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Buying a property in Sa Rapita - enjoy a life of luxury

If you buy a property in the beautiful area of Sa Rapita, which boasts one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the south coast of Mallorca will become your new homeland. Located 11 kilometres away from the larger town of Campos, the village of Sa Rapita is highly recommended for those who wish to experience the Balearic island’s authentic lifestyle. The beach is about 1 kilometre long and 25 metres wide and offers plenty of space to relax, enjoy sports activities or just stroll along the shore. Not only is the area spectacular, the beach is also safe for children. Thus, if you seek a carefree life, Sa Rapita is the ideal place to buy a property. In and around Sa Rapita, you will discover beautiful beaches and unique surroundings and embark on your new life chapter under the Mallorcan sun. A few minutes' drive from Sa Rapita you have the long fine white sandy beach of Es Trenc and its crystalline waters of Caribbean appearance, which you will enjoy every day if you buy a property in Sa Rapita.

Buy a property in Sa Rapita with sea views


At some point, everyone has thought about what it would be like to live by the sea, with the cool iodised breeze, the soothing waves and endless views of the horizon, very soothing too. It is no secret that sea air is healthy and thus, if you buy a property and live in Sa Rapita it will benefit your body and soul. The purity of the sea air improves breathing and oxygenates the lungs while the sun ensures the production of vitamin D needed for a good mood and balance. The island of Mallorca is ideal to escape a hectic life. If you buy a property and live in Sa Rapita your body and soul will not only benefit from these advantages, in Sa Rapita you will enjoy a more balanced, relaxed life.

Although the sea does make emigration a little easier, the environment and the locals also play an important role. When you buy a property in Sa Rapita you will find that most Mallorcans are relaxed, without envy or resentment, friendly and welcoming. Mallorca has a very good infrastructure, which is advantageous if you live on the island permanently. You might wish to buy a property in Sa Rapita because this zone on the island of Mallorca reflects authenticity. Numerous houses, fincas and apartments are ready and waiting to become new owners’ homes. Surrounded by a typical landscape and near the immense sea, hardly another area is more beautiful to start a new healthy life chapter. In short, you will not regret buying your property in Sa Rapita.


Infrastructure is a great advantage when buying a property in Sa Rapita


On holidays, it is important to know things such as the environment, the quality of the hotel, the services offered, etc. If you want to live in Mallorca and decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita the situation changes and the factors relevant to daily life will have to be investigated before migrating. The infrastructure is of true importance. The usual things like the internet, sewerage or electricity connections are absolutely standard in Mallorca and you won't need to worry about them if you buy a property in Sa Rapita. Mallorca also has schools, hospitals, excellent international schools, medical and commercial facilities. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita, you will not need to worry about a perfect infrastructure. The surrounding towns are easily accessible and Sa Rapita itself offers many opportunities to render your life on this beautiful Mediterranean island much more carefree.

Life is not just about obligations and so a counterbalance is necessary. Free time is important to recharge one’s batteries and energy. Mallorca in particular, offers an ideal balance between free time and work. If you buy a property in Sa Rapita you will enjoy serenity, even if you only stay for holidays. If you are thinking of emigrating here, a wide range of leisure activities await. The island's many hours of sunshine and Mediterranean climate enable the practise of outdoor sports such as cycling, even for simple commutings, although numerous cycle paths and corresponding excursions are perfect to balance work and free time. You won't even need money or fixed plans to cycle, just hop on your bike and explore Mallorca from a different angle.

Sa Rapita’s marina is not just a welcoming change for visitors to Mallorca, Mallorcans enjoy the hustle and bustle of the port. Water sports are not the main focus in Sa Rapita, however, if you buy a property in Sa Rapita you will find a wide range of nautical options nearby, such as sailing, diving and water skiing. Alternatively, you could get away from it all on one of the region‘s many golf courses. If you have young children and want to buy a property in Sa Rapita, they will enjoy numerous playgrounds, pony rides, etc. The leisure activities on the south coast offer just the right thing for everyone, and in good or bad weather, it's hard to get bored. There is always something to do for a balanced daily life.


