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Buying property in Bunyola: Living where the sun shines

Situated fairly close to Palma in the northwest of Mallorca, the heart of the Balearic Islands, Bunyola is a village with an authentic atmosphere. If you buy a property in Bunyola, you will enjoy its typical Mallorcan ambience and breathtaking natural environment with mountains as far as the eye can see.

It has to be said, owning a property in Mallorca is a privilege! Sun, beautiful historic sites and much more await you when you buy a property in Bunyola. Whether a magnificent historic finca, a wonderful flat in the centre or a luxurious villa on the outskirts of the village, in Bunyola you will enjoy authenticity. Additionally, even though this little Mallorcan community is quiet, its natural surroundings are ideal for sports and action-packed activities.

The picturesque narrow streets of Bunyola's old town not only invite to strolling around, but the village also hosts impressive celebrations in which the community exudes a festive atmosphere. Buying a property in Bunyola is definitely a good decision whether you are a quiet person who loves the sun and nature or a sports person looking for adventure and action. Discover the advantages of living in this historic village and why buying a property in Bunyola is really worth it.

Be close to nature in the UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Bunyola property

If you also want to become part of this friendly community and buy a Bunyola property, you will be closer to the Mediterranean flora than ever before; at the foot of the mountain range and the UNESCO World Heritage Serra de Tramuntana, you will be surprised by fragrant olive and orange groves, beautifully landscaped gardens and fabulous forests. If you buy a Bunyola property here, you will have the opportunity to hike and bike every day in the most beautiful nature.

But also the village center invites you to linger; for example, you could buy a Bunyola property, which as a first-class apartment or small centrally located finca offers a view of the bustling weekly market, the historic church and the many charming cafes and restaurants. Here you will also be able to admire the mountain ranges and the beautiful panorama created by the ten mountains surrounding Bunyola.

Buy Bunyola real estate and benefit from the good infrastructure


If you buy a Bunyola property, you will of course find everything you need for your daily needs in the municipality; supermarkets, organic stores and the weekly market, which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday in the main square Sa Plaça, keep local food of the best quality ready for you.

Here you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, genuine Spanish chorizo and other sausages and milk dishes typical of Mallorca. This also includes the famous herbal liqueur Palo, which is distilled directly in Bunyola and Sold .

Also, for international banks, pharmacies, international doctors, hardware stores and other facilities for daily needs, you do not have to leave the place when you buy a Bunyola property.

If you want to buy a Bunyola property, you will also discover many cozy cafes and restaurants in the village, where you will get to know the Mallorcan cuisine. In the small cobbled brick streets with the many staircases and historic houses you can eat famous rice dishes like Arroç brut or Arroz de carbonero. But also the potato and meat dish Frito mallorquín with fresh local vegetables is definitely worth a try.

If you are interested in other culinary specialties of Mallorca, you should not miss the annual harvest festival Es Quarteró. This is held in January at the end of the harvest season and celebrated on one of the many surrounding farms. If you are buying a Bunyola property, this festival is definitely worth a visit to experience Mallorcan culture with a lively atmosphere, good food, traditional dances and festive music.

If you want to buy a Bunyola property, you can discover the nature of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Serra de Tramuntana on beautiful cycling and hiking trails. But not only that: The many farms and stud farms around Bunyola offer horseback riding courses and excursions through the olive groves, orange plantations and forests of the area, where you can explore the surroundings on horseback. This special experience could become a new hobby if you buy a Bunyola property.

If that's not enough action for you, there are plenty of sporting pursuits to be had in the surrounding area. Whether you want to test your fitness climbing through narrow crevices in the surrounding mountains, or slide down waterfalls canyoning; all this is possible when you buy a Bunyola property - of course with professional guidance and highly motivated trainers who will prepare you perfectly for the climbing tours.

If you prefer to observe the area in a more relaxed and less sporty way from a vehicle, Bunyola is the ideal starting point for an excursion through the surrounding Mediterranean forests and mountains. The beautifully located train station is the starting point of the Tren de Sóller, also called "the red lightning". This hundred-year-old wooden railroad runs through the famous Orangental valley to the coast in Sóller. The nostalgic station alone is worth a visit when you buy a Bunyola property.

If you travel around Bunyola, you will discover many beautiful country hotels, manor houses, villas and classic Mallorcan fincas with wonderful natural gardens. These houses are often still available for sale or can serve as inspiration if you want to buy a Bunyola property.

A very special destination is the Raixa estate with its Jardins d'Alfabia gardens. The neoclassical style of the 18th century looks pompous and very impressive; a contrast to the small village of Orient, which also belongs to the municipality of Bunyola. This village is located in a beautiful mountain setting and shows classic Mallorcan architecture from the 14th century - also a special destination if you buy a Bunyola property.


