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Porto Cristo - Real estate for sale

Porto Cristo real estate for sale: Life in Mallorca

You long for the typical Mallorcan Mediterranean lifestyle? And for longer than just the fortnight in summer? Mallorca offers a lot and is rightly the most popular vacation island for many travelers. Why not stay forever? You like it quieter and prefer the beautiful nature of the island? Then you should like the small town of Porto Cristo. And the thought of buying a Porto Cristo property can quickly become a reality with our help.

We show you how easy it is to buy a Porto Cristo property and realize a lifelong dream. Buy a finca in Porto Cristo or rather buy a villa in Porto Cristo, all of course preferably with sea view? We show you the beauty of the region. You want to buy a Porto Cristo property? Then we are the perfect partners at your side.

The east coast of Mallorca is a rugged beauty that attracts with many beautiful beaches and natural spectacles. Buy a Porto Cristo property and feel good, for this land was practically created. The offers of different houses are as diverse as real estate agents could wish for. Or would you rather buy an apartment in Porto Cristo?

Buy luxury Porto Cristo real estate and be enchanted by the sea view


Buying a Porto Cristo property - whoever makes this decision, makes a decision for the soul and the eye. You would like to wake up every morning with a magical sea view? Buying a finca in Porto Cristo makes sense, if the sea view is of course included. The small harbor town in the east is worth seeing and is becoming increasingly popular, especially in recent years. Buying a Porto Cristo property is also an interesting investment.

The Port of Christ, which is the literal translation of the place name, has a special meaning. Supposedly, a long time ago a boat washed up here that contained a very special cross. The inhabitants took this event as a reason to call the then still small village Porto Cristo. Today, the quiet place at the harbor is a popular meeting place for sun worshippers, connoisseurs of the culinary highlights of the local cuisine and lovers of the beautiful natural scenery. Buying a Porto Cristo property also means living a bit away from the busy tourist strongholds. The small village lives from the charm of the houses, the inhabitants and the small stores. Wanting to buy a Porto Cristo property also means adopting the lifestyle of the locals.

If you live on the coast or near the harbor, you naturally want the sea view. Are you ready to buy a Porto Cristo property and enjoy the daily sea view? If you want to spend your days of life here, you will develop a different attitude towards life and be inspired by this wonderful serenity of the locals. Away from the hotel strongholds, everyday life is once again reduced a bit more to the essentials. Enjoying life, that is the focus here again. You would like to buy a Porto Cristo property?

The decision is made? Buying a Porto Cristo property is not only a matter of preferences, good taste and financial means. If you don't like a house, you can visit our offers in the section Buy an apartment in Porto Cristo. Here you can find wonderful modern furnished apartments in the center of the village. The taste of modern times is served here. And after the bathing day and the subsequent shower, it goes directly down into the charming alleys of the village. The many restaurants with sea views of Mallorca, cafes and stores invite you to store and linger. La dulce vida, that's what the locals call the sweet life here locally. Wanting to buy a Porto Cristo property can cover many property types. From houses to apartments, everything is possible here.

Do you love swimming in the sea? The crystal clear sea water literally invites you to do so. For many, the east coast is the most beautiful region for water lovers. Here, every water sports enthusiast will find the right offer and those who prefer to linger on the beach will also find the optimal conditions. Buying a Porto Cristo property has been the top search word in recent years. And the demand continues to rise, the charming harbor town is now much more than the insider tip in the east of the island.


Buy Porto Cristo real estate - ideal infrastructure


If you are thinking about buying a Porto Cristo property, you will of course want to know about the infrastructure in the surrounding area. Which connections are there? What kind of possibilities are available? Buying a Porto Cristo property and feeling comfortable can be anything from a house to an apartment. Contact us and we will present you your new home.

If you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you can use Mallorca Airport as a hub for all your travels. From the small port town it is exactly 60 minutes by car. Of course, a cab transfer is possible here at any time. Thus, you remain maximally flexible, because the airport can be reached without any effort. Even spontaneous and last-minute trips are thus possible.

If you feel like shopping in a bigger city and don't want to commute to Palma, you will love Manacor. The self-proclaimed center of Mallorca's pearl industry is only 12 kilometers away and can be reached by car within a few minutes. Culture can also be experienced in Manacor. The pre-Christian village of S'Hospitalitet Vell and the church "Nuestra Senyora dels Dolors" are always worth a visit. If you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you have on one side the tranquility of the small harbor town and on the other side the shopping and cultural diversity of the larger cities.

Buy a Porto Cristo property and enjoy the cultural treasure of a whole region. Locals love this event and local visitors also rave about it years later. The underground world called Cuevas del Drach fascinates every visitor. Arguably the most beautiful cave on the entire island and probably the most important attraction of the place. Anyone who is thinking of buying a Porto Cristo property will certainly get to know the caves quickly.

