with a good glass of wine.

In Portixol there are different types of villas, as well as larger and smaller properties. But what they all have in common is a dreamlike view of the sea, bright and open designed living rooms, modern kitchens with enough space for cooking as well as comfortable bedrooms and top equipped wellness bathrooms. A handsome pool and a spacious outdoor terrace are also among the features of a villa in Portixol.

If you prefer it a little quieter and do not want to live directly on the beach promenade, but still do not want to do without the luxury of a villa, there are also very nice properties in the back locations of Portixol that will inspire you. In these villas, a well-kept garden, usually smaller than in a finca, is often one of the typical features.
Whether directly on the sea or a little more inland, in a villa in Portixol you will fully enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Portixol real estate for sale: Buy a house in Portixol


Would you like to finally fulfill your dream and buy a house by the sea? Whether as a main residence or vacation home, a property in the former fishing village of Portixol could be just the thing for you!

The entire area from the beautiful bay in Portixol to Carrer de Llucmajor, has become one of the most desirable places to buy houses due to its excellent location not far from the city center of Palma, as well as the very easy access to the airport.

First and foremost, it is the historically charming fishermen's cottages directly on the harbor and the promenade that are among the particularly rare and sought-after properties. There are different categories and types of properties here, from the simple detached house to the villa. Some of the fishermen's cottages have also been divided into apartments.

Detached houses are the most common type of property in Portixol. They come in a wide range of price segments. From traditional buildings with wooden windows and shutters, to modernly developed properties, there is a house for every taste in Portixol.

If you choose a house in Portixol in one of the back rows instead of the first sea line, you will benefit from the following amenities:

  • You live away from the hustle and bustle of the beach promenade, which increases sharply especially in the summer months.
  • You can get to the long sandy beach and the vibrant beach promenade in a short time, if you do feel like some hustle and bustle.
  • With a wonderful walk in the fresh sea air, you can reach the old town of Palma in less than 30 minutes.
  • Also the airport of Palma and many shopping facilities can be reached by car in a few minutes.
  • They live in the relaxed environment and welcoming atmosphere of the local population.

So you can see that Portixol real estate buying is an absolute plus both directly on the sea and in the interior of the town.

Portixol property for sale: Buy apartment in Portixol

An apartment in the south with balcony and sea view - who would not like that? Are you also thinking about buying a small but nice accommodation on the Balearic island of Mallorca? If so, then we can warmly recommend the former fishing village of Portixol for the purchase of an apartment.

Are you looking for a particularly exclusive apartment? Then we recommend the properties in Carrer Joan Maragall. There are luxury class apartments in several upscale building complexes. Each of these apartments has a guaranteed sea view and the beautiful sandy beach of Portixol is only a few steps away from your front door.

The most popular apartments have a rooftop pool as well as a fantastic panoramic view, in addition to a high-quality interior.

For smaller budgets, there are beautiful apartments in the heart of Portixol, most of which even have a rental license. Unfortunately, getting hold of such a license is virtually impossible for properties in the first row of the sea. A clear advantage of the inland location: Provided that you use your apartment only as a vacation or second home, you have the possibility to rent it out profitably in your absence.

Another point in favor of buying an apartment, rather than a finca or a house, is that it requires little work. You do not need a green thumb, because there is no garden that needs to be maintained. Also the cleaning in an apartment is done faster than in a finca.

Especially for couples and singles an apartment in Portixol is perfect. Due to the excellent location you live in one of the hippest areas of Palma. The colorful life on the beach promenade, the countless leisure activities and trendy restaurants and cafes are within walking distance. And even after a long night in the club scene of Palma you come home relaxed with a walk at sunrise by the sea.

If you love the Mediterranean lifestyle and are looking for a low-maintenance, comfortable home, we recommend buying an apartment in Portixol.

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