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Felanitx - Real estate purchase

Felanitx real estate for sale: Live where the sun shines

Fancy a change of scenery, warm weather and great people? How about a new phase of life with a property in Mallorca? Mallorca is not only Palma. There are so many corners of Mallorca that are so wonderfully quiet. Maybe you have already been to the east of Mallorca and could get to know the people. Now you may want to buy a Felanitx property and just enjoy.

We are happy to show you here the advantages of the quiet little town and tell you why you should buy a Felanitx property. But what exactly does the region around Felanitx have to offer for tourists? And why is Felanitx so often overlooked, even though it is a monastery town with lots of viticulture and historical refinements?

Felanitx belongs to the rural and traditional regions of Mallorca. It is absolutely no tourist stronghold, which makes the place naturally interesting especially for emigrants. Enjoy peace and quiet on the beach, simply relax and still experience special highlights, these are points in favor if you want to buy a Felanitx property.

Buy Felanitx real estate and enjoy sea views


Escape the stressful everyday life in Germany and enjoy wonderful warmth and sun? These are things you want? Overcrowded vacation accommodations and regions are also not for you? Instead, you want things to be quieter and more serene? With the picturesque village of Felanitx you make a good grip. You can buy practical real estate Felanitx there and enjoy the Mediterranean life.

If you decide to buy a Felanitx property, you will get exactly what you want. It also does not matter if you buy a villa or a finca, a house or an apartment-Felanitx, in every property it will be really cozy. In rural style, the place comes with its secret and worth seeing properties. Everything is quite traditional in Felanitx. There is a beautiful market with many small alleys and streets. Particularly striking is the cathedral Parròquia de Sant Miquel, which can be considered the landmark of the village.

Many small cafes and restaurants invite you to stay, relax and unwind in the town. But also many cute shops decorate the picture in Felanitx. The region is also known for the festival Fira de pebre bord in October. The festival is all about the Mallorcan variety of peppers. Peppers are available in dried and ground form. But the vegetable is also relevant as a container and chains. In various delicious dishes, the paprika powder must also not be missing.

During the traditional festival, however, there are not only peppers in various designs. There are also many stalls with exciting handicrafts. There is also folklore and exciting parades. So it will not be boring in the region if you buy a Felanitx property.


Buy Felanitx real estate and take advantage of good connectivity


Located in the east of Mallorca, Felanitx is characterized by its excellent location. From the place you can easily reach larger towns, which you will see if you want to buy a Felanitx property. To the northwest of the village is the town of Porreres, which is only 15 to 20 minutes away by car. In the southwest there is the village of Campos and south of Felanitx you can find Santanyi. All towns can be reached via the well-developed road network.

If you would like to buy a Felanitx property and fly to Mallorca, you could start from the airport with a rental car. With a driving time of 45 minutes from the airport to Felanitx is to be expected. But you can also take the bus from Palma de Mallorca to the cozy town. In that case, however, it takes about 75 minutes.

As in many other towns on Mallorca, there is of course a weekly market in the quieter Felanitx, where you can stock up and enjoy many delicacies of the region. Once a week there is the market, which many residents of the town visit. However, people do not only want to stock up on the various delicacies. They also like to talk to a lot of other people. After all, most people are very sociable and outgoing.

Present are also some fine restaurants, cafes and bars where you can stop during your tour of the place. There is nothing like a delicious ice cream, a delicious coffee or many other highlights of the region. So, if you want to buy Felanitx real estate, you won't get bored, even if it is a somewhat quieter place in Mallorca. But maybe that's what makes it so exciting.

If you want to buy real estate in Felanitx and be mostly active, the region around the village has a lot to offer. There are hiking and biking trails that are great for exploring the region. Whether on foot or by bike, you can admire the vineyards, almond and apricot orchards during your tours. Perhaps you would like to buy not only a Felanitx property, but also your own winery at the same time. Everything is possible if you choose the region of Mallorca.

Take a leisurely bike ride or hike through the region, you can excellently switch off from everyday life and enjoy peace and quiet. During the tours you will discover lots of beautiful plants and impressive animals. Variety is provided in any case.

Quite exciting is the tour to the viewpoint Sant Salvador. The route from Felanitx to the viewpoint has a length of about 7.5 km. If you are good with the bike, you can count on an hour's drive to the destination. From the viewpoint there is an overview of almost all of Mallorca and especially the beautiful blue sea. A trip to Sant Salvador is guaranteed to be worth it.

Also a trip to the rock gate Cala Santanyi by bike would be a good option. From Felanitx to the destination is about 19.5 km. At the rock gate you can also cool off in the water after the bike ride and recharge your batteries for the return trip. But there are also some great cafes and restaurants in Santanyi where you can stop and linger.


