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Palma Old Town real estate for sale

Buy Old Town property: Surrounded by luxury

Palma is not only the capital of the Balearic island of Mallorca, but also very well known for the numerous tourists who arrive every year. Palma is not only synonymous with nightlife and tourists keen on boisterous parties.

The old town itself consists of numerous little alleys often connected by staircases. Of course, you can also take a bicycle tour here. However, the stairs make walking more sensible. In the evening you will benefit from many cultural programmes. Not only the old town itself, but other neighbouring districts of Palma offer concerts or even theatre and opera performances. Whether cultural or more exuberant, there are a range of activities for every taste, rending leisure activities very interesting. Quiet days can also be enjoyed in Palma’s historic heart. Thanks to the mild winter weather, the numerous stores and boutiques, shopping around is a usual leisure activity. The many excellent restaurants offer locals and tourists a large gastronomical choice.

Buy an old town property - immerse yourself in exclusivity when you come on holiday


You cannot catch a direct view of the beach here. Nevertheless, the sea and the beautiful horizon are visible in the distance. The saline air and pleasant climate of the sea are also present in the old town. Most people would love to buy and live in an old town property. Locals report that they hardly miss the sea and the beach, especially in this district because of its unique atmosphere. But even if you are not directly on the Mediterranean seafront, the island is of course known for its typical life in the southern regions. The old town has a historic feel, because of its ancient buildings. In this district in particular, great importance is attached to preserving and restoring the typical Mallorcan style.

Life here is characterised by a mild winter climate and the proximity to the sea. In the old town, numerous restaurants serve menus based on fish and seafood dishes, in their different variations. In addition, the surroundings with their southern plants and palm trees radiate a certain lightness. Inhabitants usually have a laid-back way of life, which you will quickly notice if you buy an old town property. Even the tourists who only spend a few days on the island notice this. Life by the sea is not necessarily easier, but the environment and the mentality of the locals make you comfortable and help you feel inner harmony.

If you decide to buy a property in the old town, whether a finca or a flat, you will also experience an easier, unstressed atmosphere. Let yourself be carried away by the southern serenity and discover the beautiful side of life. The weather and the international infrastructure also provide harmony and a sense of well-being. Life in the sunshine, with the sea as a panorama is much more relaxed and healthy.


Buy an old town property and experience an international infrastructure


The old town is an important district of Palma. Both the neighbourhood and the capital itself benefit from each other. The infrastructure is a real asset for both areas. While you can find everything you need to live in Palma, the old town has numerous historical sights, restaurants, bistros and small and large boutiques. You will notice this when you buy an old town property. Tourism is an important source of income for the district. Not only the numerous attractions, churches and monuments attract many locals and holidaymakers here. If you want to spend a day with extensive shopping, long walks and delicious food, this is the place to be. It's a trip back in time, just a few minutes from modern and contemporary life right in Palma.

If you buy an old town property, you will find that not only the edifices are special, Mallorcans also contribute to its nice bucolic atmosphere. The locals are friendly and lively, qualities that make you feel at home. Inner Palma is a place where residents like to enjoy the ambience over a coffee or even a glass of wine, sometimes even forgetting they are near the sea. Modesty is important for Mallorcans who dislike competing with one another, whether for furnishings or equipment. In the old town centre the same applies when furnishing a property, independently of the property type. You realise that bare essentials are more than enough to be happy.

it is for most Mallorcans. It's not just about recharging your batteries and finding a balance. It is also about socialising and making use of the neighbourhood with its advantages. The old town is known for its sights, but it also has a lot to offer for cycling enthusiasts. Palma and the surrounding area are known for their numerous cycle paths. You can get around faster by bike, than driving. Especially when the weather is nice, the paths are very busy. If you buy a property in the old town, cycling will probably become your easiest means to go to work or shopping.

The old town itself consists of numerous winding streets, which are connected by various staircases. Of course, you can also take a bike ride here. However, the stairs make a walk more sensible. In the evening hours, you do not have to do without a cultural program. Not only the old town itself, but other adjacent districts of Palma offer numerous concerts or even performances in the theater and opera. Whether cultural or more exuberant, for everyone you will find exactly the right activity to make your free time interesting and balanced. Quiet days can also be spent in the old town, which you will quickly discover if you buy an old town property. The wonderful weather lends itself to a shopping tour. Different stores and suitable restaurant offer locals and tourists everything you need for such a wonderful day.


