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Son Vida real estate for sale

Son Vida real estate for sale: Live exclusively and luxuriously

Son Vida is a residential area that is one of the most exclusive and sought after areas in Mallorca. It is located above and in close proximity to Palma, the capital of Mallorca. In Son Vida, due to the somewhat elevated location, you have a beautiful view of the sea, as well as the surrounding mountains. From the low lying properties in Mallorca, you look out onto the golf courses or into the picturesque nature. Speaking of golf courses - Son Vida is home to the oldest golf club on the island, opened by Prince Rainer of Monaco.

Buy Son Vida property - pure luxury and relaxation


You want to live an exclusive life by the sea and experience relaxation and complete tranquility every day? Then you should consider buying a Son Vida property, because living in this residential area leaves nothing to be desired. Combine pure relaxation and exclusivity when you buy a Son Vida property. Take dreamy walks on the beach and let yourself be inspired by this unique lifestyle. If you buy a Son Vida property, you will experience luxury and love of life - every day.

Also benefit from the positive effect of the sea on health. The high salt content in the water makes the skin more beautiful, firmer and softer. Hair is also nourished, strengthened and looks even more beautiful due to the sea air. It also has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect. If you want to live exclusively, you should think about buying a unique and especially exclusive Son Vida property.

Last but not least, it is the view that you can enjoy when you buy a Son Vida property. Waking up every day with an exclusive sea view increases your motivation for the day and ensures a positive way of life. Lifestyle and luxury - that's life by the sea. Most stately homes that you can buy in Son Vida deliver a unique view. This is the best way to start your day.

Those who buy a Son Vida property benefit from all the advantages that exclusive living brings. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for luxury and relaxation or want to take advantage of the health-giving effects of the sea air - a property in Son Vida is the ideal choice for anyone who loves the sea.


Buy Son Vida property - Benefit from a good infrastructure


The good connection to the Majorcan island capital offers optimal possibilities for extensive shopping tours in the selected boutiques of Palma. Take advantage of the excellent connections when you buy a Son Vida property. From the airport it is only about 15 minutes by car to Son Vida.

A great offer of good gastronomy can be found on the southwest coast and directly in Palma. Within 15 minutes you will find there many cozy restaurants and trendy bars.

When you reside in your property in Son Vida, you will especially benefit from optimal privacy. A 24/7 security service guarantees you a peaceful sleep at night.
Furthermore, you have good access to golf courses. Son Vida therefore also offers excellent opportunities to golfers. Those who are interested in golf can play their game on the most beautiful courses, leaving everyday life behind. If you buy a Son Vida property, you will not only experience a beautiful region, but you will also benefit from numerous leisure activities, especially with golf in mind.

This is how to enjoy life when you buy a Son Vida property!

Exquisite stores and boutiques can be found in Palma. If luxury is important to you, but you do not want to forego privacy, you are well advised to buy a Son Vida property.

Not only luxury and golf enthusiasts get their money's worth in Son Vida. Even if you have something left for hiking, it is a good decision to buy a Son Vida property.

Especially for enthusiastic hikers it is worth buying a house or apartment in Son Vida. Throughout Mallorca there are countless routes that are ideally suited for longer hiking tours. Thanks to the large selection of different routes, it never gets boring.

You would rather stroll relaxed and enjoy the exclusive lifestyle? This is not a problem either, because there are several marinas near Son Vida, which can be reached by car within 20 minutes. Enjoy the view while walking along the harbor or indulge in culinary delights in a first-class restaurant.


Be inspired by the Mallorcan culture


Once founded as a private estate of the Vida family in the 16th century, Son Vida has now become a proper villa settlement. This ensures that people who appreciate the exclusive life on Mallorca want to buy a Son Vida property. There is no denying the international flair, from international schools to international doctors and clinics. This is exactly what makes the unique atmosphere in Son Vida.

Therefore, buying Son Vida real estate is often the right decision. People in Son Vida appreciate the luxury and posh lifestyle. Those who buy Son Vida real estate can also expect a friendly and family atmosphere and contact with like-minded people. Son Vida residents are always friendly to each other and, despite the conviviality, value peace and relaxation. Even though privacy is an important part of life, nice conversations between door and door are possible every now and then when you buy a Son Vida property. These often sweeten the everyday life and make life in Son Vida unique and beautiful, without being intrusive or disturbing.


Why you should buy an exclusive Son Vida property


There are many reasons why it is worth buying an exclusive Son Vida property. Living in Son Vida offers a multitude of advantages: Starting with the luxurious residential area, to the golf courses and the magnificent views over the bay of Palma. There is also a 24/7 security service at the entrance of Son Vida. This ensures a high level of security and exclusivity.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to be among your neighbors here. No wonder with the stately homes!

The hustle and bustle that you might feel in other places in Mallorca are not present in Son Vida. There is a calm and relaxed atmosphere here. Thus, the purchase of a Son Vida property is perfect for anyone who appreciates the peace and serenity of the Mallorcan neighborhood.

