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Buying property in Bunyola: Living where the sun shines

Situated fairly close to Palma in the northwest of Mallorca, the heart of the Balearic Islands, Bunyola is a village with an authentic atmosphere. If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will enjoy its typical Mallorcan ambience and breathtaking natural environment with mountains as far as the eye can see.

It has to be said, owning a property in Mallorca is a privilege! Sun, beautiful historic sites and much more await you when you buy a property in Bunyola. Whether a magnificent historic finca, a wonderful flat in the centre or a luxurious villa on the outskirts of the village, in Bunyola you will enjoy authenticity. Additionally, even though this little Mallorcan community is quiet, its natural surroundings are ideal for sports and action-packed activities.

The picturesque narrow streets of Bunyola's old town not only invite to strolling around, but the village also hosts impressive celebrations in which the community exudes a festive atmosphere. Buying a property in Bunyola is definitely a good decision whether you are a quiet person who loves the sun and nature or a sports person looking for adventure and action. Discover the advantages of living in this historic village and why buying a property in Bunyola is really worth it.

Buy property in Bunyola and enjoy the sea

Does the grey, rainy weather of Central Europe get you down? If you want to settle down in a place
with a Mediterranean climate, crystal clear waters, sunshine most of the year and a constant
holiday-like sensation, then Mallorca is the perfect place. The excellent infrastructure, the
Mallorquin’s way of life and the warm weather make Mallorca an ideal place to live and, if you buy a
property in Bunyola, you will enjoy these benefits to the full.
Another advantage of living in Bunyola is the proximity to other places of interest on the island, such
as the town of Sóller and its beautiful beaches reached in less than 30 minutes, or the city of Palma,
less than 25 kilometres away.
Bunyola’s residents enjoy the authentic Mallorcan atmosphere. When you buy a property in
Bunyola, you will become part of this nice community. In fact, most people who buy a property in
Bunyola avoid leaving the village, as they have a perfect and quiet life in Bunyola.

As Bunyola lies at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will enjoy mountainous and Mediterranean settings, with dreamlike wooded areas, olive groves,
fragrant orange groves and beautiful gardens. If you buy a property in Bunyola and enjoy outdoor
sports such as hiking or cycling, you will always be surrounded by nature.
When you buy a property in Bunyola, be it an exclusive flat or a small finca on the outskirts, you will
enjoy every day the beautiful mountain panorama with the ten peaks that surround Bunyola. The
village centre boasts ancient buildings such as the church and a great atmosphere, thanks to its
charming restaurants and cafés.

Buy a property in Bunyola and benefit from the infrastructure


If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will find everything you need for a comfortable life. Bunyola has supermarkets and shops, including an organic store.

In the traditional market which takes place in the main square "Sa Plaça" every Wednesday and Saturday, you will find local food of the best quality, fresh fruits and vegetables, many typical products such as authentic sausages and cheeses, as well as a wide variety of Mallorcan preparations.

The famous herbal liqueur brand "Palo" is also distilled and sold directly in Bunyola.

If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will enjoy exploring the historic centre with its small cobbled street, stone staircases, cosy cafés and bucolic houses. Mallorcan restaurants still concoct and serve old dishes, such as the famous "Arroz brut" or "Frito mallorquín" made with lamb or pork, vegetables, wild fennel and potatoes fried in olive oil.

If you are interested in other culinary specialities, you will discover them in Bunyola’s traditional festivals. "Es Quartero", for example, is a celebration that pays homage to olive harvesters and olive oil production in Bunyola. It is held in January, at the end of the harvest season in one of the many farms of the area. If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will be able to attend such festivities and experience Mallorcan culture with its lively atmosphere, local gastronomy, traditional dances and festive music.

If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will discover the Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, through beautiful cycling and hiking trails. Horse riding centres around Bunyola offer courses and horseback trails through the olive groves, orange plantations and forests in the area, a particular experience that could become your new hobby if you live in your property in Bunyola.

In the surroundings of Bunyola, extreme sports such as cliff climbing or canyoning, are also possible. If you buy a property in Bunyola you will have access to professional guides and highly motivated trainers for these extreme sports. Bunyola is also an ideal starting point for excursions.

Perfectly located, Bunyola’s railway station is a stopping point for the Tren de Sóller, also called "the red lightning". This century-old wooden train travels from Palma to the village of Sóller and back, passing through the Tramontana‘s beautiful landscapes and valleys, with olive and orange groves. Sóller's early twentieth century train station is so bucolic that it is worth visiting again and again, when buying a property in Bunyola. In turn, a hundred years old passenger tramway slowly serves between the town of Sóller and Port de Sóller.

