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Buy Escorca real estate: Enjoy the pure life

Has it been your dream for a long time to buy a property in Mallorca? A place of your own where you can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, soaking up the sun, warmth and relaxation. The Balearic island offers you not only exclusive towns and picturesque villages. Every place on Mallorca convinces with its very own charm and flair. Maybe it is the right decision for you to buy a property in Escorca?

The small municipality is located in the middle of the Tramuntana mountain range, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. Although Escorca is one of the largest island regions in terms of area, it is also one of the least populated. If you are thinking about buying a property in Escorca, you can enjoy a high degree of privacy thanks to the few inhabitants. No wonder that the northwest coast of Mallorca is one of the most sought-after regions of the island. Here, Mallorca truly shows its most beautiful side with the numerous picturesque old farmhouses.

Lean back and enjoy life - nowhere else can you do that like in Escorca. It's true: if you are looking for hustle and bustle and pulsating life, this is not the place for you. If, on the other hand, you are convinced by the relaxed Mediterranean way of life, then you should definitely think about buying a property in Escorca. If you particularly value good food, relaxing tranquility and lush nature, you will certainly get your money's worth in this small town.

Besides the natural phenomenon of the rocky sea gate of Sa Calobra and the famous mountain gorge Torrent de Pareis, Escorca also hosts the soul of the Balearic Island: the monastery of Lluc. Thus, not only numerous museums can be found nearby. Those who choose to buy a property in Escorca can henceforth boast of living at the central point of Mallorcan identity.

If you are now afraid that buying a property in Escorca means not being able to do anything, we want to give you the all-clear. In the following we would like to prove to you why it is worth thinking about buying a property in Escorca. What the small municipality has to offer culturally and how you can still get your money's worth there, you will learn in the following.

Natural spectacle and life like paradise - buy in Escorca real estate


Those who want to benefit from the stunning nature and heavenly tranquility of the small municipality should think about buying a property in Escorca. However, future buyers and owners should be aware that a car is indispensable here. Escorca is not connected to the public transport network. With a nearly 55 minute drive to Palma, you can be sure that the hustle and bustle of the big city will not be a burden to anyone here. Instead, when you buy a property in Escorca, you can completely indulge in nature and the Mediterranean lifestyle with good food and pleasant company.

As the central point and heart of the island, Escorca convinces with a long history and a distinctive culture. Among the venerable buildings of the region is also the Santuari de Lluc in Escorca, which since the 13th century is considered an important place of pilgrimage and the so-called spiritual heart of the island.

But not only the imposing Renaissance buildings and sacred sites make you quickly think about buying a property in Escorca. Numerous natural monuments such as the rock formations at Torrent de Pareis will also amaze you. The extensive nature in the island region invites you to extensive hikes and fascinating cycling and biking tours. Should you buy a property in Escorca, you will have the luxury of pure nature right at your doorstep. The two picturesque reservoirs Gorg Blau and Gorg Cúber can also be seen here.

With a car you stay mobile in the village, should you buy a property in Escorca. The small beach in Sa Calobra is located in the west of Escorca. Idyllically situated between high rocks, you can relax here. The beach itself does not offer any services. Of course, there are still public showers and toilets. However, if you want to linger in a bar or restaurant after an extended day at the beach and swimming, you can choose one of the restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

You want to buy a property in Escorca and benefit from even more tranquility and seclusion? Then follow the path that leads you from Sa Calobra directly to the dreamlike natural bay Torrent de Pareis. This breathtaking natural setting is located in the middle of a deep gorge where the Torrent de Pareis torrent flows into the sea. Even though you have to walk a little bit to reach this little paradise, you should still not be deterred. Already on the way you pass two narrow caves to reach the beach, which is a little adventure in itself. Despite so much nature and idyll, a toilet is also available here. Our insider tip: In summer, a choir concert takes place here, which takes advantage of the good acoustics of the place. If you buy a property in Escorca, we recommend that you do not miss this spectacle.

If you buy a property in Escorca, the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range located here will certainly make your hiker's heart beat faster. Depending on your condition and ability, you will find what you are looking for among the numerous hiking trails. Whether it is a leisurely walk suitable for children or a challenging hike for advanced hikers - if you want to buy a property in Escorca and enjoy hiking with breathtaking views, you will certainly find what you are looking for here. Pine forests, rocky mountain routes and valleys full of fruit trees await you. Often you will also come across viewpoints from which you can marvel at the seemingly endless sea or the varied landscape.

If you like to play golf, you can drive to Pollença, 40 minutes away. For other golf courses, be prepared for at least a 50-minute drive. Hit a few balls, relax and enjoy the views of high mountains surrounding the small but beautiful golf course. Buying an Escorca property will make your dreams come true!


Buy Escora real estate - shopping, things to do and restaurants.