The architectural features also have their charm in Son Vida. Old mansions in Mediterranean style alternate with luxurious villas. If you buy a Son Vida property, you will notice that exclusive properties belong to Son Vida. Thus, the residential area has a lot to offer visually and fascinates people who have bought a property in Son Vida or want to buy a Son Vida property again and again.

It is also a good decision for nature lovers to buy a Son Vida property.

The Mallorcan vegetation, in the form of shady pine trees show their best side.

Make a dream come true by buying a Son Vida property and spend your life in Mallorca.


Son Vida property for sale: Choose a finca style property


If you want to buy a property in Son Vida, you have the choice of a wide variety of properties. The luxury properties in Son Vida are highly sought after. The villa neighborhoods have their own charm and offer a high level of privacy and exclusivity. So when you buy a Son Vida property, you can expect to be among your own. The typical Mallorcan properties captivate with their unique flair and are the ideal properties to buy in Son Vida if you want to live a quiet life in the heart of Mallorca. Especially if you want to move to Son Vida with your family, this type of property is particularly suitable. After all, life in the Mallorcan neighborhood has so much to offer to spend a good time. That's why you should buy a Son Vida property.


Son Vida property for sale: Buy finca style villa in Son Vida


Many people dream of a luxurious villa. The finca-style villa is the epitome of exclusivity and uniqueness. Those who value this should think about buying a Son Vida property in the form of a villa. The big difference to the finca is the look: while the finca looks rustic and typically Mallorcan, designer and luxury villas in Son Vida are very modern and stylishly built. Large glass fronts are used, which perfectly catch the sunlight without it getting too hot inside the villa. Villas are suitable if you want to buy a Son Vida property with a lot of living space and a large plot.

Designer villas in Son Vida have class - their modern construction stands out strongly from the typical Mallorcan or Spanish buildings you usually find in Son Vida. A comfortable and practical interior completes the finca-style villa that you can buy as a property in Son Vida.

What can not be missing from the villa is a spacious terrace with a pool. On hot summer days this is just the thing to relax and escape the heat. Privacy and exclusivity are what count when you buy a Son Vida property.

Even if you enjoy your life in privacy in your villa in Son Vida, you are still not too remote. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure of Son Vida, you can reach various places quickly and easily with your car. From the higher situated properties you have a magnificent view over Palma's bay. The luxurious life you enjoy when you buy a Son Vida property has many facets.


Son Vida property for sale: Buy finca style house in Son Vida


Do you want to buy a property in Son Vida to emigrate with your family or to spend a few nice months in Mallorca? Then buying a house in Son Vida is an excellent option. Most of the stately homes you can buy in Son Vida are in the typical finca style. Culture and tradition are promoted and maintained here. If you are in the mood for Mediterranean style, you are well advised with a house in Son Vida.

You have a wide choice of properties when you buy a Son Vida property. Properties vary according to size and amenities. Do you want a pool and a spacious terrace? This is the norm for homes you can buy in Son Vida.

Houses in Son Vida are suitable for people who have the desire to emigrate to Mallorca. But also anyone who wants to spend the winter in Son Vida to escape the cold of Germany is well advised to buy such a Son Vida property. If you buy a property in Son Vida, you can always leave and arrive as you please. It therefore offers maximum flexibility and comfort.


Son Vida property for sale: Buy apartment in Son Vida


If it should be something smaller, an apartment in Son Vida is also suitable. It does not necessarily have to be a villa or a house to enjoy life in Mallorca. Especially if the property is used as accommodation for the vacations, an apartment is the best choice. It acts as your very own personal vacation home.

Apartments in Son Vida are modern, high quality and luxurious. With a beautiful view of the sea or the nature of Mallorca, apartments in Son Vida are the right choice for everyone. When you buy a Son Vida property, you get to enjoy it - whenever you want.

The great advantage of apartments in Son Vida is that they are mostly extremely modern and close to the center. Despite the small size compared to villas or houses, owners do not have to sacrifice luxury. On the contrary, apartments in Son Vida have their very own charm and are often also equipped with a pool and a terrace.

Apartments in Son Vida are also often bought as investment properties. Especially if you do not want to emigrate, but just want to own your own property for vacation in Son Vida, you can think about renting out your apartment temporarily. Accordingly, it is always worth buying a Son Vida property.


Be amazed by numerous attractions when you buy a Son Vida property


The exclusive and luxurious lifestyle still attracts celebrities from all over the world to Son Vida. Those who buy a property in Son Vida usually already know about the charm of the district.

Son Vida is only 10 minutes from Palma, yet it offers luxurious benefits of a rural setting - the ideal place for families to live. But it's not just the charm that makes living in Son Vida so attractive. Son Vida is worth visiting for many reasons. It is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Palma, so it attracts many visitors and is popular with anyone who wants to combine exclusivity and relaxation. The three 18-hole golf courses make Son Vida a paradise for golfers.


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