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Soller - Buying real estate

Buy a property in Soller - live in the "Golden Valley"

Buy a property in Soller and look forward to a Mediterranean lifestyle with about 300 days of sunshine a year.

Soller is a small village in the municipality of the same name in the north-western part of Spain‘s Balearic island of Mallorca. The municipality of Soller is located in the Serra de Tramuntana, a beautiful mountain range and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The small town of Soller lies in the middle of a beautiful orange grove valley known as the "Golden Valley". A very fertile landscape and citrus fruit growing region, just 34 km from the capital city of Palma. If you love nature and wish to reside beside the mountains and the sea, buy a property in Soller.

If you buy a property in Soller you will benefit from its quiet inland location and yet, with the district of Port de Soller, you will have direct access to the sea. The municipality of Soller has a total of about 14,000 inhabitants and so, if you buy a property in Soller, you will enjoy an ideally relaxed lifestyle surrounded by plenty of nature.

Buy a property in Soller - enjoy views of the Balearic Sea


Have you ever wished you could enjoy views of the sea from breakfast to evening, while dining and sipping on a glass of wine? Buy a property in Soller and make this dream come true! Have you always wanted to marvel at the sweeping views of the mountains from your own terrace? If you buy a property in Soller, such wishes could become reality! If you buy a property directly in Soller, whether a villa, a finca or a house, you will have fantastic views of the mountains from everywhere. If you buy a house in the Port de Soller district, you will enjoy fantastic views of the Mediterranean. As you can see, Soller is colourful and diverse and has the right property for every taste.

In Soller views are as varied as the properties for sale in Soller. Compact flats in the centre of Soller, rustic stoney fincas in the mountains, luxurious country houses with sweeping views over the Mediterranean and the west coast, in Soller you will find the perfect property to buy.

In addition to the Mediterranean sunny weather and healthy sea breeze, if you buy a property in Soller you will discover the historical sights, such as the old tram connecting Soller’s town centre to the Port de Soller or Sant Bartomeu’s parish church in the centre of Soller, well worth seeing.

Another advantage if you buy a property in Soller, is its proximity to Palma. From Palma airport, Soller can be reached by car in 35 minutes. The shorter arrival and departure times invite a wide variety of nationalities to buy properties in Soller and settle here.

The mountains, sea and beautiful nature have made Soller into one of the most sought-after residential areas for exclusive properties - Mallorca real estate. Buy a property in Soller and enjoy a unique lifestyle combined with the character and charm of the historic town.


Buy a property in Soller - benefit from transport links


Is a good infrastructure important to you? Then Soller is the right place for you! Buy a property in Soller and benefit from the excellent transport connections. Soller is located next to the sea, behind the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, making it a quiet place on Mallorca. Nevertheless, Soller is not cut off, but is connected to the island's transport network via a tunnel on the very well-developed MA-11 road. There is also a somewhat older, winding country road that connects the two towns of Palma and Soller via the "Coll de Soller" pass.

If you prefer to travel by train, you can also reach Soller from Palma in the historic train carriages of the private company "Ferrocarril de Soller". The locals affectionately call it the "Orange Express", as this used to be the fastest way to transport the orange harvests. A special feature here is Soller‘s station building, built in the 17th century as a villa and only later converted into a station hall. It is thus considered the oldest known station building in the world.

Last but not least, there is the historic streetcar to Port de Soller, the beautiful district with port of Soller. A very popular streetcar, especially with tourists. As in the old days, here you still signal your wish to stop by pulling the rope, which gives the signal to stop from a bell.

Culinary provision is also guaranteed in Soller with a wide range of bars and restaurants. If you buy a property in Soller you will enjoy delicacies in restaurants such as “Ca'n Blau" in the Gran Hotel Soller or the hotel restaurant “La Vila”.

If you buy a property in Soller and like cooking, you will love Soller’s weekly market, where you will find all kinds of fresh local produce, such as fruits and greens, fish and a variety of meat products. You will also find artisan products, plants and gifts. It is not without reason that Soller's market is very popular and attracts a large number of visitors every week. So why not buy a Soller property right there?

In addition to the very good infrastructure and wonderful landscape, if you buy a property in Soller, you will also find a wide range of opportunities for sporting activities. The nearest golf course is never too far away and cycling is also wonderful in Soller. Alongside water sports, cycling is one of the most popular sports on the Balearic island. Every year, countless visitors come to enjoy active holidays and extensive cycling tours.

Buy a property in Soller now, whether a finca or a vacation home in Soller, you will quickly be impressed by the scenic advantages.

Around Soller, as everywhere on the island, there are excellent cycle routes. From sporty serpentines with fantastic views to impressive descents with sea views, there is something for every level and every taste.

If you buy a property in Soller and love cycling, you will benefit from easy, short routes for beginners as well as difficult, longer routes for advanced riders.

For those who would like to cycle all the way around the island, there is the Mallorca round route which passes through Soller and continues around the entire island. Depending on how fast you travel, you may need around 3 days to cover the 358 kilometres.

