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High quality and professional

To be included in our portfolio, a property must meet selected standards and have a certain exclusivity. In addition to luxurious furnishings, this also depends on the upscale lifestyle made possible by the location of the luxury property. If your property meets our criteria of first-class living in Mallorca, we will do everything in our power to market your gem for you in the best possible way and in a timely manner.

Our quality promise

Every villa, every luxury apartment and every magnificent finca has unique features that need to be skillfully showcased. Whether it's a spacious garden, designer elements, pool landscape or underground parking - we quickly recognize what makes your property a true highlight and skillfully bring these advantages to the fore. In doing so, we act in a highly professional and courteous manner both in our communication with you and with potential buyers. Thanks to years of experience and a flair for luxury and exclusivity, we understand our clients' needs at all levels.

Our credo

Each property is a work of art in itself and enjoys our fullest respect. Everyone defines what a jewel is differently. Therefore, only after an inspection by our experts and a personal conversation will it become clear to which customer your property fits. We openly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your property, how long the marketing period will be and what you can do to speed it up.

Sellers are just as important as buyers. We don't just want your property. We want to fulfill a dream together. That's why transparency, individuality and feedback are important to us. Together we optimize your house/apartment and create a marketing plan tailored to your property. We send you evaluations of the inquiries as well as comments from our clients. Together we are a team.

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    We have expertise and know-how

    In order to market your luxury property in the best possible way, we not only draw on our interpersonal skills, but also on our professional and technical know-how. In this way, our approach creates completely new standards in the marketing of exclusive properties. For the high-quality presentation of your property we use:

    • Photos

    • Videos

    • 3-D recordings

    • Virtual tours

    • Flyer

    • Personalized sales promotions

    Innovative team

    We are an innovative team that works with modern ways of marketing. Depending on the property, we tailor our tools so that your property can authentically express how unique it is. Feel free to contact us and let us convince you of our skills in a first personal meeting. Sell your luxury property in Mallorca promptly for a sum that does justice to the exclusive elements.

    Sale of your property in Mallorca

    Our service

    Valuation of your property and market analysis
    Creation of advertising copy, photos and exposé
    Multimedia, target group-relevant and Europe-wide marketing
    Object presentation to our customer base
    Carrying out all visits
    Appointment coordination with interested parties
    Support with legal and tax issues
    Coordination of the administrative steps
    Request property details