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Arta - Buying real estate

Buy property in Artà: luxury and exclusivity!

Artà and its surrounding region inspire a calm and quiet life where people still connect with one another. Artà’s pleasant and picturesque village lifestyle combines culture, sun and sea. Located directly opposite the city of Palma, Artà’s road connections are well developed.

Whether you prefer the classical architecture of old stone houses or modern buildings, there is something for everyone here. Artà’s town centre is lively but benefits from quiet countryside surroundings.

If you buy a property in Artà, you will notice how much culture is present here as you discover the historic buildings, churches and theatres. There are countless bays on the outskirts of the village, as well as cycling routes and hiking trails throughout the natural spaces.

Buy a property in Artà and enjoy a boho atmosphere


When you buy a property in Artà, you will discover Mallorca’s beautiful beaches and unique coastline, from place to place. Artà has something for everyone and the most pristine coastal areas. Surrounded by mountains with wonderful views of the coast, it is in the opposite direction of the city of Palma. If you buy a property in Artà, you will enjoy wide stone or sandy beaches, where locals and visitors enjoy great tranquillity. Nature is a special landmark of this coastal region with a unique wildlife and superb beaches that you will benefit from when you buy a property in Artà.

As many do, imagine celebrating your birthdays on a secluded beach stretch, a beach bar or a chic seaside café. You will appreciate the region’s great coastal diversity if you buy a property in Artà. Beside the coast and sea, the region has many other highlights, such as the surrounding mountains.


Buy a property in Artà and benefit from a good infrastructure


Although Artà is a rural region, it has a good infrastructure and well developed transport connections to Palma. The international network is mainly due to the excellent flight connections.

If you buy a property in Artà, you will benefit from the excellent road connections to other important towns and cities. Smaller villages offer traditional shopping experiences, with their local bakeries, butchers, etc and weekly markets where fresh goods such as fish, are sold. Supermarkets nearby provide for all other needs. When you buy a property in Artà, you will benefit from a rich cultural offer. Classical concerts in perfect surroundings, traditional Mallorcan cuisine in typical restaurants, international gastronomy, all within reach when you buy a property in Artà. Mallorca's wonderful cuisine, great ambience, beaches, architecture and surrounding mountains, will all be within reach to enjoy if you buy a property in Artà.

Also in terms of education, the place is not inferior. The international schools enjoy a high reputation and are also easily accessible from Artà. International doctors are also represented on site. The international network is mainly due to the excellent flight connection.

If you are a cyclist or a mountain bike amateur, and buy a property in Artà, you will benefit from the routes. Although more ideal for beginners in autumn to spring, advanced riders take them on all year round. You will discover that the beautiful coastal areas boast ever changing nature and colours, depending on the season and region. In the heat of the summer, trips to the beach will be your obvious choice, when you buy a property in Artà.

If you are a hiking enthusiast and buy a property in Artà, you will discover superb trails with beautiful views, mainland or along the coast and beaches. Artà is also ideal for runners, as there are varied jogging routes.

For runners, this area is also ideal, offering varied jogging routes. In summer, it can sometimes be very hot early on, too hot for a run through the fields of local farmers. But even here, experienced runners can find their routes in the wooded part. Especially for people who like to move, the Artà region with its variety is optimal and the routes will never be boring if you buy an Artà property.


Discover Mallorcans when you buy a property in Artà


Artà is located in the northeast of the island of Mallorca and is rather one of the smaller municipalities of the island. While the older population often speaks only Spanish and/or Mallorqui, which is the form of the Catalan dialect spoken in Mallorca, the younger inhabitants are mostly proficient in English as well as German. But even if you only speak a minimum of Spanish, the hospitality of the people is overwhelming when you buy an Artà property. And everyone goes out of their way to help you despite the language barrier. Nevertheless, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the local language when you buy an Artà property. In the butcher shops and bakeries, for example, you should know the basic terms in Spanish, because here in everyday life by the sellers usually no German is needed. Furthermore, the municipality of Artà attaches great importance to culture. With musical performances in classical music and also folklore, many different tastes are addressed here and everyone gets their money's worth. In addition, if you buy an Artà property, a visit to the local theater is tempting. Also historically interested people get their money's worth in Artà. With the monasteries and several museums and historic buildings of different eras, you can admire the long history of Artà when they buy an Artà property.


Why buy an exclusive property in Artà?


In Artà, the most diverse requirements come together. Buying a property here includes the choice of privacy and a more intense lifestyle when it suits. Mallorca’s capital city, Palma, is only 60 km away and very easily reached, when you buy an Artà property. If you are looking for peace and quiet between natural surroundings, you will find it in Artà. Beautiful properties are also great for amateur gardeners who enjoy lush flower beds, especially in spring, growing their own vegetables and even their olive or almond trees.
Buying a property in Artà you‘ll not only be near nature, beautiful beaches and coves, you will discover an eclectic town with many restaurants, museums and festivals, where different generations get together. Whether you prefer peaceful beaches or lively places where you can meet new people, you'll find what you're looking for when you buy a property in Artà.


