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Pollensa - Buying real estate

Buy Pollenca real estate: Experience exclusivity

Buy a property in Pollenca and live in the north of Mallorca with beautiful nature. Pollença is called one of the most beautiful villages of Mallorca. Not for nothing, because the magnificent mountains of the Tramuntana Mountains in the background reveal a breathtaking scenery. So it is not surprising that many people want to buy a property in there. Within easy reach of the beach and sea, you can spend a relaxing day on the fine sand right by the bright blue sea after a busy move to your new home. Although Pollenca is one of the largest towns on Mallorca, you will be offered a spectacular natural panorama when you move there. Especially the urban flair, the imposing mountain landscape and the beautiful beaches make the region around Pollença so popular. It is not for nothing that the village has served as an inspiration for numerous artists, writers and musicians. Buy a Pollenca property and experience the beauty of the island and its friendly inhabitants first hand. Fulfill your dream of owning a property in Mallorca and decide to buy a property in Pollença.

Buy property in Pollenca - Luxurious fall asleep and wake up


Pollenca is located in a fertile valley that leads to the sea. If you want to buy a property in Pollenca Mallorca, then it will be difficult to find a house without a sea view or without a view of the mountains. The dream of an exclusive accommodation with a view of the bright blue sea comes true in the village. But besides the priceless sea view, your new home offers you so much more. Get to the bright blue water and the fine sandy beach in just a few minutes to relax from the stressful daily routine or just have a great time. Whether you are looking for a property with a view of the sea or the mountains, in Pollença you will find your dream property in close proximity to the beach. If you too dream of living by the sea, then you should buy a Pollenca property now and make your dream come true. Many people dream of living by the sea. Not for nothing they spend their annual vacation there. Completely dare the step to move to live by the sea, but only a few dare. Buy a property in Pollença and experience pure relaxation. Let yourself be awakened in your new property by the sound of the sea or by the first rays of sunshine of the day. A combination that makes everyone happier. Move to Pollenca and experience a feeling of freedom. Stand on the balcony of your property and look out over the open sea. Lose yourself in the distance and forget the stressful daily routine for a few minutes. Buy a property in Pollenca and enjoy this mysterious and irrepressible feeling of freedom and feel completely free by the sea. Recharge your batteries in your house, villa, finca or apartment. Dare to take the step too and buy a unique property in Pollenca, Mallorca to start a new life on the popular island.


Buy property in Pollenca and benefit from the helpful and pleasant infrastructure


Pollenca property for sale Pollenca, old village on the island of Palma Mallorca, Spain

Since Pollenca is one of the larger towns in Mallorca, you can benefit from a good infrastructure if you buy a property there. The municipality generally has various squares and gardens. But you can also find bars, restaurants, stores and small boutique hotels in Pollenca. Moreover, the roads are very well developed, so you can explore the region by car, by bike or by any other means of transportation. As you can see, there are many options if you want to buy a property in Pollenca. Basically, you can say that it is a village with a solid, established infrastructure. With good access to the highway, you can quickly get to the capital Palma. But at the same time you are surrounded by unspoiled nature. Buy a Pollenca property and benefit from this perfect combination of good infrastructure and unspoiled nature. The port Port de Pollença is located very close to Pollenca. You can easily reach this place by car. At Port de Pollença, by the way, you will also find beautiful beaches and other amenities that make life in Mallorca perfect. Another place that is very close to is Port d'Alcúdia. Here you will also find numerous restaurants, bars and fine boutiques. Buy a property in Pollenca and benefit from the good infrastructure. Fulfill your dream of a property in Pollenca and take advantage of the numerous shopping opportunities that make everyday life in Mallorca easier.

