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Port Andratx real estate for sale: Picturesque port town

The southwestern harbor village of Port Andratx is one of the most popular places in all of Mallorca - because the flair that this charming coastal town exudes is unique. Enjoy in Port Andratx not only sun and sea, but also an interesting mixture of rustic originality and discreet luxury.

Should you be in possession of your own boat, then this is of course also good reason to want to buy a Port Andratx property. The beautiful marina with its 450 berths invites the inhabitants of the picturesque port town to stroll along the busy promenade; the sparkling turquoise Mediterranean always in the background.

Enjoy exclusive atmosphere - At the harbor surrounded by beautiful mountains

If you too are looking to buy a Port Andratx property, you will quickly discover the benefits of the beautiful harbor and the small village that stretches out in a stunning mountain setting in front of the harbor promenade. Here you will benefit from first-class culinary venues, beautiful boutiques, local owner-operated stores, and the excellent infrastructure of a modern village.

Whoever buys a luxury villa, a Mallorcan finca or an exclusive apartment with sea view here, can really consider himself lucky. The proximity to the most beautiful bays and beaches, as well as to the eponymous municipality of Andratx, is a big plus of this place of residence. If you buy a Port Andratx property, new wonderful destinations, sights and attractions await you here every day, all of which can be reached in just a few minutes by car.

Buy Port Andratx real estate and enjoy sea views


You want to get up every day with a view over the glittering Mediterranean Sea and go to bed with a breathtaking sunset? Then you should buy a Port Andratx property. This exclusive port town offers its residents everything you could want from an upscale Mediterranean lifestyle in Mallorca.

Discover a variety of best tapas and fish restaurants and beautiful cafes overlooking the luxurious yachts and sailboats swaying calmly in the water at the unique fishing port of Port Andratx, which is still in operation. If you love diving and swimming and buy a Port Andratx property, you can visit beautiful deserted coves and white sandy beaches in just a few minutes, in addition to the two small beaches of the port town. This makes the location of the village so attractive for anyone looking to buy a Port Andratx property.

If you too would like to buy a vacation home or second residence here, or even relocate your primary residence to Port Andratx, you will be able to experience the Spanish temperament and the infectious, lively atmosphere of the popular port city firsthand every day, to retreat to your luxurious residential property in the evening or for a siesta and enjoy complete privacy. Thus, Port Andratx is the perfect place for all Mallorca lovers to settle down permanently.

When you buy a Port Andratx property, you'll find the perfect mix of privacy, coziness and exclusivity; it's not for nothing that the port is often called the most beautiful marina in all of Mallorca. See for yourself by buying your own Port Andratx property through Neptunus International that suits your taste and fully meets your lifestyle aspirations.


Buy Port Andratx real estate and benefit from the good infrastructure


As a modern port town, Port Andratx offers everything you could wish for in your daily life on Mallorca. Besides the most important facilities such as banks, supermarkets, international doctors, pharmacies & Co. you can also find very special and fancy stores in Port Andratx, which you will otherwise search in vain on Mallorca.

If you're buying a Port Andratx property, you're sure to quickly find your favorite boutique in the village; there are plenty of them on the main waterfront shopping street, Avenida Mateo Bosch. But also the cozy side streets can shine with lovely owner-operated stores, where you can buy special pieces of jewelry.

Whether you are looking for clothes or want to buy decoration and furniture for your Port Andratx property: The beautiful port town offers a wide range of typical Mallorcan acquisition items for all exclusive tastes. Likewise, you will find here unusual and modern designer pieces.

Those looking to buy a Port Andratx property will be surprised by the huge selection of stores, wonderful typical Mallorcan restaurants, and a variety of modern in-bars and hot spots. Enjoy the many shopping opportunities and get to know the local owners of the pretty souvenir and craft stores.

There are many culinary highlights in Port Andratx. Enjoy an exclusive dinner with a view of the marina or in one of the countless restaurants directly by the sea.

You can also find special quality and freshness in nearby Andratx - the village that belongs to the municipality of the same name and is located in the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana. In this traditional village there are many local farmers, growers and butchers who offer their goods with the highest quality standards. If you want to buy ingredients for an exclusive gala dinner in your Port Andratx property, you will definitely find them here.

The modern port town of Port Andratx was mostly built in the 20th century around the existing fishing port, so if you want to buy a Port Andratx property, there are few sights or historical monuments in the town itself. The municipality of Andratx is only 5 kilometers away from Port Andratx. How about a nice bike ride along the Tramutana Mountains? When you arrive in the municipality after the bike ride with picturesque views, an ancient appearance with historical flair awaits you.

