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Cas Catala real estate for sale

Buy Cas Catala real estate: Live where the sun shines

Cas Catala is a small jewel among the towns of Mallorca. On the beautiful island, the town is located a maximum of 5 km away west of the capital Palma. In and around Cas Catala residents and vacationers of all ages get their money's worth. From golf courses to a marina, to the water park, you will find many popular leisure activities in the immediate vicinity.

In the 30's this place became famous and the first hotels were built in the small town. Until the 60s, the demand did not stop. Magnificent Mallorca real estate and hotels emphasize the charm of Cas Catala. Because of this popularity and the continuing construction, the city limits merge with Sant Agusti and especially Illetes.

Not far away is the Mariventpalast, where the royal family spends their summer vacation. Celebrities are also regularly attracted to this idyll.

With any luck, you'll find your unique dream property in the picturesque suburb of Palma when you buy a Cas Catala property.

Buy Cas Catala real estate and enjoy sea views


Who does not imagine every now and then to fall asleep and wake up regularly with the view of the sea. The Spanish island makes you want to live. On the many dreamlike sandy beaches you can let your soul dangle and enjoy the sound of the sea with a cocktail in your hand.

The sea is the perfect place for all water lovers. The many water sports make people thrive. On a sailing trip you can feel the wind glide by. With a SUP board, paddle out to sea in quiet bays and let the gentle waves rock you. For a little more adrenaline, grab a jet ski and head straight for the waves.

Away from the water, life can be savored on a lounger around the beach. The warm, soft sand under your feet exudes summer feelings. A short cool-down in the water is the perfect balance for those who spend hours tanning in the sun. Whether they are daydreaming or reading a good book.

Now close your eyes and dream yourself for a moment to one of these beautiful beaches that will make you forget about everyday life. Smell the sea air, breathe in the slightly salty taste of the air, feel the gentle sea breeze blowing over your body and every hair on your body standing up, and look out at the sparkling turquoise water.

The feeling of freedom at the sea has a different meaning for everyone. Especially the silence under the water surface has a meditative effect on many people. The sight of the colorful underwater world awakens the desire for more. With a diving license in your pocket, you can explore coral reefs far from the beach.

Life by the sea is not only fun. The positive effect on the mind, skin and health is noticeable and proven. Is there anything simpler to do something good for the body? We think not. So what are you waiting for. Your new life by the sea is just waiting for you.


Buy Cas Catala properties and benefit from the good infrastructure


If you buy a Cas Catala property, you have chosen the perfect location to easily reach any place on Mallorca. The proximity to the capital Palma is an absolute plus for you in terms of infrastructure. The few highways lead from Palma across the entire island. You save valuable time, because despite the manageable size of Mallorca, there are well-developed roads away from the capital.

To get from Palma to Cas Català, take the Palma-Andratx freeway to the Cala Major exit. Then just change to the highway and drive in the direction of Illetes - you will reach Cas Catala. Depending on the traffic, you can reach Cas Catala from the airport in about 20 minutes. It takes a similar amount of time to get to the city center.

Only about 5 minutes longer you need by bus from Palma to Cas Catala. Your own car is therefore not absolutely necessary. The parking situation in Palma is, as in any big city, not the best and the traffic is very congested, especially during rush hour. Therefore, public transport is a good alternative.

The airport of Palma de Mallorca is, relative to the island, large and offer a wide range of direct flights to different cities in Europe with under 3 hours flight time. Especially for business people with regular business appointments in Europe, Cas Catala is an excellent location to settle privately.

Enjoy nature and stay fit by exploring the surrounding area on foot. North of Cas Catala stretches a large forest area with many potential hiking trails. The mountains will challenge your fitness, but the success of having mastered the climb will be rewarded with a fascinating view.

On the different tours you can visit hiking highlights like the cave at Cova dels Pastors or the viewpoint Mirador de n'Alzamora, an old ruin overlooking the pine forest.

Cyclists also get their money's worth in Cas Catala. For example, you can ride along the coast to Palma and stop at the shopping area, or take a break in the numerous bars and cafes.

Download Kommot, or a similar app, and discover the biking and hiking trails in the area.


Get to know the Mallorcan people when you buy Cas Catala real estate


Cas Catala is a small town that belongs to the municipality of Calvià. Since just the city limits to Illetas smoothly, the population of both towns are added together. In about 3,550 inhabitants count both cities together. Life in Illetas is more lively and Cas Catala is the quieter town of the two.

There are many hotels located in and around Cas Catala that attract international tourists. But also many emigrants and rich locals have settled there due to Cas Catala real estate buying. Therefore, besides Catalan and Spanish, a lot of English and German is spoken in the region.

