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Buy a finca in Mallorca: Authentic country houses

Many reasons speak for buying a finca in Mallorca. Enjoy pure luxury and live in a typical finca. We at Neptunus International are your experts when it comes to exclusive real estate in Mallorca and show you what is important when buying and how to find exactly the property you have in mind. In this way you are guaranteed to acquire the Spanish country house that fulfills your individual dreams. Choose to live in luxury and comfort!

Buy luxury finca in Mallorca - what you should consider

Many still rave about the unique lifestyle and the great benefits months after their vacation. Why not just buy your own finca in Mallorca? So you can enjoy your luxury finca whenever you want. Be it seasonally on vacation or all year round - use your private finca the way you want. Buy a finca in Mallorca now!

Buy a finca in Mallorca: What makes a finca?

Finca is not equal to finca. You should know this when you buy a finca in Mallorca. It is a type of property that has a large plot of land with a building on it. The structure can have different characteristics:

  • Country house, villa, farm, mansion, mini-hotel, commercial space, estate

In addition, the finca in Mallorca can be divided into two types: the Finca Rustica and Finca Urbana. A Finca Urbana is a finca that is located within the city limits. This must be properly documented in any case.

The second type is the Finca Rustica. This refers to fincas that are located in a rural environment. This is often a country house, an estate or a manor house. Also a farm is possible if you buy a Finca Rustica in Mallorca.

Finca Rustica in Mallorca buy: The trend among the Fincas

If you want to buy a finca in Mallorca, it is most likely a finca rustica. This is the most popular type. Here there are few neighbors, so you are largely undisturbed. You are surrounded by the nature of Mallorca and can enjoy a maximum of peace and freedom in addition to unique luxury.

However, if you want to buy a luxury finca in Mallorca, both Finca Rustica and Finca Urbana are an option.

The main features of a finca in Mallorca

In the past, the Spanish term "finca" stood for a plot of land. Today, it is the plot of land with buildings. And usually the talk is of a luxury finca - because that is ultimately what most buyers are on, who want to buy a finca in Mallorca.

A finca in Mallorca does not always have to be inland - it can also be located by the sea. In this case, you know many different style elements that make the building a real eye-catcher. It is common that the facade is made of natural stone. Earth tones are in vogue - so a rustic-elegant look is achieved. Often, round arches and columns are also used. The building is usually rectangular and the roof is flat sloped and made of tiles.

Often a porche is also included with a finca that you can buy in Mallorca. This refers to a large, covered terrace. This serves as a dining area and is a luxurious aspect for anyone who wants to buy a finca in Mallorca.

Another structural feature is cross beams on the ceilings of the living rooms and brick lintels. Shelves are often embedded in the walls. This is what typical Spanish life in Mallorca looks like!

Legal requirements: From when is it a finca?

The finca in Mallorca is subject to some legal requirements. The plot of a Finca Rustica must be at least 50,000 square meters. A Finca Urbana should have at least a plot of 14,000 square meters.

There are also strict regulations for new finca buildings. These depend on the respective municipality. For example, in the municipality of Pollenca, the rural land area for a finca varies depending on the land classification. A distinction is made between semi-rustic, rustica and wooded. This differentiation can make a difference of 15,000-50,000 square meters.

Even existing properties require a close examination. Take a close look at the finca in Mallorca that you want to buy. Therefore, check, for example, whether all annexes are registered in the property register.

In which place should you buy a finca in Mallorca?

The place where you buy a finca in Mallorca determines the price. Depending on the region, the price per square meter varies. But not only that - many places in Mallorca offer great excursions or are known for special features.

One thing in advance: You can buy dreamlike fincas all over Mallorca! Because each place has its own special charm and invites you to live in luxury and comfort.

Popular places for Fincas in Mallorca: Buy Finca in Mallorca here!

Would you like to buy a finca in Mallorca that will fulfill all your dreams and desires? It is especially dreamlike at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. With a view of the interior and the coast, these fincas enjoy great popularity worldwide. If you want to buy a finca in Mallorca with sea view, you are in the right place.

The most popular areas in the Northwest:


Buy a finca in Mallorca: These places in Mallorca are particularly luxurious

The most popular places where you can buy a finca in Mallorca are located in the central zone in the hinterland of the Balearic island. These include the following places:

In these areas there are large meadows and fields, which visually beautifully border a Finca Rustica and provide maximum luxury. Here you can buy a beautiful finca in Mallorca.

But Mallorca's east coast also has a lot to offer. It is common for celebrities from all over the world to buy fincas in this part of Mallorca.

In the southwest there are also attractive fincas for sale in Mallorca. Not only the nature, but also the infrastructure are here very clear purchase arguments.

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