Admittedly, the shopping options available to you should you buy a property in Escorca are limited to a souvenir store and a bakery in the Plaza Peregrins next to the monastery of Lluc. The nearest larger town is Inca, 20 kilometers away, which can be reached in about 35 minutes by car and where the nearest international school is located.

However, this has the great advantage that you do not have to feel disturbed by streams of tourists. In addition, there are seasonally one or the other highlight in the area. Take advantage of these when you buy a property in Escorca. In December, for example, there is an outdoor Christmas market in the Plaza Peregrins. Every Monday, you can stroll through the weekly market in Caimari between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm and admire and buy regional products. Our tip: Be sure to try the olive oil for which Caimari, 13 km away, is famous.

In addition to the numerous hiking trails, cyclists will also get their money's worth if you buy a property in Escorca. Particularly popular: the breathtaking Carretera de Sa Calobra. Created in 1932, the road features many hairpin curves as well as the famous 270° tie knot "Nus de sa Corbata".

If you buy a property in Escorca, you should not miss the History Museum of Religious and Historical Artifacts. Here you can see archaeological finds, folk costumes and gifts to the Virgin. Immerse yourself in the history of the island region and see Mallorca with different eyes.

If you are willing to travel a short distance by car, you will find many bars and restaurants nearby. They invite you to enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine and discover the locally produced olive oil. You want to buy a property in Escorca and therefore you want to know more? Try the Es Guix restaurant, located 2 km from the Santuari de Lluc. Here you will be delighted by the natural pool and the pretty terrace. The historic restaurant will enchant your palate with high-quality traditional Mallorcan dishes. Or you can stop by the Sa Fonda de Lluc restaurant in the monastery's main building. Particularly popular here is the gently cooked lamb, which is excellent to enjoy in the atmospheric 19th-century dining room. Buy a property in Escorca and enjoy the Mediterranean life!


Events not to be missed - Escorca real estate for sale!


Do you know the Fira Naturesport? The fair for sports and nature fans is held every first weekend of April. Here you can look forward to guided hikes in the mountains, children's games, environmental workshops and duathlons. A real must, should you buy a property in Escorca.

We have already hinted at it: every year since 1984, on the first Sunday in July, an open-air choral concert is held at Torrent de Pareis. The fantastic natural acoustics of the gorge provide unforgettable sounds. A highlight that you should not miss if you buy a property in Escorca.

Every year in October, the Serra de Tramuntana Fair is held on a weekend. At this event, visitors can learn about the services and products of the mountain region, participate in guided tours of the monastery of Lluc and explore numerous stalls with unique crafts.

If you want to buy a property in Escorca, you definitely should not miss these highlights.


Escorca real estate for sale - fincas, apartments and exclusive villas


Discover the beautiful and architecturally unique buildings in the heart of the Balearic Island. Nowhere else will you find the Mediterranean style of the island like in Escorca, the soul of Mallorca. If you want to buy a property in Escorca, you will have a wide choice of special properties in the heart of the region, but also in the surrounding area. Are you looking for a typical Majorcan finca with pool, a luxurious villa in Escorca to buy or rather a fancy apartment? At Neptunus International we make it possible for you to buy unusual unique properties and one-of-a-kind Escorca real estate.

Our offered properties in Mallorca are characterized by charm, extravagance and an eye for unique residential properties. Whether a friendly, modern and spacious villa with pool and large plot of land or a historic country house with spacious, charming interiors. In the midst of the Serra de Tramuntana, each type of property looks like something very special in its own way. So nothing stands in the way of your dream life in Mallorca, should you buy a property in Escorca.

We are sure: between the time-honored farmhouses and our luxury accommodation options, you are sure to find exactly what you want when you buy a property in Escorca. The villas, apartments, fincas and houses in the area provide inspiration. So you will soon find your personal dream property at Neptunus International!


Buy Escorca real estate - relaxing life in stylish fincas


You want to buy a finca as a property in Escorca? The 17th century finca is located in the privileged area of Valldemossa. With the numerous orange, lemon, almond, olive and carob trees, it gives its owner the true Mediterranean flair. The lighted pool is ideal to cool off after a sunny day on the golf course or the property's own tennis court.

Those who long for the tranquility and relaxing life on a secluded gentleman's residence should look for a suitable property for sale in Escorca. The island region is located between two of the most popular mountain towns of Mallorca, which invite you to admire and linger. Pollensa is only 27 km away and offers with the Roman bridge and the church from the 18th century not only a good insight into Mallorca's history, but also a dreamlike and picturesque scenery. Sóller, about 29 km away, features mainly modernist buildings from the early 20th century. So if you want a little more hustle and bustle, two of the most popular towns are just a few kilometers away.

