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Cala Viñas real estate for sale

Buying a property in Cala Viñas: Luxury living

Cala Viñas or Cala Vinyes, is a tourist resort in the municipality of Calviá, in Palma de Mallorca. Cala Viñas is situated in the southwest of the island and is known for its incomparable tranquillity and the beautiful beach of the same name "Cala Viñas". This makes it the ideal place to live, for those looking for a first or second family residence or wishing to settle down in Majorca when retiring. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will benefit from ideal access to other popular places in Mallorca, away from the tourist crowds.

In Cala Viñas, even summer months remain comparatively quiet, which is why the location is considered ideal. Nonetheless, Cala Viñas has a holiday feel and is a perfect residential place to combine work, family and leisure.

If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will enjoy beautiful mediterranean surroundings, rocky cliffs, pine forests and picturesque sandy beaches. The blue sea, so inviting for the practice of watersports such as scuba diving, revealing breathtaking underwater worlds. Buying a property in Cala Viñas is perfect for those seeking quietness and privacy in Mallorca and, at the same time, proximity to Palma. Neptunus International Palma real estate shows you through localities and villages, busy harbours, superb beaches, all worth discovering.

Buying a property in Cala Viñas and waking up with sea views


Imagine waking up in the morning, opening the curtains to see the Mediterranean Sea glistening under the warm sun rays. Well, buying a property in Cala Viñas could make this dream a reality. Whether you buy a luxurious 5th floor flat or a terraced house on the steep cliffs, If you buy a property in the beautiful locality of Cala Vinas, the Mediterranean Sea and unique views will always be nearby. Neptunus International lists a wide range of exclusive properties in Mallorca.

Buying a property in Cala Viñas will give you an excellent quality of life. Imagine enjoying unforgettable gala dinners with friends in your sumptuous villa, sipping a morning coffee in your luxurious flat in front of the infinity pool or enjoying a sophisticated family life in your Mediterranean finca-style property with all the facilities and comforts that could be wished for. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas you will enjoy the sun almost 300 days a year, countless places and villages of interest and, among others, the exclusive sandy beach of Cala Viñas.

When buying a property in the beautiful area of Cala Viñas, the proximity to Palma, Mallorca's capital city with its rich history, will also be a great advantage. With its bars, restaurants, boutiques and modern facilities, Palma is always a great meeting point, in particular for young people. Lovers of history and culture will also appreciate the areas around Cala Viñas and the municipality of Calvià, with significant places and interesting destinations for excursions.


Buying a property in Cala Viñas and taking care of yourself


If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will not have to travel far for daily shopping. In the neighbouring towns several supermarkets also cater for all the necessities as well as typical gastronomic products, local produce, fruits and vegetables, etc.

When buying an exclusive property in Cala Viñas, you will enjoy decorating it personally. In the neighbouring villages of Cala Viñas, design and decoration stores, do-it-yourself shops, exclusive kitchen utensil boutiques, with typical Mallorcan articles, will allow you to decorate your home with taste.

In Cala Viñas, beach restaurants are especially popular and always worth a visit. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will have the possibility to discover places that will most probably become favourites. Only a few minutes' drive away, the neighbouring towns of Portals Nous or Palmanova offer various points of interest, theme parks with adventure pools and marina promenades with luxury boutiques and excellent restaurants and bars.

Those wishing to buy a property in Cala Viñas are usually looking for peace and quiet by the sea, to disconnect from their usual hustle and bustle. Also, if you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will appreciate outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. Those who play golf will enjoy practising their golf twist on one of the superb golf courses nearby. Imagine yourself on a beautiful green playing golf and afterwards, enjoying a delicious meal in a reputed restaurant with a glass of Mallorcan wine.

The Neptunus International directory is the ultimate guide to finding your future property in Cala Viñas. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, your new life will be free from the past hustle and bustle, yet remain active and filled with nice surprises. Cala Viñas, has excellent facilities such as international schools, doctors' practises, chemists and is close to Palma’s airport, with international air connections.

If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will have the opportunity to discover its surroundings, ideal for superb excursions through the Mediterranean nature, cliffs and beautiful bays with the turquoise blue sea. With time, after buying a property in Cala Viñas, you will be equipped for your activities and hobbies.

The excursion route from Cala Viñas to the locality of El Toro on the west coast opposite the municipality of Calvià is highly recommended. Playa del Toro is also really worth a visit. After this nice hike, what could be better than tasting a traditional dish especially of fish, in one of Port Adriano’s restaurants, with great views over the luxurious yachts moored in the marina, gently rocked by the sea. Even more impressive are Calvià’s picturesque coves, which you will pass by during the excursion. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will also enjoy walking to Cala Bella Dona, Platja del Rei or the beautiful Platja del Mago with caves and shady, fragrant pine trees.

After buying a property in Cala Viñas, if you're keen to explore the coastline by sea, boat trips are easily accessible and places of interest, such as the small island of Sa Porrassa, are close by. After buying your property in Cala Viñas, you'll quickly realise that the proximity of the sea means that boat hire is readily available when you fancy a lazy day at sea.


