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Worth a visit: the best sights in Mallorca

What are the best places to visit in Mallorca? The paradisiacal island in the Mediterranean Sea has enjoyed great popularity among vacationers for countless years and is also the ideal place to buy real estate in Mallorca. Anyone who has ever been to the island will quickly fall in love, because no place in the world is as charming and multifaceted as Mallorca. Modern facilities are located next to Majorcan villages, countless beaches invite you to relax, while the mountain landscape offers the ideal conditions for hiking. In addition, cities like Palma show the historical side of the island and present themselves with historic buildings and impressive chapels. One thing is for sure - there is a lot to discover on Mallorca. So that you know what you should not miss during your next stay, we have compiled the most beautiful destinations on Mallorca below, including culinary tips.

Majorca Sightseeings No. 1: Palma Cathedral

The Cathedral of Palma, or as the Mallorcans call it, La Seu, is probably the top sight on Mallorca. It is the landmark of the island and impresses with its unique appearance and size alike. With the signature of the great Antoni Gaudí, the cathedral took around 100 years to build. In addition to the opulent exterior, it is also recommended not to miss the magnificent interior of the masterpiece. If you can, you should also face the 215 steps and step onto the roof terrace. You will be amazed by the view.

Address: Plaça de la Seu, s/n, 07001 Palma

Majorca Sightseeings No. 2: Valldemossa

During a stay on the island you should not miss a visit to Valldemossa in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana. The town, located at an altitude of 400 meters, will quickly captivate you with its original charm, the small winding streets and the Mallorcan flair. Already at that time sovereigns and kings came here to rest. While strolling, you can discover numerous churches with magnificent decorations that commemorate Catalina Thomás, the saint of Mallorca, who was born here. Also worth visiting is the Charterhouse Monastery, where you can find a small museum, a monastery pharmacy and explore the monastery's own garden. A nice place to visit in Mallorca.

Majorca Sightseeing No. 3: Stalactite Caves

Mallorca is world famous for its stalactite caves, in addition to beaches, mountains and incomparable nature. About 200 stalactite caves are located on the island and five of them are among the most popular attractions in Mallorca. If you want to see the impressive grottoes with partly underground salt lakes and great staging, we recommend the following caves:

  • Coves del Drach near Porto Cristo
  • Cuevas del Hams near Porto Cristo
  • Cuevas d'Arta in Arta
  • Coves de Campanet near Sa Pobla
  • Cuevas de Genova in Palma

The latter two have been even less conquered by mass tourism and appear more pristine and natural than, for example, the Dragon Cave, where even a boat trip on the underground lake is possible.

Majorca Sightseeings No. 4: Palma Aquarium

Let yourself be carried away into the marine world of the oceans and simply dive in the Palma Aquarium on an area of 4.2 hectares. Here, around 8,000 sea creatures and more than 700 marine species await you. Among them are sea turtles, rays, sharks, colorful fish and jellyfish from the different habitats of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. At the same time, the aquarium carries out educational work and pursues research and conservation purposes of the world's oceans. At this attraction in Mallorca, you should not miss the roof garden, which is designed as a jungle.

Address: Carrer de Manuela de los Herreros, 21, 07610 Palma

Mallorca Extra Tip: Indulgence in Mallorca

Exploring Mallorca's sights can make you pretty hungry. Good thing you're right here in Mallorca, too. Mallorcan food is often peasant, rural and rustic, with fresh ingredients from the regions. Some typical dishes that you should try in any case once:

  • Pamb Oli - a dark bread with tomato paste, garlic, ham, fennel algae, olives and capers/ pimentos.
  • Empanadas - puff pastries with spicy and sweet fillings
  • Sobrassada - Sausage spread with paprika
  • Paella - yellow colored round grain rice with meat and seafood
  • Gató de ametlla - Almond cake without flour

We hope that we could inspire you for your next stay on the island with our tips for the best sights of Mallorca. If you want to experience the beautiful sides of the island every day, we at Neptunus International Real Estate will be happy to help you with your property search. After all, you can't get enough of Mallorca's numerous destinations anyway.

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