Buy a property in Pollenca and explore the most beautiful bike paths in Mallorca. After all, the island is not only for vacationers who want to lie on the beach all day. Especially cyclists get their money's worth in the region. Buy a property in Pollenca and explore the countless bike paths with different levels of difficulty along a wide variety of landscapes. Look forward to well-signposted routes, all of which have been designed to be safe. The perfect way to explore the region around Pollenca with the whole family. If you buy a Pollenca property, you should first head towards Puerto Pollenca, because that's where most of the bike paths along the coast begin. However, you can also head inland for exciting and unforgettable bike rides. If you do not have the opportunity to bring your own bikes, then there are plenty of dealers in the area that rent bikes and accessories. A route ideal for beginners and families goes from Puerto Pollenca to the wetlands of S'Albufera. This is a beautiful route that is especially popular with birdwatchers and animal lovers. The route from Pollenca to La Victoria is a bit more challenging and can be classified as moderately difficult. Since Pollenca is located north of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, you have to expect some elevation gain on the longer tours. No matter which route you choose, if you buy a property in Pollenca, you will experience the most beautiful cycling tours in Mallorca. At the same time, the most interesting routes are also the ones that are best suited for cycling in optimal conditions. These routes go through nature reserves over mountains, valleys, paths and past beaches, marshes and cliffs.


Get to know the Mallorcan customs when you buy a property in Pollenca


Buy a Pollenca property and discover the dream place to live. You will find a community that is completely tolerant and relaxed. Besides the growing foreign community, Pollenca is also home to Mallorca's older generation. Even nowadays, the older generation cannot believe the attraction their once humble village has with international visitors. This attitude definitely adds to the charm of the place. When you buy a Pollenca property, you are doing it to a colorful mix of expats. Life in Pollenca is safe and relaxed. No wonder why many expats have chosen to settle here. The locals speak mostly Mallorcan. However, since the international community in Pollenca is quite large, you will often hear English and German spoken there as well. To make sure you feel at home there, too, you should browse through the local boutiques. After all, shopping is an important part of integrating and getting to know each other. Buy a property in Pollenca and get to know the deep-rooted local community. But there are also many English, Germans and Italians who are now represented in Pollenca. A special cultural diversity that seems very attractive to all visitors. Buy a Pollenca property and get to know the Mallorcan people a little better.


Why buy a property in Pollenca?


When you buy a property in Pollença, you will find international charm. Marvel at original townhouses and villas, while outside there are many beautiful fincas. Choose to live in Pollença, because this municipality convinces with a great year-round cultural offer. Pollenca combines nature with incomparable old town flair. It is the perfect place for those looking for a quieter life in nature. The beautiful old town with its narrow, winding streets is particularly charming. Buy a Pollenca property and live a life not far from the sea. Head to the nearest beach and let your feet roam the fine sand. Enjoy the sun's rays on your face and then cool off in the bright blue sea. Afterwards, head back to your new property to watch the sunset from your balcony or terrace. Of course, in the evening you can also do a few laps in your own pool or enjoy a delicious drink in your jacuzzi. You decide how you want to live your life. The only important thing to know is that all options are open to you. Buy a Pollenca property and live a perfect life in Mallorca. Nature lovers will of course get their money's worth in the region. How about a hike through the beautiful landscape? Choose a property in Pollenca to finally fulfill your dream of living in Mallorca. Enjoy the pleasant climate, the sea, the beach, the fantastic nature and your new property in the unique village of Pollenca.


Buy property in Pollenca: Finca, house, apartment or maybe a villa?


You want to buy a Pollenca property and fulfill your dream of owning an exclusive property in Mallorca? How about a villa, an apartment, a finca or a house? We have a large selection of excellent properties in Pollenca, located in prime locations. In our portfolio you will find apartments with terrace or private pool, a finca in a picturesque landscape, a house in a top location or a Mediterranean-style villa. No matter which property you choose, if you want to buy a property, we will respond to your individual wishes and ideas and support you with our expertise. You can look forward to a cosmopolitan way of thinking, a diverse culture and idyllic nature. Of course you can also use the purchased property as a vacation home. In Pollença, those interested in real estate will find a large selection of different property locations. No matter which type of property you choose, an incomparable view of the sea or a dreamlike view of the Tramuntana mountains is guaranteed. Buy a Pollenca property and experience a region that you cannot discover anywhere else on Mallorca. In hardly any other region are coast, mountain panoramas and relaxed country life as close together as here. Buy a dream property in Pollenca and discover the world of outdoor activities.