Buy a property in Cala Viñas and live like a native


If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, during the summer months the population of your neighbourhood will be more eclectic. Holidaymakers, especially local residents, love the area for its idyllic tranquillity even during the high season. You'll quickly get to know the owners and regular customers of the local stores, bars and restaurants, always ready for a chat and to make new friends.

In the low season especially, you will benefit from a friendly and open neighbourhood composed mainly of Mallorcans. You will enjoy living with complete privacy, meeting nice people and becoming part of Cala Viñas‘s residential life.

To know the locals better, you should not miss the annual festivities celebrated throughout the municipality of Calvià. Dating back to the 12th century the municipality boasts history, culture and traditions. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, every January for instance, you will experience first-hand the Sant Sebastià celebrations, with the typical giant-figure parades, dances, traditional folk songs and flute playing.


Why buy a property in Cala Viñas?


If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will benefit all year round from the quiet and private atmosphere of the locality with its surrounding nature. You will enjoy easy access to other popular localities such as Palmanova or the inner centre of Palma, about 20 kilometres away by car, from Cala Viñas. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you will be spared the tourist crowds found in other locations, even during the high season. The unique views of the blue sea, undoubtedly are one of the biggest advantages of buying a property in Cala Viñas. Imagine yourself gazing out at the vastness of the Mediterranean sea from your own window, with the small island of Sa Porrassa as a panoramic spot. A perfect dreamlike view from your own property in Cala Viñas.

In Neptunus International’s directory, you will discover the most beautiful and exclusive residential properties in Cala Viñas. In addition to luxury flats and magnificent villas, you will also find classic Mallorcan fincas and family homes that meet every need and are perfectly integrated with attention to details, in the Mediterranean surroundings.

Experience the benefits of life in Mallorca by buying a property in Cala Viñas and explore the region‘s unique surroundings, beautiful bays, pine forests, hiking trails and other places of interest. Cala Viñas is suitable for couples or large families who want a very pleasant environment and truly enjoy living in Mallorca. With our help and without any obligation, you will easily find in Cala Viñas the property you have dreamed of. One that meets all your expectations.


Buying a property in Cala Viñas: What do you want?


You wish to move to Mallorca to wake up with the blue sky nearly every day of the year and have the beach almost on your doorstep? If so, buy a property in Cala Viñas, a beautiful village on the southwest coast of Mallorca that boasts friendly residents, a unique beach and quick access to Mallorca's popular capital, Palma, as well as a number of wonderful sights, villages, beaches and coves.

Neptunus International has a repertoire of properties to buy in Cala Viñas, that include high standards of facilities and Mallorcan charm, in order to satisfy a variety of tastes. Whether you are looking for a luxury flat with views of the Mediterranean, a modern villa with unique furnishing elements, a classic rustic finca or another unique residential property, Neptunus International lists perfectly equipped, high standards properties for sale in Cala Viñas.

Thanks to our expertise, there will be no poor compromise if you decide to buy a property in Cala Viñas with our help. Tell us how you imagine your life on the sunny island of Mallorca and what you're exactly looking for. Be inspired by the magnificent properties presented on our site. As experienced estate agents we are aware of all the issues and difficulties that prospective homeowners may encounter when buying a property in Mallorca.

To avoid misunderstandings due to language barriers or lack of legal expertise in Mallorca, Neptunus International offers comprehensive and transparent support to its clients wishing to purchase property on the island. Whether you are looking for a luxury property in Cala Viñas or something more suited for a family, either as a second home or on a permanent basis, Neptunus International will guide you through, to help you find the Cala Viñas property that meets your requirements.


Buying property in Cala Viñas: Buy a Finca around Cala Viñas


Often, people wishing to buy a property in Cala Viñas first look for a classic Mediterranean finca and rightly so, as this type of residential property satisfies a variety of needs, both architecturally and aesthetically. On the one hand, rustic fincas with their wonderful natural materials, beautiful wild gardens and elements such as wooden shutters, arches and stone facades fit perfectly with the architectural image of Mallorca. Whoever wants to buy such a property in Cala Viñas will enjoy authentic Mallorcan life to the full.

On the other hand, fincas - regardless of whether they are newly built or the renovated edifice on old foundations - are also perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions of Mallorca. If you buy a property in Cala Viñas, you can expect high temperatures well above 35 degrees Celsius in summer. The light-coloured natural stone façades, traditional wooden shutters and spacious porches are perfect to withstand the summer months high temperatures, maintaining a pleasant coolness in the generously sized interiors, without the need for complicated technical extras.

The fact that the beautiful fincas for sale in the area of Cala Viñas also come without frills does not make them any less exclusive. Neptunus International lists fincas in Cala Viñas that captivate with their beautiful and unique furnishings and decorative elements. Fireplaces carved out of natural rock in the centre of spacious living rooms or open kitchens with modern marble, concrete, ceramic or lacquer fronts with cosy wooden elements such as high beamed ceilings, the typical Mallorcan fincas cater for a variety of tastes and preferences. In short, these fincas achieve the greatest possible effect with just a few highlights.

