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Costa d'en Blanes property for sale: Luxury up close

Located 244 kilometres from Barcelona, Mallorca, the sunny island in the south of Europe, is Spain’s largest Balearic island. As one of the most popular European destinations, it attracts people from all over the world and nations. Beautiful landscapes stretch out between Mallorca’s mountain ranges and the blue Mediterranean.

Residential and holiday complexes leave you with a day-to-day alternative between Mallorcan country life and towns and cities nightlife, all reasons to invest and buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes.
You don't necessarily have to stay in the city of Palma. To the west of Mallorca's capital lies the municipality of Calvià, where the sun shines over 300 days a year. Some of the more exclusive places on the island, like Portals Nous and its luxury marina, are found on the southwest coast.

Costa d'en Blanes is convincing with its tranquil atmosphere and sea views. The small estate is situated on a hillside where luxurious villas and picturesque houses meander down to the coast. The beautiful views of Costa d'en Blanes make it the perfect place to buy a property.


Buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes and benefit from an international infrastructure

Located southwest of Palma, Costa d'en Blanes is 20 minutes away by car from Palma’s city centre and about 25 minutes from Mallorca‘s airport, making it an ideal place for families or individuals travelling often. The route to Costa d'en Blanes leads either around the capital or along the picturesque coast. The Ma-1 motorway will take you quickly to your Costa d'en Blanes property.

A short local road separates Costa d'en Blanes from Portal Nous with its glamorous port, “Puerto Portals”, and lovely marina promenade. Puerto Portals accommodates impressive sail boats and yachts. If you own a boat, you will benefit from mooring it in Puerto Portals, as an ideal base to start exploring the island by sea. For these reasons, we can recommend clients to buy their property in Costa d'en Blanes. Start benefiting from the big Mediterranean blue all around and the superb views from your own Costa d'en Blanes’ property.

With some 2000 inhabitants, Costa d'en Blanes belongs to the upscale municipality of Calvia in the southwest of Mallorca. This fairly green region has many leisure facilities, such as, for instance Marineland Sea Park. Families do benefit from the range of excellent schools nearby, some of which are international. If you want to live in Mallorca with your family, Costa d'en Blanes is thus an ideal place to buy your property.

Due to the geographical situation of Costa d'en Blanes, hiking enthusiasts have many route options to explore the area. Most of the properties in Costa d'en Blanes are within walking distance of the hiking trails through which to discover Mallorca’s flora and fauna. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring Mallorca’s natural spaces. This particular region has various watchtowers, all worth a visit.

From Costa d'en Blanes, there are several hiking routes through the surrounding pine forests. One route leads to the “Puig Gros de Bendinat” mountain. This mountain is 486 metres high with a trail taking you 450 metres high. If you buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes you are sure to have beautiful views from your own home and from Puig Gros de Bendinat, the views on the sea and the Mediterranean landscape in the horizon are simply astonishing. So don't doubt it, buy your property in Costa d'en Blanes.

In addition to all the available outdoor activities in Costa d'en Blanes, you will find a wide range of cultural experiences nearby in which to take part. Discovering the heart of Palma and its landmarks, such as the Cathedral “La Seu”, or the 10th century Arab baths surrounded by a refreshing garden. Buy a Costa d'en Blanes property and start discovering Palma’s history.

Get to know the Mallorquins when you buy an exclusive Costa d'en Blanes property

In Costa d'en Blanes, you will both get luxury and the Mallorcan way of life as this secluded location radiates tranquillity. The hilly landscape and the views of the sea create a feeling of well being and endless freedom. If you buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes, you will live the Mallorcan way of life.

Mallorca’s natives love their cities’ hustle and bustle. Therefore, you will like the variety that Costa d'en Blanes offers. With Portals Nous nearby, numerous leisure options are literally at your feet. Strolling along the harbours’ promenades, gastronomical experiences in the restaurants, shopping in the luxury boutiques. If you buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes, you will find beautiful Mallorquin decorative items for your new home in the decoration boutiques nearby.

