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Cas Catala real estate for sale

Buying property in Cas Catala: Living where the sun shines

Cas Catala stands out as one of Mallorca's most exclusive localities. This small residential gem is located about 5 km west of Palma. Residents and holiday makers in and around Cas Catala get a good value for their investment.Golf courses , a beautiful marina and various leisure facilities are accessible in Cas Catala‘s immediate vicinity.

The locality became famous in the 1930's when the first hotels were built and since the 1960's, the demand has not diminished. Today, magnificent properties and hotels underline the charm of Cas Catala. Due to this popularity and many constructions, the boundaries of the village merge with Sant Agustí and Illetes in particular.

Not far away is "Marivent Palace” where the royal family spends their summer holidays. Celebrities are also regular visitors here.

You will hopefully find your dream property to buy in Cas Catala and live in this picturesque suburb near the centre of Palma.

Buying a property in Cas Catala and enjoying the sea


From time to time, who hasn’t wished waking up in the morning with views of the sea. Mallorca’s beauty makes you want to live it to the full. Imagine sunbathing on a sandy beaches, listening to the crashing of the waves with a cocktail in your hand.

Living by the sea is ideal for anyone who loves the sea. The many water sports on offer are sure to delight enthusiasts. Take a sailboat out for a refreshing breeze on the water, a SUP board for paddling out to sea in the calm bays, let yourself be rocked by the waves or take on the swell on a jet ski.

Life can be enjoyed so simply. Reading a good book on a sun lounger, taking a quick dip in the cool sea, sunbathing with your feet in the warm, soft sand - all great summer sensations.

Closing your eyes and dreaming of beautiful beaches lets you forget about everyday life. Breathing in the lightly iodised sea air, feeling the gentle breeze as you gaze out over the sea.

The feeling of freedom that the sea gives is different for everyone. The silence under the surface of the water has a meditative effect on many people and the underwater world awakens peace and tranquillity. With a diving licence in your pocket, you can explore coral reefs far from the beach.

Living by the sea is pleasurable and its positive effect on mind and body has been clearly demonstrated. The sea being so healthy, what are you still waiting for to start your new life near it?


Buying a property in Cas Catala and enjoying an excellent infrastructure


If you choose to buy a property in Cas Catalá, you will have selected a perfect location, from which other places in Mallorca are easily reached. In terms of infrastructure, the proximity to the heart of Palma is a great advantage. Motorways lead from Palma to the whole island and despite the medium size of Mallorca the secondary roads are also well developed.

To get from Palma to Cas Català, you will have to take the Palma-Andratx motorway as far as Cala Major’s exit, then change to the main road and drive in the direction of Illetes and Cas Catala. Depending on traffic, from the airport, Palma city centre and Cas Catala can be reached in about 20 minutes.

As it only takes 5 more minutes by bus from Palma to Cas Catala, having your own vehicle is not strictly necessary. As in any big city, the parking situation in Palma is not always ideal and traffic can be very congested at peak times. Public transport is therefore a good alternative.

Palma de Mallorca’s airport is large and offers a wide range of direct flights to different European cities, with average flight times of less than 3 hours. People on business, with regular scheduled meetings in Europe, will appreciate Cas Catala as an excellent location to set up home.

If you enjoy nature, exploring the locality’s surroundings on foot is an excellent physical activity. North of Cas Catala is a large wooded area with numerous hiking trails. The mountains are a significant physical challenge and mastering the ascents is rewarded by the fascinating views.

The different routes offer outstanding hiking spots, such as the Cova dels Pastors or the Mirador de Alzamora, an ancient ruin overlooking pine forests.

Cyclists will enjoy living in Cas Catala, cycling along the beautiful coastline to Palma, stopping at the shopping mall or taking a break in one of the many cafés.

Various apps, such as "Komoot", allow you to discover the cycling and hiking routes the area.


Get to know the Mallorcans when buying property in Cas Catala


Cas Catala is a small locality belonging to the municipality of Calvià. As its boundary with Illetas is fluid, the inhabitants of both localities add up to a total of 3.550 inhabitants. Life is livelier in Illetas and Cas Catala is the quieter of the two localities.

