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Mallorca Genova property for sale: Live where the sun shines

Mallorca Genova, an area that counts as a district of Palma, is about 20 km far from the airport. A little more known is the beach area of Cala Major. Especially during the week Mallorca Genova is very quiet. If you would like to buy a Mallorca Genova property, you will have 5 days of absolute silence and tranquility here and can enjoy the island's nightlife on weekends. A wonderful balance between life and rest. Surrounding the part of Palma are numerous mountains and the so famous pine forests. These frame the place, which you will quickly notice if you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property and visit the properties in this area. The traditional style helps to make you feel right at home and comfortable here. A picturesque setting not far from the island's capital and the sea, which is omnipresent in the Balearic Islands.

Mallorca Genova real estate buy and enjoy the Mediterranean influence


When you think of Mallorca, the beaches and the sea immediately come to mind. Anyone who has already spent a vacation on the Balearic island knows the wonderful sites that open up here in the middle of the sea. Not infrequently one feels the desire to want to buy a Mallorca Genova property. Who would not like to live in an area with a Mediterranean influence and direct access to the Mediterranean Sea? The waves and the horizon are associated with rest and relaxation. But it is not only during the vacations that it is important to find a balance between rest and life. To be able to buy a Mallorca Genova property is the perfect step for a new start in the middle of the sun. Mallorca can convince not only in the summer with its advantages. The winter on the island still has pleasant temperatures and a mild climate to offer. Almost all year round the sun shines and you can enjoy the sea.

We all know the everyday life, which is often characterized by appointments, work and family. Time off or even a break is rarely present in the plan. However, this is at the expense of health. The body needs breaks and rest so that it can function. Therefore, it is a good decision to buy a Mallorca Genova property. Living directly on the Mediterranean Sea not only makes you feel good. It also creates a certain atmosphere that induces relaxation. The health and also your own body will benefit if you move your center of life to the island. Not only the mentality of the Mallorcan people, but also the wonderful landscape with nature and the mountains ensure that we feel the everyday life is no longer so stressful. When you buy a Mallorca Genova property, you have the luxury of enjoying the sea right in front of your own home.

Mallorca Genova real estate for sale - Benefit from the good infrastructure, health and education system.


buy allorca Genova property: Bellver Castle at dawn, seen from the town of Genova, Mallorca, Spain

If you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property, then of course the infrastructure is an important point. This plays a crucial role when it comes to daily life on the island. While on vacation you do not think about such factors, but in everyday life it looks quite different. Living on the island requires a steady income and opportunities for shopping. Equally important, however, is the health care system and, above all, the numerous variations of schools for the children and their education. So the choice of future home depends not only on whether you buy the right Mallorca Genova property, but also on what the place or even the surrounding area has to offer. Especially in high season around the village is very busy.

The place on the outskirts of Palma is rather unknown, yet it is worth it if you buy a Mallorca Genova property here. The adjacent villages and also Palma are in the immediate vicinity. By bike you are in the city center in about 20 minutes. Here you can find everything you need to live. Not only numerous stores and schools are located in Palma. The offer of many different jobs is very large in and out of season. You also don't have to worry about health care if you buy a Mallorca Genova property. Numerous doctors of different specialties and also a hospital are also located in the capital of the island.

Mallorca Genova property to buy: Route from Genova to Palma

If you decide to buy a Mallorca Genova property, then of course the leisure fun should not be neglected. Particularly popular with the locals is cycling. For this reason, the bike paths on the island are very well developed. In just a few minutes you can cycle from the quiet village directly into Palma's city center. But that's not the only thing to experience here when you buy a Mallorca Genova property. A platform high above Mallorca Genova not only offers a unique view over the village. You can look far over the sea and also over the surrounding area. Especially at dusk it is worthwhile to watch the natural spectacle of the sunset from up here.

Visiting the stalactite cave of Mallorca is not only exciting, but also always worth a visit.