Get to know the Mallorcan people when you buy Bunyola real estate


Those who want to buy a Bunyola property may long for pure relaxation and the quiet life close to the Mediterranean nature. Bunyola offers just that, but surprises in its wide range of activities, festivals and culture. Remains of talayotic settlements show that there was a lot going on here even in the Stone Age. The most famous tribute from this period is the round Talayotic house in the farm of Comassema. And also from Roman times some fragments of historical origin were recovered.

After a great resistance of the indigenous people of what is now Bunyola, in the 13th century the place came out of Catalan rule back under a royal leadership. Originally known as Santa Maria de Bunyola, the place continued under the rule of Sant Mateu from the 14th century, in whose honor a festival is held to this day on September 21.

If you buy a Bunyola property, you should not miss the colorful festivals of the village; in addition to music, dancing and extremely delicious food, even the little ones get their money's worth here. Moreover, a particularly fun event at the patron saint festival in September is the underwear race, which was invented in Bunyola and has since spread all over the island.

Throughout the year Bunyola has festivities that you can attend if you buy a Bunyola property. In November there is the Santa Catalina dance spectacle and the Fira de Muntanya mountain market, where you can buy all kinds of handicrafts and first-class products handmade in the area. In January, at the Sant Antoni, you will see animals parading through the streets to be blessed at the Beneïdes, and in the first week of August, the Mare de Déu de les Neus festival takes place, which you should not miss if you are buying a Bunyola property.


Why buy Bunyola real estate?


If you buy a Bunyola property, you will not be lacking in relaxation or in adventures and undertakings. Due to the ideal location of the small village, from Bunyola you can reach the southern capital Palma, the famous port of Alcúdia in the north of the island, as well as hidden and little visited bays and beaches along the west coast of Mallorca in under an hour.

However, the historic village with its winding streets, many picturesque stone staircases and beautiful surroundings makes excursions hardly necessary. Whether you want to go hiking, mountain biking or visit waterfalls; all this is easily possible in and around the municipality if you buy a Bunyola property.

In addition, there is the incomparable tranquility, which you will rarely find in this form on Mallorca. Since Bunyola is a first-class insider tip, you will experience the perfect combination of the lively hustle and bustle of the markets and restaurants as well as the relaxed life in your own finca, the exclusive apartment or the pool villa on the outskirts of the village.

Also, the real estate prices here are often still significantly lower than it is the case in the frequently visited regions of the island. Even if the places in the heart of Mallorca attract more and more nature and sports lovers, you can still buy Bunyola real estate here for fair prices. Neptunus International has the most beautiful fincas and apartments in the area ready for you and will help you find your dream property in the municipality of Bunyola.


Bunyola real estate for sale: Finca, house, apartment or maybe a villa?


Whether it is a classic Mallorcan finca, a friendly bright apartment or a luxurious villa in the mountains outside Bunyola: If you want to buy Bunyola real estate, you will find a beautiful and hidden place away from the noise, tourist crowds and the hectic cities. At Neptunus International you will find exclusive residential dreams and unique properties in a wide variety of styles.

In addition to modern new construction villas, you can buy classic Mallorcan Bunyola properties from us; fincas that ideally fit the historic municipality of Bunyola with their cozy style, wooden and natural elements and stone facades - of course fully equipped, renovated and with all the extras you can imagine. Learn everything about the different residential properties and their advantages and discover unique residential properties in the municipality of Bunyola.

What all properties have in common is the breathtaking view of the panorama of the Tramuntana mountains, where you will find wonderful hiking trails and dreamy fairy-tale forests to unwind in the unique nature of the Mediterranean. Fulfill your dream of buying a Bunyola property and wake up every day to bright sunshine, the scent of orange trees and the view of peace and serenity.

Bunyola is the ideal place to build a life in Mallorca and to grow old. Discover unique residential properties, luxurious villas and classic Mallorcan mansion-style fincas or opt for a dreamy house with a garden, perfect for you and your family.

If you always want to be in the thick of things and experience the lively festivities of the historic town first hand, you can buy Bunyola properties from us, which are exclusive apartments located right in the center, overlooking Sa Plaça and the historic church of the town.


Bunyola property for sale: Buy finca in Bunyola


If you are looking to buy Bunyola real estate, fincas should be a familiar term; the classic Mallorcan structures, like the town of Bunyola, have a long history behind them and were not always as ostentatious and grandiose as you will often find today when buying or looking for Bunyola real estate. Once upon a time, it was the farmers who built so-called fincas on their plantations and fields so that they wouldn't have to trek from their main residence to work every day.

The then still quite sparsely furnished country and farm houses have little to do with today's fincas. Due to the steadily increasing popularity of the island, the requirements for accommodation also became higher. If you buy a Bunyola property, you will still often find fincas that were built on the foundation of an ancient farm finca.

Unlike the coast of Mallorca, in the heart of the island there were and still are more farmers who practiced agriculture in the form of orchards, vineyards or olive groves, cultivated almond groves or raised sheep. So when you buy a Bunyola property, you will often find fincas built on the land of a former agricultural plantation. The huge and beautifully landscaped gardens of Mallorcan fincas are a feature of these classic structures and are a charming reminder of a bygone era.