History enthusiasts will be glad to know that the name “Costa d'en Blanes” refers to former owners of the land. The whole area around the village once belonged to a single Mallorcan family called Blanes. Even today, much of the land in the west of Mallorca is still owned by the heirs. If you go searching in the town, you will find many streets that derive from the name of the founding family. So, buying a Costa d'en Blanes property is buying a piece of Mallorcan history.

Why buy a luxury property in Costa d'en Blanes?

The advantages of buying a property in Costa d'en Blanes are many. Being close to Portals Nous and its luxury harbour, having beautiful views from your own Costa d'en Blanes property. Imagine starting your day looking out to sea and at dusk enjoying breathtaking sunset views, right behind the big blue horizon. You will love your new views when you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property.

In Costa d'en Blanes, almost all properties have a swimming pool. Imagine yourself with a nice drink while sunbathing by the pool on your sun lounger, looking out to sea. Spending days between the expanse of the sea and the mountains of Mallorca. Enjoy the freedom and security that this unique location offers you. We highly recommend that you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property. Start enjoying a wonderful life here, in your property perched on a hillside.

Opting to buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes is a wise investment for you and your family. The locality and surrounding area are considered very family-friendly. There are numerous schools nearby, some of which are international. They all have an excellent reputation and offer your children a fantastic education. As mentioned before, leisure activities in and around Costa d’en Blanes are galore. For instance, at a walking distance, the aquatic park Marineland Mallorca enchants with its sea lion and dolphin shows, its large aquariums with mediterranean sharks, fish and flora diversity, the tropical house with crocodiles and the outdoor space with exotic birds. If you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property, you will offer your children some varied and educational experiences.


These eye-catchers await you when you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property

The southwest coast of Mallorca offers much worth seeing in terms of culture, nature and urbanisation. One of the more exclusive areas can be found around Costa d'en Blanes. Surrounded by forest and Mediterranean hills, the village lies directly on the sea. The typical Mallorcan landscape and the rocky coastline offer you a unique natural spectacle. Here you will find one of the most indented coastal areas of Mallorca. The many headlands and bays are juxtaposed with a seascape dotted with numerous islands and rock formations. Therefore, we can only recommend to every nature lover to buy a Costa d'en Blanes property. In the future, you will live in a unique landscape with an unobstructed view of one of the most beautiful coasts.

Nature and animal lovers will also enjoy Marineland Mallorca. This is located at the foot of the hill where you buy your Costa d'en Blanes property. Right by the sea, you and your family can watch dolphin shows. You can watch sharks and sea lions in the marine park. The tropical house is home to crocodiles as well as iguanas and snakes. If you are an avid ornithologist, be sure to visit the park. You can admire many exotic bird species here.

For culture lovers, the west coast of Mallorca will be an adventure. Because all along the coasts there are still many former watchtowers. They once served as protection against pirates. In addition, many old fincas can be found throughout the area around Costa d'en Blanes. Even today, they have a very high cultural value and a long tradition. Don't miss out on this historical experience.

If you can still spare some energy for sport after all that culture and nature, we recommend venturing into the water. The southwest coast of Mallorca is home to one of the most interesting underwater landscapes on the island. In addition to many water sports options, you will also find snorkelling opportunities. Therefore, after you have been able to buy your Costa d'en Blanes property, we recommend the underwater toure. As in clear water it is possible to see up to 30 metres down, you will discover the beautifully versatile sea flora and fauna.


You would like to buy a Costa d'en Blanes property? Neptunus International is your contact and expert for all questions regarding your property purchase


At Neptunus International, we want to be your partner of choice when you decide to buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes. Our international team members have the experience of emigrating to Mallorca themselves. We will help you make your dream of living in Mallorca, by the sea, a reality.