Buy a finca in Pollenca


Pollenca property for sale modern finca



Buy a finca in Pollenca and fulfill your dream of owning a property in Mallorca. Especially in the north of Mallorca hide beautiful fincas in the middle of nature. Whether a finca near the old town or a secluded and private finca, we are happy to advise you to find the perfect residential area for your new property. Fincas were at that time rural farmhouses, which had a huge plot of land. Even today, fincas are sold together with a large plot of land Sold. Many of these fincas have a private pool to cool off on hot summer days. How the style of your new finca should be, you decide. So there are wonderfully rustic objects with stone walls and visible wooden beams on the ceiling, which let you arrive in Mallorca. However, modern fincas are also very popular with future owners. It is not uncommon for originally rustic fincas to be upgraded and replaced with modern elements. Buy a finca in Pollenca and choose a property with a pool and a large terrace with Mediterranean plants. Luxury fincas are usually quietly located in Pollença to protect your privacy. Buy a Pollenca property and opt for high-quality materials in the interior. How about a bedroom with high comfort, a bathroom with spa area or a kitchen with high quality equipment? We can make these and many more extras possible for you if you want to buy a property. In a finca, the outdoor area plays a particularly important role. It is not uncommon to find fruit trees, which provide a special Mediterranean atmosphere. Sit on your spacious terrace and enjoy your coffee with a view of the mountains or the sea. Decide to buy a unique and typical Mallorcan finca in Pollença to fulfill your dream of owning a property in Mallorca. We are sure that if you buy a Pollenca property you will not regret this step.


Buy a villa in Pollenca


Pollenca property buy view of a villa



Buy a villa in Pollenca and be surrounded by vineyards and rural residences. For many people villas are the ideal type of property to live his dream of a property in Mallorca. Buy a Pollenca property and enjoy luxurious vacations in Mallorca all year round. With a private pool and a large terrace, you can spend the hot summer days relaxing in your own villa. Enjoy the quiet location of your villa and let your children romp outside in the garden in the fresh air. There are many villas available for you in the region. The spacious houses impress with a modern design. Spend your time in Mallorca in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere by buying a Pollenca property. Look forward to sprawling properties that often feature a park-like design. In some cases, the villas are even framed by small plantations, which of course also contributes to the relaxed atmosphere. You also do not have to do without comfort when you buy a villa in Pollenca. Even properties in the rustic style convince in the interior with a modern, exclusive standard.Buy a Pollenca property and look forward to brick fireplaces in the living area, luxurious bathrooms, underfloor heating and plenty of living space. Just tell us your wishes and preferences and we will find a villa for you that meets your needs. However, the wishes for a villa can be very diverse. Whether plot area, distance from the nearest town, view and distance, sun orientation, building style or space and room, you decide how your villa in Pollença should be. Buy a Pollenca property and choose a classic, a modern or a minimalist villa. Whether you are looking for a villa in the mountains, in the middle of nature or as close to the beach as possible, we will be happy to advise you on the purchase of a villa.


Buy exclusive house in Pollenca


Planning to buy a house in Pollença? Decide to buy a house in Mallorca to live a carefree life. Who wouldn't want a house on an island with a green landscape all year round? Whether main residence or second home, you decide why you buy a property. The choice of attractive and modern houses is huge. How do you want to live in Mallorca? Whether on the coast, inland or with a view of the mountains, in Pollença you get everything you want. We offer houses in every size from detached houses to multi-family houses. Even the design of the houses can differ. From brand new to rustic and restored, houses in Pollenca offer a garage, a Parking, a terrace, a pool and enough living space for the whole family. Some houses even have a roof terrace or a patio. You want to buy a property in Pollenca and live on Mallorca for the rest of your life? We will be happy to support you in your plan. In our portfolio of the best houses you will find properties with terrace or private pool, properties in picturesque locations, houses with spacious plots as well as exclusive village houses and historic townhouses. Many people initially come to Pollenca just to visit. But they fall in love with the beautiful municipality and come back a short time later to make a house purchase in Pollenca. Choose a house on the edge of the Tramuntana mountains and drive just a few minutes to the beach to cool off in the gorgeous sea. Buy a property in Pollenca and choose to live surrounded by beautiful nature. We will be happy to advise you if you are looking for an absolute dream house. Whether pool, balcony, roof terrace, outdoor kitchen, with or without land, modern style or rustic design, we are sure that we will find the ideal property for you.

