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Poc a poc, Siesta and Mañana - This is how the islanders live

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For some it's just a cliché, for others it's a way of life: In Spain, people like to go about their day in a calm and relaxed manner. Even though many modern companies and stores have abolished the siesta, the traditional lunch break, thanks to air conditioning, you can still find small stores and businesses that are closed from 2 to 5 p.m. This is when the islanders meet for lunch in the local restaurants. This is when islanders gather in local restaurants for a lunch menu, which is often accompanied by a glass of wine.
"Poc a poc" is a typical Mallorcan expression and means something like "piece by piece". The Mallorcan loves life, likes to meet friends, spends weekends with coolers on the beach and is reluctant to be stressed. That's good for you. Spaniards - and therefore also Mallorcans - have an above-average life expectancy compared to the rest of the world. On average, they live to be 83 years old, Mallorcan women even 85.2 years.
Our tip: Take the Spanish work-life balance as an example. Spaniards spend 67 percent of the day on basic needs. 16 hours a day are available for sleeping, eating and leisure activities. Everything nice Poc a Poc!

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