Portals real estate purchase: Enjoy Mediterranean life

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Buy Portals real estate - live near the marina

Who wants to buy a Portals property, decides for the Mediterranean life directly at the turquoise-blue sea of Majorca. The southwest coast of the sunny vacation island invites you to sunbathe on about 300 days a year and is therefore so popular not only with visitors to Mallorca, but also with emigrants. Would you also like to buy your own Portals property to spend the gray winters from now on the Mediterranean Sea, the village with its famous marina is ideal for this.

Not only in the warmer, but also in the colder months you will benefit from a nice village community with many immigrants who have also moved their primary or secondary residence to Mallorca to enjoy year-round vacation feelings. If you buy a Portals property, you will find the perfect mix of quiet and secluded privacy, nice acquaintances as well as the hustle and bustle and Spanish temperament at the beautifully landscaped harbor of Puerto Portals.

The many sea view restaurants and boutiques in Portals Nous invite you to discover, enjoy and browse. If you buy a Portals property here, you will quickly get to know friendly and outgoing locals who can give you tips about the island and things to do in Portals. Whether you decide to take a day trip to Palma de Mallorca, 12 kilometers away, or mingle with the paparazzi and celebrities on the glamorous harbor promenade; when you buy your long-awaited Portals property, you'll have things to do and discover in and around this modern Mallorcan village at any time of the year, day or night.

Those who want peace and relaxation can simply retreat to their own homes or visit one of the nearby picturesque beaches and coves, which can be discovered in abundance on the southwest coast of Mallorca. Here, adrenaline junkies can indulge in a wide variety of water sports, while lesser adventurers can simply lie in the sun, eat a delicious ice cream, play volleyball or go snorkeling to marvel at the breathtaking underwater worlds of the crystal clear ocean. All this you can soon experience every day when you buy a Portals property.

Buy Portals real estate and indulge in culinary delights


The modern yet manageable cozy village of Portals Nous has all the facilities and stores you might need if you buy a Portals property here. Along the main Carretera d'Andratx road that winds through the pretty town, many typical Mallorcan cafes line up with eclectic restaurants and bistros where you can sample the local cuisine, as well as culinary specialties.

From Asian barbecue to delicious Italian restaurants with the tastiest pizza and pasta dishes to typical Spanish tapas restaurants; if you buy a Portals property, you will want for nothing here. For home cooking, you will find a wide selection of regional delicacies such as juicy fruits and vegetables and fresh dairy products and sausages in the supermarkets of Portals.

The small boutiques, souvenir and handicraft stores also invite you to stroll. If you would like to buy a Portals property, you will also find the right decoration and furnishings for your home here. In addition to classic hardware stores, you will find many unique owner-operated stores in Portals Nous and at the adjacent marina Puerto Portals, where there are exceptional and typically Mallorcan decoration and furnishing elements that you can buy for your Portals property and that will make your residential property even more unique.

If you like splendor, modernity, and quality at a premium, Puerto Portal's promenade is the ideal destination for you; it is lined with famous designer stores and high-priced boutiques, which are also frequented by the super-rich yacht and sports car owners.

In addition, Puerto Portals is the ideal place to enjoy a fancy dinner and end the evening outside your own residential property in a chic atmosphere; you will certainly never tire of the view of the million-dollar luxury yachts that are comfortably bobbing back and forth in the picturesque harbor when you buy a Portals property.

When you buy a Portals property, you have all the benefits and entertainment destinations that Palma de Mallorca has to offer close at hand; it only takes 20 minutes by car to reach the sights, localities and attractions of the Mallorcan capital.

Even though the modern village of Portals Nous and the associated luxury port Puerto Portals do not have any historical monuments ready, you will certainly not get bored if you buy a Portals property here. In particular, the hundred-meter-long Platja de s'Oratori is worth a visit in the summer. Adrenaline junkies, water rats and bathing vixens will get their money's worth here.

When you buy a Portals property, you can discover the beautiful underwater world of the southwest coast of Mallorca while snorkeling and diving, or explore the surrounding bays while kayaking and jet skiing on the water. Nearby are many hidden beaches and picturesque cliffs such as Cap des Gegant or Punta Negra; surely you will quickly discover your favorite place when you buy your own Portals property.

In any case, the small town offers you a wide range of sporting activities and undertakings. If the sea does not belong to your realms, you can also really work out on land by playing golf or tennis in Mallorca. If you prefer to observe living marine animals at a safe distance, you can do so at Marineland. This attraction is definitely worth a trip if you want to buy a Portals property.


Buy Portals real estate: Live in international neighborhood


If you buy a Portals property, you will meet many very different personalities in your neighborhood and hear interesting stories. Even though Portals Nous is more of a lively village that offers its visitors many hotel and vacation resorts during the summer season, some locals and immigrants have also settled permanently in the tranquil yet very well equipped village.

Portals Nous is not even 100 years old and therefore offers the most modern infrastructure and architecture of Mallorca. The chic yet cozy village is ideal for starting a family but also for young couples who want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Palma and the glamorous flair that surrounds the village. It's see and be seen in the fancy in-restaurants and hot spots of the marina; well-heeled families who want to enjoy their life on a luxury yacht in Puerto Portals also feel at home here.