If you decide to buy a Mallorca Genova real estate and want to spend your life in the place, then you can not miss this unique experience. Unlike other caves, here was deliberately dispensed with artificial lighting or acoustic background music. At this stalactite cave you can enjoy pure nature and try the echo, which sounds very intense here due to the natural construction. 36 meters underground, you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and completely surrender to nature. You can also get to this place very well by bike and use the visit for a short break. Families, seniors, but also singles will get their money's worth here and create a unique memory.


Enjoy the lifestyle of the village of 4000 inhabitants when you buy a Mallorca Genova property


Mallorca Genova is located at the foot of a mountain range and is now home to about 4000 inhabitants. They still see the village as their village. However, it has long since become a district of Palma. Surrounded by other small villages, one can always find peace and quiet here and get to know the typical Mallorcan life. This district of the capital of Palma is home to many different cultures from different countries of the world. But that is exactly what makes it so unique here. Despite the many nationalities that have settled here, classic Mallorca is everywhere. Not only the houses, but also the atmosphere and mentality are reminiscent of the Mallorcan lifestyle. Serenity and a certain modesty are the order of the day here. However, you need to know that if you buy a Mallorca Genova property, it is in the middle to upper price segment. The popularity of the village and the high demand are major factors for this.

There, where many cultures and people from different countries meet, you can live a very good life. Mallorca Genova also convinces with a well-developed infrastructure. If you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property, then you do not need to worry about schools, shopping or other things of everyday life. Everything is in the immediate vicinity and can be reached quickly thanks to the nearby highway. Here you have an oasis in the middle of nature and yet you are not cut off from life. Decide to buy a Mallorca Genova property and get to know and love the balance and life on the Balearic island.

Why buy a Mallorca Genova real estate?


Mallorca Genova property for sale: Aerial view over Genova near Palma de Mallorca

There are many reasons why it is worth your while to buy a Mallorca Genova property. The place is not directly on the sea, but you can get to know the typical Mallorcan nature with all its beauty. For everyday life, it is important to have not only peace and quiet, but also a very good infrastructure in the area. This is exactly what this village in the southwest of Palma offers. Within 20 minutes you are by bike in island capital. If you decide to spend a quiet day at the sea, then this is also quickly reached in this short driving time. So the place offers not only the seclusion, which can be so important. You don't have to sacrifice anything if you want to buy a Genova property.

Most of the vacationers are distributed in the surrounding areas. They prefer the beach and the sea. Only a few opt for nature and the mountains that also exist on the island. These tourists then look for a place to stay in this neighborhood. In addition, you have a very wide choice of different properties when buying a Mallorca Genova property. In addition to apartments, you can choose from classic fincas, small houses and even magnificent villas. You are guaranteed to find the right property when searching for your new home. If you decide to buy a Mallorca Genova real estate, then you can convince yourself of the well-positioned offer during the visits.

Mallorca Genova real estate for sale - The free choice between an apartment, a finca, a house or a villa


If you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property, then you have a free choice between different properties in this place. Overall, all properties fit the classic Mallorcan style. The construction and appearance thus fits into the overall image of the island and forms a unique harmony with the surroundings. It seems that the properties are perfectly fitted into the nature. The choice of your home is up to you and you do not have to make any compromises. Whether it should be an apartment, a villa, a finca and yet a house, you can choose when you buy a Mallorca Genova property. For every person and every demand you will find exactly the right object. Especially in the area of apartments and houses Mallorca Genova is very well positioned. For singles, a small apartment in the heart of the village is perfect. Families who are very keen on tradition should choose a finca. The traditional houses and also the magnificent villas are also very popular and enjoy a great demand. So it doesn't matter what your desires are if you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property. The district of Palma right at the foot of the mountain range is already waiting for you to move your center of life exactly here.


Mallorca Genova property for sale: Enjoy Finca in Genova


Mallorca Genova property for sale: Beautiful finca with pool in Genova

The term finca actually describes a piece of land or a landscape. However, this word is often associated with a house that is built in an old rural style in the Spanish region. So it is a house that not only from the outside but also from the inside reminds of the rural life in the south. Mallorca offers here some properties that you can visit if you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property. Since this place is a former village, many of these residential properties can be found here. A finca has the advantage of having a spacious outdoor area in addition to the residential house. This is rarely the case with classic houses.

