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Buy Alaró property: Enjoy history, culture and luxury

Although Alaró is a small tourist destination, this Mallorcan village has a lot to offer. From history and culture to luxury, you'll find it all here. Below, let us show you why Alaró is so appealing and why it is worth buying a property in Alaró.

Life by the mountainside - is the greatest benefit when buying a property in Alaró. Mountainscapes are popular with Germans and many people look to spend their holidays near hills. The sights alone provide balance and relaxation and a perfect atmosphere for a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle. With a property in Alaró, this dream of a mellowed life by the mountain becomes reality.

Buy a property in Alaró to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle by the mountain

Did you know that living by the mountainside brings many health benefits? With a property in Alaró, you will benefit from the healthy effects of a lofty atmosphere. Mountainous open air promotes firmer, softer skin and vibrant, strong hair. In addition, lofty open air clears the lungs for a healthy daily routine. So, by buying a property in Alaró you will wave goodbye to unhealthy city air pollution.

Living by the mountains is also synonymous with relaxation, luxury and freedom as calm walks help clear the mind. All this is possible if you own a property in Alaró, where you will have daily access to luxurious and exclusive mountainscapes. So, whether a flat or a house, if you buy a property in the Mallorcan village of Alaró you will enjoy many advantages and health benefits of the mountain's open air.

Buy real estate in Alaró: All that Alaró offers


The small village of Alaró has an excellent infrastructure. All daily needs are well catered for in Alaró, from restaurants and supermarkets to schools, chemists and banks, Alaró has it all

The village also offers a range of sport activities for all enthusiasts, such as walking or cycling. When buying and living in a property in Alaró, you will have access to sports facilities (for football, golf or tennis). The complex also has a swimming pool.

Alaró is also very suitable for hiking. With a property in Alaró, you’ll have the opportunity to discover great hiking routes. The practical trails enable you to discover Alaró’s many interesting sites, as this little village has a lot of sights and cultural features.

Particularly worth seeing is the old pilgrims' path, which leads up to a “celler” on the summit of “Puig d'Alaró”, from which the view on the landscape is just idyllic. Although quiet and not crowded, this particular hiking route is very popular and a perfect activity in Alaró.

Alaró also has a great gastronomy and culinary offer. There are Mallorcan restaurants offering typical specialities and even vegetarian restaurants with a Mediterranean touch. Most restaurants focus on fresh and regional ingredients and their great ambience makes every visit a nice moment.

Just as Alaró is ideal for walking, cycling is almost a must. Buying a property in Alaró is recommended for those who are sporty and wish to discover Mallorca’s lush countryside.

Most cycling routes in and around Alaró are hilly, with varied surroundings and more strenuous cycling. It is advisable to plan the necessary time for each tour, including needed short breaks, as there are various routes suitable for different levels. Cycling roads are particularly popular in Mallorca, especially in Alaró. Some people even undertake a complete tour of the island, starting in Alaró.

The bicycle tour from Castell d'Alaró to Santa Maria del Camí or Binissalem, is popular. The surroundings are characterised by luxuriant nature and rocky cliffs.


Be enthralled by dreamy alleys, culture and tradition when buying real estate in Alaró


Alaró has about 5500 inhabitants, which corresponds to a population density of about 120 people per square kilometre. In 2016, the proportion of immigrants was 15.7 %, of which 4.2 % were German. Today, these figures are even higher - Alaró is a popular place to buy property in Mallorca. Nevertheless, life is predominantly shaped by the autochthonous.

There is a relaxed atmosphere in the village of Alaró. While other parts of Mallorca are often overrun with tourists, Alaró remains a quiet place. However, as the village has a lot to offer, it is worth buying a property in Alaró. The tourists who visit the village mostly do so because of the beautiful hiking trails and cycling tours. Party animals are not attracted to Alaró .

Alaró is characterised by small, bucolic halleys and does not have large hotel complexes. Although culture and tradition are very important here, Alaró is not retrogressive. On the contrary, those wishing to holiday or live in Alaró will be well-off buying a property here.

What particularly catches the eye when visiting Alaró is its unique nature, which not only makes it suitable for hiking, but also impacts the local gastronomy. The regional production of olives, figs, and other fruits and vegetables is galore here, promoting Alaró’s healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


These are the advantages of buying Alaró real estate


Are you thinking about buying a property in Alaró? There are many reasons for that! Alaró is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy the quiet and relaxed life in Mallorca, but still does not want to miss sightseeing. It is not necessary to drive long distances by car, in this place you will find everything you need for daily life. You will find a good infrastructure with many restaurants, good shopping and international doctors for medical care.

Alaró is ideal for us Germans, as many have already emigrated here from Germany.Most who buy Alaró property also play with the idea of emigrating to Mallorca. Locals are used to immigrants and you can get in touch with other Germans living abroad. But it is also worth buying an Alaró property for a relaxing vacation. Here you can arrive and depart when you want to. By owning your own house or apartment in Alaró you enjoy maximum flexibility.

Moreover, Alaró offers different types of real estate: you can buy a villa, a finca, a house or an apartment in Alaró. What you choose is entirely up to you. In Alaró you can buy your dream property.

Another reason to buy a property in Alaró is the beautiful nature. Located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, Alaró exudes a unique originality. It is surrounded by a mountain backdrop lined with olive, almond, fig and carob trees. This makes Alaró a charming and picturesque spot, but gourmets also get their money's worth, as the products are regional and sustainable.