If you don't want to cycle quite so long, you will find shorter routes around Soller. There are wonderful tours starting at just 13 kilometres, thus suitable for beginners. A rather medium-difficult and very popular route, for example, starts directly in the centre of Soller to Port de Soller. It is very varied and offers wonderful views on mainly paved paths. With a duration of approximately one hour and around 13 kilometres, the route is a wonderful way to explore Soller and Port de Soller. So buy a property in Soller, and start enjoying all these routes.


Buy a property in Soller - mountain landscape and proximity to the sea


Soon after you buy a property in Soller you will start benefiting from a high quality of life in this north-western Mallorcan locality. A fantastic combination of mountains and sea, the village's long history and the openness towards emigrants, create the harmonious sense of community that you will experience if you buy a property in Soller. Many different nationalities are represented in Soller, all warmly welcomed by the residents. This is why there is a very strong bond between the people in Soller.

If you buy a property in Soller, you are consciously choosing a charming place next to the sea and swapping your hectic life for peace and idyll.

If you buy a property in Soller, you will discover its very sociable atmosphere throughout, in the village's bars and cafés. Soller has a definitely friendly atmosphere with people who like socialising in the cosy bars and cafés. Soller has no night-clubs but at weekends, there are often live music performances, comedy acts and even literary performances.

Buy a property in Soller and discover the great hospitality and conviviality of the Mallorcans. Enjoy long siestas in the afternoon, between 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm, and the Balearic lifestyle as you stroll through the alleyways of Soller.

In Soller you will not find the usual hustle and bustle of everyday stress and most Mallorcans usually have a relaxed attitude. If you are enthusiastic about this calmer way of life and are tired of your stressful city life and traffic noise, then buy a property in Soller.


Buy a property in Soller - Mediterranean weather & countryside


Soller is a small paradise in Mallorca, always worth a visit or vacation. In fact, there are numerous reasons to buy a property in Soller and settle in Soller.

The weather: if you buy a property in Soller you will enjoy the great weather all year round with nearly 300 days of sunshine. Winter temperatures are mild in Soller and the typically Balearic summer is not too hot.

The landscape: the beautiful mountains, dreamlike sea and fine sandy beaches make Soller one of the most popular places to live in Mallorca. Buy a Soller property and have the choice between the beaches of Repic and Ca'n Generós, every day. Two beautiful beaches with fine sand and gently sloping waters, ideal for children. The beaches have lifeguards in summer and several parking spaces nearby.

Infrastructure: buy a property in Soller, benefit from excellent connections and transport network to Palma on the one hand and yet still have plenty of nature and tranquillity right on your doorstep on the other.

The people: the warmth and friendliness of the people will inspire you. If you buy a property in Soller, you will receive a very friendly welcome and will quickly be accepted and integrated by the locals.

If you wish for a healthier life, fresh air, good food and plenty of relaxation, then you should buy a property in Soller. All these needs are met in Soller.

We will be happy to help you fulfil your dream to find and buy the perfect property in Soller.


Buy a property in Soller, live in Port de Soller


In the beautiful little village of Soller in the northern part of Mallorca, you will find many different types of property for sale. From historic flats in the centre of Soller to modern restored fincas in the mountains, with a view of the sea, in Soller there is a suitable property for everyone.

If you decide to buy a property in Soller, you will have the choice between flats in the town centre, houses on the edge of the village, fincas in the mountains or villas in the Port de Soller district right by the sea. A really difficult decision, because no matter where you buy a property in Soller, you will be impressed by the idyllic village.

Every location has advantages and every type of property has special features. If you wish to buy a property in Soller, you just need to know what is important to you and what you particularly value. If you decide to buy a property in Soller, we will ask you about your exact wishes and interests so as to make the perfect pre-selection and help you choose the right property. If you opt to buy a property in Soller, we will inform you on the particular features of the respective location, so you can feel completely at home with your new property, be it a second house or just a holiday residence.


Buy a property in Soller - buy a historic finca in Soller


Do you wish to buy a property in Soller but don't yet know which type of property is best for you? Have you ever thought about buying a finca in Soller?

Buying a finca in Soller is exactly the right choice for you if privacy and a historical atmosphere are important to you and you want to buy a Soller property . If you decide to buy a finca in Soller, you will usually get a property on a spacious Mediterranean plot.

Over time, these properties which used to be farmers' simple accommodations, have been extensively extended and expanded. If you buy a finca in Soller today, you will get a property with several bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, a spacious living room with a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen where the family can cook together. Outside, there are spacious terraces with views of the private pool. Buy a finca in Soller and you will spend many convivial evenings there with your family and friends.

If you like history and old walls, you will do everything right by buying a finca in Soller. Most of the fincas in Soller are several hundred years old and exude the corresponding historical charm.

Some fincas need to be renovated and modernised to one‘s wishes, while other fincas have already been given a modern touch. Either way, every property has its charm and you will be delighted by the mix of tradition and modernity that you will find if you opt to buy a finca in Soller.