Many hotels are located in and around Cas Catala attracting international tourists. Expatriates and wealthy locals have chosen to buy a property in Cas Catala and for this reason, in addition to Catalan and Spanish, English and German are also widely spoken in this region.

People of different nationalities live in Cas Catala. The locality being popular and very exclusive, property prices are correspondingly high and those who settle here are wealthy. It is therefore not surprising that the area, where many businessmen work, has a relaxed character.

Mainly Germans live in neighbouring Illetas as well as English and Swedish nationals. Most of the residents of Illetas use their property as a second home.

Despite their different nationalities, interactions between residents are cordial, as proven by neighbours’s friendly relations during the annual end of August’ Saint Augustine Festival. There are various attractions for children and adults to eat and drink together.


Why buy porperty in Cas Catala?


If you wish to buy a property in Cas Catala, it is probably because you long for an exclusively tranquil setting with privacy, elegance and beautiful sea views. Even if not located directly on the coast, the hillsides allow for a unique panorama and sea views.

The exclusive location of Cas Catala attracts many celebrities here. Cas Catala is especially attractive because of its situation, only a few kilometres away from the historic heart of Palma.

On one side Cas Catala has the sea and beach and to the north, behind the village, the mountains and forests. Thus, due to its unique and peaceful location surrounded by nature, next to the sea and close to Palma, Cas Catala attracts the wealthy who wish to reside in a unique Mallorcan locality.

With an average 300 days of sunshine, life on the island is warm almost all year round, so it's no wonder that here, people are happier. The sun and the warmth have an incredibly positive influence on the quality of life. Due to a southern location, temperatures in Cas Catala range between 8° and 30° on average, throughout the year.

When the almond blossom season begins in mid-January, you’ll see the magnificent flowers colour the whole region. In the restaurants you will discover the local gastronomy, fish of the day, suckling meat and, for dessert, the classic ensaimada.

A short distance away the "Port Calanova'' and its marina further embellish the locality. If you have a yacht, you could moor it in one of the 172 berths available. The most modern technology here will allow you to enjoy maritime excursions down to the last detail, not worrying about anything else.


Cas Catala property for sale: Finca, house, flat or maybe a villa?


The purchase of a property will be the perfect start for your new life in Mallorca. There are different types of properties available in Cas Catala. Fincas, townhouses, flats or villas, the choice will depend on your requirements.

What distinguishes a finca from other properties is its usually large plot of land and rustic style of construction with natural stone. Due to their agricultural origin, fincas are often located inland and not directly by the sea. They benefit from loads of tranquillity and are quite secluded. Most people who decide to buy a property in Cas Catala are attracted by the charmful fincas. Today’s newly built modern fincas have larger windows than older constructions and flat roofs, whilst retaining the style of original stone fincas.

A villa is also a country house by origin, but with high standards. The term villa has changed over time and nowadays refers mainly to modern and impressive constructions.

If you buy a villa in Cas Catala it might not be on a very large plot of land. Most villas built next to the sea are imposing, luxurious villas that exude exclusivity and elegance, with huge glass frontages offering unobstructed views of the sea and the area.

 If you buy a property in Cas Catala, due to the usually generous living spaces spread over 2, 3 floors, you will be able to freely design the rooms at your disposal.

Compared to fincas or villas, houses tend to have much smaller plots and living areas. They are generally located in dense residential areas with direct neighbours and there is no classified building style for these houses.

In comparison, depending on their floor plan, flats offer different advantages, such as a roof terrace with uninterrupted views of the city or even an individual garden space. Flats are particularly suitable for holidays if you do not wish to live on the island permanently.


Cas Catala property for sale: Buying a Finca in Cas Catala


You wish to buy a property in Cas Catala and opt for a finca? Challenge accepted! The size of the locality being limited, there is no room for continuous property expansion and thus, getting one of the coveted properties can take time. Many wealthy people have already settled in this beautiful location where they enjoy peace and tranquillity.

Cas Catalá's hillside location allows for unrestricted views of the turquoise sea, even inland and living in a spacious property surrounded by nature is a dream for many.
Dreams come true in such unique properties. Cooling off from the hot summer temperatures in your swimming pool, growing your own oranges and in season picking the ripe fruit as you stroll through in your private garden. All simple pleasures that you will enjoy if you buy a property in Cas Catalá.

