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Bonanova properties for sale - luxury near Palma

If you are seeking a luxury property in Mallorca where you’ll enjoy privacy yet live as close as possible to the city of Palma, you should consider buying your property in Bonanova. Located in the west of Palma de Mallorca, this district benefits from beautiful sea views, complete tranquillity and the most sumptuous properties you can imagine. If you buy a luxurious property in Bonanova you will enjoy a perfect lifestyle, between luxury and calm.

Due to its higher location, Bonanova benefits from beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea and of the city of Palma. Many families who settle here seek a luxury lifestyle near the beach and the centre of Palma. The suburb of Bonanova is also ideal for couples and singles wishing to buy a superb villa, flat or finca surrounded by peace and quiet.

If you buy a property in Bonanova you will have a nature-urban mix lifestyle, with new buildings as well as history. The ideal accessibility and beautiful surroundings make Bonanova a very popular district for luxurious property seekers. Find out below why buying real estate in Bonanova is likely to be a wise option for you as well.

Buy a property in Bonanova and enjoy life


Who does not wish to wake up every morning with sunshine and breathtaking views over the Mediterranean? If you have decided to buy an exclusive residential property in Mallorca, this dream could become reality in Bonanova, where the slight altitude provides residents with panoramic views of the blue sea. Close by are the popular district of Portopí and the port of Palma, with luxury yachts, sail boats and cruise ships, harboured along its “Paseo Maritimo ''.

The popular sandy beaches of Palma Nova and the chic marina of Puerto Portals are also definitely worth a visit. Within walking distance and although less visited, the picturesque beach of Cala Major is really nice. If you buy a property in Bonanova you will have easy access to the different attractions of Mallorca’s capital city, Palma.

Imagine having your residential property here and, some days, simply resting and enjoying your home's state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful swimming pool, etc. Neptunus International helps clients to find and buy the exclusive property in Bonanova that meets their ideas, desires and lifestyle, whether it be a modern villa with an infinity pool and sea views, a classic finca with natural elements and spacious rooms or a bright flat with a beautiful view over the picturesque landscapes.

In Bonanova, most property seekers find a dream property, enjoying quick access to Palma as well as the beaches and bays of the south-west of the island. The neighbouring Mallorcan district of Genova, which offers historical destinations and some culinary highlights, is also nearby.


Buy a property in Bonanova and benefit from a good infrastructure


If you buy a property in Bonanova, you’ll have all the necessary amenities and facilities at hand. Chemists and doctors, international schools, jewellers, supermarkets and even an organic market with local dairy products, fruits and vegetables and Mallorcan delicatessen. In addition, Bonanova has nice traditional restaurants as well as cosy cafés and bistros.

Bonanova is an exclusive residential area and those who buy a property here enjoy calm and privacy and when feeling the urge for a little hustle and bustle, interesting attractions, international restaurants or charming bodegas, the heart of Palma is never too far.

If you buy a property in Bonanova you will enjoy a very quiet, relaxed lifestyle, whilst being just minutes away from the cosy suburb of Genova and the city of Palma de Mallorca, with its modern shopping streets, craft shops, versatile culinary establishments, etc. If you buy a property in Bonanova you will benefit from the good connections and countless possibilities offered by the infrastructure of Palma de Mallorca.

Families will appreciate the many activities on offer in Bonanova and surrounding areas, with superb bays and beaches and mountainous landscape offering a multitude of sporting activities and excursions.

If you buy a Bonanova property, around the district of Palma you can make every day many unique undertakings and collect unforgettable memories. Not only the bays and beaches of Cala Major, the port of Portopí, the marina Port Calanova and of course the capital Palma de Mallorca are worth seeing destinations in the area; also the mountain landscapes and forests around Bonanova offer countless hiking opportunities for nature enthusiasts.

The hiking area Bosque de Bellver is directly adjacent to Bonanova and offers many beautiful fairytale hiking trails through Mediterranean nature and vast landscapes. If you buy a Bonanova property, you can start the hike directly from your residential property. The destination is the unique Bellver Castle, which is located about 115 meters above sea level; from up here you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Mediterranean Sea and the capital of Mallorca.

In addition, the Castell de Bellver is a special building, which is unique in all of Europe. Not only the Romanesque and Gothic influences, but especially the round construction of the fortress are an unforgettable sight for architecture lovers. While the structure with its high walls looks very impressive and impregnable from the outside, from the inside it looks like an amphitheater; from the two floors with the arcades and porticoes you have a beautiful view into the circular courtyard of the castle. This destination is definitely a must-see if you buy a Bonanova property.