People of different nationalities live in Cas Catala. Since the city is very exclusive and popular, the real estate prices are correspondingly high. Those who settle here belong to the class of wealthy people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the place, where many businessmen work, brings a relaxed character.

In the neighboring Illetas live mainly people of German, English and Swedish nationality. The majority of Illetas residents use their property as a second home.

The interaction with each other is very cordial despite the different nationalities. This is also shown by the annual San Augustine festival at the end of August. There are some attractions for the youngsters and the adults eat and drink together.


Why buy Cas Catala real estate?


If you are buying a Cas Catala property, you are probably looking for a quiet ambiance and privacy with a gorgeous sea view. Enjoy the elegance and exclusivity of the city. You don't have to live directly on the coast for a magnificent view of the turquoise sea. The hillside location allows you, even from inland properties, a unique view.

The exclusivity of Cas Catala attracts many celebrities to this place of Mallorca. It is the location that makes Cas Catala particularly attractive. A few kilometers from Palma, the city offers numerous opportunities for leisure activities, while you can live and relax undisturbed in your new home.

You have the sea, with an excellent beach, on one side Cas Catalas and north behind the town mountains and a variety of forests are waiting for you. The unique location with combination of proximity to the city, nature, sea and tranquility attracts many emigrants and rich residents of Mallorca to the small town.

With an average of around 300 days of sunshine, the island is an excellent place to live all year round. With so much sun, it's no wonder that people are doing well here. Sun and warmth have an incredibly positive influence on life. Due to the southern location of Cas Catala, the mild temperatures are on average between 8° - 30°. This makes shivering days in front of the fireplace a thing of the past.

Towards the middle of January begins the time of almond blossom. Admire how the magnificent blossoms make the city shine and enjoy the culinary great choice in one of the restaurants. From fish dishes to Mallorcan suckling pig and the classic ensaimada, a puff pastry, every palate will find what it is looking for.

The Port Calanova marina, within walking distance, also enhances the city. If you already have a yacht, book one of the 172 popular berths here. State-of-the-art technologies mean you can enjoy your sea excursions down to the last detail and not have to worry about anything else.


Cas Catala real estate for sale: Finca, house, apartment or maybe a villa?


For the perfect start to your life on the sunny side, you have the choice between different property types when buying Cas Catala real estate. When choosing a finca, a house, an apartment or a villa, it all depends on your needs.

What distinguishes the finca from other properties is the large plot of land and the country style of the building made of natural stone. Due to their agricultural origin, fincas are usually located inland and not directly by the sea. They offer you peace and seclusion. The charm of the country style continues to enchant many people who buy a Cas Catala property. Therefore, the style of natural stone buildings with large windows and flat roofs has been maintained.

The villa is also a country house by origin, but with higher standards. The term villa has changed over time and today refers in particular to the often modern and impressive building.

A villa at Cas Catala real estate buying does not necessarily have to be on a large plot of land. That is why many villas were also built directly on the sea and score with their location. Villas are one thing above all: imposing and luxurious. They exude exclusivity and elegance. With huge fronts made of glass, most of them offer an unobstructed view over the sea or the city.

With generous living space that spans 2 or 3 floors, you'll have plenty of rooms to spread out when you buy a Cas Catala property.

Houses have much smaller plots and living areas with direct neighbors compared to villas and fincas. They are located in densely developed residential areas. There is no classified architectural style for houses.

Apartments offer different advantages depending on the floor. They can shine with a roof terrace with uninterrupted views over the city or have their own garden (part). They are especially suitable as vacation apartments if you do not want to live permanently on the island.


Cas Catala property for sale: Buy finca in Cas Catala


You want to buy a Cas Catala property? How about a finca? Challenge accepted! The size of the town is limited, leaving little room for a large number of sprawling properties. Snagging one of the coveted cuties takes some time. Many wealthy people have already settled in the beautiful city and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Cas Catala's hillside location allows you an unrestricted view of the turquoise sea even inland. To live in the middle of a spacious property in beautiful nature is a dream for many. On the property you can realize yourself. A pool is almost a must. You won't want to miss out on cooling off from the summer temperatures. Perhaps you will also plant one or the other olive or orange tree. Pick the ripe fruits as you walk through the garden and enjoy their freshness. You can do all this when you buy a Cas Catala property.

Or have your own tennis court built. After a long day of work, step outside through the patio door and you'll be ready for a sports session that will get your body going. The perfect balance after a long day. You save valuable time and have only one step outside until you can devote yourself to your leisure activities.

