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Felanitx - Real estate purchase

Buy a property in Felanitx: live in the sunshine

Fancy a change of scenery, warm weather and a nice neighbourhood? How about a new life-chapter in Mallorca? Mallorca is not just about its capital city, Palma. There are so many places in Mallorca that are so wonderfully quiet. Maybe you've already been to the east of Mallorca and had a chance to meet the people and you now wish to buy a property in the area of Felanitx and just enjoy it.

As follows, let us show you the many advantages of this quiet little town and why it is interesting to buy a property in Felanitx. But what exactly does the region around Felanitx offer to tourists? And why is Felanitx so often overlooked even though it has a monastery, lots of viticulture and historical refinements?

Felanitx belongs to the rural and traditional regions of Mallorca and is absolutely not a tourist stronghold, which of course makes the place very interesting for expatriates. Enjoying peace and quiet on the beach, simply relaxing and still experiencing special highlights, these are points in favour of Felanitx if you wish to buy a property in Mallorca.

Buy a property in Felanitx and enjoy sea views


Do you wish to escape Germany ’stressful everyday life and enjoy a warmer, sunny climate? Are overcrowded holiday accommodation and regions not for you? But instead, you want quietness and more relaxedness? The picturesque village of Felanitx is thus a good choice if you wish to buy a property in Mallorca to enjoy a Mediterranean life.

If you buy a property in Felanitx, you will get this life you wish for. It doesn't matter whether you buy a villa or a finca, a house or a flat, you’ll find that properties in Felanitx are all quite cosy. Felanitx ‘s rural surroundings come with plenty of secrets and properties worth seeing. Everything is quite traditional in Felanitx. There is a beautiful market with many small alleys and streets. The Cathedral and Parròquia de Sant Miquel are particularly striking and considered the town's landmark.

Many small cafés and restaurants invite you to linger, relax and unwind in the centre of Felanitx, and cute little shops adorn Felanitx’s image.

If you buy a property in Felanitx you’ll discover the region’s annual Fira de Pebre Bord festival, held in October. The festival is all about Mallorca ‘s variety of peppers, in their various dried or ground forms, such as paprikas so essential in many of Mallorca’s delicious dishes. The Fira de Pebre Bord festival also boasts folklore and exciting parades and a variety of stalls presenting lovely handicrafts.


Buy a property in Felanitx and benefit from good connexions


Located in the east of Mallorca, Felanitx is characterised by its excellent location. From the village, larger towns can be reached easily, which you will see if you buy a property in Felanitx. To the northwest of the village is the town of Porreres, which is only 15 to 20 minutes away by car. To the southwest there is the village of Campos and to the south of Felanitx is Santanyi. All the villages can be reached via a well-developed road network.

If you wish to buy a property in Felanitx and fly to Mallorca, start from the airport with a rental car. You can expect a 45-minute drive from the airport to Felanitx. But you can also take the bus from Palma de Mallorca to this cosy town. In that case it will take about 75 minutes.

As in many other towns in Mallorca, there is of course a weekly market in the quieter town of Felanitx, where you can stock up on many delicacies from the region. Once a week there is a street market, greatly appreciated by most residents. As you stroll through the streets, you’ll find that most of Felanitx ‘s residents are sociable and outgoing people who love to stop to talk to one another.

Felanitx has some fine restaurants, cafés and bars, where to stop by. What’s better than relaxing on a terrace with a delicious ice-cream, a great coffee or any other regional delicacy. If you buy a property in Felanitx you’ll find that even if it is a quieter place in Mallorca, it’s still lively, with plenty to offer and, perhaps, that's what makes Felanitx an interesting place to live.

If you buy property in Felanitx and are predominantly active, you’ll find that the region around Felanitx also has plenty to offer, such as hiking and cycling trails, perfect for exploring the region. On foot or cycling, you will be able to admire the vineyards and almond and apricot orchards during your tours. Imagine buying a property in Felanitx with its own vineyard. Everything is feasible in this region of Mallorca.

A leisurely bike ride or hike through the region, will take you away from it all, as you enjoy the peace and quiet. As you hike or cycle, you will discover an impressive, beautiful flora and fauna. The panoramic variety is guaranteed in any case.

The tour to the Sant Salvador viewpoint is very exciting. The distance from Felanitx to the viewpoint is about 7.5 km long and by bike, you can expect a ride of about an hour. At the top, there is an overview of almost all of the island of Mallorca and above all, the beautiful blue sea. A trip to Sant Salvador is thus definitely worthwhile.