The Mallorcan mindset - serenity and joyce


When you buy a Bonanova property, the first place you will meet the Mallorcan people is in retail and restaurants. Here you will get to know the authentic Spanish cuisine, learn more about Mallorcan culture and get assistance and answers to any questions that may arise during your life in Mallorca. If you want to buy a Bonanova property, you often get to talk to locals in local stores and also get interesting insider tips - for example, for excursions and activities in the area.

Bonanova is ideal for those who want a quiet life and still be close to Palma. If you buy and live in a property in Bonanova, you will find that most residents are helpful and friendly, yet discreet and unobtrusive people.

Bonanova is a heterogeneous district where residents are doctors or solicitors, artists or architects, elderly or young, single people or families and due to the versatile housing offers, everyone can find their dream property in Bonanova. Find your dream luxury finca, villa or flat in Bonanova with Neptunus International.


Reasons why a property in Bonanova is worthwhile


Buying a property in Bonanova, is opting for proximity to many sights and facilities in the island and privacy. Imagine yourself sunbathing undisturbed, swimming in your refreshing pool, simply enjoying life, in your perfectly equipped dream property. As the lively capital Palma de Mallorca and the Mediterranean sea are fairly near, you might even see them from your own terrace!

The breathtaking views, the proximity to Bellver’s mediaeval stone castle, the neighbouring Mallorcan cosy district of Genova and the superb natural surroundings, are the main reasons to buy a property in Bonanova.

Nature lovers who buy a property in Bonanova will appreciate the nice hiking trails. Sports enthusiasts will also find plenty of opportunities to let off steam around Bonanova, such as practising water sports in Cala Major, playing golf nearby and road cycling. If you buy a property in Bonanova, you will benefit from the good infrastructure.

All the properties for sale in Bonanova have their own unique architectural style. If you are looking to buy a less ostentatious property in Bonanova, you will find classic Mallorcan fincas or houses, perfect for families or a quiet retirement living. Neptunus International will be happy to help you find a property and become the owner of your dream home in Bonanova.


Bonanova properties for sale: fincas, houses, flats and villas


If you buy a property in Bonanova, you will undoubtedly benefit from magnificent views of the sea and the city and harbour of Palma de Mallorca. The residential properties of Neptunus International not only have great views, but also boast exclusive and unique interior designs.

In Bonanova, spacious, modern upper floor flats are especially popular as they usually have the best views. Bright furnishings, minimalist flats equipped with the latest appliances, large balconies, verandas and roof terraces sometimes with a pool, are great for relaxing with the family as well as hosting summer parties. If you want to buy a property in Bonanova you will really feel at home and enjoy your own luxurious Mallorcan life.

Bonanova’s modern villas and superb finca-style houses are even more impressive. If you consider buying a property in Bonanova, whether a house with natural elements such as stone walls, fireplaces and high ceilings with typical wooden beams or a modern villa with high-gloss furnishings and spacious living areas, you will definitely find your dream property here. Neptunus International assists its clients in all procedures, avoiding language barriers and possible faults when buying a property in Mallorca.


Buy a modern finca in Bonanova


If you buy a property in Bonanova, you will find it is a beautiful residential area, ideal to relax. In Bonanova you will not find traditional Mallorcan fincas, but beautiful modern finca-style homes, where you will enjoy great privacy.

Bonanova's modern fincas come in various dimensions and different home equipment. Whether you intend to buy a luxury finca or a more minimalist property in Mallorca, Neptunus International helps you find the right property to suit your lifestyle and needs. As an example, in the residential area of Bonanova, spacious fincas with great gardens, natural swimming pools and unique interior designs with a touch of Mallorcan charm, are quite typical.

Natural elements such as stone walls, wooden shutters, beams, high quality marble floors and natural stone fittings give newly built fincas an original look in harmony with the surrounding Mediterranean nature, which can be enjoyed from the usually spacious porches. A private garden is a luxury asset if you buy a property in Bonanova because, even though there are many modern detached houses, villas and fincas, the north of Bonanova district is mainly characterised by modern flats in apartment complexes.