In the immediate vicinity of the Dragon Cave is the Cuevas del Hams. Here even classical concerts take place, which of course experience a completely new meaning in this setting. The caves are additionally equipped with wonderful light effects. The musical illusion is simply perfect. So if you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you will be in the midst of great cultural events.

You prefer the beach life? Just enjoy the sun and jump into the crystal clear water? If you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you can experience this every day. A beach recommendation is located right next to Porto Cristo's port. A small and fine sandy beach invites you to great swimming experiences in a dreamlike scenery. You would like to buy a Porto Cristo property? Then contact us directly.

Another dream beach awaits the sun worshippers in Cala Millor. You can reach the place within only 15 minutes by car. If you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, the beach is within reach.

You want to buy a Porto Cristo property and lie by the private pool? Then you should consider buying a finca in Porto Cristo. Because the in-house pool is almost standard here. If you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you can therefore enjoy everything without having to move far away.


Buy Porto Cristo real estate - the Mallorcan people


Those who live in the region and are inspired day by day will quickly embrace the Mallorcan lifestyle. Buying a Porto Cristo property is the first step to a completely new attitude towards life. It may be the morning view, the marina and the sea firmly in view. Or maybe it's the glass of wine celebrated with relish the night before in one of the many small cafes in the alleyways. Everyone may have their own idea of the lifestyle here, but the basics are simply fantastic.

The search word to buy a Porto Cristo property has been increasingly noticed in the history of our database in recent years. The eastern region of the island of Mallorca is becoming increasingly popular. The small villages in the area, the beauty of the region, the very good infrastructure and the proximity to larger cities, all this has led to an increase in the number of properties sought. Beauty and charm are in demand and the region around Porto Cristo has an extraordinary amount of it.

But with what way of life the Mallorcan deals with the new citizens? This question is rightly asked by anyone who is thinking of buying a Porto Cristo property. Our experience of many years shows a clear picture. More cordiality is rarely found in a country. The Mallorcans are open-minded, friendly and incredibly helpful, we are allowed to make these findings daily on the island. You are thinking about buying a Porto Cristo property?

Special events create unique moments. Be it a meeting at the weekly market, a participation in the many small street festivals or a conversation in the supermarket. Here, everyone quickly finds a connection and is warmly welcomed. Buying a Porto Cristo property means buying a beautiful home.


Why you should buy a Porto Cristo property? Very simple!


If you decide to buy a Porto Cristo property, you are investing in the future. Whether you want to buy a finca in Porto Cristo or buy an apartment in Porto Cristo, the increase in value in the coming years will be considerable. Buying a Porto Cristo property can also be a lucrative investment for the future.

The figures for the last five years alone speak for themselves. Prices have risen by 27.2%. In Palma directly even by 42 %. No share or other form of investment has developed so consistently positively. And anyone who decides to buy a Porto Cristo property is investing in a profitable and promising asset. The beautiful sea view and the unique Mallorcan lifestyle are a welcome side effect.

The value investment with sea view, so one can call the desire of the real estate acquisition gladly also. Buy a Porto Cristo property is still attractive today, because a further increase in value is certain. The island of Mallorca is one of the most popular vacation resorts in Europe. And thanks to the excellent transport links, whether by plane or ship, the resort is also in the near future a popular destination for all those seeking relaxation.


Buy Porto Cristo real estate - We offer a huge selection of different types of real estate


Would you like to buy a Porto Cristo property? What type of property do you prefer? Villa, house, finca or an apartment? The local real estate market offers the right property for every demand. With the right partner at your side, the search will be a breeze. What are your requirements for your personal dream property?

  • Do you like it more traditional or modern?
  • In the middle or rather on the sidelines?
  • The fundable amount is sufficient?
  • Do you want a pool?
  • Is a sea view desired?
  • Do you want to live on the island all year round?
  • Do you wish to rent?

What are your personal preferences? Exactly with these questions we will be able to narrow down your desires and quickly find the right property. You have decided to buy a Porto Cristo property? Then we will realize this project together.

Are you looking to buy a Porto Cristo property but not sure where your preference lies? What are the differences between the various types of houses?

If you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you will notice the term finca several times. But what is the difference between a typical finca and, for example, a villa? Those who want to rent out will naturally like to take up the term stand-alone vacation home. And that is exactly what a finca is. A residential house with agricultural land, which over the years has exchanged the arable land for a pool. From the design, a finca looks more like a country estate. Adapted to the lifestyle and to the typical building specifications of the country. From the furniture and layout, the finca exudes more of a rustic and Mediterranean charm.

If you are interested in a villa, you will meet a lot of modern buildings. Sophisticated houses, of course, advocate a certain appearance. A villa is less suitable for renting. Who wants to buy a Porto Cristo property to rent it out later, should rather choose the country house or finca model. Of course, it is also a question of personal taste. We will be happy to advise you in detail here. And if you want to buy a property in Porto Cristo, we will show you the suitable offers.