Cala Santany’s rocky gate is another great cycling route. The distance is about 19.5 km from Felanitx to the destination and once at the rock gate, you can cool off in the sea, recharging batteries for the return journey. Santanyi also has great cafés and restaurants where to stop and linger.


Get to know Mallorca’s natives when you buy a property in Felanitx


If you want to buy a property in Felanitx, you should first familiarise yourself with the mentality and customs of the people who live here. In general Mallorquins are known for their happy attitude and spontaneity and do not like to plan long ahead, but rather live in the here and now. It can easily happen that they decide to go to a concert or another exciting event, just two or three hours prior.

They love meeting friends at short notice for cosy get-togethers and to dine out. Most Mallorquins are cosmopolitan and quickly make friends with their new neighbours. Should you buy a property in Felanitx there is no need to worry about a difficult start as you will most likely be warmly welcomed.

Mallorquins are also known for their fiery temperaments and it is also the case in Felanitx. They are relaxed and uncomplicated, but love partying so it is really nice to socialise with Mallorquins. As Germans’ mentality is clearly different, this outgoing attitude can be quite a shock at first, but everyone quickly gets used to the ease of the southern mentality.

If you buy a property in Felanitx and stay in the region, you will have to get accustomed to Mallorca’s lifestyle. For example, there is no such thing as true punctuality in Mallorca, or, let's put it this way, the Mallorquins have their own punctuality. It's simply part of Mallorca, and Spain’s, everyday life. So, if you are over-punctual by nature this will require quite an adjustment, but you will certainly quickly get used to these cultural differences.


Why buy a property in Felanitx?


Do you love Mallorca, but don't want to live in a big metropolis? Do you want a quiet spot far away from the lively city of Palma de Mallorca? Then you should buy a property in Felanitx, where after all, the trends of people have changed significantly.

But why do so many suddenly wish for a home in this quieter corner of the island? Among other things, it is a question of price as properties in fashionable metropolises are significantly more expensive. The natural environment is also decisive for buyers who wish to live soulfully in a dreamlike home, surrounded by Mallorca’s nature.

As the beautiful area around Felanitx is impressive, if you buy a property in Felanitx you will enjoy a quieter, more relaxed life.

People can experience a lot in the region and also reach beautiful beaches within a very short time. The sights and the town's landmarks are also worth seeing and tempt many to buy a property in Felanitx, whether a finca or a house, etc.

With its small shops, cosy cafés and restaurants, this quiet village has everything you could wish for. The weekly market is a tradition here and it is not necessary to travel long distances to get everything that is needed. 


Properties for sale in Felanitx : finca, house, flat or villa?


Mallorca is known for its special buildings and Mediterranean-style properties. If you are looking to buy a property in Felanitx, you’ll find an exciting choice in the town itself and the surrounding region. There is something to suit all requirements and needs for a cosy property. Neptunus International presents exciting fincas with private pools, luxury villas with large plots, smaller Mediterranean houses and cute holiday flats.

Due to the exclusive properties, it is not so easy to make a choice when you want to buy a property in Felanitx. Included are modern and impressive villas, charming country-style houses and great fincas with some special features and refinements and even if you just want a nice holiday home, you will find practical flats that are particularly cosy.

Investment properties are occasionally available. Large wineries that may be an investment option if you wish to buy a property in Felanitx. Or perhaps a hotel, where to give holidaymakers a wonderful and relaxing time.

The best thing is to take a look at your leisure, at the properties proposed by Neptunus International, so as to discover the properties. Be convinced by the fincas, houses, villas and flats of this beautiful, quietly situated region of Mallorca. Find your dream property in Felanitx. The property in Felanitx that perfectly matches your needs.


Felanitx property for sale: Buy finca in Felanitx


There is no proper definition of the term finca. Long ago, in Spanish usage, finca was equal to property. A distinction was made between finca urbana and finca rústica, the first term meaning property in the city and the second meaning property in the countryside. At that time, farmers built natural stone shelters on their plantations and vineyards to save themselves long daily journeys.

Today however, actual fincas are no longer comparable to former accommodations. Back then, the finances were very spartanly furnished as they merely served a simple purpose. However, the only thing that today's fincas have in common with those of the past is the use of period building materials.

In German usage, the word finca refers to a Spanish house in the countryside and a finca is intended for recreation. In the real estate industry, a finca usually refers to a plot of land and a house in a remote area.