We will advise you regarding Mallorca’s regions and support you through the whole property purchase process. If you buy a property through us, as well as helping you find the property of your dreams, for instance, in Costa d'en Blanes, we will assist you to avoid any linguistic obstacles. The overall service of Neptunus International guarantees professionalism and integrity in all matters concerning our clients 'properties.

If you decide to buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes, please come and see us. We can also be reached by e-mail or telephone. Helping our clients in depth is fundamental for us, so once we have your information and know what you desire, whether it is a finca, a villa, a house or a flat, we will start searching for your perfect property.

Another feature of Neptunus International's comprehensive service is our viewing system. After having compiled a portfolio of all the properties that could meet your requirements, viewing appointments will be arranged. As we can process through virtual viewing via Zoom or Facetime, you will not have to be physically present in Mallorca during the property viewings. Our real estate agents will guide you through your dream property, thoroughly visualising it from every perspective, so queries can be answered right away.

If you buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes, we will also assist you beyond your home purchase. As we work with various Mallorcan partners, we will provide you with precious tips, such as, for instance, the best restaurants, furniture stores, beauty salons, etc., near your Costa d'en Blanes property.


Costa d'en Blanes Property for Sale: Buy a finca, house, flat or perhaps a villa in Costa d'en Blanes?


Would you like to buy a holiday home in Mallorca? The small but luxurious residential suburb of Costa d'en Blanes is just the thing for you. With streets that wind through a hilly terrain. Every property enjoys views of the sea. Within the suburb you will have the choice between houses, villas, fincas and a few very exclusive flats. As almost every property has a pool, if you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property, whenever you wish, you will be able to relax by your own private pool.

No matter which type of property you choose, it will match the reputation of the area. Costa d'en Blanes is a southwest of Palma locality known for its very upscale lifestyle. First and foremost is the neighbouring suburb of Portals Nous and its fashionable marina. The exclusive towns of Bendinat, Cas Catala and Illetas are also nearby. They all form one of the most extraordinary areas and attract the high society and their families. In this unique and exclusive Costa d'en Blanes neighbourhood of luxury resorts, you will be able to buy your luxury property.


Costa d'en Blanes property for sale: Buy luxury finca style houses in Costa d'en Blanes


Most regions of Mallorca boast traditional fincas and with the typical finca-style houses located on its idyllic small hill, Costa d'en Blanes is no exception. Costa d'en Blanes is surrounded by extensive natural landscape, which can be hiked all year round. As you walk, you will enjoy the views of the wide sea and of the Mediterranean flora. If you buy a property here in Costa d'en Blanes, while living a luxury Mediterranean life, you will have the magnificent nature of the region at your fingertips.

You will find peace and quiet in your finca-style home, as you enjoy the Mallorcan slower-paced lifestyle. At your property you can free your mind as you spend relaxing moments with your family by the pool. In Costa d’en Blanes, you will discover a new work-life balance. From your property in Costa d'en Blanes, driving along the small hill to the neighbouring locality of Portals Nous, you will find many restaurants where to sample excellent local or international cuisine.

The restaurants located on Puerto Portals’ promenade, are exquisite with excellent and friendly service. Gourmets will love the unusual and regional cuisine and end their evenings savouring cocktails or wines in one of the trendy bars, while watching the sun disappear in the horizon. From your own finca-style house, you will also enjoy beautiful sunsets, at any time. Directly from a seaside terrace, only two metres from the white sandy beach, sunsets are also a completely different experience. We promise you will enjoy life in Mallorca when you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property.


Buy Costa d'en Blanes Property: Exclusive villa to buy in Costa d'en Blanes


With a spacious plot, private pool and breathtaking views, each villa on the streets of Costa d'en Blanes exudes pure luxury, so owners live their dream by the sea. If you buy a property on the Costa d'en Blanes, you'll benefit from Mallorca's two natural gems, the sea and the mountains. Your luxury property will be nestled between the unending sea and the large mountains. When buying a property on the Costa d'en Blanes, you will be able to decide which route to take on a daily basis.