Socialising with Mallorcans to preserve traditions when you buy a property in the old town


Palma is a very lively and above all, a popular city. Not only the almost 500,000 inhabitants, but also tourists, create a restless Palma. With the airport and cruise terminals, the city is an important tourism hub. Although the city of Palma sleeps little, certain areas are quieter. If you buy a property in the old town, you will notice that inner historical architecture has Arabic and Roman influences and a Spanish serenity. Small narrow streets invite you to stroll and enjoy. Numerous buildings, churches and also ancient edifices, such as the Arab baths, underline Palma’s unique atmosphere. Only a few metres from the hustle and bustle you will find this wonderful oasis.

But not only the buildings are special here. The Mallorcan inhabitants contribute to the fact that you feel like in another world when you buy an old town property. The locals are friendly and full of life. These qualities don't just sweep tourists away. People like to stay in this place and enjoy the atmosphere and ambience while having a coffee or even a wine. Many even forget about the wonderful sea here and feel right at home. Modesty is important to the Mallorcans. It is not about competing with other people and having the best in clothes and equipment. The same applies to the equipment in the apartments, in the numerous fincas or other properties on the subject of buying old town property. Here you need only the bare essentials to live and be happy.


Why you must buy a luxury Palma old town property


The island is known for its tourism. Numerous people come every year to enjoy the scenery and the sea for a few days. Foreigners decide to make Mallorca their new home for various reasons, such as the mild weather and the island’s nice atmosphere. Life in Mallorca is pleasant and offers many advantages. However, you should also be aware of certain downsides.

People who seek a relaxed atmosphere and want to decelerate their everyday life could buy a property in the old town, where serenity is a lifestyle. Hectic and stress rarely occur, which is very good for health and inner balance. The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea also promotes good health. If you buy a property in the old town, you will live near the sea, usually a few minutes' walk. The saline air is felt even in this part of Palma. It doesn't take much to live happily on the island. The minimalist atmosphere incites those moving to Mallorca, to buy an old town property and appreciate what really matters in life.

Once you have found a job and earn a regular income, the foundation is laid. You can then choose the property that suits you, whether a finca, a flat, a house or a villa. The old town is not only ideal as a main residence. Many people also have a second home on the island, where they live during the cold season. A perfect reason to buy a property in the old town.


Buy an Old Town property: Buying a finca, house, flat or a villa in the Old Town?


The old town of Palma is characterised by many historical and charming edifices. If you buy a property in the old town, you won't find modern, linear houses, villas or flats here. Instead, you will discover a Mallorcan architectural style with Arab influences. Most properties in the old town of Palma seem to transport you in ancient times, although their interiors are technically up to date. The same goes for the renovations and restorations when you buy a property in the old town. On the outside, historics properties may belong to another century, but interiors are usually beautifully refurbished. No matter what you are looking for, the old town ‘s numerous properties offer everyone the space they are looking for.

For instance, a penthouse with an extensive roof terrace, you will usually have a view of the vast and beautiful Mediterranean Sea. A villa with a generously designed inner courtyard, will offer seclusion and tranquillity. Flats or fincas also have their appeal in Palma’s district property market, if looking to buy an old town property. Exclusive residential options are many, amongst which might be the property you have wanted for a long time.


Buy an Old Town Property: Buy a Finca in Old Town


If you wish to buy an old town property, know that classic Mallorcan fincas are rare in the historical heart of Palma, mostly because of the architectural style prevalent in the district. Nevertheless, you could opt for a property similar to a finca. These great houses, common in the old town, have a style reminiscent of the architecture of manors houses. They fit perfectly into Palma ‘small alley streets, forming a harmonious overall picture with the other properties. In the old town, classic town-houses with a narrower and higher architecture are also very common.

From the outside, all properties fit in with the style of the neighbourhoods. However, the properties' courtyards vary a lot. You will quickly notice when looking to buy an old town property, that patios are typical features of Mallorca ‘houses. Usually flourished with all kinds of plants and flowers, these patios usually have a small fountain and a bench made of natural stone. Most old town houses have a balcony, some a rooftop terrace, where to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, any time of the day. You’ll usually get a view of the old town and the sea or the mountains in the background. A special feature of the old town is its past Arab influence, visible in some edifices. You can visit our old town properties using our virtual-tour system.