Thanks to the seclusion and privacy, it is becoming more and more popular to buy Alaró real estate. Here you can unwind, make great trips and enjoy the view from your villa or finca.


Buying real estate in Alaró: Fincas, flats, finca-style houses or villas?


If you want to buy a property in Alaró, you’ll have different options. Although a small Mallorcan village, fincas, houses, villas and flats are available. Alaró has properties for every wish, whether to holiday or to settle.

Most properties for sale in Alaró have a pool and a terrace, for luxury, relaxed sojourns in Alaró. In Alaró, you will forget your daily stress and enjoy a Mallorcan stress-free lifestyle.

Alaró‘s fincas and villas usually are in a traditional, rustic style, although newest buildings have a modern and contemporary look, to suit everyone. The locations of the various properties for sale in Alaró can vary. There are attractive properties both in the centre or outward, all making the sojourns in Alaró a dream holiday.


Buying property in Alaró: Fincas


Alaró has a large offer of rustic and original properties. If looking for something traditional, you should consider buying a finca in Alaró.

In German, the Spanish word "finca" translates into "property". A perfect description of a finca in Alaró would be: a large plot of land with a typical Mallorcan country house.

If you want to enjoy life like an “Alaron”, buying such a property in Alaró is the right choice. Usually, fincas are equipped with a large pool and a terrace, perfect on hot days, as you refresh in the cool water and relax with a refreshing drink, enjoying the sun on the terrace .

Fincas are increasingly popular for those wanting to buy a property in Alaró. Fincas have something traditional and rural about them, which underlines Alaró as an idyllic place. Usually luxurious and spacious, fincas in Alaró are perfect for a family holiday and to settle.

Mallorcan fincas usually have a traditional exterior and interior design. As an example, Alaro’s properties will often have typical mosaics, rattan furniture, and stairs and walls made of high-quality natural stone, creating rustic looks. Cosiness and uncomplicated atmospheres characterise most of Alaró’s properties.

The fincas for sale in Alaró are found in various locations. Most fincas are a little outside, where peace is enjoyed. Nonetheless, the fincas for sale in Alaró usually have easy access to all the places which are necessary for daily life.


Buy property in Alaró: Villas


The villas for sale in Alaró are similar to fincas. Most of the properties in Alaró are in a quaint, traditional style, making the village of Alaró stand out.

Nevertheless, these villas offer a high level of luxury, for the greatest sojourns.

The villas for sale in Alaró standardly have a large pool and a spacious outdoor terrace for sunbathing, enjoying a drink and cooling off in the pool water. Acquiring a property in Alaró will change your daily routine into a luxury and relaxing life.

Most villas in Alaró are very spacious and so, ideal to spend long holidays with a large family and to settle. Usually equipped with various bathrooms and bedrooms, a typical villa in Alaró will have everything you expect in such an investment.

Buying a villa as a property of choice in Alaró, is worth it, because Alaró being quite small, everything is at hand even if your villa is a little outward. So, whilst still enjoying maximum privacy and tranquillity, you’ll find all the necessities.

Villas in Alaró are typically Mallorcan, without a large glass front, for instance, preserving Alaró idyllic averall feel. Alaró‘s dreamlike picture reflects the Mallorcan lifestyle, so if you want to buy a property in Alaró, you should be tradition-conscious and have a taste for rustic architectural style. Properties with an exuberant modernity are hard to find in Alaró.

However, to fulfil demand in the best possible way, Alaró has an increasing offer of modern villas with an open design. New constructions differ considerably from the traditional fincas and country houses. In Alaró, the large choice of properties enables buyers to get their money's worth.


Buy property in Alaró: Houses


Be it a rustic house or a modern property centrally located - if you want to buy a property in Alaró, you should find the house you wish for. It will not necessarily be a villa or a finca, as Alaró also has simpler family houses.

Village houses are usually centrally located directly in the heart of Alaró. In the core of Alaro, the views are great and you will find everything you need, such as quick access to restaurants, various shops, and friendly neighbours, happy to welcome you in Alaró. Even though the locals are very open and accommodating, privacy is respected. The occasional doorstep conversation with neighbours will not alter your tranquillity and the idyllic life you aimed for when buying a village house in Alaró.

Most of Alaro’s houses have several floors with plenty of space for future expansion. Most have a terrace or a small sunny spot where to relax, some even have a pool. Usually, all will have beautiful views of Alaró and surrounding mountains.

Alaró’s village houses will usually have a spacious patio. This is a typical inner courtyard, where to linger, relax or have a meal.


Buying property in Alaró: Apartments


If you wish to buy a property in Alaró, you could opt for a chic flat. The practical thing is that these flats are usually very centrally located, with direct views of the village and surroundings, from your own balcony or terrace.

Whether wishing to buy a small studio or a luxurious flat, you are bound to find the property that suits you best in Alaró. A flat is particularly nice if you travel alone or as a couple. Although you might mostly use your flat in Alaró for your holidays, it could also be perfect if you wish to start a new life here, in this small Mallorcan village.

Flats in Alaró will usually have a balcony where to relax and enjoy the sunshine, with idyllic views of Alaró and the surrounding mountains.

Generally speaking, a flat in Alaró will be cheaper than large properties, such as fincas and villas.

A flat is the right choice if you consider something small for an occasional use and not necessarily with a pool or a patio. Also, in Alaró flats are easy to rent out. Thus, should you ever not use your property purchased in Alaró, you will easily rent it out and earn extra income.


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