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Mallorca's specialties - Enjoy real treats from the island

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Have you already fulfilled the dream of owning your own property in Mallorca or want to fulfill this wish soon, you will enjoy real Mallorca specialties every day. For good reason, the island is known worldwide for its finest culinary and numerous own products, which invite you to discover real Mallorca specialties every season.

But where can you actually buy the best and freshest Mallorca specialties and what should not be missed in any case?

Weekly markets and market halls: Fresh specialties of Mallorca

If you are in the mood for fresh fruit and vegetables, visit one of the many weekly markets that are held regularly everywhere, or look in one of the market halls of Palma, which have all kinds of specialties of Mallorca ready. Most of the stalls where you can buy Mallorca specialties set up around 9 a.m. and usually break down again at 2 p.m. for the siesta. If you want to stock up all day and every day with delicious specialties in Mallorca's island capital, we recommend the market halls Mercat de Olivar as well as Santa Catalina.

An insider tip is also the food chain Agromart, which operates island-wide branches. Here you will find numerous Mallorca specialties and can conjure up a real feast in your property.

Fresh catch as Mallorca specialty

Do you love fish? Then go in any case once to Puerto d'Andratx, which is one of the few places that can still boast its own fishing fleet. You can get the freshly caught Mallorca specialties immediately when the cutters enter the harbor again. Directly on site you can buy these delicious specialties on Mallorca from Monday to Friday from 5 pm. Other places to go are Cala Ratjada and Llonjas.

The finest olive oil for true connoisseurs of Mallorca's specialties

Olive oil is also called liquid gold of Mallorca, which flows from late autumn as a specialty in Mallorca in rough quantities. Because after the olive harvest, this is pressed in the numerous oil mills by the ton and processed into one of the most famous Mallorca specialties. If you are interested in the still genuine craft, you should pay a visit to the oil mill in Caimari. This gives you an insight into their manufacture and you can stock up on the spot with real Mallorca specialties.

Our insider tip: A real highlight is the olive festival in the mountain village in mid-November. With music, dancing and decorated alleys, you can taste the Mallorca specialties everywhere and of course buy them.

Milk and cheese as probably the creamiest specialties typical of Mallorca

It smells simply delicious in the farm store, which is located right next to the dairy "Formatges Burguera", nestled between the Caribbean beach and Campos. Here in the immediate vicinity of the open stables you get probably the creamiest Mallorca specialties. Starting with yogurt to butter to the finest cheese - and all specialties are still made in real handwork in Mallorca. The special is also the service, because there is a cheese at least on the hand.

Wine as the greatest of Mallorca specialties

Wine from the island is probably one of the most exposed Mallorca specialties. With about 70 wineries on the sunny island also not surprising. The noble drops you buy directly in the bodegas or taste the specialties of Mallorca in one of the cellars (wine cellars), where you can have your favorites bottled immediately.

Our insider tip: Do you like to drink this of the many Mallorca specialties, then the wine festival in Binissalem, which traditionally takes place in September, is just right for you. Together you celebrate the grape harvest and tamp still together the grapes in barrels.

Mallorca offers so many specialties that you can discover something different every day. Once you have found your property on the island with us, spoil your palate with Mallorca specialties such as almonds, mushrooms and cherries. With us you are guaranteed to find your dream home quickly.

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