If you wish to buy a finca in Soller, the usually fantastic locations of such properties is another great point in favour of a finca. Most of the fincas in Soller have beautiful, unobstructed views. Due to their previous usage as agricultural accommodations, fincas tended to be built outside the villages and near the orange groves.

Buy a finca in Soller and you will enjoy your beautiful historic home with great facilities and plenty of privacy for a long time.


Buy a property in Soller - buy a dream villa in Soller


There are many fantastic properties for sale in Mallorca. If you want to buy a property in Soller, making a decision will be difficult. In addition to fincas, houses and flats, Soller also has impressive villas for sale and, perhaps, buying a villa in Soller will be the right choice for you?

Similar to a finca, a villa offerslots of space paired with luxury and comfort. However, the difference is usually only the location and a smaller plot of land. Villas can be found not only on steep cliffs overlooking the sea in Port de Soller, but also in the historic centre of Soller.

Buying a villa in Soller gives the advantage to live right in the heart of the village, with all daily needs just a few steps away. You can also quickly reach your favourite café or restaurant and can easily walk home after a long evening in one of the lively bars.

Not only will you live right on the pulse of life, smaller plots and gardens also mean less work. If you buy an urban villa in Soller and live in the village centre, you will quickly reach everything on foot.

Typically, a town villa in Soller will boast high ceilings and a large entrance hall to welcome visitors. As in the finca, a large living room with a fireplace and a cosy dining room with adjoining kitchen are typical features of this type of property. If you buy a villa in Soller, cooking together and then enjoying a meal on the terrace with a view of the village will be part of the weekend program that you won't want to miss.

If you like high ceilings, thick walls and antique wooden beams and also enjoy living in a village centre, you should buy a property in the heart of Soller.


Buy a property in Soller - buy a cosy house in Soller


Buy a house in Soller and make your dream of your own Mediterranean home come true!

Soller is located in the centre of the "Golden Valley", a very fertile area in the "Serra de Tramuntana" mountains. Olive trees were grown here many hundreds years ago, until the 18th century when the locals gained great wealth from cultivating oranges and other citrus fruits.

For this reason, Soller and its port named Puerto de Soller, offer fantastic Soller properties for sale, which exude a very special charm thanks to a mix of history and modernity.

You won't find mass tourism, huge hotels and packed beaches in Soller and Puerto de Soller. This is another reason why they are among the most endearing places in Mallorca. Many nationalities have settled here and bought property in Soller. Soller has not only become a very desirable spot for Germans, but English, French and Danes have also found their new home here.

If you wish to buy a house in Soller, you will find various properties here, including spacious country houses, typical townhouses and special prestige townhouses.

Country houses: the Sollerics build their country houses very solidly from local stone. This keeps the houses nice and cool in summer and protects them well from lower temperatures in winter. They usually feature Arabic elements and large fireplaces. Sometimes even historic watchtowers that have been converted into homes are offered for sale in Soller.

Soller townhouses: the typical townhouses in the centre of Soller are a little more modest. The historic townhouses mostly have an inner courtyard, but rarely a pool. Instead, they boast historical elements such as wooden beam ceilings and stone arches. If you buy a townhouse in Soller, you will live in the centre and not far from the lively hustle and bustle of Placa de la Constitucio.

Prestige townhouses: right in the centre of Soller, the former homes of the nobility and wealthy business people, offer a combination of modernity and early 20th century French influence.


Buy a property in Soller - Buy a flat in Soller with a view of the mountains


Would you like to buy a small nice flat in Soller? Whether you want to use it as a vacation home, a second home or as your main residence, you are guaranteed to find the right one for you if you decide to buy a property in Soller.

If you buy a property in Soller, you should definitely know that the northwest coast of Mallorca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is why most vacation licences here are limited to 60 days per year.

This has the advantage of preventing a sharp increase in tourism and thus protecting nature in and around Soller. This in turn helps maintain quality of life and the cosy atmosphere of Soller. However, if you want to rent out your property a lot because you only use it as a vacation home, you must remember that you can only rent it out for a maximum of 60 days a year.

Beautiful apartments for sale can be found everywhere in Soller. However, if you want to buy an apartment with a particularly beautiful view of the sea, you need to look in Puerto de Soller. Here, in the mountains, you can find dreamlike apartment complexes with a community pool, a terrace and a wide view over the sea.

In the town centre of Soller, the Estiradores and Alquería del Conde districts and L'Horta, a residential area on the outskirts, are also excellent places to live.

In the historic centre of Soller, for example, there are luxurious residential complexes in charming 17th century buildings with a corresponding charm. Architectural elements such as stone floors, vaulted arches and exterior walls have been lovingly restored and the old buildings transformed into high-quality flats. Buy a flat in Soller and have a property with features that include a communal pool, sauna, underfloor heating and air conditioning. Some apartments even have a small private garden.

Buy a property in Soller and enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle in a historic building, in the centre of Soller. Choose to buy a property in Puerto de Soller and enjoy fantastic views of the sea every single day.


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