If you buy a Port Andratx property, you can't miss the culturally significant village of Andratx, whose origins date back to at least the Middle Ages. For example, visit the Gothic parish church of Santa Maria, buy delicious local fruits and vegetables, or take a hike or bike ride in the surrounding nature. Here you will see many beautiful, fragrant olive and almond groves and orange trees that could not grow better in the fertile soil and under the Spanish sun.

When you buy a Port Andratx property, you have the perfect location to visit neighboring towns. From Sant Elm to the north, for example, you can cross to the famous Dragonera Island during a boat trip in Mallorca, while in Es Camp de Mar to the east you will find wonderful coves for snorkeling and diving. All these destinations should not be missed if you buy a Port Andratx property.


Get to know the Mallorcan people when you buy Port Andratx real estate


Since Port Andratx is a modern port town with a history and culture more associated with the municipality of Andratx, you will find far fewer locals here than in the surrounding towns. Nevertheless, there are many small stores, souvenir stores, boutiques and typical Spanish restaurants run by Mallorcans. So, if you buy a Port Andratx property, you will quickly get acquainted with the open-hearted and friendly locals.

If you want to get a taste of Mallorca's culture in Port Andratx, don't miss the patron saint festival in honor of the Blessed Virgin Carmen. If you buy a Port Andratx property and enjoy the view of the harbor from your residential property, you will see decorated ships and boats in the water on July 16. In honor and protection of the fishermen, this day is celebrated for all it's worth; if you buy a Port Andratx property, you should take this opportunity to dine deliciously, drink, celebrate exuberantly with live music and experience the Spanish temperament first hand.


Why buy Port Andratx real estate?


Port Andratx real estate buying is really an excellent idea for anyone who is thinking of emigrating to Mallorca. From a beautiful mountain and sea panorama, to the highest culinary variety and luxurious shopping opportunities, to quick access to interesting sights and versatile towns, you'll find simply everything your heart desires in this laid-back port town.

Since the small harbor town with its beautifully landscaped harbor basin is not described as the most beautiful marina in Mallorca for nothing, there is of course something going on in the summer; many visitors spend their summer vacations here. However, if you buy a Port Andratx property you have the advantage of escaping from the hustle and bustle, the good atmosphere on the harbor promenade and the crowded shopping streets every evening to enjoy your privacy in the most beautiful surroundings and with a unique view of the harbor.

If you want to buy a Port Andratx property, you can already find some of the exclusive properties on our Neptunus International website. As experienced real estate agents in Mallorca, we support you holistically in your search for your modern villa, rustic finca, luxury apartment or detached house in Port Andratx. Do you have questions about buying real estate in Mallorca? Feel free to contact us!


Port Andratx real estate for sale: Finca, house, apartment or maybe a villa?


At Neptunus International you can buy the most beautiful and exclusive Port Andratx real estate! Browse through our exposés or contact us with the idea of your personal dream property to let your fantasy become reality soon. The modern harbor town offers a wide variety of residential properties, all of which have their own charm and reflect the Mediterranean flair of Mallorca.

Whether it's a modern luxury villa with an infinity pool, high-gloss furnishings and bright, straightforward rooms, or a rustic finca with a large garden estate, natural pool, light stone facade and typical Mallorcan shutters; if you want to buy a Port Andratx property, you don't have to make any compromises or even limit your needs. Just put yourself in the hands of experienced real estate sellers and let us show you the most luxurious residential properties in Port Andratx.

Exclusive residential uniques for single, couple or family life await you in this beautiful harbor village. Decide between spacious apartments with roof terrace and the latest technical equipment or choose the way of life in the pretty Mallorcan cottage to start family planning here or enjoy life in your own fruit and vegetable garden.

No matter what you have in mind; if you want to buy a Port Andratx property, your dream can soon come true with the help of Neptunus International. We understand your visions and with an eye for that certain something and a lot of attention to detail, we will find your second home, your vacation residence or your future main residence in Port Andratx and the surrounding area.


Port Andratx property for sale: Buy finca in Port Andratx


You dream of a rustic, typical Mallorcan finca in the mountains, a beautiful Mediterranean garden and the view of one of the most popular ports of Mallorca? If you want to buy a Port Andratx property, you will encounter this time-honored architecture very often - and at Neptunus International you will find the most beautiful and unique residential properties of this kind! Let our real estate repertoire convince you of best-equipped, luxurious fincas, which shine through their unique construction and their incomparably cozy, homely charm.

A finca is the best way to recreate the authentic life of the inhabitants of Mallorca; whether it is built on the foundation stone of a real former farmhouse, or is a new construction that recreates the atmosphere of an original finca: The main features of these Mallorcan structures are wonderfully suitable for families, young people as well as seniors who buy a unique Port Andratx property to settle on the popular vacation island for the long term.