Pollenca property for sale Modern house with garden and pool


Buy luxury apartment in Pollenca


Buy an apartment in Pollença and enjoy many advantages. Do you want a second home or even a permanent residence where you can completely relax? Take advantage of the tranquility of the region. The selection of ready-to-move-in properties is huge and ranges from small studios to large penthouses. Many of these apartments are located in the heart of the old town and offer great views of the beautiful alleys. While a house in Mallorca means a lot of time and attention, an apartment is straightforward, practical and comfortable. Whether in the center or further out, buying an apartment in Pollenca is always a good investment. Buy a property in Pollenca and choose an apartment with a view of the sea, with a fantastic mountain panorama, with a roof terrace or with a spacious balcony. The centrally located apartments also have bright, high and spacious rooms. Perfect conditions for living with the whole family. Buy an apartment in Pollenca and enjoy a fantastic pool, because almost all apartments have a community pool. However, you do not need to worry about the maintenance of the pool or the garden, because this is often done professionally. Buy a Pollenca property and admire the beautiful landscape from your own balcony. If you like to live in your own four walls in Mallorca, but your own house is too big for you, you should decide to buy an apartment in Pollenca Mallorca. With an apartment you are much more independent than with a house or a villa. Just tell us your ideas, because only in this way we can find an ideal object for you. How many rooms do you need? Which extras should be included so that you feel completely comfortable? Your wishes and ideas are worth their weight in gold when you want to buy a property. Fulfill your dream of owning an apartment in Pollença.

Pollenca property for sale - Modern house with panoramic windows. Bright architecture with views to the garden.


These fascinating eye-catchers are waiting for you when you buy a property in Pollenca

Since Pollença is one of the largest municipalities in the north of Mallorca, there is much to discover here. Experience the numerous sights and highlights up close. A special highlight when you buy a Pollenca property is the Plaça Mayor, a location of one of the best Sunday markets in Mallorca. The Plaça Mayor is characterized by the parish church from the 18th century. In the old town you can stroll through the narrow streets and be enchanted by the numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques. Another highlight is a visit to the former monastery Monti-sion. A visit to the Monti-sion takes you up a total of 365 steps to El Calvari. Once you have climbed the 365 steps, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the houses and the landscape. After the climb, you can treat yourself to a delicious ice cream or a refreshing drink in a small café next to the church. If you like hiking, then you should definitely climb the mountain Puig. This mountain is 330 meters high and can be climbed within an hour. The way to the top leads over narrow serpentines. In Pollenca, shopping fans and also gourmets get their money's worth. Finally, there are numerous traditional Mallorcan restaurants that you can visit with your family. Buy a Pollenca property and do not miss the two museums Museu Dionis Bennassar and Museu Marti Vincenc if you are interested in art. A slightly longer trip will take you to the Formentor Peninsula to the far northwestern tip of Mallorca. Cap Formentor is the northernmost point of Mallorca. Marvel at the magnificent 19th century lighthouse, overgrown with rare Mallorcan plant species. An excursion that is worthwhile. Even the way to Cap Formentor is adventurous. Drive on narrow roads along a wildly romantic cliff - for an unforgettable experience. Buy a Pollenca property and experience the numerous sights of the region.

You want to buy a property in Pollenca? Neptunus International is your companion for all your concerns

Buy a Pollenca property and experience the unique nature and infrastructure in the north of Mallorca. At Neptunus International we will do everything we can to help you find your perfect property. Since we have been working in this industry for several years, we are very familiar with buying a Pollenca property. We have a wide range of expertise as well as various partners. With our all-round service we enable you to have detailed viewings, so that you can get a clear picture of your desired property. Buy a property in Pollenca and benefit from its unique location. The village is located in the north of Mallorca, close to the beach, the sea and the mountains of the Tramuntana range. The perfect condition for a dreamlike property with a perfect view. Since the north of Mallorca has not yet been overrun by too many visitors, the properties in this region are extremely sought after. Accordingly, we have a wide range of the best properties in Pollenca. Whether you are looking for a house with sea views, a villa with mountain views, a finca with a spacious plot and Mediterranean garden or an apartment with an incredible roof terrace, we can fulfill your dream of a property in Mallorca. We are looking forward to finding your dream property in Mallorca for you. Just contact us so that you can buy a property that exactly matches your wishes and ideas.

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