Or, playing tennis on your personal tennis court, after a long day's work.

The usually ample living spaces leave room for individual design options such as a fitness room, a dressing room, a sauna, etc. What options do you dream of when you think of buying your finca in Cas Catala?

Depending on the size and layout of the finca, there will be enough bedrooms for guests to have their own space during their stay. Your guests will enjoy a lot of privacy in their bedrooms.

From Cas Catala, Palma can be reached in about 20 minutes. If you often travel for business or have guests on a regular basis, the proximity to the airport will save you a lot of time.
Are you already thinking about buying a property in Cas Catala?


Cas Catala property for sale: Buy a villa in Cas Catala


Why not buy a property in Cas Catala, as unique as yourself, from where you could carry on with business as usual?

The villas of Cas Catala are exclusive. Enjoying the tranquillity of your coveted seafront property, somewhat removed from the urban hustle and bustle, is a dream. In most properties in Cas Catala, wishes do not go unfulfilled. Cas Catala is one of the most exclusive locations in Mallorca, where else could you make your dreams come true?

Due to a southern location, properties in Cas Catalá have an optimal incidence of light and depending on the season, enjoy sunshine almost all day long. With large windows, these exclusive villas enjoy plenty of natural light and unobstructed views of the sea and the town.

These villas are often surrounded by natural landscapes and thus enjoy lots of privacy.

If you prefer to have the sea on your doorstep, certain villas in Cas Catala are on the seafront, some even with direct access.

You will enjoy your new life with friends and family, as these properties in Cas Catala usually have guest rooms. If you buy a villa in Cas Catala, you will hardly find a property without a swimming pool. As Mallorca's temperatures rise high, you’ll enjoy taking a daily break to sunbathe and swim a few lengths in your pool.

Share your new life with friends and family. A guest room or two is sure to find its place when you buy a Cas Catala property.


Cas Catala property for sale: Buy house in Cas Catala


Sometimes less is more, even when it comes to buying a property as not everyone wants to live in great luxury. In Cas Catala however, townhouses or semi-detached properties are not necessarily less luxurious. It is also nice to live close to other families, especially for families with children who will enjoy playing securely outside, while parents barbecue and eat together.

Whatever your property choice, if you buy a property in Cas Catala you will, more often than not, have the opportunity to cosily outline the interior design of your new home, inspiring yourself by the island style.

The neighbourhood of Cas Catala is fairly quiet and even in the densely built-up centre of the village you will escape the usual hustle and bustle.

In Cas Catala, singles or couples will easily find a suitable property. Imagine the calmer pace of life in your new home, settled on a sun lounger in your garden, sipping on a fresh drink, or strolling along the beach at sunset, listening to the gentle sound of the sea from the terrace of a good restaurant, then picking up the needed ingredients for dinner, at the nearest grocery store.

Cas Catala can be walked through effortlessly and the forest nearby is reached in the blink of an eye.

As parking possibilities in the village are limited, especially in the centre, having your own garage is an advantage if you own a car. However, due to the good connections, especially to Palma, a car is not an absolute necessity here.

 Therefore, for those working in Palma or operating internationally, buying a property in Cas Catala will be ideal.


Cas Catala property for sale: Buy flat in Cas Catala


If you want to buy a property in Cas Catala and opt for a flat, you won't have to give up luxury. Most flats here enjoy a private pool and a garden, have several rooms and even are on the beachfront.

You will find what you are looking for when buying a property in Cas Catala, whether you are looking for yourself, as a family or as a couple. Due to the ideal location of Cas Catala, you could move directly into the beautiful village centre and easily do without a vehicle.

Flats are particularly suitable as a second or holiday home. Those who are only there for a few weeks per year should think in advance about the maintenance costs of their property in their absence. Flats are ideal as smaller living spaces and little gardens need love and care but require less cleaning and keeping. Many flats have a balcony or large roof terrace, which are comparatively easier to maintain. These parameters should be taken into account when buying your property in Cas Catalá.

Flats can also serve as primary residences. Would you like to live in the inner centre, with a nice neighbourhood and don't need a large property? Then take a look at our best flats and let us help you make the decision to buy a property in Cas Catala.


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