In a detached finca you will enjoy complete privacy on your large, naturally landscaped property. On the outdoor areas you can use the time to relax in the natural pool, sunbathe on the veranda, enjoy the view and simply let your soul dangle. Enjoy the shade provided by the tall palm trees in your backyard. If you buy a Port Andratx property, you will be impressed not only by the outdoor facilities, but also by the beautiful interiors, which you enter through Mediterranean archways made of natural stone. The spacious interior design and the light-flooded rooms remain pleasantly cool even in high temperatures thanks to light stone facades and typical wooden shutters. The loving natural elements such as wooden beams on the high ceilings, kitchens made of natural stone or marble and unique fireplaces make the classic fincas look so cozy and inviting. If you are also convinced of the advantages of a finca, you can buy this type of Port Andratx property at Neptunus International.


Port Andratx property for sale: Buy a villa in Port Andratx


You like it straight, bright and especially modern? Since the port village from the 20th century has quite a short history behind it, you will find many modern luxury villas with a glossy look in the small village.

At Neptunus International, you can buy the best-equipped and most exclusive Port Andratx real estate that exactly matches your taste. Find unique villas in our exposés with huge, open and bright spaces, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and unparalleled views of the turquoise sea and Port Andratx harbor. The large terraces are equipped with infinity pool, while the interiors have all the technical extras you can dream of.

Open-plan eat-in kitchens with high-gloss fronts, fine marble and concrete countertops, and atypical fixtures blend perfectly with the huge dining and living spaces that accommodate extended families with young children, as well as large pool parties or gala dinners. Realize yourself in your luxury villa with exceptional decor and furnishings, modern paintings or special pieces of furniture that you can buy directly in the port village for your Port Andratx property.

At Neptunus International you will find very special living uniques and gems that you will not find elsewhere. From the outside as well as from the inside our villas convince with a bright, generous and particularly luxurious design. In the spacious, unique gardens you can spend wonderful hours with friends, family and acquaintances. If you buy a Port Andratx property, you can host barbecue parties until late at night or benefit from the unique tranquility and privacy in the mountains outside the port city, which invites you to get a tan from the Spanish sun every day and enjoy the cool water of the private pool.


Port Andratx property for sale: Buy a house in Port Andratx


If you prefer something more down-to-earth, and like most Mallorcans live in a house, you can buy beautiful Port Andratx real estate at Neptunus International, which meets this desire. Whether you are looking for a vacation home for your family, a second home for your professional life as a single person or you want to experience a quiet retirement in a wonderful place in Mallorca - in the real estate repertoire of Neptunus International you will find unique houses that will enchant you with their charm.

Discover cozy detached houses with the best modern facilities and very special Mallorcan flair. Discover unique houses in the mountains of Port Andratx, shaded by pine trees and bringing beautiful gardens and pools with unique views of the marina. If you buy such a Port Andratx property, you will be able to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the small yet bustling harbor town to pursue your work, manage your daily routine or just relax in your lounge corner in a cozy atmosphere.

The interiors offer plenty of space to express yourself. The spacious dining area invites you to host dinner parties. All rooms are flooded with light and emphasize the modern lifestyle. On the terrace with the in-house pool you can enjoy maximum privacy. At Neptunus International you can buy a wide variety of Port Andratx properties: From luxurious and modern detached houses, typical Mediterranean town houses to inconspicuous semi-detached houses, but not to be underestimated, revealing unexpected details and unique extras in their interiors.


Port Andratx property for sale: Buy apartment in Port Andratx


Besides wonderful detached houses, villas and fincas, at Neptunus International you can also buy Port Andratx real estate, which is waiting for you as an apartment in a multi-family house. Both in the mountains in front of Port Andratx and in the harbor town itself, you will find beautiful apartments that meet your living requirements. Whether you choose a luxury apartment with the latest technical equipment, huge roof terrace and infinity pool, or a charming Mediterranean city apartment with balcony and pretty nature elements in the small streets of Port Andratx, is entirely up to you.

At Neptunus International, you can buy Port Andratx real estate, whose rustic charm makes it ideal for transforming into a fancy artist's apartment. The high walls, stone walls and picturesque balconies give inspiration, while the view of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea invites you to dream. If you like it very spacious, bright and open, you should buy a Port Andratx property located a little further out from the port town. In the mountains you will find large luxury apartments with the best technical equipment, beautiful furnishing elements and enough space to develop freely in terms of space and design.

No matter what you are looking for; with us you can buy your dream Port Andratx property that exactly fits your lifestyle and your ideas. Find exclusive and unique residential properties such as apartments, luxury villas, or typical Mallorcan fincas and houses - all with a very special charm and attention to detail. If you buy such a Port Andratx property, you will feel the benefits of Mallorcan life every day and live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. We look forward to hearing from you!


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