While you can often find the most beautiful Mediterranean plants in the garden or even grow them yourself, the spacious and generous interiors of Mallorcan fincas are also a plus when you buy Bunyola real estate. On the wonderful verandas and terraces you have a unique view of the surrounding mountain ranges that stretch in front of Bunyola; here vacation feelings are the order of the day.

High quality natural materials such as marble, wood and stone give a cozy flair which can be found in the wonderful eat-in kitchens, the luxurious bathrooms and the spacious living rooms with fireplace. These natural materials allow for both rustic mansion-style furnishings and modern, straightforward interiors - there are no limits to your imagination when you buy a Bunyola property.


Bunyola property for sale: Buy a villa in Bunyola


A villa in Mallorca - equipped with everything your heart desires: This is certainly a life goal of many people who are looking for a place to stay in old age, to start a family or simply to take a new step abroad. Neptunus International can fulfill exactly this wish for you: If you would like to buy a Bunyola property, we have exclusive villas on the outskirts of the historic municipality or in the mountains outside Bunyola in our repertoire - precisely tailored to your ideas and wishes.

A uniquely quiet and historic old town with a beautiful mountain panorama awaits you, which you can admire every day from the pool of your villa in the future. Unlike the classic Mallorcan fincas, the villas in and around Bunyola are mostly more modern new buildings with even more equipment and luxury. The classic Mallorcan flair is preserved, great importance is attached to this.

The offered villas in our repertoire are mostly very modern, but not boring, kitschy or unnaturally designed. Here, too, you can expect unique gardens and green spaces, stone facades that blend beautifully with the nature of the surroundings, as well as unique architecture that is by no means 0815. With us you can buy modern and straight Bunyola real estate or find luxury villas in classic style with archways and a spacious green area with wonderful tropical plants.

If you want to buy a Bunyola property and already have a very special picture of your future villa in mind, contact Neptunus International: We will find your dream villa in Bunyola and take over all the tasks of the purchase transaction for you: From viewing tours of the most beautiful and extraordinary luxury properties to the legally binding purchase signature for your villa in the heart of Mallorca: If you want to buy a Bunyola property, you have come to the right place!


Bunyola property for sale: Buy a house in Bunyola


If you want to buy a Bunyola property and experience and recreate the real Mallorcan life of most of the inhabitants, choose a house in the center or on the outskirts of the historic municipality of Bunyola; most Mallorcans live in beautiful houses, with facilities that leave nothing to be desired.

In a rural house in Bunyola you can enjoy the quiet life with your family or settle down in old age. A small enchanted garden with lemon and olive trees makes the dream of a self-sufficient life come closer. The view of the Serra de Tramuntana invites you to dream and gives inspiration for all the wonderful design possibilities you have when you buy a Bunyola property.

At Neptunus International we offer you houses in the center of the village, which captivate with their bright and modern interior. If you buy such a Bunyola property, you can enjoy the view over the historic old town, the main square and the church from the spacious balconies and verandas. The mountain panorama in the background seems almost unreal and completes the picturesque Mediterranean image.

Houses in the middle of the mountains are also very popular, as they usually offer larger gardens and therefore more space in the unique nature. For example, you could buy a Bunyola property that was once used as a finca by farmers and countrymen; the small but newly renovated and perfectly equipped properties offer everything you could imagine for a good life in nature. Contact Neptunus International if you would like to buy such a Bunyola property.


Bunyola property for sale: Buy apartment in Bunyola


Would you like to buy an inexpensive Bunyola property, enjoy the Mediterranean life and experience the Spanish temperament every day at first hand? Then an apartment in the center of the village is exactly what you need! Also in Bunyola there are many vacant apartments looking for a new owner. In the beautiful historic streets of the town you can experience the dreamy Bunyola during the day and the pure life as soon as it becomes evening or one of the famous annual festivals takes place.

With just one step out of your door, you can visit the many lovely cafes and regional restaurants that offer the island's local delicacies. When you buy a Bunyola property like this, a glance out of your apartment will reveal the hustle and bustle of the weekly market and Bunyola's picturesque alleyways, with their steep brick staircases creating an enchanted image - with the unique natural surroundings always in the background, of course.

While the centrally located apartments of the historic community look historic and ancient from the outside, they are open and spacious on the inside; perfect for families, couples and singles looking to buy both an original and exclusive Bunyola property in Mallorca.

When it comes to living space design, all options are open to you here to realize yourself and pick up on the charm of the old place. That large, bright and individually designable rooms are hidden behind the high, densely overgrown stone facades of Bunyola, certainly no one would suspect from the outside.

If you want to buy Bunyola real estate, there are no limits to your imagination; whether it's a creative artist apartment, modern apartment or classic mansion-style apartment. At Neptunus International, you can buy apartments and Bunyola real estate that are just right for your taste. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to view your dream apartment in Bunyola.


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