The old town has a cheerful serenity that is typical of Mallorcan islanders. Although you will not find a classic finca here, you will have many alternatives if you decide to buy a property in the old town. With the appropriate furnishings and decorations, you could even create a finca like atmosphere, in any old town house.


Buy an Old Town Property: Buying a Villa in Old Town


Classical living space is most common in the old town, whereas the offer for other types of property is very small. Nevertheless it is not completely impossible to get one highly sought-after property in the old town. Old town villa types have a unique architectural style reminiscent of old times. There are no modern straight-line properties with a current architectural style in the area, but all the houses, villas or flats blend in, enhancing the area considerably with their unique appearance. This is a real privilege for buyers, as very few people could claim to actually live in a royal style mansion.

In Palma’s old town, the exterior of villas have a traditional look. Interiors, however, offer great designing possibilities for your new home. Uniformity is quite common, with façades matching the interiors, with a royal look and furnishings, reminiscent of times gone. Chandeliers, high ceilings beautifully decorated, maçonry decorations, expensive and unique wallpaper, are all typical in a district villa. Ceilings with round arches, large windows, large wooden doors and elaborate works on the façade that attract curious glances, are other particularities, with the smallest details always precisely coordinated.

As streets in the area are narrow, this type of villas were usually built reaching high. It is not surprising for a property of this type to have 3 or 4 floors, magnificent balconies, a rooftop terrace and an inner patio. Your old town property becomes your home and place of solace, where to enjoy quietness, the sunshine and the sea air.


Buy an Old Town Property: Buy an old town house


Wanting to buy an old town property is an adventure. Whatever your property choice, in the old town of Palma, old-fashion style characterises the real estate market. You will find numerous historic mansions as well as magnificent flats, when searching for a property to buy in the old town. Few have a strictly typical Mallorcan style and many present a distinctive style due to the Arab influence, the southern image being closely linked to its historical past.

You might be overwhelmed when looking for a house in the old town, as if travelling in history. With their exterior ornamented façades and bucolic courtyards, these houses are a dream. During renovation and restoration, great care is taken to preserve the architectural details, even the smallest, of these old town houses. So, let yourself be enticed and find the right house to buy and live in.

In this district, the layout of the rooms is adapted to the architectural style. If you buy an old town property, you will find that great designer looks can be created within. Most of these houses reach high on various floors, offering unique views on the neighbourhood. If you buy a property in the old town, you will be quite near the beach, as the sea is just a few minutes away, on foot or cycling.


Buy an Old Town Property: Buy Apartment in Old Town


Finding a place to live doesn't always mean buying an old town property that has lots of rooms and a large plot of land. It is important that you like your new home and feel comfortable here. In the historic area of Palma, flats are very much in demand. Numerous old buildings have been renovated over time and converted into modern flats. If you opt for a property in the old town, you will discover how charming most flats are. Buying a flat in the old town can be as nice an option as buying a house, as it offers many advantages.

Being able to buy an old town property also depends on individual budget. There is a wide range of prices and several factors determine the cost of a property, such as the number of rooms, the location and the furnishings. Thanks to the old town extended choice, you’ll most certainly find what you are looking for and be able to buy your old town property. Flats in the old town vary in style and size, from small ones with just 2 rooms, to very large ones with 8 or more rooms evenly distributed. However, smaller flats typically have a kitchen and at least one bathroom. Reversible air conditioning is often part of the basic equipment, even though winter temperatures on the island are bearable all year round. Don't hesitate - buy an exclusive property in Palma de Mallorca.

If you buy an old town property, most flats have a balcony, a terrace or, in some cases, a large rooftop, from which to enjoy the fresh sea air. Living mostly outside and enjoying the fresh sea air, is part of the simple and healthy lifestyle of Palma’s inhabitants. If you buy an old town property, you will most probably start enjoying life at a slower pace too. Flats in the old town also reflect the past few decades of the minimalist yet cosy and relaxed, Mallorcan lifestyle.


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