Should you buy a Mallorca Genova property and decide to buy a finca, but only from the appearance you can expect an old farmhouse. The structure and construction are adapted to modern times. Only the appearance is adopted for many centuries. The same applies to the interior decoration. Basically, a certain minimalism can be found here. However, this is typical of the real estate in Mallorca. Mallorcans are very modest and do not brag about their possessions. Nevertheless, there are properties that extend over several floors and accordingly have many rooms. Visitors are welcome here. So, should you buy a Mallorca Genova property, you will always have room for friends and family.

The large outdoor area is usually laid out to suit the climate. Here, in addition to numerous palm trees and other plants of the south, there are also many shady places. Under olive trees or orange trees you can enjoy the sun and the air of the sea when you buy a Mallorca Genova property. Likewise, in most cases there is a pool on the properties. Since Genova is not directly on the sea, this is a perfect alternative for the many sunny days that exist here on the Balearic island.


Mallorca Genova property for sale: Buy a villa in Genova


Mallorca Genova property for sale: Manor house with stunning sea views in Palma de Mallorca

A modern property with garden and pool, located in the middle of the small village. This is exactly what you get when you buy a Mallorca Genova property, which is in the high price segment. A villa reflects a little more modern life and not the old yet classic architectural style of a finca. Often a villa can be recognized at first sight. Not only the size, but also the modern building style is responsible for this. Nevertheless, such an object can harmonize wonderfully with the surrounding nature. New and old building materials in combination offer a unique look, which can sweep away especially young people. Would you like to buy a villa, then your dream could come true here.

The minimalist architecture has clear structures and does completely without romantic or playful details. Clear fronts with lots of glass, a terrace, which has a structured layout and a pool can be found in most villas. Some properties also have a small garden. Here you will then also find the style that is known for Mallorca. In order to achieve harmony between the villa and nature, a smooth transition is required. This is created with different plants and bushes. If you decide to buy a Mallorca Genova property, you will quickly discover the advantages of a villa.

As soon as you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property, you will get to know the advantages of the villa when you visit it. Not only the numerous rooms and the perfect layout are positive. A villa impresses with its large rooms and its high-quality equipment. If you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property, then here you will find all the furniture perfectly matched. The minimalism of the inhabitants is not present here. The latest technology and luxury determine the interior of a villa. You are guaranteed to find the right property in search of your new home. If you decide to buy a Mallorca Genova real estate, then you can convince yourself of the wide range of offers during the viewings.

Mallorca Genova property for sale: A popular choice, a house in Genova!


Not everyone who wants to buy a Mallorca Genova property is looking for a villa or a finca. A small house or perhaps a penthouse are also very popular. When it comes to houses, you have the choice between small traditional properties, classic townhouses or a detached house. The terraced houses you will encounter very often if you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property. The building style fits perfectly in small villages and can be found in many areas of the island. In this way, the Mallorcans create enough space for families in a small area. In many houses there is a small garden at the back of the house. In some cases there is even a pool, which is the perfect alternative to the sea 20 minutes away, especially on hot days.

The number of rooms can vary greatly. If you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property, then you will quickly discover that there are houses with two rooms and also houses with five or more rooms. So also in this point you do not have to make any compromises and can find the perfect home for you and your loved ones. Basically, however, the houses are smaller than villas and the outdoor area can not be compared to that of a finca. In return, however, you live in the middle of nature. A terrace or a balcony are always available. Life in Mallorca takes place for the most part in the fresh air. Therefore, such a possibility can also be found in apartments and even more so in houses.


If you decide to buy a Mallorca Genova property, then you should not think twice about a house. The equipment is available both minimalist and upscale. According to this, the purchase price is determined. Likewise, the age of the property plays a role. If you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property that is very new, then it will be in a higher price segment than a house that has been standing for many decades in the small town in the southwest of Palma.