If you decide to buy a property in Felanitx, you’ll discover chic Mediterranean-style fincas in beautiful old natural stone. Many of the island’s new fincas near the beach have been modelled on the old properties. However, since Felanitx is not directly on the beach, you can still find original properties made of genuine materials.

Since most fincas are located on spacious plots, typical plants such as palm trees, are usually present as well as potted insular plants, to adorn the picture. As most finca properties have a swimming pool, not being directly on the beach is not a problem and if you buy a finca in Felanitx, you’ll be able to relax, enjoying your pool.

If you buy a finca in Felanitx, expect lots of luxury. The dreamlike Mediterranean, your own swimming pool, wonderful green spaces and high-quality building materials, come true when you buy such a property in Felanitx.


Felanitx property for sale: villa for sale in Felanitx


Villas are easily distinguished from fincas. A villa typically belongs to the category of luxurious buildings. In Felanitx though, most villas reflect the original character of the region. As not everything looks contemporaneous, these villas are very special.

If you want to buy a villa in Felanitx, you will find many homes with a pool. This is what the villas have in common with fincas in the region. This simply cannot be missing if you want to buy a Felanitx property. Large villas will naturally include a stunning, specially landscaped garden, with stone and lawn areas perfectly combined with each other. Simply a place to relax and enjoy.

Such gardens often have fruit trees or olive tree orchards, so you can harvest your own fresh produce.
The region's magnificent villas are generally built in light-coloured stone, giving them a natural, family feel. Light-coloured stone makes the hot summer months more bearable as it reflects the sun's rays and makes the interior of the villas cooler.

If you wish to buy a property in Felanitx and opt for a villa, you will have a selection to choose from. There are villas with a modern design and properties with a traditional style. With regard to interior design, there are many differences and refinements. For example, some villas have luxurious marble, others have impressive wooden beams for a cosy look. Due to the variety, deciding on one of Felanitx’s villas is not an easy task. We will help you find the right property to buy in Felanitx.


Felanitx property for sale: buy a house in Felanitx


Of course, if you opt to buy a property in Felanitx, it doesn’t have to be a luxury villa or finca. The choice of a small or large property is also a question of price. If you don't have lofty expectations, a pretty little house or holiday home is also a great choice.

Several houses for sale in Felanitx are really worth seeing. If you want to buy a house in Felanitx, count on us to help you find a suitable property that responds to your requirements and needs. Some houses are especially designed for singles or couples. But in Mallorca, there are many interesting properties for families with children.

Just take a look in Neptunus International ’s portfolio of properties. In addition to the luxurious villas and fincas, smaller houses are available at reasonable prices. If you buy a property in Felanitx, you will benefit from its Mediterranean atmosphere, people’s great mentality and the wonderful sunny climate.

If you decide to buy a cosy property in Felanitx, you‘ll have the choice between renovated and refurbished farmhouses, new constructions, small houses and flats or large villas with stylish furnishings and high-quality materials. If you want to buy a property as a holiday residence in Felanitx, a smaller property would certainly be a good choice although small and fine properties are great too for living in Mallorca.

Most of the houses in Felanitx have beautiful gardens, some even have a swimming pool to endure Mallorca’s hot summer and a cosy exterior area with a barbecue, for friendly garden parties with family, friends and neighbours. Remember that Mallorquins are very spontaneous people and will gladly visit you at any moment's notice. So there is no need to plan anything far ahead.


Felanitx property for sale: buy a flat in Felanitx


Perhaps you don't need a large detached house or a finca with a huge estate. For your demands and needs, a flat might be the best option and, of course, in Felanitx you’ll find flats for sale.

Some people prefer cosy city flats close to all commodities, shops, cafés and restaurants and the view of the beautiful city centre. There is certainly always something exciting to discover. If you buy a flat in the centre of Felanitx, you’ll generally be a few steps away from most important facilities and that is exactly what makes a city flat popular.

Imagine lingering in a nice restaurant in the evening hours, or drinking a glass of wine before going home, happy and relaxed. With a city flat you’ll always be right at the heart of things and benefit from short distances.

In Mallorca, a flat is a good choice either as a holiday home or to live long term. Flats often have a nice balcony where to enjoy the sun and eat out and are ideal for singles, couples or families, for short or long stays.

If you wish to buy a property in Felanitx and opt for a flat, you’ll find that most are in bright tones, with a particularly friendly and inviting effect. Light-coloured materials are very popular in Mallorca, so edifices, flats included, do not overheat in summer.


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