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Buying a property in Camp de Mar: living an exclusive lifestyle

Living on a mediterranean island. Many dream of it, but only a few dare make this dream a reality. Those who have taken the plunge are exactly in the right place in Mallorca and, although the island’s larger towns are quite busy, the quiet locality of Camp de Mar is peaceful. If you buy a property in Camp de Mar, you will do the same as some celebrities, among them a German top model of the international fashion scene who, time ago, bought a property here. Camp de Mar is known for its beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and the surrounding landscape, ideal for hiking. The popular golf course of Camp de Mar is an absolute attraction as golfers play among palm trees, overlooking the sea. Life couldn't be more beautiful!
Anyone looking to buy a luxury property in Camp de Mar will not be disappointed, as most properties located on the hillsides face the sea and have exclusive panoramic sea views.

Buying a property in Camp de Mar - more than just a holiday resort


For most people, living near the sea is the most natural and beautiful thing there is and the longing for the big blue is inherent in all humans. Unfortunately the sea and the oceans are suffering and in many parts of the world there are no clean beaches or waters and on some coasts, marine life is almost at a standstill. Away from the island’s bigger cities, Camp de Mar is a pearl as far as natural treasures are concerned. Its beautiful seaside stands out for its cleanliness and care, like something out of a magazine, a tempting place. Whoever decides to buy a property in Camp de Mar will live in harmony by the sea, waking up every day to the crashing of the waves, the first glance out of the window falling on the sea, with the sun rising slowly over the horizon. Up the hills the panoramic views are great and houses optimally protected from the waves. The beach resort of Camp de Mar has lifeguards which makes it secure for swimmers. The two groups of mountains surrounding the beach form a large bay with many beautiful hiking trails with sea views and, so, walks through this clean and beautiful place are recommended.

Mediterranean flowers, palm trees and plants are scattered everywhere. Modern houses with well-kept gardens profile the landscape, as well as new roads, a great infrastructure and a friendly neighbourhood. The place attracts luxury visitors but is never overcrowded. There is plenty of space, the beach is large enough and offers different swimming spots, so crowds are well distributed. Those looking to buy a property in Camp de Mar are sure to find a family and child friendly place. For instance, there is a large and stylish children's playground for little ones, although they’ll most probably want to explore the sea first. Buy a property in Camp de Mar and start enjoying life!


Buying a property in Camp de Mar with its optimal infrastructure


To buy a property in Camp de Mar is to fulfil a dream. Despite its beautiful
seafront setting, Camp de Mar is a place in Mallorca free from mass tourism.

Camp de Mar's infrastructure is well developed, with several golf courses and a medium-sized beach with white sand and emerald water, where it is easy to spend quiet and pleasant days. The beach is surrounded by a few high-priced hotels which mainly attract families with children.

The best way to get to Camp de Mar is by the Ma-1 motorway.

In addition to numerous shopping opportunities, there are international schools not too far away.
The main reason for Mallorca's international attraction is its excellent air connections.

Whoever buys a property in Camp de Mar can expect a quiet life with, nonetheless, great possibilities and good connections by private and public transport. Above all, the rather quiet streets offer a respite from the hustle and bustle and traffic of Germany.

Camp de Mar is ideal for all cycling enthusiasts. Whether it is the short 20 km road between Port Andratx and Sant Elmo or a long 98 km trip, there are several routes, including short ones for families with children.

If you are a cyclist and buy a property in Camp de Mar, you will certainly enjoy the more than 1,000 cycling routes. Most of these routes are mountainous, but some are suitable for beginners.

It is important to keep an eye on temperatures in Mallorca when cycling and for the practise of other outdoor sports. Cycling is a particularly popular sport in the months of March and April, when it is not so hot. However, with the right gear, at the right time of day and with enough water supply, you will be able to practise your sports, even in summer.

The highlights of Camp de Mar are the beautiful buildings near the sea and the Mediterranean environment. Several restaurants benefit from the exclusive ambience of the place. For instance, the restaurant 'Illeta' located in the sea on a rocky platform, just a few metres from the beach and accessible on foot via a wooden walkway. Buy a property in Camp de Mar and you will enjoy all the advantages of this place.


Get to know Mallorca and its culture when buying a property in Camp de Mar


For many Germans, Mallorca is almost an extension of Germany. However, you should not think that Mallorcans and their culture are the same as that of Germans. If your aim is to really know the Mallorcans, you should also appreciate the cultural differences and familiarise yourself with the local Mallorcan idiom.

Mallorcans are considered very open and sociable and although Mallorcans also like to socialise and enjoy life, they are much more laid back and relaxed than mainland Spaniards. Many say that its people reflect the atmosphere of the island.

In general, Mallorcans are friendly, down to earth people, usually dialoguing on first-name terms. If you buy a property in Camp de Mar, you will notice that details such as punctuality, are not as important in Mallorca as in Germany, and delays are quite normal. The usual German punctuality that you are used to in Germany is nearly non-existent in Mallorca. You'll see, with a little practice, you'll get the hang of it.


Why buy an exclusive and elegant property in Camp de Mar?


If you want to escape Germany’s usual grey weather, Mallorca is an ideal place to live - why not decide today and buy a property in Camp de Mar?