The special atmosphere between home familiarity and luxurious lifestyle you will surely feel immediately when you buy a Portals property. Get to know your friendly neighbors from Scandinavia, England or France, exchange ideas and receive excursion tips and wisdom for life on Mallorca from locals who run their businesses in Portals Nous. The openness and Spanish temperament are also everywhere in Portals.

The exuberant festivals and celebrations that take place throughout August in Portals Nous and the surrounding villages are not to be missed if you buy a Portals property. Here you can dance, drink, eat, celebrate and have a good time with your friends and acquaintances until late at night. You can also find unique designer pieces, clothing and accessories at the annual Sunset Market, which is held regularly in Puerto Portals during this time. You can also buy decorations and regional handicrafts to decorate your Portals property.


Why should you buy Portals real estate?


If you love Palma de Mallorca with all its facets and the wide range of entertainment, but also like to have peace and relaxation from time to time, you should think about buying a Portals property. In the tranquil town you are ideally equipped with everything you might need - even for your children there is the largest international language school on the island.

With only about 12 kilometers to the capital, you can reach all of Palma's attractions in a few minutes, but you can also retreat to the manageable village of Portals Nous or stroll along Puerto Portals' busy harbor promenade and, if you're lucky, run into big Hollywood stars. The wonderful restaurants and pretty Mallorcan cafes offer your palate a wide selection of new tastes and culinary delights.

If you are looking for a mix of glamour and tranquility, Portals is the place to be. Close to the popular residential and vacation area you will not only find the most beautiful beaches and bays of the southwest coast, but also a huge selection of unique luxury apartments, villas, fincas and other residential uniques, where you will feel completely at home and comfortable when you buy a Portals property.

Discover the culinary variety and the wide range of sports activities offered around the village. Whether it's golf, tennis, jet skiing or paddling; in Portals Nous residents and visitors can discover new hobbies for themselves, work out or sunbathe for hours on the wonderful deserted coves and private sandy beaches that you too will come to appreciate when you buy a Portals property.


Buy Portals real estate: you have many options


In the tranquil and yet very popular residential area on the southwest coast of Mallorca, you can buy unique Portals real estate and acquire beautiful residential uniques. With Neptunus International you will find exactly the property that suits your lifestyle and wishes. Whether you want to retreat with your family during the cold winter months in your Mediterranean Mallorcan finca or spend your life as a pensioner completely on the sunny island - here you can buy Portals real estate that leaves nothing to be desired.

With us you will find modern apartments with spacious living space and unique roof terraces, luxury villas with huge garden plot, pool and views of the azure Mediterranean Sea or classic rustic fincas with upscale amenities and a Mediterranean garden that others can only dream of. Let your living dreams come true and realize yourself in your property on Mallorca.

The village of Portals Nous and the port of Puerto Portals are becoming increasingly popular as a place to live for immigrants, but also for locals, due to their excellent infrastructure and quick access to Mallorca's capital; the further your property is located on the hills of Costa d'en Blanes, the better the unique view of the sea and the marina, which attracts hundreds of celebrities and oligarchs every year.

When you buy a Portals property, you enjoy complete privacy in a friendly, open-minded yet discreet neighborhood. The many wonderful restaurants and venues invite you to unique culinary excursions and social nights with friends. When you buy a Portals property, you get to experience the glamorous life of Mallorca, with the most beautiful sandy beaches and coves just around the corner.


Portals property for sale: Buy finca in Portals


If you are looking to buy a Portals property, you can discover first-class fincas in typical Mallorcan style at Neptunus International. In and around the modern village with its magnificent marina, there are many detached fincas that have served their original purpose as country houses and now shine in new splendor as first-class luxury residential properties.

Whether you want to buy a new-build or renovated old Portals property, whether you love it modern or rustic; our exclusive fincas wonderfully pick up the atmosphere of their Mediterranean, and at the same time progressive environment as it is found in and around Portals Nous and offer space for complete self-realization. Especially families, who on the one hand want to have enough rooms and large indoor and outdoor spaces, and on the other hand do not want to give up privacy and a certain amount of luxury, are often the ones who buy such a Portals property.

Large gardens with natural pools, fragrant fruit trees and exotic plants, spacious verandas with a view over the sea of the southwest coast of Majorca and unique elements made of natural materials are just some of the features that await you when you buy a Portals property. In addition, all of our fincas have upscale furnishings and a particularly open and at the same time homely living space design that invites you to relax, work and receive guests. In our luxury fincas you can let your soul dangle and switch off from the hustle and bustle that awaits you in nearby Palma de Mallorca and the port of Puerto Portals.

When you buy a Portals property, you will be surprised by beautiful and unique residential elements that perfectly reflect the surroundings of Portals Nous and the flair of Mallorcan fincas; wooden beams on high ceilings, stone stoves that provide coziness and warmth in winter, and exterior facades of light natural stone that protect the interiors from heat in summer are not only practical, but also visually real eye-catchers. Elegant archways and classic wooden shutters, together with the unique outdoor facilities, create a picturesque overall picture. You can soon enjoy this sight every day when you buy your own Portals property.