When you travel around Bunyola, you will discover beautiful rural hotels, manor houses, villas and classic Mallorcan fincas with beautiful gardens. Certain properties are for sale and are an inspiration if you are looking to buy a property in Bunyola.

Two very special sites are "Raixa" and the "Jardines de Alfabia". Raixa is a magnificent ancient property, which evolved over eight centuries, located in the municipality of Bunyola, with an Italian style courtyard, beautiful gardens and panoramic views that make it an unmissable stop. "Alfabia" ensembles house, gardens and orchards and is located in Bunyola, near the Tramuntana
mountain range. Its history is documented from the time of the Arab domination. Its 18th century’s neoclassical parts look pompous and impressive, contrasting with the neighbouring village of “Orient” which also belongs to the municipality of Bunyola. With the mountains as a backdrop and a classical Mallorcan architecture from the 14th century, tiny Orient will surely become a special stopping-spot if you buy a property in Bunyola.


Meet the Mallorcans when buying a property in Bunyola


Although Bunyola offers many cultural and sporting activities and festivities, when you buy a property in Bunyola you will have a quiet and relaxed life, amidst the Mediterranean nature.

Historically, remains of Talayotic settlements show that people already lived here in the Stone Age. In the best known site from the Talayotic period, there are Talayotic remains of a circular house located on the "Comassema" estate. In the 13th century, after centuries of various dominions and after a great resistance on the part of the natives of what is now Bunyola, the place returned to Catalan domination. Originally known as Santa Maria de Bunyola, the place continued under the rule of Sant Mateu from the 14th century onwards, in whose honour a festival is still celebrated every 21st September.

If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will be able to participate in its colourful fiestas with their tasty gastronomy, music and typical dances in which even the youngest have a great time. Especially fun is the “pants race”, which was invented in Bunyola and has spread all over the island.

There are several festivities in Bunyola which you can attend if you buy a property here. In November there is the Santa Catalina dance show and the Fira de Muntanya mountain market, where local crafts and products of the highest quality are sold. In January, animals are paraded through the streets in the “Beneïdes de Sant Antoni”, and in the first week of January you can see the August, the Mare de Déu de les Neus is celebrated, which should not be missed if you live in your property in Bunyola.


Why buy a property in Bunyola?


If you buy a property in Bunyola, although you will not be short of adventure, you will have a relaxed life. Bunyola is ideally located less than an hour from Palma in the south and from the popular town of Alcudia in the north of the island, as well as from superb bays along the west coast of Mallorca.

However, with its winding streets, picturesque stone staircases and beautiful surroundings, the old town of Bunyola itself radiates with a rich past.

If you buy a property in Bunyola, you’ll find that hiking, mountain biking or exploring nature are great outdoor activities. The tranquillity of Bunyola is unparalleled and while the atmosphere in the centre of Bunyola comes alive with its markets and restaurants, in your own finca, villa with pool, or flat, you will enjoy a relaxed life just outside the village.

Properties in Bunyola tend to be more affordable than those in very frequented regions. Despite the fact that the heart of Mallorca is attracting more and more nature and sports lovers, most properties in Bunyola can still be bought at decent prices. Neptunus International lists utterly beautiful fincas and flats in the area, helping clients to find their dream property in the municipality of Bunyola.


Bunyola properties for sale: Finca, house, flat or perhaps a villa?


Whether a classic Mallorcan finca, a cosy and bright flat or a luxurious villa near the mountains of Bunyola, if you are looking to buy a property in Bunyola you will find nice secret places, away from the noise and tourist crowds. Neptunus International's listing has many dream residences, unique properties in a variety of styles.

In addition to newly built villas, Bunyola proposes classic Mallorcan properties with natural wooden elements and stone façades, fully renovated and equipped with all possible extras. Contact us and find out more about our unique properties in the municipality of Bunyola.

Bunyola’s properties all have breathtaking views of the Tramuntana mountain range, wonderful hiking trails, dreamlike forests and unique Mediterranean landscape nearby. Fulfil your dream of buying a property in Bunyola and wake up daily with radiant sunshine, orange scented trees and a peaceful serene nature all around.

Bunyola is the ideal place to start a new life in Mallorca. Discover its unique residential properties, luxury villas and classic Mallorcan mansion-style fincas, or opt for a large village flat perfect for a family.

In the heart of Bunyola, with its Sa Plaça square and historic church, you will enjoy the village’s rhythm, as you take part in the annual festivities. Dreams that will come true as we help you find your exclusive property in Bunyola.


Property for sale in Bunyola: Buy Finca in Bunyola


Bunyola’s fincas are galore and unique. These classic Mallorcan homes have years of history, just like the town of Bunyola itself. They were not always as ostentatious and grandiose as they are today. There was a time when farmers built fincas beside their crops so as to avoid long daily walks from their main residence to their harvests.