Porto Cristo property for sale - buy an exclusive finca in Mallorca


The finca is the classic style of construction in Spain. The Mediterranean building styles are perfect for the region and fit perfectly with the surrounding landscapes. In Spanish, the word finca literally means plot of land. Meant is probably rather the term estate. Because that is exactly what describes a finca excellently. A country house, which is meanwhile also gladly rented out as a vacation home. Buying a Porto Cristo property therefore often means buying a finca.

Here the tradition is still lived. Of course, in the course of the last decades, many new projects have gone to the drawing board and were built according to the old specifications. Buying a Porto Cristo property does not always mean buying an old masonry.

Of course, the market with the many offers should be carefully probed. And this is exactly where our task lies, we sort out the less lucrative and overpriced offers directly in advance.

With these advantages scores a finca

  • The quiet location away from the hotel castles
  • Space and a spacious layout
  • Self catering thanks to a kitchen is guaranteed
  • A spacious outdoor area, usually with pool.

The classic finca is the most popular real estate object on the island. Especially families love this ambience and the charm of the country houses. Perfect to spend the best days of summer with family or even friends here, this is a main reason to want to buy a Porto Cristo property.


Porto Cristo property for sale - Villa for sale in Porto Cristo


The generic term villa is broad. Is meant the old city villa, which is rather rare to find on the island. Or a new building, which was created according to the specifications and wishes of the client. Light and sun want to be used naturally and the open-hearted architectural style relies on a lot of glass.

Buying a Porto Cristo property, in this case a villa, offers the buyer many advantages that may be overlooked at first.

  • A modern architectural style
  • Sufficient space
  • Exclusive rental is possible
  • You enjoy absolute independence
  • Exclusive living whenever you want it

The demand to buy a Porto Cristo property has risen sharply in recent years. More and more people appreciate the beauty of the island and fall in love right from the first visit. The mentality of the people and the beauty of the entire region inspires and creates the desire for property.

Whether buying a Porto Cristo property is the direct way, that depends of course on the financing. A financing model via a possible rental during the season is feasible and can be an option to finance the dream property.

Buying a Porto Cristo property? The following features await you.

  • Air conditioner
  • Underfloor heating
  • Pool
  • Open fireplace
  • Large plot
  • Sufficient room and guest toilet
  • Sun terrace

Every future property owner can count on these standards. And those who want to buy a Porto Cristo property and spend their retirement here all year round will not want to miss the underfloor heating and the fireplace in the colder seasons.


Buy Porto Cristo property - Buy house Porto Cristo and enjoy life in Mallorca


The demands and desires for a property can vary greatly. Of course, the intention to buy a Porto Cristo property is the first thought. We will be happy to present you the right property and accompany you on your journey to a new life.

But not always a huge villa is the best decision. With what intention do you want to approach life on the sunny island? Do you want to rent out and thus possibly manage the financing? Or would you rather spend the best days on the island alone with your family? You want a life on the island? Mallorca forever and all year round? So if you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you have to deal with these questions.

Wanting to buy a Porto Cristo property, this can be already a small house. You do not want to rent? Then the individually designed house is perfect. Here you can spend your vacation in peace and do not need to consider anyone.

We offer the following equipment features:

  • Between 100 and 200 square meters of living space
  • A small garden or terrace
  • A fireplace and underfloor heating
  • A pool is not always available
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Usually already furnished
  • Guest WC with shower

Buying a property in Porto Cristo can include a wide variety of house models. Our experience shows that those who decide to buy a house, prefer to use it themselves. A renting usually takes place only after years.

Ultimately, buying a property in Porto Cristo is an investment for the future. The rising real estate prices already indicate a safe investment for years.


Porto Cristo property for sale - buy luxury apartment Porto Cristo


Of course, a villa in the mountains is a real showpiece and prestige object. But just who has freshly fallen in love with the island, the possible financial means can not immediately call, of course, has other quite appealing option. This is especially with a narrower budget more than just an alternative.

Why choose a house? If you want to buy a Porto Cristo property, you should definitely consider the option of buying an apartment in Porto Cristo. The purchase price is much lower and the requirement of personal needs can be met 100%.

These typical features await the buyer:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Option of a balcony
  • Square footage varies from object to object
  • The living space can be adjusted

An apartment has other advantages as well. The desire to buy a Porto Cristo property may initially mean two rooms.

  • The apartment is already fully equipped
  • A reduced risk of burglary
  • Janitorial service
  • Lower entry price for property in Mallorca
  • Renting is possible, apartments from private are very popular

Those who want to buy a Porto Cristo property still have a choice option. From villas to fincas, from houses to apartments, the offers are still there. To take care of a retirement home and provision now is a sensible decision. Experience the beauty of the east coast of Mallorca and enjoy the sunny days at any time.


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