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Buy a property in Valldemossa - live in pure luxury

Every year, many visitors flock to the popular island of Mallorca. Whether for cycling, hiking or to relax on the beach, Mallorca impresses with its colourful diversity. Valldemossa is a popular village amongst expats who want to buy a property in Mallorca. Away from the party and shopping mall experience the birthplace of Catalina Thomás. The nun, who was canonised in 1930, is greatly revered by locals throughout the island. Valldemossa has a traditional charm that you will not find in any other place on the island. This is why more and more people wish to buy a property in Valldemossa.

This beautiful mountain village absorbs all stress and hustle and bustle. Here, serenity becomes part of everyday life and the mountainous air frees your thoughts. Just 20 km away, Palma’s contrast with the quietness of Valldemossa could hardly be greater. The short distances on the island take you quickly to other towns with different atmospheres. Buy a property in Valldemossa and start to benefit from the village’s lifestyle, yet keeping Palma’s lively city life just a stone's throw away.

Buy a property in Valldemossa - gazing at the horizon


Especially the sea has done it to the visitors, who take each year anew a time out on the island. Many of the temporary guests call Mallorca their 2nd home and use all their free days to escape their everyday life on the island. The short flight distance to different cities in Europe is ideal, in order to switch off also for a long weekend in one of the many beach hotels, or to want to buy directly a Valldemossa real estate. The many turquoise tones of the sea end in a deep blue at the end of the horizon. Blue is known for its calming effect and especially by the sea, absolutely everyone feels this effect. But the sight of the sparkling water is not only soothing, it beguiles and fascinates people, because the clock at the seaside ticks slower than in the hustle and bustle of many big cities.

Only a very small part of the Valldemossa is actually near the coast reached through a narrow serpentine road going down the mountain side, the village itself is not otherwise directly by the sea. Valldemosa’s location is nonetheless unique thanks to an altitude of over 400 metres. The Port of Valldemossa is a stony pleasure awaiting all those who buy a property in the village of Valldemossa. The rocky coastline is an absolute must for all snorkelers and those wishing to enjoy the sun will only need to lie down on the long wooden jetty that extends into the water. To explore a little of the coast and experience a view of the village from below, paddle out to sea from the cute fishing port, on one of the small boats. In the evening, meet the Mallorcans, enjoy a glass of wine and fresh fish in one of the village's two small restaurants. Buy a property in Valldemossa and watch the best sunsets right from Valldemossa’s west facing port. What better view than a sunset over the sea, especially for the Romantics? If you buy a property in Valldemossa, from the coast and the mountain, you will be rewarded every evening with an incredible sunset.

A 15-minute drive from the town along the coast towards Banyalbufar is the increasingly popular settlement of George Sand. Many newcomers love living here as the Mediterranean-style villas have privileged views of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Like the development it's all about the location, the almost unimaginable views, vivid vistas and sensational sunsets over the cobalt blue Mediterranean.


Buy a property in Valldemossa - enjoy the Mallorcan ambience


Opt to buy a property in Valldemossa, a village that has retained as much of its original Mallorcan architecture as possible. Narrow alleyways wind their way through the centre of the village. Away from the main access road, there is little space for cars as the streets are very narrow. People who buy a property in Valldemossa are looking for a quiet village life by the mountainside. The stone alleyways invite you to take leisurely strolls through the village. You can feel the Mallorcan ambience in the numerous restaurants and cafés.

Buy a property in Valldemossa and start discovering the numerous mediaeval buildings as you tour through the village. From a spot just before the entrance to the village, there is a fantastic view over the entire village. If you want to enjoy the mountain air for a few days, one of the hotels in the village centre is the perfect place to stay and linger, especially If you have not yet made your decision to buy a property in Valldemossa.

The drive from Palma to Valldemossa is much less spectacular than the winding serpentine road down the mountain to the coast. The route to the coast is particularly adventurous and guarantees pure pleasure for every moped and motorcyclist who wants to buy a property in Valldemossa. In Mallorca, many locals switch to mopeds, especially in the small villages. The roads offer no space for cars and mopeds are much better suited to the relaxed atmosphere of Valldemossa. Buy a property in Valldemossa, enjoy motorcycling even through the smallest corners of the village.

With around 2,000 inhabitants, the small municipality is well laid out and there is plenty to discover culturally for anyone looking to buy a property in Valldemossa. Painted tiles of St. Catalina can be found on many house walls. Not only museums and churches adorn the town. People are particularly fond of the monastery where Catalina lived. Valldemossa even has its own castle. Discover the many details of the village. You will regularly make new discoveries here as you walk through the alleyways between the stone-built houses.