Enjoy the luxury that the spacious Escorca fincas offer you as real estate for sale. The unique location in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains makes hearts beat faster and provides relaxation in its own way. Buying a property in Escorca is worthwhile for anyone who appreciates nature and peace from everyday life. Of course, no one has to do without the luxury that all fincas in Escorca for sale at Neptunus Interantional Real Estate bring with them. Look forward to paradise in the most beautiful nature when you buy your future property in Escorca!


Escorca real estate for sale: Exclusive villas to your taste


If you want to buy a property in Escorca, you will notice that the villas are often straightforward and modern in design. No wonder, because the villas in our portfolio differ from the fincas in that they are luxurious new buildings, while the fincas are mostly built on the foundation of old country houses. The luxury villas leave nothing to be desired and convince with luxurious charm, which combines with the breathtaking nature and the majestic mountain landscape of Escorca.

Because the area is one of the least populated on the entire island, you can look forward to a high degree of privacy should you buy a property in Escorca. Unwind, work out in the gym, and recharge your batteries with an extended visit to the spa, which includes a Turkish bath and sauna. Invite friends and family, who will find their own realm in guest rooms and separate apartments, and spend sociable evenings in the billiard room.

When you buy a property in Escorca, you can be prepared for the breathtaking nature that awaits you. Do you enjoy hiking or like to spend a day exploring the area by bike? Then Escorca's natural diversity is just what you need. The Tramuntana Mountains guarantee hiking trails and cycling tours for every fitness level and allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of Mallorca's Mediterranean beauty.

Are you looking for an Escorca property to buy? Then perhaps a Marrakech style villa is just what you are looking for. Enjoy the luxury the property has to offer and be enchanted by the lush planting and Arabic elements.

Or, make yourself at home in a magnificent villa with sea access and elevator. Enjoy an indoor swimming pool with sauna, a sea-facing terrace with infinity pool and free-standing sea view bathtubs. Immerse yourself in the natural phenomena that the island has to offer without sacrificing luxury and maximum comfort. Buying a property in Escorca is worthwhile for anyone who wants to escape from the hectic everyday stress.


Buy real estate in Escorca: Houses that invite you to dream with the best equipment


You want to buy a property in Escorca? Then perhaps a cozy village house is just right for you. It does not always have to be an extravagantly large villa or finca in Escorca to buy. The beautiful village houses and terraced houses come with their own charm. Of course, you do not have to do without the luxury and amenities that you expect in one of the houses in our portfolio as well as in one of the villas or fincas.

Our portfolio offers you pretty unique and dreamlike houses that will make your heart beat faster. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Tramuntana mountains and look forward to extended Mediterranean evenings with good wine and the olive oil so famous for the area. Whether with friends, in intimate togetherness or alone - in Escorca you can buy properties that are suitable both as a permanent residence or as a vacation residence.

Freshly renovated and refurbished house in Escorca for sale or rather a modern new construction? In our portfolio you will find houses in different styles and with different equipment. We are sure that we will find exactly what you are looking for if you want to buy a property in Escorca.

At the same time you are guaranteed the fresh mountain air of the Tramuntana Mountains at all times. Spend your days exploring the surrounding mountains on long hikes and bike rides. Or relax in one of the luxuriously furnished Escorca properties, which you will certainly not regret buying.

Neptunus International Real Estate offers you luxury properties for sale in and around Escorca that perfectly reflect the Mediterranean style and special charm of the area.


First class and luxury apartments - Buy real estate in Escorca


If you want to buy an Escorca property, of course you do not necessarily have to buy a detached house like a finca or a villa. In Escorca, unfortunately, you can not buy apartment directly, but in the nearest towns Caimari, Selva or Inca. Enjoy the luxurious appearance of your apartment for sale and the comfortable furnishings, while you do not miss any of the exciting events in the area.

Neptunus International Real Estate has a portfolio of apartments for sale in that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether traditionally Mediterranean furnished or modern in luxury - you can buy real estate to your taste. You will always enjoy the beauty of the Tramuntana Mountains, which invite you to hike and bike. Enjoy the tranquility that comes with the remoteness of the sparsely populated island region and recharge your batteries.

If you buy a property in Escorca, you can look forward to natural, bright and friendly interiors. Ideal if you love the light and want to be creative. Beautiful balconies with stunning views invite you to sunbathe. In the high-quality kitchens of the apartments you can prepare Mediterranean dishes with fresh ingredients for yourself and your guests, which you can enjoy afterwards on your own veranda.

Whether you buy a property in Escorca that corresponds to the Mediterranean style with natural elements and wooden beams or choose an apartment in the nearest town that is particularly modern and straightforward, is entirely your choice. In Escorca you will find tranquility and luxury combined - from modern apartments with luxurious furnishings to romantic villas!

Neptunus International Real Estate allows you to buy the property in Escorca that suits your dreams. No matter what type of property makes your heart beat faster - With us your dream home in Mallorca becomes reality.


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