Mallorca is no longer the exclusive place for a privileged few as many foreigners have already moved here exclusive properties in Mallorca.

Camp de Mar is an idyllic seaside resort well known by those who have
already discovered Mallorca. Far from other more popular places, Camp de Mar, with its magnificent sea views, still enjoys a certain exclusivity as well as the usual Mallorcan hospitality.

Here you will find families with children who wish to spend a quiet time in an idyllic location and enjoy life close to the sea. If this is your goal, opting to buy a property in Camp de Mar will be well worth your while.


Camp de Mar property for sale: Buying a finca, house, flat or a villa in Camp de Mar?


Whether it is a finca, a house, a flat or a villa, those opting to buy a property in Camp de Mar are spoilt for choice. The type of property finally chosen will of course depend on personal income or capital accumulated and the family size.

Living in Mallorca is a desirable goal and whilst a small flat is suitable for couples without children or for holidaying, if you move to Mallorca for a longer period of time or even permanently, opting for a villa or a finca will be more convenient.

If you plan to buy a property in Mallorca to settle on the island, to spend your holidays or as an investment, buying a property in Camp de Mar will definitely be worthwhile.

Camp de Mar is an idyllic seaside resort where to enjoy life. With only a few hotels and a medium size beach, it is one of the most beautiful places on the island where quiet hours can be enjoyed on the sandy beach. On the other hand, the leisure activities on offer are impressive and sports enthusiasts have plenty to do with numerous cycling routes and hiking trails and golf courses. Buy a property in Camp de Mar now and embark on a new life adventure.

If you have not yet decided to buy a property in Camp de Mar, the expert agents at Neptunus International will be happy to advise you. In the following sections we provide you with assistance in buying a property in Camp de Mar.


Camp de Mar property for sale: Buy Finca in Camp de Mar


What could be better than buying a beautiful finca in Camp de Mar? If you buy a finca and live in Camp de Mar, you will enjoy this unique place where others only come for holidays. You will be able to enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea any time you wish.

Imagine being able to go to the beach and enjoy the emerald sea whenever desired, white sand between your toes.

If you decide to buy a property in Camp de Mar you will have different architectural options, some with a swimming pool.

If you want to buy a finca in Camp de Mar, know that in the past, a finca designated a plot of land or plantation for cultivation and livestock breeding. However, due to an increasing gentrification, the meaning of the term changed. Today a finca can either be an old renovated country house or a new country house style construction and is usually very luxurious, with spacious rooms, private bathrooms, a swimming pool and terraces. If you buy a finca or a finca type property in Camp de Mar, whether old or new, you will live in a bucolic house with great luxury.


Buying a property in Camp de Mar: Buying a villa in Camp de Mar


Living in your own villa with sea views; a great dream that could become your reality with a villa in Camp de Mar.

Enjoying your own villa in Camp de Mar, surrounded by lush vegetation within
walking distance of the beach, could become your daily adventure.

Buying a villa in Camp de Mar is a long-held dream come true. In such villas, you won't have to worry about inviting guests, as your home will usually have
plenty of space to welcome family and friends.

Here, luxury is everything, villas are often representative of a certain life status and are dream homes to live in.
If you buy a property in Camp de Mar, you will enjoy a much sunnier life. What are you waiting for? Buy your property in Camp de Mar and start your new sunny life now.


Property for sale in Camp de Mar : Buy house in Camp de Mar


Living in beautiful Camp de Mar in a more affordable home is a dream come true.

Enjoying life in Camp de Mar with all the advantages and attractions of Mallorca, the blue sea, authentic Mallorcan hospitality and sunny side of life, is all possible even if you don't buy and live in a luxury villa or finca.

If you buy a property in Camp de Mar, you will fulfil the dream of a lifetime in the island of Mallorca. Your new life awaits you in Camp de Mar with completely new experiences that you could never have in Germany.

Sunny bike rides, boat trips to watch dolphins and even surfing, Mallorca offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities that you will enjoy again and again.

When buying a property in Camp de Mar, you will personally experience Mallorca’s lively atmosphere. You will enjoy the rich historical and cultural heritage of Mallorca, always within easy reach. Buy a property in Camp de Mar now and start living your best life.


Camp de Mar property for sale: Buy a flat in Camp de Mar


Buying a flat in Camp de Mar opens endless life possibilities!
Whether you're single or a couple, if you want to move to Mallorca, permanently or just for holidays or leisurely time, buying a flat in Camp de Mar is an excellent option. If you buy a flat with a rental licence, it will also be a good investment as you will amortise certain costs with the rental. Imagine owning your own property on one of the world's most beautiful islands, where you can live or holiday whenever wished!

From your property in Camp de Mar, you will have quick access to the seaside, making the most of the island's incredible atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the island's nightlife or just spend quiet moments in the idyllic seaside resort of Camp de Mar. If you buy your own property in Camp de Mar, you will benefit from a multitude of possibilities. Start a new life near the beach and the sea and much more around you. If ever in the future you longued for more space, you could then follow buy a finca or a house in Camp de Mar. Buy a property in Camp de Mar now.


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