Mallorca Genova property for sale: The choice of an apartment



Would you like to buy a Genova property and try out life on the island first? This is also not a problem. In this case, an apartment is perfect. Everyday life on the Balearic island is not comparable to a vacation. So that you do not invest directly in expensive houses or villas, an apartment is perfect. Here, both singles and families will find sufficient space. An apartment is available with different numbers of rooms. Apartment are quick and easy to sell, if the life in Mallorca but does not meet your expectations and desires. In addition, you have the option to rent out the living space or use the apartment on your own vacation, if you do not want to live here permanently.

So for the indecisive, but who want to buy a Mallorca Genova property, an apartment is perfect. The choice of numerous apartments is very large, especially in this place. Simple properties with two rooms and a small balcony are the perfect living space for single people. If you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property and do not want to sacrifice luxury and space, then this neighborhood also offers apartments with five or more rooms, a roof terrace and a private pool. So the variations are numerous and adapt to your ideas. However, all apartments have one thing in common. They are already furnished. However, this is a typical feature for the south and is the case with all properties.

But you can also use this circumstance for yourself if you want to try out life on the island first. You do not have to break all the tents in the old home and sell or give away your furnishings. Use this place as a second home and take the plunge to buy a Mallorca Genova property. Should you like it here, then you have laid the perfect foundation for life in Mallorca Genova with an apartment. Changes are then still possible.

Sights and sightseeing tours when you buy Mallorca Genova real estate


Mallorca Genova has hardly any sights to offer. However, it is not boring at any time in the place. Besides the stalactite caves, there is a plateau, which offers a very good view of the landscape and the sea. Visits and guided tours are regularly offered in the caves. However, you can also explore them on your own. The platform can be visited at any time of the day or night. However, it is worth visiting especially at dusk. The place has a village character and rather focuses on peace and serenity. If you are looking for real sights and want to go on a sightseeing tour, then you do not have to do without it, however, if you buy a Mallorca Genova property. Nearby Palma and the surrounding well-known tourist areas offer numerous possibilities in this area. By bike you can be in the center of the island's capital in about 20 minutes and visit the monuments and churches there.

For everyday life, however, the place offers a lot. If you buy a Mallorca Genova property, you will benefit, for example, from the numerous restaurants. Again and again, tourists can be found here, who find their way here from the surrounding areas. This is due on the one hand to the extensive selection as well as the dishes themselves. Here you will find not only Mediterranean, but also the real Mallorcan cuisine. Something that is quite rare to find near tourist strongholds, as many vacationers do not want to miss out on the local cuisine of their own country, despite being on vacation in another country. Few people want to have the traditional food of the island on their plates. Shopping tours can not be done very well in Genova. But of course you can get everything you need for daily life here. In Palma, on the other hand, there is a large shopping offer that leaves nothing to be desired. The immediate proximity to Palma is only positive and makes Genova so popular.

You want to enjoy the Majorcan lifestyle and buy a Mallorca Genova property? Neptunus International is your real estate expert!


Whoever decides to buy a Genova property, has already dealt with the life on the island. However, an insight from the last vacation is not enough for one to call a house, a villa or a finca his own. When looking for the right object, it is important to have a trustworthy and solid partner at your side. Exactly at this point we come into play. Neptunus International is more than just an agent if you want to buy a Mallorca Genova property. We are by your side at all times and will never leave you alone on the exciting journey to your new home.

The first consultation is the basis if you want to buy a Genova property. This is where your wishes are determined. This means not only the chemistry between you and the broker must be right. If you already have a bad feeling at this point, you should rather look for alternatives. With us this will not happen to you. We take the time so that you can discuss not only your wishes, but also your concerns and questions with us. It is important to take seriously not only the sale, but the beginning of a new life. Our experience on the island and the appropriate network will help you get off to a perfect start here when you buy a Mallorca Genova property.

We will be at your side during every visit. Do not be shy and tell us about your negative points and enlighten us about what you did not like so much. Only in this way can we accurately determine your needs and thus find the perfect property. Even after the purchase, you still need help and a little back up. We are not only there for you when you buy a Mallorca Genova property, but also help you in the first time on the beautiful Balearic island.

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