These farmhouses were sparsely furnished at the time and had little in common with today's fincas. Due to a growing popularity of the island, the demand placed on property owners to sell their fincas has been increasing. If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will also find recent finca-style properties, often built on the foundations of the old estates.

Unlike the coast of Mallorca, in the agricultural heart of the island there were, and still are, many orchards, vineyards, olive and almond groves, as well as farmers raising sheep. Thus, when you buy a property in Bunyola, you will often find fincas standing on the site of a former agricultural plantation. Mallorcan fincas' huge and beautifully landscaped gardens are a feature of the classic structures and a charming reminder of a bygone era.

In Bunyola, the feeling of always being on holiday is the order of the day. With their beautiful exteriors, generous Mediterranean gardens and spacious porches and terraces with unique views of the Tramuntana mountains, Bunyola’s fincas attract many property buyers.

High quality natural materials such as marble, wood and stone, are all used in the marvellous eat-in kitchens, luxurious bathrooms and spacious living rooms with a fireplace, for a cosy touch. The natural materials allow for both rustic, stately style furnishings and modern, minimalist furnishings. There will be no limits to interior design and creativity when you buy a finca in Bunyola.


Buying property in Bunyola: Buy a villa in Bunyola


Buying a superb villa equipped with all that is desired, is the life goal of many people who seek to buy a property in Mallorca and start anew. Neptunus International can help you fulfil such a life dream. If you wish to buy a property in Bunyola which responds to personal wishes, we list exclusive villas on the outskirts of the historical municipality or even in the surrounding mountains of Bunyola.

In contrast to classic Mallorcan fincas, which have a Mallorcan style to which great importance is attached, the new villas in and around Bunyola are mostly modern constructions with luxurious equipment. Bunyola's old town has a singularly quiet historic centre and a beautiful mountain panorama, that you will be able to admire daily from your own villa.

Most of the villas we propose in our repertoire are modern, often with a natural design, unique gardens and green spaces, stone façades that blend beautifully with the surrounding nature and a unique architecture.

In Bunyola, we list a variety of properties, simple or luxurious, modern or classic, with large gardens. If you wish to buy a property in Bunyola, do not hesitate to contact Neptunus International. We will find the villa of your dreams in Bunyola, taking care of the bureaucratic real estate process, from the guided tours of beautiful and exceptional luxury properties, to the legally binding purchase signature. Neptunus International is the ideal partner if you wish to buy a property in Bunyola.


Property for sale in Bunyola: Buy a house in Bunyola


If you want to buy a property in Bunyola to experience authentic Mallorcan life, a house in the historic centre of the municipality of Bunyola will be ideal. Here, many Mallorcans live in beautiful, centrally located houses with furnishings that leave nothing to be desired.

A typical rural house in the centre of Bunyola is the guarantee of a quiet pace of life. Imagine your country house with a charming little garden, planted with lemon or olive trees and with views of the Serra de Tramuntana. A property in Bunyola with a multitude of design possibilities, a house that invites you to dream.

Neptunus International lists village houses in the heart of Bunyola that captivate buyers by their modern interiors. If you buy a property in Bunyola with a spacious balcony or porch, you will usually have views of the old town, the main square, the church and the splendid mountains.

Houses in the mountains are also very popular, as they offer large gardens in a unique natural environment. You can buy a property in Bunyola that was once used as a finca by farmers and peasants, smaller properties, newly renovated and perfectly equipped, offer everything you can imagine for a good life close to nature. Do not hesitate to contact Neptunus International if you wish to buy such a property in Bunyola.


Bunyola property for sale: Buy apartment in Bunyola


Would you like to buy a more affordable property in Bunyola, enjoying a real Mediterranean life and Mallorcan atmosphere every day? If so, a flat in the centre of Bunyola could be ideal. There are various flats for sale in the heart of the bucolic village of Bunyola.

Here, just one step out and you will experience Bunyola’s traditional atmosphere with its typical cafés and restaurants serving local delicacies. If you buy a centrally located property, you will always have Bunyola's picturesque narrow streets, steep stone staircases and unique natural surroundings in full view.

Although they may look historic or antique from the outside, flats located in the historic centre of Bunyola tend to be large open spaces, perfect for families, couples or singles looking for a centrally located property in Bunyola.

In terms of living space, this type of flat will allow you to fulfil yourself and enjoy the charm of the village. From the outside, you would not suspect that the high, densely covered stone façades of Bunyola hide spacious and bright rooms that can be individually designed.

If you want to buy a flat in Bunyola, whether modern, classic or mansion-like, the interior design options will be varied. Neptunus International lists flats and properties in Bunyola to suit all tastes. Contact us quickly, we will help you find your dream flat in Bunyola.


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