The spacious living areas leave plenty of room for individual design options. A fitness room, a dressing room, a sauna, let your thoughts run free. What do you dream of when you think of buying a finca in Cas Catala?

Your guests will have their privacy in one of the many bedrooms. Depending on the size and layout of the finca, there are enough bedrooms to allow many of your dinner guests to have their own room with you for their stay.

The proximity to the airport has advantages not only for you, but also for your guests. You can accelerate on the paved roads and reach Palma within 20 minutes. This will save you a lot of time if you have to travel regularly for business meetings or expect many guests. Are you already toying with the idea of buying a Cas Catala property?


Cas Catala property for sale: Buy a villa in Cas Catala


08/15 does not suit you? Buy a Cas Catala property that is as individual and extraordinary as you are?

The villas in Cas Catala are as unique as your fingerprint. Enjoy the tranquility a little away from the hustle and bustle or opt for one of the sought-after properties in the first sea line. There will be no wish left unfulfilled when you buy a Cas Catala property. With Cas Catala you decide for the most exclusive town of Mallorca. If not here, where else should your dreams come true?

Due to the southern location of the city you have an optimal incidence of light into your villa. Feel the sun's rays on your skin all day long. The large window fronts of most villas grant a lot of daylight to the living areas and grant an unobstructed view over the sea, the city and maybe your future pool. Ideal for all those who are buying a Cas Catala property.

Just outside the city, the villas are surrounded by large trees that give you a lot of privacy on your property. Away from prying eyes of neighbors and tourists you live undisturbed in the fantastic nature.

If you would rather have the sea than the forest at your doorstep, urban villas near the beach await you in Cas Catala. Some of them even allow their owner private access to the sea.

You will hardly find a villa without a pool when buying Cas Catala real estate, because with Mallorca's temperatures you will look forward to a relaxing sunbath in the evening or during your lunch break. Many pools are large enough to swim a few laps even in the early morning and start the day vital.

Share your new life with friends and family. A guest room or two is sure to find its place when you buy a Cas Catala property.


Cas Catala property for sale: Buy a house in Cas Catala


Less is sometimes more when buying Cas Catala real estate. Not everyone needs luxury, but who says that a house or a semi-detached house must necessarily be less luxurious? Especially for families with children it is nice to live in direct neighborhood to other families. The offspring can play together outside and the parents heat up the grill together for dinner. Of course, fresh fish straight from the sea can be enjoyed not only in the restaurant.

No matter what your taste in Cas Catala real estate buying, just the interiors can be designed as you wish. Bring a homey feel to your new four walls, or be inspired by the flair of the island.

The neighborhood in Cas Catala is rather quiet and even in the densely built-up city center, you will be able to escape the hustle and bustle of your home.

As a single or a couple, it is just as easy to buy a Cas Catala property. In the beautiful flair of the place you set up your lounger in the garden and try out new cocktail recipes. A stroll along the beach in the evening and on the way back you pick up the last ingredients for dinner. Or listen to the gentle sound of the sea on the terrace of one of the restaurants.

Cas Catala can be explored effortlessly on foot. If you want to see more greenery, you can reach the forest in no time.

The parking facilities of the locality are limited. Especially in the village, a garage of your own is an advantage if you have your own car or still want to buy. However, due to the good connection, especially towards Palma, a car is not absolutely necessary.

For those who work in Palma or operate internationally, Cas Catala real estate buying is the perfect place to start.


Cas Catala property for sale: Buy apartment in Cas Catala


Even when buying Cas Catala real estate in the form of an apartment, you do not have to do without a touch of luxury. A private pool, four bedrooms, a private garden or a dreamlike location in the first sea line, go wild with your ideas.

You will find what you are looking for when buying Cas Catala real estate, whether you are looking for the right property alone, with your family or with your partner. Due to the ideal location of Cas Catala, you can also do without a car and make yourself comfortable directly in the beautiful village center.

The apartments are particularly suitable as second homes or vacation homes. Those who are only on site for a few weeks a year should think in advance about the care of the property in the meantime. An apartment is ideal for this purpose. You have a limited living space that needs to be cleaned. A garden also needs love and attention. Many apartments tend to have a balcony or a large roof terrace, which are comparatively easier to maintain. You should always keep this in mind when buying Cas Catala real estate.

Of course, an apartment can also be the perfect solution for you as your main residence. You would like to live in the middle of the action, have a desire for a nice neighborhood and do not need a large property? Then take a look at our top apartments and let us help you decide if you want to buy a Cas Catala property.


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