Buy a property in Sa Rapita and befriend the Mallorcans


If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita and become a resident on the island, you will not only discover the balanced mentality of the locals, but also the many advantages of their way of life. What few people know is that nearly all of the island’s traditions come from centuries of immigration. Almost nothing has its origin here and in recent decades, more and more people from different countries have moved to the island. Of course, this has not only influenced the island, but also the islanders themselves.

Authentic Mallorcans are rare, the immigrants have adopted numerous traditions and influences and passed them on to their children and thus, the island is still in constant change. When you buy a property in Sa Rapita, you will quickly realise that Mallorcans love to socialise. Almost every month there is an occasion where people gather to celebrate and have fun. The lightness of life found here in all variations and situations, makes everyday life on the island very popular. Its inhabitants are not stressed, what cannot be done today will be dealt with tomorrow. When you buy a property in Sa Rapita, you immediately realise that life here is not a race, you enjoy it and live it.


Why buy a property in Sa Rapita?


There are numerous reasons to buy a property in Sa Rápita. Far away from the capital city of Palma and right next to the sea, Sa Rapita offers all the advantages of living on an island, such as waking up every morning to enjoy views of the crystal clear water. No matter the time of the year, the sea always reserves surprises. If you want to buy a property in Sa Rápita, you will enjoy the beach in summer as well as in winter. Long walks, picnics or games with the children are always possible here. But these are not the only advantages you will have if you choose to buy a property in Sa Rápita.

Mallorca offers emigrants in particular many opportunities for a good start and a new life. The island is popular with those who wish to change their place of residence. As Mallorca is very international, school and hospital attendance is not a problem. Spain has a very good health care system with state and private medical centres and clinics that are also internationally oriented. However, it is advisable to learn Spanish before emigrating here, in order to get along smoothly in everyday life on the island. It is best to learn the language little by little and speak with the locals in Spanish. This will make the start of your new life in Mallorca much easier if you buy a property in Sa Rapita. The charming and cheerful attitude of the locals will help you to quickly acquire basic Spanish. If you want to buy a property in Sa Rapita, it is always advisable not to rely on the international flair of Mallorca, but to take a look at the locals and decide to learn Spanish. This way, nothing will stand in your way of a carefree life on the Balearic island. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita, you can be sure that you will enjoy a unique lifestyle and relaxed mentality. Let yourself be enchanted by the Mallorcan joie de vivre.


Buying a property in Sa Rapita - a finca, a house, an apartment or a villa?


If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita, you will need to make a choice between the apartments, villas, houses or fincas for sale. This small coastal town has benefited from the arrival of a large number of immigrants in recent years and here you find properties that meet the latest standards. The prices for a property in Sa Rapita are usually lower than in the surroundings or in the southwest of Mallorca, as the area is a bit further away from Palma. Nonetheless, you do not have to give up anything and the isolation has a certain charm, especially in the summer months. In winter, the few hotels in the village only occasionally welcome visitors. The rest of the year, if you buy a property in Sa Rapita, you can benefit from the typical Mallorcan lifestyle.

The type of property you buy will of course depend on your needs. For instance, houses or fincas are perfect permanent homes with plenty of space and wonderful outdoor areas. If you only want to spend your vacations on the island, then you can opt for an apartment. Some of the properties in the area of Sa Rapita, can be rented out to visitors as an additional source of income. If you buy a villa, it is perfect if you want to enjoy large rooms and spaces. These properties have a certain luxury and do not lack anything.


Buy a property in Sa Rapita - buy a modern finca in Sa Rapita


If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita you will see that this area by the sea is not only defined by the superb beaches and landscapes, but also by peace and tranquillity. The village of Sa Rapita reflects Mallorca’s authenticity and the relaxed rural life of Mallorca is perfect for a fresh start, especially in a finca. Fincas are typical homes, reminiscent of a past country life. If you are searching for a property to buy, in Sa Rapita you will find a range of properties to choose from including several fincas. So, take a virtual visit with us!

If you are looking for a new home and wish to buy a finca type property, in Sa Rapita you will see old fincas as well as brand new ones. New fincas are new properties built as authentic fincas with ample home-space and a large outdoor area. The appearance and method of construction play an important role here as natural materials are used. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita and visit fincas, you will immediately perceive their outstanding Mediterranean atmosphere. The outdoor area of a finca typically focuses on comfort as well as utility with orchards of fruit, almond and olive trees, cultivation and even poultry areas. If you wish to buy a property in Mallorca and opt for a finca in Sa Rapita, these details will bring you closer to the country life.