Portals property for sale: Buy a villa in Portals


Certainly many dream of a luxury villa in Mallorca; whether as a second home for the cold winter months in Germany or as a main residence in old age - those who want to buy a Portals property will definitely not miss the unique luxury properties in this area. At Neptunus International you will find the most exclusive villas in Portals Nous and Puerto Portals. If you buy such a Portals property, you will get to know the life of Hollywood stars who love to settle in this part of Mallorca to spend their summer vacations.

With us you will find modern villas in straightforward high-gloss style, with the best equipment and unique decoration and furnishing elements. Enjoy a unique view over the crystal clear bays from your infinity pool, spacious terrace or sophisticated balcony, which you can reach in just a few minutes when you buy a Portals property here. Enjoy the Spanish sun on your skin on about 300 days a year and experience firsthand what "la buena vida" can mean in your luxury property.

In addition to modern luxury villas, you can also buy and discover with us an exclusive selection of no less luxurious portals real estate, which are kept in the rustic manor style and convince with their unique feel-good atmosphere. Many loving elements such as stucco trim, golden fittings, kitchenettes and floors made of real marble as well as antique furniture and furnishings give these extravagant properties a unique charm, which is underlined by typical Mallorcan decorative objects.

Take advantage of huge gardens and uniquely designed swimming pools that invite you to sunbathe for hours and host pool parties until late at night. If you're lucky, you can even buy portals properties at Neptunus International that have a private stretch of beach. From here, you can launch your own jet ski to explore the surrounding coves of Portals Nous or hold long bonfires and barbecues with family and friends. In a magnificent Mallorcan villa, there are no limits to your imagination and your wishes. Would you like to buy such a Portals property? Then contact Neptunus International today!


Portals property for sale: Buy a house in Portals


You want to buy a Portals property, but you don't want to spend your life in a high-gloss luxury property, but you want to make it a bit more original and down-to-earth? Of course, in the beautiful village on the southwest coast of Mallorca, you will find many beautiful detached houses that meet even lower demands, desires and ideas and offer you the best possible facilities at smaller prices. At Neptunus International you can buy a variety of picturesque residential properties and portals properties ideal for couples, singles, retirees and small families who want to spend their lives in Mallorca from now on.

The manageable village of Portals Nous represents the ideal residential area and convinces with a friendly neighborhood, a wide range of activities and a wide selection of beautiful houses. From here you can plan family trips to the surrounding beaches of Cala Bendinat or Platja de s'Oratori. Young people can reach the capital Palma de Mallorca with its famous party mile - Ballermann - and beautiful Palma real estate in just 20 minutes and then relax in your little house in Portals Nous or prepare for the festivities that take place in Puerto Portals in August. In any case, here you can buy Portals real estate designed exactly for your needs.

Whether you are looking for a chic detached house with high quality finishings and private swimming pool, a bungalow made of natural stone and with a small garden, or a townhouse with an enchanted Mediterranean style and a sunny veranda, at Neptunus International you can buy Portals real estate that meets your expectations without compromise.

Switch off in your picturesque, naturally growing garden, enjoy your pool with wellness function or become active as a self-caterer in your house in Portals Nous by growing your own juicy fruits and vegetables and benefit from the intense, sun-ripened taste. With us you can buy Portals real estate where you can realize exactly the life you have always dreamed of.


Portals property for sale: Buy apartment in Portals


In addition to a variety of detached luxury villas, classic Mallorcan fincas and picturesque houses, you will also find beautiful and versatile apartments in Portals Nous, which convince especially by their unique view over the sea of Puerto Portals. At Neptunus International you can buy Portals real estate, which is suitable as a family residence, but also as a stylish single apartment and has all kinds of upscale features. The spacious apartments with extensive roof terraces or balconies offer plenty of space, bright rooms and the opportunity to live completely freely.

Which style your apartment should have and whether you prefer an urban and modern city apartment in Portals Nous, or a classic Mallorcan luxury apartment in Puerto Portals, depends of course on your taste and needs. With us, you can buy exactly the Portals property you envision without having to compromise. Turn your rustic luxury Mallorcan apartment into a fancy artist's apartment by combining unusual decorative objects with existing natural elements, or use your straightforward modern city apartment to host decadent pool parties, barbecues or gala dinners with your Mallorcan acquaintances.

The large apartments in Portals Nous are also perfect for families. If you buy a Portals property here, you can immerse yourself in authentic Mallorcan life and enjoy your morning coffee or extended lunch with loved ones while enjoying the breathtaking views.

The upscale furnishings of your property and the many bright and large rooms look friendly, inviting and familiar, while children will also find plenty of space to romp and play. The proximity to picturesque coves and white, secluded sandy beaches, as well as nearby Palma with its many entertainment options, is also a great advantage for families looking to buy a Portals property. Neptunus International is your contact for buying real estate in Mallorca and will accompany you on all tours of the versatile apartments of Portals Nous!


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