Whether you buy an original finca or a newly built finca style property in Cala Viñas, in most cases, you will enjoy impressive outdoor spaces. Charming gardens with indigenous and exotic plants, beautifully landscaped natural pools or ponds, porches overlooking the blue sea and the paradisiacal nature of Cala Viñas, are incredible advantages. Here you will sunbathe whenever you want to and have plenty of privacy in your superb swimming pool. In short, enjoying the life you dreamed of before buying your property in Cala Viñas.


Cala Viñas Property for sale: Buy your villa in Cala Viñas


Would you like to buy a modern villa in Cala Viñas, with an exclusive look, technical extras and special features that also fully comply with the current trend designs? Or would you prefer to buy a property in Cala Viñas in an antique stately style with stucco, golden details and warm wood tones? Especially open-plan or rather cosy? With Neptunus International you will be able to buy in Cala Viñas the property that exactly reflects your preferences and style.

Exclusive villas set on the cliffs of Cala Viñas offer unparalleled views of the blue sea and nearby coves, while your property offers total privacy with huge outdoor grounds and generously landscaped interiors. Neptunus International, list properties in Cala Viñas that you won't find in Mallorca ‘s other real estate agencies. Near tranquil beaches, with an infinity pool or near a golf course? There are no limits to your desires.

Browse through our repertoire of exclusive residential properties around Cala Viñas and discover unique homes. Discover our modern luxury villas with exceptional kitchens, marble or industrial elements, all decorated in a style that features Mediterranean elements such as gilded sconces, magnificent painted wallpapers and antique furniture.

With first-class know-how and attention to detail, you will find the property you want to buy in the directory of Neptunus International. You will certainly not find such exclusive properties in Cala Viñas a second time - neither in Mallorca nor in Spain. As experienced sellers, we will advise you comprehensively and show you through a wide range of exclusive villas in Cala Viñas and surroundings, waiting for new owners.

Our impressive residential properties are convincing with their panoramic sea views, open-plan living spaces, exclusive features and luxurious landscape, swimming pools and areas for barbecueing, sunbathing and entertaining guests. When you buy a property like this in Cala Viñas, you will enjoy life at every second!


Property for sale in Cala Viñas: Buy House in Cala Viñas


If you want to move to Mallorca with your family, as a single person or as a couple, it doesn't have to be an ostentatious luxury property. You can experience the authentic Mallorcan life like most locals if you buy a property in Cala Viñas, in our directory. Most of the properties listed in Neptunus International’s directory offer incredible facilities. Whether it is a country villa with a garden or a modern townhouse with a balcony and a beautiful patio, Neptunus International presents properties in Cala Viñas that exactly match all expectations.

Cala Viñas has a wide variety of houses that are all different and unique with an incomparable charm. Take advantage of the garden of your house to relax and read or swim in your own pool. You will also benefit from the proximity of the sea and numerous restaurants of the marina.

With the most popular beach just a few steps from your front door, buying a real estate property in Cala Viñas is really worthwhile. Here, from your quiet Mallorcan home you will have good connections to Puerto Portals, with its superb marina promenade, luxury yachts, restaurants and boutiques, to Palmanova and to Mallorca’s capital city, Palma. Neptunus International lists properties in Cala Viñas with exclusive interior designs and unique views of the nearby bays and blue sea. In your Cala Viñas home you will be able to relax from daily hustle and bustle, under the almost perpetual sunshine.

Click on our portfolio and see for yourself our list of unique houses in Cala Viñas and surrounding areas. In our list, you will find properties to buy in Cala Viñas, ideal for families, singles or couples, all perfectly equipped. Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes and ideas and we will help you find the right home in Cala Viñas.


Property for sale in Cala Viñas: Buy Apartment in Cala Viñas


You do not need a detached house, but would like to buy a property in Cala Viñas that can be used as a second house, holiday home or permanent but smaller accommodation? Then buying a flat in Cala Viñas will be the best option. With Neptunus International you can buy the property in Cala Vinas that best suits your future life and plans, whether you are looking for a luxury flat with exclusive furnishings, spacious and modern interiors or a small urban flat in a classic Mediterranean style.

Do you have an artistic vision and are looking for a bucolic flat in a quiet
location? Our repertoire of properties in Cala Viñas includes properties with high ceilings, stone walls, interesting living and dining areas, plenty of room for creativity and freedom of design. Realise this through your own art or special decorative elements, in your property in Cala Viñas.

Our portfolio includes modern flats with bright, open-plan kitchens, lacquered fronts and straight-lined furniture elements. Numerous technical features guarantee maximum comfort and a luxurious lifestyle. If you are looking to buy such a property in Cala Viñas, you are in the right place.

Turn a residence into a unique property on your own or rely on our experience and eye for that special something. When buying a property in Cala Viñas, trust Neptunus International to find the unique flat that will suit your taste. A perfect property in Cala Viñas where you can enjoy beautiful views from your balcony or roof terrace, an infinity pool, etc. Most top flats or penthouses facing Cala Viñas, convince by their very special views of the blue Mediterranean Sea.


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