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Buy a house in Mallorca: Fulfill your dreams

Are you looking for a property in the western Mediterranean that offers a high level of luxury? Then you should buy a house in Mallorca! The Spanish Balearic island is known for its seaside resorts and beautiful nature. But above all, one thing is possible in Mallorca: enjoy the luxurious lifestyle to the fullest! We at Neptunus International are experts when it comes to exclusive real estate in Mallorca and show you the reasons why it is worth buying a house in Mallorca and which aspects you should consider. Say yes to pure luxury and an incomparable lifestyle!

Mallorca: Buy a house and enjoy the stay

The Balearic island has a reputation as a Mediterranean paradise and provides rest and relaxation, not least due to its pleasant climate and unique sandy beaches. Therefore, why not buy a house in Mallorca?

But not only the leisure opportunities and the breathtaking sea make Mallorca one of the most popular destinations for luxury vacationers. There are many more reasons for which you should buy a house in Mallorca.

Buy a house in Mallorca: Multiple reasons

What belongs to a luxurious stay in Mallorca is your own property. When you buy a house in Mallorca, you know that there is no better place to relax and enjoy yourself.

The most common reasons for buying a house on the Balearic island:

  • A permanent stay, a seasonal vacation, short-term rentals, a renovation, resale of the property.

So whether you want to emigrate to Mallorca, want a luxurious and above all private vacation accommodation or are looking for attractive returns - there are many reasons to buy a house in Mallorca.


Buy house in Mallorca in different location positions

There are many popular places in Mallorca. So before you buy a house in Mallorca, you should know the different options. We provide you with a selection of the best places in Mallorca. So you can find exactly the property that suits your dreams.

You can buy a luxury house in Mallorca in the following regions:

The best location for your house in Mallorca

Due to its diversity, Mallorca offers something different in every place. The possibilities and advantages are numerous. Do you want to enjoy life in the capital Palma de Mallorca and buy a house in Mallorca with sea view? Or do the modern new buildings in the picturesque bay of Portixol appeal to you more? How about a house among famous Hollywood stars and noble sheikhs from the Arab Emirates in Puerto Portals and Portals Nous?

Mallorca is not only luxurious and fulfills every one of your wishes. The Balearic island is just as diverse and multifaceted. But which place suits you best personally if you want to buy a house in Mallorca? Ask yourself the following questions to find out where your dream property should be located:

  • In which location would you like to live?
  • What fascinates you about a place in Mallorca?
  • Do you want to establish your main residence in Mallorca or will the house only serve as a vacation home?
  • What shopping options are important to you?
  • Do you prefer to live secluded or in the center?
  • Are you looking to rent your property to others?

Especially if you want to rent out the house you buy in Mallorca, you should pay attention to some important aspects. While a sea view may not be so important to you, it is simply part of a vacation home. If you rent out your property, it should also be in a central location.

The most popular places - Buy a house in Mallorca here

Where exactly you want to buy your house in Mallorca is up to you. Nevertheless, there are some hotspots that are particularly popular. Which places are considered particularly luxurious and stylish? Real estate in which region is considered a real status symbol? These are the questions you should ask yourself if you want to buy a house in Mallorca.

Many regions in northern Mallorca are considered middle class and offer affordable houses. These include Alcudia, Pollenca and Muro. There are also cheap places in South Mallorca, but especially Badia Grande and Puig de Ros are ideal for you: Here you can find luxurious new buildings and attractive real estate!

However, southwest Mallorca has proved to be particularly popular. Most of the places located here are very popular among celebrities. Santa Ponsa and Nova Santa Ponsa are particularly luxurious. However, luxury life can also be enjoyed to the fullest in Andratx, Calvia, El Toro and Palmanova. Here you can buy your luxury house in Mallorca!

Buy house in Mallorca with high quality equipment

Not only your place of residence is crucial for a luxurious stay. Equally important is the equipment when you buy a house in Mallorca. Do not settle for the first best. Find exactly the house with the equipment that is important to you!

Buying a house with sea access in Mallorca is a big dream for many. Also a private pool may not be missing, so that the beautiful sunshine hours can also be properly savored. A well-kept garden also belongs to a chic house. Lined with palm trees and other Mediterranean plants, you will immediately feel like in paradise.

What you need to consider when buying a house in Mallorca

Do you aspire to the perfect life of luxury and don't want to be left behind once you arrive? Then you should consider a few things before buying a house in Mallorca. We at Neptunus International will help you make the right decision and think of everything so that the house purchase will be a true success.

Clarify the formalities

Before you can buy a house in Mallorca, you need to clear a few formalities. One of them is to get the so-called "Número de Identificación de Extranjero" (short: N.I.E). This is a Spanish tax number for foreigners. Only with this number you are entitled to buy a property on Spanish land.

The application is quite simple. You can either get the number in Germany at Spanish consulates or directly on the Balearic island. If you are already on Mallorca, you often do not have to wait long: The N.I.E number will be sent to you within a day. However, if you apply for it in Germany, it can take 2-3 weeks.

Experts also recommend setting up a Spanish bank account if you want to buy a house in Mallorca. You will need it to pay the purchase price. In Spain, it is common practice to hand it over in the form of a bank check during the notary appointment. It is best if this is issued by a Spanish financial institution.

We at Neptunus International will be happy to help you with tax and legal matters!

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