Valldemossa is lively and colourful. If you buy a property here, you will discover all the bucolic streets adorned with plants and flowers. In front of the houses all usable spaces are adorned with flowers and plants. Houses’ front yards, restaurants’ patios and stone steps, no spot is left unused.

Those who want to buy a Valldemossa property will be especially delighted by the nature around the place. Due to the altitude, summer temperatures in Valldemossa are somewhat lower than in other places. Especially in the shade of the forests you will enjoy a refreshing breeze. The many forests around Valldemossa invite you to extensive hiking tours. Experience pure nature on unpaved hiking trails. Hiking shoes are therefore a must.

Experienced mountain bikers will love the altitude of the many routes through the forests. With the numerous opportunities for outdoor sports, a gym is more than superfluous when buying a property in Valldemossa. The mountains will challenge you and as your fitness level increases, you will gradually get to know and love the extensive landscape.


Buy a property in Valldemossa - know the Mallorcans


The municipality of Valldemossa is very open-minded, welcoming visitors and expats who want to buy a property in Valldemossa. The inhabitants are keen to preserve traditions and tell the history of Valldemossa and the island and show visitors the original life of the village.

Recently, Valldemossa also introduced a free walking tour. This type of guided tour is becoming more and more popular and as most sessions are well attended, they have to be booked in advance. If you wish to buy a property in Valldemossa, the guided tour, led by locals, gives a private insight into the town’s life.

According to classical composer Frédéric Chopin, Valldemossa is "the most beautiful place in the world". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Valldemossa is not just beautiful because of the way the town looks, inhabitants are the heart of the town. They lovingly maintain the houses, narrow streets and listed monuments. They create the green, flourishing atmosphere in Valldemossa.

If you buy a property in Valldemossa, the best place to make new acquaintances and get to know the locals is the village’s Sunday market Weekly Market Mallorca. Every Sunday the weekly market is held in the village. You can buy fruits, textiles, various handicrafts, flowers and much more. A perfect opportunity to get into conversation with the people. The quality of life of the village is high and with an emigration rate of 15%, the proportion of Mallorcan residents is still very high.

Frédéric Chopin left his mark in the village and is the reason why Valldemossa has become so well known. In his honour, the inhabitants of the village hold the Chopin Festival every year in August. In the cloister of the Cartuja, Chopin's pieces are performed by various international artists and Valldemossa’s cheerfulness is then especially enchanting.


Buy a property in the picturesque mountain village of Valldemossa


When you buy a property in Valldemossa, you make the choice of living in a village with an original and preserved Mallorcan charm, up to this day. Hardly any other place on the island exudes so much magic. The many details of Valldemossa already captivated Frédéric Chopin in his day and will not fail to impress you. The division of the town into a mountain village and a small coastal town is unique.

The natural beauty is the reason for many to want to buy a Valldemossa property. There is no need for artificial and imposing new type of buildings to make this place special. Most of the town's monuments are listed, as they are also what attract many visitors to Valldemossa.

If you buy a property in Valldemossa, you will enjoy a beautiful village lifestyle, the little boutiques offering handmade products and the wide variety of cafés and restaurants. Tourism is high in Valldemossa and everything is thus provided for here.

In Valldemossa, you will live surrounded by forests of olive and oak trees, in harmony with nature, away from large towns. People who buy a property in Valldemossa appreciate the village character and idyllic location.


Buy a property in Valldemossa - be enchanted by the flair of this village


Valldemossa's properties are something very special. The village of Valldemossa is very old with ancient buildings and façades. In the heart of Valldemossa you will especially find apartments and houses with this character. The town's Mediterranean architecture and style is a paradise for lovers of former architecture. Anyone looking to buy a property in Valldemossa should be aware that it is the type of architecture that makes the town what it is. Ultra-modern villas with extravagant architectural styles do not fit into this sweet mountain village.

The different altitudes of the houses mean that many of the plots for sale in Valldemossa offer unrestricted views of the vast forests and, in some properties, even of the open sea. Below the town centre there are some agricultural plots. Everywhere in the village you can see the original life of the people who lived here decades or centuries ago.

If you love the atmosphere of former times and beautiful old buildings built with natural stone, you should definitely buy a property in Valldemossa. A new life may be waiting for you in a terraced house in the town centre or a finca further down the village.


Buy a property in Valldemossa - buy a finca in Valldemossa


The mountain village impresses with its Mediterranean character. In earlier times, rural life was characterised by the agricultural use of the land. The country house style of the buildings has been retained throughout the village. The country house style characterises Valldemossa and when you start searching for a property to buy in Valldemossa, you will encounter particularly beautiful fincas.

Finding the perfect finca in this small mountain village requires a little patience. The plots and buildings here are often smaller than many other fincas. If you wish to buy a property in Valldemossa you will hardly find a more beautiful place in Mallorca to buy a finca. The altitude of the town offers breathtaking views of the sea or the forests. The village continued to be expanded on all sides of the mountain, you get different views depending on where your property is located.