Costa d'en Blanes is ideally located near Portals Nous and the popular Puerto Portals’s marina where impressive yachts and sailboats are anchored. Just strolling along the promenades, you can marvel at the boats. Boat owners who love the freedom of navigating on the sea, are thus recommended to buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes. The proximity to the harbour means that you can be on your boat and out to sea in no time at all. Sail along the coast of Mallorca with its magnificent views. Get impressed by the coast’s landscape with white sandy bays. High above the landscape, sophisticated stately villas tower up, offering their residents unforgettable views.

Back home, imagine ending your days in your luxury villa. Sitting in your spacious living room or on your sunny terrace, with beautiful sunsets in the evening. From your villa you will admire the superb optical effect of the sun slowly sinking into the sea. If you decide to buy a Costa d'en Blanes property,  you will be able to experience this natural spectacle every evening. And what could be more beautiful than a sunset like this on a nice summer evening?


Costa d'en Blanes Property Purchase: Buy a house in Costa d'en Blanes


Whether you wish to spend your holidays in Mallorca with your family or decide to emigrate, we highly recommend the suburb of Costa d'en Blanes. Situated on a hill, houses and streets wind through the Mediterranean landscape. From a house here, you and your family will have superb views of the land and the sea. As a family person, it will be advantageous for you to want to buy a Costa d'en Blanes property. Many of the houses and plots are generously built and laid out. In addition, many of the properties have their own swimming pool. You and your family can spend the day by it. Don’t hesitate, buy a Costa d'en Blanes property and start enjoying the typical Mallorcan life.

If you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property, further down, you will have direct access to the sea. There are many small and charming coves. These are family friendly as they are surrounded by shallow waters. In addition, the bays offers protection from high waves. The fine, white sandy beach will also appeal to you. This is because numerous stretches have been awarded the Blue Flag eco-seal by the EU due to their beach and water quality. The beaches of the southwest coast of Mallorca will provide you and your family with many adventures.

Costa d'en Blanes will not only convince you of its family-friendliness through the many leisure activities. Because there are a large number of schools, some of them international nearby. As an expatriate, this could be advantageous for you. Perhaps it will convince you to buy a Costa d'en Blanes property. Your children will have access to an excellent school education. And with a house on Mallorca's southwest coast, a life full of extraordinary experiences.


Costa d'en Blanes property for sale: Buy exclusive flat in Costa d'en Blanes


Finding a flat in Costa d'en Blanes is not that easy as most properties are either houses, villas or finca-style homes. Opting to buy a property in Costa d'en Blanes is tempting as the few available flats are exclusive and well situated. The flats on the hillside of Costa d’en Blanes benefit from wonderful wide views of the sea and the Mediterranean landscape, as far as the marina of Portals Nous. Imagine witnessing the coming and going of sailboats and yachts, from your own balcony, as you sip your morning coffee with the extensive woodland that surrounds Costa d'en Blanes as a backdrop.

Most flats are not far from the fashionable Puerto Portals. Within a few minutes' walk, you can be in the centre and on the promenades of the harbour. Here you will find numerous luxury boutiques that invite you to extensive shopping trips. Stroll through the shops, enjoy the day, taking the opportunity to buy some furnishings for your Costa d'en Blanes property.

On the harbour promenade of Portals Nous, cuisine gourmets in particular will get their inverted money's worth. The restaurants here are known for their good service and excellent cuisine. Mainly regional and seasonal dishes are offered. If you buy a Costa d'en Blanes property, you will also benefit from the funky nightlife of the coastal town. Numerous bars and clubs invite you to a luxurious evening. Enjoy the culinary wonders that the local establishments give you. And when you go back to your flat after a beautiful night, don't forget to watch the sunrise. Don't hesitate and buy your exclusive property in Mallorca.


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