These fincas usually have large spaces, many rooms with high windows, lots of light and most are built in a Mallorcan style. These fincas offer plenty of space for the family and for eventuel guests visiting and staying at your property in Sa Rapita.


Buy a property in Sa Rapita - buy a villa in Sa Rapita


Freedom and comfort play an important role in the island’s lifestyle and if you buy a villa in Sa Rapita, this will be reflected in your new home. This particular part of Mallorca has become popular in recent years and immigrants who buy property in Sa Rapita fall in love with the place and nature. You will find this same atmosphere in most Mallorcan villas, as premium materials and high standards are the basis of these stunning homes. The boom of recent years has benefited these properties. In Sa Rapita, most of the villas are not very old and therefore meet all standards. Quality and elegance are combined here and, if you decide to buy a villa type property in Sa Rapita, you will most certainly acquire a wonderful new home.

Generally measuring an average 300 square metres, these villas have very generous living areas. If you decide to buy a villa in Sa Rapita, you will find that, in addition to multiple bedrooms, these properties usually have several bathrooms, a sauna, a leisure area, an already equipped kitchen with the best appliances and a large dining room where you can finish off the day and enjoy delicious dinners with family or friends. Also, in most villas, the bedrooms increasingly resemble suites so, if you buy a villa in Sa Rapita, you will feel as if you are on vacation in your own home. With terraces and balconies that allow you to enjoy the sun and shade in equal measure, a villa is a property with a beautiful interior and an outdoor area where you can spend pleasant hours. If you buy a property in Sa Rapita, you will have unique views of the village and the magnificent sea. Because of the proximity of the beach a private pool is not really necessary, nonetheless, most of the villas in Sa Rapita have one.


Buy property in Sa Rapita - buy a luxury house in Sa Rapita


You can buy a property in Sa Ràpita, but not necessarily a villa or a finca as among the many properties for sale on the south coast, there are also typical country or village houses. Due to the Mediterranean influence prominent in many areas of the island, houses in Sa Rapita are built with natural materials and have the appearance of fincas. The properties blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature and offer a harmonious image. However, commiting to a specific type of house is not necessary when buying a property in Sa Rapita. Houses that mix tradition and modernity, meeting the latest requirements and fitting well with the village, are particularly popular.

Detached houses are the most sought after properties. Prior to buying your house in Sa Rapita you will need to know the type of property and definite advantages you prefer. For instance, a house on a slightly isolated plot with no immediate neighbours or a semi-detached village house. When buying a property in Sa Rapita you will also see modern homes with clear façades and minimal influence of the island style.

These houses are properties that stand out and immediately catch the eye. They usually have large windows that let in lots of light and although these houses have a smaller garden than villas or fincas, they often have a swimming pool and an outdoor seating area. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita you will find that the island is sunny almost all year round and thus, you will appreciate the shade as much as the sun.


Buying property in Sa Rapita - Buying an apartment in Sa Rapita is ideal


If you have been on vacation on the island, you may have already come across one of the many apartments in Mallorca. In addition to hotel rooms, vacation apartments are also very popular with visitors in Mallorca. Vacationers are less tied to fixed schedules and enjoy more freedom. This can benefit you if you wish to buy a property in Sa Rapita, in fact, in Mallorca several properties are second homes. The cold winters of the northern countries push many to spend it in Mallorca and so, apartments are ideal investment. Different apartments offer space for small or large families. If you only wish to live temporarily in Mallorca, then buying an apartment type property in Sa Rapita would be ideal. In fact, several properties can be rented out to visitors if you do not wish to use them and, in this way, the purchase price can be amortised more quickly.

An apartment can also be an option if you want to leave your home country and start a new life in Mallorca. It is not uncommon to take an apartment to start with as the investment is lower and you can have the same luxury as with a house. In Sa Rapita, most apartments are located in residential complexes that have an outdoor area and a swimming pool. If you buy a property in Sa Rapita, you will benefit from its wonderful beach with turquoise waters as well as the peace and quiet you are looking for. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Rapita, you will find that the apartments are of good quality and, in general, offer enough space.


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