Fincas in Valldemossa are a particularly popular investment for those wishing to buy a property in Mallorca, to rent it to holidaymakers. To find one such fantastic finca requires time. Neptunus International is always on hand to help you with your search.

If you decide to buy a property in Valldemossa, you will hardly find a finca that does not have its own pool. The natural stones of the building façades are found throughout these properties. Whether the pool is built with stone and the path to it, stone walls as a privacy screen or partition to other parts of your property, the style runs through the entire property. A perfect place for a few olive trees in the garden and a cold glass of wine in your hand.

A finca’s Interior is often rustic, beautiful old stone floors and a fireplace in the living room are a must in many fincas. If you buy a property in Valldemossa and are already thinking about refurbishing your new mountain finca you are in good hands.


Buy a property in Valldemossa - buy a country style villa in Valldemossa


Valldemossa's village charm consistently enchants and people of all ages and classes wish to buy a property in Valldemossa. With their green shutters that blend in perfectly with the flowered alleys and natural surroundings, the natural stone villas always enchant indistinctly.

There are also several villas for sale in the town of Valldemossa, although in the centre of Valldemossa these villas are not characterised by modern imposing architectural styles and forms. Architecturally, the villas are also Mediterranean in style and therefore blend harmoniously into the townscape. Those who prefer a country house style will find the right property in Valldemossa.

The consistency of the town's appearance is also taken into account when building new properties. Valldemossa has its own style, which is not without reason loved by residents, visitors and all those who wish to buy a property in Valldemossa.

Most villas for sale in Valldemossa are found outside the town centre. They are more spacious and secluded properties, apart from mass tourism. Valldemossa is a wonderful place for families and for children to grow up. The diverse nature and the quiet, yet lively life of the village provide a natural atmosphere for children.

Buy a villa type property in Valldemossa and live in it all year round or, if you only want to buy the property as a vacation villa or second home, rent it out perfectly during the year. Most villas have several bedrooms, which are perfect to host visiting guests. The villas in the city also usually have a fireplace. Whether you need it or not, it is definitely a visual highlight in the living room.

Buying a property in Valldemossa is interesting for anyone who prefers the charm of a village to that of the big city. The unique idyll in the highest village in Mallorca and the view down from the mountain are the selling points for a villa in this beautiful setting.


Buy a property in Valldemossa - buy natural stone house in Valldemossa


The cute little houses made of large natural stones are the absolute heart of the town. If you want to buy a property in Valldemossa, you should definitely take a look at the houses in the centre of Valldemossa. These houses are particularly well looked after by the town's residents and usually enjoy a small plot. You will love beautifying the area outside your front door with large tubs and pots and various plants, thereby ensuring that the townscape retains its character.

When you start searching for a property to buy in Valldemossa you will find that the terraced houses in the narrow streets usually have several floors. Many have the typical brown tiles throughout the house and especially in the living area. At the top, between the rooftops of the city, you will find your privacy on a terrace. This type of construction is typically used to create space in densely built-up districts and to provide residents above the city with a quiet and secluded space. Some houses even have several terraces and small balconies. Some of the houses also have a small inner courtyard. If you decide to buy a property in Valldemossa, you will often encounter houses with a private garden on the outskirts of the town.

If you buy an old property you will have the chance to renovate or create new room layouts and help shape your new home. Buy a property in Valldemossa, move into your newly renovated home and realise your own ideas.


Buy a property in Valldemossa - buy a typical flat in Valldemossa


As you search for a flat type property to buy in the historic town of Valldemossa, you will discover flats from different eras. Some of the buildings in the mountain village date back to the 14th century. The majority of these antic flats are located in the centre of Valldemossa. They have a wide range of different interior styles. Over time, the flats have been gradually restored and renovated. Some of them are now furnished in a very modern style and equipped with high-quality wooden floors and new fitted kitchens. Most of the flats still have the character of an old building. Wooden window and door frames as well as stucco mouldings on the ceilings and marbled floors adorn many of the flats on offer.

When looking for a flat to buy in Valldemossa, you will find that most properties in Valldemossa rarely have more than 3 floors, so you will need no elevator to reach your apartment. From your balcony you will have a view of the beautiful old town, which is particularly lively during the day due to tourism. When the village empties in the evening, you will experience the romance of Valldemossa and feel the mediaeval charm of the village. The green shutters of these flats blend harmoniously into the overall townscape. The architecture of the few new construction projects in the town also matches the style of the town. Valldemossa is a place to dream, where cohesion and harmony are very important. If you buy a property in Valldemossa, you will be enchanted by the beauty of the city.


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