If you wish to buy a property in Bonanova through Neptunus International, we will find the style of finca that best suits you in our directory offering modern luxury fincas or finca style homes. Our residential properties have the most modern equipment and beautiful details that render each property very special. The unique views over the Mediterranean sea and the city of Palma de Mallorca are common to all our modern fincas. We will help you buy your unique property in the central residential area of Bonanova, which enjoys complete privacy and easy access to popular landmarks in and around Palma and on the island.


Buy an exclusive villa in Bonanova with Neptunus International


Who hasn't dreamt of owning a luxurious villa in a beautiful Mallorcan, residential neighbourhood? If you wish to buy a property in Bonanova, Neptunus International is the right partner. Our range of exclusive luxury villas is quite unparalleled throughout the island. Neptunus International registers for instance, properties with unique interior and exterior designs, very high quality furnishings and all the extra features expected in luxury properties.

Most luxury properties in Bonanova have a generous swimming pool, magnificent flowery gardens and perfect views of Palma city and harbour with its luxury sailboats and yachts. In the large gardens of your luxury Bonanova villa you will enjoy privacy and love organising lively summer parties, family gatherings, barbecues, etc.

Gardening enthusiasts will greatly relish growing their own Mediterranean produce, fruits or greens, in their large well landscaped gardens, also perfect for basking in the sun, nearly 300 days a year. Bonanova’s immediate proximity to sandy beaches, to nature, hiking routes, etc, will become your daily reality when you buy a property in Bonanova.

Whether you wish to buy a modern villa with dazzling features or a classical Mallorcan villa with minimalist furnishings and fine details, Neptunus international will help you find the exclusive property in Bonanova that meets your needs. As we provide comprehensive support, advice and guidance and undertake all the viewing tours with you, until the purchase contract is signed, you won't need to make uncertain compromises or expect bad surprises. Neptunus ìnternational is your reliable real estate partner with real know-how, to help you buy your property in Mallorca.


Bonanova property for sale: Buy modern house in Bonanova


A typical Bonanova property can be equally high-quality and exclusive for a quiet life close to the Mallorcan capital, without being ostentatious. Neptunus International proposes a range of modern houses in Bonanova. These modern houses are high quality refurbished homes, with complete equipment, beautiful details and the unique views which make Bonanova such a special place.

Bonanova‘s properties include modern houses with spacious interior designs, linear living elements, and beautiful gardens, and traditional Mallorcan houses with natural elements such as stone walls, wooden shutters, rustic fireplaces and flowery gardens. If you wish to buy one of these types of property in Bonanova, Neptunus International will be happy to help you.

Modern detached villas in Bonanova are usually very private. Neptunus International's properties in Bonanova are of distinct styles, all with extras and excellent fittings. They are suitable for young families who wish to benefit from the good road connections, great infrastructure and considerate neighbours.

Nature lovers and city dwellers alike appreciate having their own property in Bonanova, with the popular suburbs of Genova and Cala Major, which broadens the culinary offer, nearby and loads of tranquillity for an authentic Mallorcan lifestyle away from the bustling neighbouring city of Palma.


Buy a stylish flat in Bonanova


If you want to buy a property in Bonanova, you will find many modern and luxurious flats. In Bonanova, a flat is a very common type of property that offers many advantages, not only for holidaying but also as a permanent residence. The high-quality features of these luxury flats are probably one of the main reasons for their popularity. If you buy a home of this type in Bonanova, you will be delighted with the spacious and luminous living areas and possible design options.

If you buy a flat in Bonanova, whether a creative artist's flat with original decorations, a modern flat with dazzling furnishings or an urban minimalist flat, you’ll commonly have the choice for options that complete and express personal taste. Common to almost all the flats for sale in Bonanova are state-of-the-art appliances, floor-to-ceiling windows and perfect sized living spaces.

In the residential area of Bonanova, most high-rise flats have wonderful views of the city of Palma, the blue sea and the natural surroundings. Some flats have a rooftop terrace, where to enjoy morning coffees and moments with friends and family, a spacious veranda and even an infinity pool which offer the luxurious lifestyle that most wish for when seeking to buy a property in Bonanova.

Neptunus International will help you find the perfect flat to make your dream come true. If you wish to buy a flat in Bonanova, we will provide you with comprehensive assistance, from the property visits to the final drawing of the contract, so as to prevent misunderstandings due to the language barriers. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to guide you through the whole process, enabling you to promptly buy your modern Bonanova property and start to benefit from your new life in Mallorca!


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