Meet the Mallorcan people when you buy Felanitx real estate


If you want to buy a Felanitx property, you should also first learn about the mentality and customs of the people living there. In general, the Mallorcan people are known for their joie de vivre and spontaneity. They never like to plan anything long in advance, but live in the here and now. So it can also happen quickly that they decide in the afternoon to go to a concert or another exciting event in two or three hours.

They also like to arrange to meet friends at short notice for a get-together and dinner. The sociable people are cosmopolitan and quickly make friends with new neighbors. So you don't need to worry about a hard start if you want to buy a Felanitx property. In all probability, you will be welcomed quite warmly and also directly duzt.

Spaniards are also known for their fiery temperament. This is also the case in Felanitx. When they party, they party hard. However, they are also quite relaxed, uncomplicated and laid back, so it is a real pleasure to be surrounded by Mallorcans. For Germans, this may be quite a change at first, as the mentality of the Germans is quite different. But everyone can quickly get used to the ease of the south. But you will see and experience this when you buy Felanitx real estate and stay in the region.

Punctuality does not exist in Mallorca. Or let's put it this way: the Mallorcan people have their own punctuality. If a time is set, you must expect at least 30 minutes late. This is simply part of everyday life in Spain. If you are over-punctual by nature, this will be quite an adjustment. But you will certainly get used to it quickly.


Why buy Felanitx real estate?


Do you love the feeling of Mallorca, but do not want to live in a big metropolis? Instead, you want a quiet spot far away from Palma de Mallorca? Then you should buy a Felanitx property. The trend of people has changed significantly in this area after all.

But why do many people suddenly want a domicile in the quieter corners of the Spanish island? Among other things, it's a question of price. Real estate directly in the trendy metropolises is much more expensive. However, the beautiful nature in the small towns of Mallorca is decisive for buyers. And there is no mistaking that, who doesn't love to live blissfully in his dreamlike domicile in the middle of nature?

If you are looking forward to a quiet and relaxing evening, you will buy a Felanitx property and just enjoy.

Also impressive is the beautiful area around Felanitx. People can experience a lot in the region and also get to beautiful beaches within a very short time. But also the sights like the landmark of the village can be seen and tempt many people to buy a finca or a house in Felanitx.

In the quieter village there is also everything you could wish for. There are small stores, cozy cafes and restaurants. But also the weekly market can be called a highlight. No one has to travel long distances to get everything needed for life.


Felanitx real estate for sale: Finca, house, apartment or maybe a villa?


Mallorca is known for its special buildings and Mediterranean-style real estate. If you want to buy a Felanitx property, you have an exciting choice in the town and the surrounding region. There should be something to suit all requirements and needs for a comfortable property. Neptunus International presents exciting fincas with private pools, luxury villas with large plots, smaller Mediterranean houses and cute vacation apartments.

Due to the exclusive properties, it is not so easy to make a choice when you want to buy a Felanitx property. Included are modern and impressive villas, charming country style houses and great fincas with some special features and refinements. And if you just want your own domicile for the vacations, you will also find practical apartments that are particularly cozy.

Occasionally, however, you will also find large wineries that may also be an option for you if you want to buy a Felanitx property. Or maybe you want to buy your own hotel and give people a wonderful and relaxing vacation?

The best thing to do is to have a look around Neptunus International and discover exciting properties. Convince yourself of the fincas, houses, villas and apartments in the beautiful quiet region of Mallorca. Perhaps your dream property is available, so you can soon buy just the right Felanitx property.


Felanitx property for sale: Buy finca in Felanitx


There is actually no proper definition of the term finca. Years ago, in Spanish usage, finca was equated with property. A distinction was made between finca urbana and finca rústica, the first term meaning property in the city and the rústica meaning property in the countryside. Farmers at that time built shelters of natural stone on the plantations and vineyards to save themselves long distances.

Today, however, the fincas are no longer comparable to the accommodations of that time. At that time everything was very spartan furnished. They should simply be purpose-filling. What fincas of today still have in common with the buildings of that time, are often the building materials used.

In German usage, the word finca means a Spanish house in the countryside. A finca is supposed to be conducive to recreation. In the real estate industry, a finca usually refers to a plot of land and a house in a secluded area.

If you buy a Felanitx property, you can discover Mediterranean and chic style fincas built in beautiful old natural stones. However, there are also already many fincas on the beach, which were modeled after the old properties. However, since Felanitx is not located directly on the beach, you can still expect properties made of original materials.