Buy property in Artà: Buy a finca, house, flat or maybe a villa in Artà?


If you're looking to buy a property in the Artà region, you'll be spoilt for choice: intimate fincas on the outskirts, flats or village houses, or villas in towns close to the beach. A wide variety of properties awaits you when buying a property in Artà, and you can choose the one that suits you best. In the municipality of Artà, you'll find properties in both historic and ultra-modern buildings. Do you prefer a view of the sea or one of the local churches and monasteries? Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of life or the peace and quiet enjoyed within villages? These are the choices open to you when you buy a property in Artà.


Buy Property in Artà: Buy a Finca in Artà


Artà has many types of fincas, which differ according to their location, age and equipment. Properties in Artà include outskirts lovingly restored old fincas, often with a well providing clear water of drinkable quality and newly built fincas that resemble traditional ones but more in line with modern building regulations. Fincas often have two or more living spaces, to be rented or used as guest spaces. If you buy a finca in Artà, you’ll usually have some landscape and probably a swimming pool, which is especially nice during hot summer days. In short, fincas are magnificent residences that you will utterly enjoy.


Artà property for sale: Buy a villa in Artà


If you want to buy a property in Artà, you could also consider the villas for sale. Usually equipped with every luxury and located close to the village, they are exceptional properties. These villas are equipped with everything families, couples or singles could wish for. New design and swimming pools are part of the basic equipment of these luxury villas. Of course, with these unique properties, there is always the possibility of finding a villa that is exactly adapted to your wishes. Whether you want to live permanently in Mallorca in your exclusive property or only buy a villa for your holidays, Neptunus International will assist you in finding the right property in Artà. Properties with beautiful gardens and a unique design or villas mainly located within the village itself with a perfect connection to the local infrastructure, shops, restaurants, etc. At the same time, in the villas in and around Artà, you will find the needed peace and quiet to enjoy your holiday, your after-work or even your retirement appropriately.

Mallorca’s architecture combines luxury and modernity in each villa, unique gardens, terraces, and one or more storeys. Even if you are looking for a large family space with a guest house for eventual visits, you will find these in most Artà properties.


Buy Property in Artà: Buy a house in Artà


If you want to experience the original life on Mallorca, buy a house on the island. Buying a property in Artà is a real opportunity. In Artà, you’ll find modern houses and even historic buildings in the village. These properties are quite unique with tended gardens matching the unique houses. If the property you wish to buy in Artà is a beautiful village old house, you will experience a true Mallorcan lifestyle. In Artà, inhabitants attach a great importance to their historical heritage. This is not only encouraged by the natives who have lived in Artà for many generations, but also by new residents.

But you can not only buy a house in the town of Artà. Also in the villages that belong to the municipality of Artà, you can find. Here the gardens are a bit more lush and the buildings no less historic than in the main town center. In the old gardens there are often still old olive trees that can give you your own harvest. If you buy an Artà property here, you can choose whether you prefer to have a view of the town center or of nature with the coastal area of the area. Thus, not only the steeply sloping coastal landscape, but also the sanctuary is a rewarding view.

You could also find a traditional house in one of the villages of the municipality of Artà. Gardens are a little more lush and the buildings are no less historic than in the main town centre. The old gardens are often still home to old olive trees that can give you your own harvest. The properties in this area of Artà overlook the village centre or the surrounding countryside and rugged coastal landscape, but the sanctuary is also a rewarding sight.
If you decide to buy a property in Artà, Neptunus International will help you make the right choice between an old stone village house or a modern home.


Buy Property in Artà: Buy an Apartment in Artà


Flats in Artà are ideal for those who only want to partially establish their residence in Mallorca or who are working from here. They are mostly located in the historic streets of the village and perfectly combine modern chic with the Mallorcan way of life, participating in Artà’s everyday life, enjoying its annual festivals, etc. If you buy a property in Artà you’ll enjoy its perfect infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, strolling around and visiting nice restaurants, etc. If you don't want to be part of the action, which reaches its peak during the summer months, you can always be a silent observer from your balcony.

Flats’ living space and design are very diverse, from traditional Mallorcan design to modern furnishings that leave no wish unfulfilled, with open spaces or closed living areas. Sizes are also quite different, with converted flats in the old stone houses or smaller flats in old Mallorcan buildings.

If you would like to buy a property in Artà, whether a studio or a large family flat, Neptunus International will help you find the adequate one, making your dream come true.


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