Virtual viewing with Neptunus International – Perfect for your Mallorca viewing

Are you interested in a Mallorca property, but however would prefer not to or are unable to fly to the island for a viewing appointment? No problem! Our virtual viewing is the solution for your Mallorca viewing where you don’t have to be there in person. During the virtual tour of the property, a member of our sales team will be happy to be your digital guide on a virtual tour of your dream property.

During the virtual tour, you’ll view the Mallorca property along with a realtor using digital services such as Zoom, Facetime, or other software platforms. The only requirement of course is that you have a device with internet access in order to participate in the virtual viewing from anywhere in the world. Join us at Neptunus International in taking advantage of the opportunity of digitalization to overcome physical distance with a virtual property viewing.

The benefits of a virtual viewing with Neptunus International

Wondering what the advantage of a virtual tour is over a 3D display or video? You can of course also digitally record a Mallorca viewing of the property and then make the material available online. But often what is shown is not always what really interests you as a potential owner. For example, the recorded video might lack a certain perspective and you’d like to view the premises from a different angle. This is precisely where a virtual viewing comes in, where our realtors engage in a real-time dialog with you as a prospective buyer. You get the live insights you want from a virtual tour — without any time pressure and all from the comfort of your own home.

For questions or if something isn’t clear about the virtual property viewing from Neptunus International, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to assist you and will support you in your search for your dream property on Mallorca — with the help of a virtual property viewing.

How a virtual viewing works as a virtual tour

As an initial step, we compile of a portfolio of properties that meet your requirements and that are eligible for a Mallorca viewing. We then set up a viewing appointment for the virtual tour of the properties that you are interested in. On the selected day of the virtual viewing, our experienced realtor drives to the selected property and connects you live to the virtual tour via the appropriate medium. This allows you to walk through the property with us as if you were actually there.

During the virtual viewing, you can ask questions at any time, have the camera angle changed, and request precisely the view that you’d prefer to have in person during an on-site Mallorca viewing. We take the time that we would also spend with you in person on site. During the virtual tour, we’ll show you all the areas, spaces, and details of the property that you’d like to see.

Once you’ve decided on a property or are almost certain that it is exactly the right one, we then also recommend a final on-site viewing in person to supplement the virtual viewing.