Since most fincas are located on spacious plots, great typical plantings like palm trees are mostly present. But also typical potted plants can decorate the picture. Often, a swimming pool is part of the property, so it is not bad at all not to live directly on the beach. If you buy a finca in Felanitx, you can relax and just enjoy the pool.

If you want to buy a finca in Felanitx, you can count on a lot of luxury. The dream of Mediterranean plants, your own swimming pool, wonderful green spaces and quality materials can come true if you buy such a Felanitx property.


Felanitx property for sale: Buy a villa in Felanitx


Villas clearly stand out from fincas. A villa is typically a domicile, which is one of the luxurious new buildings. However, such a villa in Felanitx usually reflects the originality of the region. So not everything is kept modern, but this is what makes these villas.

If you want to buy a villa in Felanitx, you will notice that most of the domiciles have pools. This is what the villas have in common with fincas in the region. This simply can not be missing if you want to buy a Felanitx property. Of course, a large villa also includes a huge garden, which is impressive and specially designed. It can be provided with stone and lawn areas, which are perfectly coordinated with each other. It is simply a place to relax and enjoy.

In many gardens of the villas there are also fruit trees or even olive trees. So you can also still harvest fresh fruit yourself and enjoy the delicacies. Magnificent villas in the region are usually built of light stone. This makes the villa look particularly friendly, inviting and natural. In addition, extra emphasis is placed on light-colored stone to make even the summer months as bearable as possible in the region. Thanks to the light-colored stones, there is less heat build-up inside the villas.

If you want to buy a Felanitx property, you have pure choice in the area of villas. There are modern designed villas, but also properties in the original style. In terms of interior design, there are also many differences and refinements. In some villas, luxurious marble is used. Other villas have impressive wooden beams for more coziness. Due to the colorful variety, it is not so easy to choose one of the exciting villas in Felanitx. But we will be happy to help you buy the right Felanitx property soon.


Felanitx property for sale: Buy a house in Felanitx


It does not always have to be a luxurious villa or a finca if you want to buy a Felanitx property. After all, it is also a question of price, whether it should be a small or large object. If you do not have high demands, a nice little cottage or vacation home could also be a good choice for you.

In Felanitx there are some worth seeing houses for sale. With us you will find suitable properties for all demands and needs if you want to buy a house in Felanitx. Some houses are specially designed for singles or couples. But also for families with several children you will find interesting objects in Mallorca.

Just take a look around at Neptunus International. Besides many luxurious villas and fincas, there are also exciting smaller houses for sale at a reasonable price. If you want to buy a Felanitx property, you will always benefit from the Mediterranean flair, the great mentality of the people and beautiful sunny days.

If you want to buy a quaint Felanitx property, you can choose between renovated and refurbished farmhouses or even new buildings. If you want to buy Felanitx property only as a vacation residence, certainly a small property would be an interesting choice. But also for a life on Majorca small and fine properties offer themselves. Or you can go for a large villa with stylish furnishings and high-quality materials.

Most of the time the houses in Felanitx have their own beautiful garden. In some gardens there are also swimming pools to discover. In your own pool, it's good to stay out when the sun laughs over Mallorca. But also a nice cozy sitting and barbecue area should not be missing. Just invite the neighbors to a great and varied garden party. Remember, the Mallorcan people are very spontaneous and also like to visit you from now on. So nothing has to be planned for a long time.


Felanitx property for sale: Buy apartment in Felanitx


Maybe you don't necessarily need a large detached house or a finca with a huge estate. Possibly a small apartment for your demands and needs is also an option. Of course, you can also buy Felanitx real estate for sale as apartments.

Some people prefer a cozy city apartment to always get to the cozy stores and the cafes and restaurants quickly and easily. They also love the view of the beautiful city center. There is certainly always something exciting to discover. If you want to buy a Felanitx apartment, which is located in the center of the city, it is generally only a few steps for you to reach the most important things. And that is exactly what makes such a city apartment so popular.

So you can linger in the evening hours in a nice restaurant, drink a wine or two and then go home completely relaxed. You can hardly wish for anything better. You are always right in the middle of things and benefit from short distances.

An apartment is always a good place to spend your vacation in Mallorca in peace. Often there is a nice balcony, so you can enjoy the sun and have breakfast or dinner in the fresh air. But also if you want to stay longer in Felanitx, such a domicile offers itself. For singles and couples this is ideal to spend cozy hours, days, weeks or months.

If you want to buy a Felanitx property, you can assume that the apartment is kept in a light tone. This looks particularly friendly and inviting. In addition, light materials are very popular in Mallorca for the construction of houses. Thus, the apartment also does not charge too much in the summer, so it is good to stay in it.


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