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German schools in Mallorca - Educational offers

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You have decided to realize your dream and build a new life in Mallorca? Or you already own a vacation home and now want to make this your primary residence? No matter for what reason you want to move to the island, if you have children of school age, you need to know where to find German schools in Mallorca in the best case. A quality school education lays the foundation for future career opportunities and creates successful prospects for the future. When choosing a school in Mallorca, therefore, in addition to the proximity to your property, it is also about the school offer, the quality of teaching and the degree. However, you may also be considering an international school in Mallorca.

Therefore, in this article we will introduce you to German schools on Mallorca as well as international schools.

German schools in Mallorca

When choosing a property, proximity to a school plays a decisive role for parents with offspring. German schools on Mallorca are popular with parents who move to the island with their children from Germany. The educational institute, which primarily holds classes in the native language, is usually to facilitate the new start in a foreign environment. Children are thus not faced with an additional challenge such as a language barrier. On Mallorca you will find the German school "Eurocampus" in Palma, which is a partner school of the "Deutsche Schule" in Barcelona. It is also the only German school on Mallorca that holds an operating license from the Conselleria de educación and is therefore allowed to teach at all. It is also the only German elementary school on Mallorca.

Offered are:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate (grade 9)
  • Realschulabschluss (grade 10)
  • Transition to the gymnasiale Oberstufe (grade 10)
  • Baccalaureate (Year 12)

Teaching at the German school is based on the curricula of all recognized German schools abroad in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar and meets the standards also found at schools in Germany. This ensures a high level of education. The language of instruction is German. English and Catalan find a place in the timetable of the German elementary school in Mallorca from the first grade, while French is added from the seventh grade. Other key subjects in the Mallorcan elementary school are German, mathematics, science, religion, social learning, art, music and sports. The subjects taught in the German elementary school on Mallorca are based on the German curricula. In grades 5 to 8, the German school in Mallorca teaches the subject "Ciencias sociales" with topics such as biology, geography and history. Since 2016/2017, the German school "Eurocampus" is located on the premises of "La Porciúncula" in Palma.

Eurocampus German School

Av.Fraile Joan Llabrés 1
07600 Palma de Mallorca
Phone: +34 971 73 37 30

German kindergarten in Mallorca

The "Eurocampus" as one of the German schools on Mallorca is attached to a kindergarten in the same building, which prepares the transition from the "Wackelzahnschule" to school in addition to the care in the "Zwergenschule".

The German kindergarten attaches great importance to a varied care program with constantly changing theme days, playing, experimenting, handicrafts, cooking and exercise. Of course, there is also plenty of time for free play, outdoor activities, nap time and shared relaxation time. A great deal of focus is placed on music. There is singing, dancing and the celebration of traditional festivals.

Kindergarten care takes place between 8:30 am and 3:15 pm. If enough children come together for afternoon care, the offer can be extended until 4:00 pm.

International schools in Mallorca

In addition to a German school, you can also choose an international school in Mallorca. The private schools enjoy a high reputation and offer an excellent level of teaching. An advantage of the international private school in Mallorca is the multilingual education with English, French, Spanish and Catalan. In addition, the English baccalaureate or the Spanish university entrance qualification is recognized in Germany.

At many international schools on Mallorca, young children already go to the attached kindergarten, which thus directly prepares them for the transition to school life. Although private schools have to be paid for themselves, they also offer correspondingly high levels of equipment and particularly qualified teachers who not only fulfill the curriculum, but also explicitly support children in their talents and strengths and thus comprehensively prepare them for an international career. The classes at the international school in Mallorca are kept correspondingly small.

British schools in Mallorca

Among the most popular Mallorcan private schools are educational institutions that follow British quality standards. The oldest British private school is Bellver International College in Palma.

The renowned British schools teach according to the English curriculum. Children here go from kindergarten to the baccalaureate (A-level). The Spanish school system is also integrated, so that the path also leads to the Spanish baccalaureate (Bachillerato). The university exams are taken by the University of Cambridge and Oxford and are recognized in Germany. However, in some cases an examination must be taken when choosing a course of study.

Schools in Mallorca: Waldorf School

You will find a Waldorf school in addition to British, international and German schools on Mallorca. Waldorf education was founded in 1926 by Rudolf Steiner. The first comprehensive school created the basis for students to go through a common education regardless of social background, later profession and their abilities. The focus of teaching is on the process of children's learning and the phases associated with it. Pupils cannot be left behind. The Waldorf School on Mallorca offers grades 1 to 8. There is also a Waldorf kindergarten for children from 2 to 6 years old. The Waldorf School on Mallorca is located directly in Palma and is based in the historic building Son Rossinyol, which is located in the industrial area Polígono Son Rossinyol.

The school day at the Waldorf School in Mallorca runs from 8:15 am to 2 pm. After that, students can have lunch until 3 pm. An afternoon service is available until 4:30 pm.

The kindergarten goes from 9.00 to 13.30. Lunch is taken from 13.30 to 14.30 and the afternoon service also goes until 16.30.

Escolasofía Waldorf School

Carrer Gremi Velluters 14
07009 Palma

List of international schools in Mallorca

Below we have compiled a list of the best known (British) international schools in Mallorca. On the respective websites you can get comprehensive information about the educational offer. With our Mallorca News you will additionally stay informed about relevant topics around the island life.

Bellver Intentional College

Carrer de Josep Costa i Ferrer 5
07015 Palma
Phone: +34 971 40 42 63

King Richard III College

Carrer Oratori 4
07181 Portals Nous
Phone: +34 971 67 58 50

Queens College

C/ de Saridakis 64
07015 Palma
Phone: +34 971 40 10 11

Balears International College

Camí Cala Figuera 3
07181 La Porrassa
Phone: +34 971 13 31 67

The Academy

Camí de Son Ametler 250
07141 Marratxí
Phone: +34 971 605 008

Lycée Français de Palma

Carrer Illes Balears 142A
07014 Palma
Phone: +34 971 73 92 60

Agora Portals International School

Carretera Vella Ctra. Andratx, s/n
07181 Portals Nous
Phone: +34 971 68 40 42

My School - Mallorca International School

Carrer del Llorer 1
07420 Sa Pobla
Phone: +34 971 57 01 10

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