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Buy a property in Palma and enjoy sea views


Palma is the capital city of Mallorca and impresses with its wonderful Mediterranean climate. Situated by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the old town and wonderful narrow streets boast an array of exceptional boutiques for exclusive shopping. Imagine yourself enjoying the atmosphere of Palma from your own balcony and new dream property, marvelling at the breathtaking scenery. If you live in Palma, you’ll have easy access to boat rentals whenever you feel like sailing on the turquoise sea. If you decide to buy a property in Palma, you will be spoilt for choice between sea view flats or front line beach villas. When you decide to buy a property in Palma, we will be happy to help you with this important decision. The Paseo Maritimo of Palma is a very special residential area. The luxurious harbour avenue is situated right next to Palma's impressive marina. If you buy a property in Palma and choose this area, you will have the magnificent marina right at your feet and you will be able to enjoy unrivalled sea views every day. You will also benefit from many luxury bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. When buying a property in this area of Palma you will enjoy beautiful sunsets over the sea every day. As well as exclusive dream properties by the sea, Neptunus International lists luxurious townhouses and cliff villas with unique sea views. These properties usually have their own terraces, gardens and swimming pools to cool off on hot days. If you decide to buy a property in Palma, you will enjoy these privileges.


Buy a property in Palma and benefit from good infrastructures


Palma has become a very attractive residential area, especially in recent years. Should you buy a property in Palma you will experience tradition and modernity, a perfect combination makes life in Palma very special. If you buy a property in Palma, you will live in the heart of the island’s economic and cultural centre. However, Palma is much more than just the centre of the island, Palma is a very interesting, cosmopolitan place that invites you to live fully and relax. This exciting city is also the seat of the Balearic Government. The harbour of Palma is the largest of the Balearic Islands and with its numerous yachts, gives Palma an unmistakable atmosphere. From the port of Palma you can travel to Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. The excellent infrastructure includes the nearby international Palma de Mallorca Airport and Palma's popular city centre which attracts numerous visitors year after year, is quickly reached through the motorway connections. At night, the city delights with its legendary and exclusive clubs that invite you to dance. During the day, however, the city's surroundings can be easily explored by car. If you buy a property in Palma, you will soon be living in the midst of beautiful landscapes.

Buy a property in Palma and enjoy its international atmosphere, particularly noticeable also with the international schools that offer expatriates’ children an excellent education. In addition to English, the children learn Spanish, the main language used on the island of Mallorca. After work or during the weekend, the beautiful promenade invites you to take a stroll or enjoy relaxing bike rides. Even the Motorcyclists will appreciate discovering the incomparable nature of the outskirts of the city by motorbike. Cyclists prize Mallorca for its scenery and steep slopes. For those who love playing golf, Palma has superb golf greens that impress with their beautiful scenery.


Get to know the Mallorcans when buying a property in Palma


If you want to buy a property in Palma, you will find about 400.000 inhabitants. A relaxed lifestyle and an immediately enchanting Mallorcan atmosphere await you. Many visitors fall in love with Palma immediately after their first visit and it is not unusual for them to want to stay permanently. Due to continuous immigration, Palma has an annual population growth of 2.5%. Palma is a real dream and many people decide to buy a property in Palma and live here. Buy a property in Palma and experience first hand the special character of the locals, marked by serenity and modesty. If only for the warmth of the locals, buying a property in Palma is an incredible project.


Buying a property in Palma - discover the different districts


Palma de Mallorca is also known as the "Pearl of the Mediterranean". Thanks to restoration work in the old town and well thought-out urban planning, the city is now more beautiful than ever. Numerous buildings have been carefully brought back to life, extensively renovated and restored, offering interested parties modernised properties that still retain their original charm, for a sunny life!

If you wish to buy a property in Palma, you should familiarise yourself beforehand with the different suburbs as each neighbourhood stands out on its own.

If you decide to buy a property in Palma's famous old town, narrow, quiet streets lined with superb palaces await you. The beautiful and impressive façades often conceal luxurious condominiums. Enjoy all the comfort you could wish for in this absolutely privileged location and marvel at the fantastic sea views. Whenever you feel that simply admiring the sea from your terrace is not sufficient, you’ll be able to reach the beach on foot, in just a few minutes. Start your walk near the Cathedral of la Seu and in some 20 minutes you will be sitting somewhere on Palma's fine sandy beach. A stroll through the mediaeval old town is also worthwhile. The atmosphere in Palma’s avenues, for example, the one on the Paseo del Borne with its lively squares, cosy cafés and exclusive bars, is unique.

Buying a property in the centre of Palma means benefiting from the most elegant promenade of the island. The green avenue is a popular venue for numerous small and large events. The Paseo is lined with luxury boutiques, gourmet restaurants and pretty cafés.

The eclectic neighbourhood of Santa Catalina is, of course, another recommended place to buy a property in Palma. In this suburb, you’ll find international residents who love and live the area’s unique charm with a bohemian touch. Selected restaurants with delicious specialities from all over the world, small boutiques and the lively market of this trendy neighbourhood await you.

Above all, Palma impresses by its diversity. If you decide to buy a property in Palma, you’ll find the one that fits you, your particular expectations and location.


Buying a property in Palma: finca, house, flat or villa?


Should you choose to buy a property in Palma, you’ll have many options. Whether a cosy flat in a residential area, a villa by the sea, a finca on a hill or a house on the outskirts of Palma, we’ll help you choose the property of your dreams. Palma is the largest city in Mallorca and proposes properties in its city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods. Neptunus International takes individual wishes and preferences into account - how about, for example, a fantastic roof terrace with sea views? We list a large selection of properties in Palma, mainly in prime locations. Buy a property in Palma and enjoy a villa with a well-kept garden and swimming pool for the whole family, a flat with unmistakable sea views or a finca that is an ideal winter retreat. Fulfil your dream and buy a property in Palma; a luxurious ambience is guaranteed.


Buying a property in Palma: buy a finca in Palma


A finca is usually an agricultural property on the outskirts of a city. They are plots of land that usually cover several thousand square metres. As fincas usually have a lot of land, they enjoy peace and privacy. The fincas’ typical natural stone houses are especially popular with travellers. If you decide to buy a property in Palma, you always have the option to rent it out, deciding of course, on how many people your finca will host. The advantages of a finca are obvious. Fincas impress with their rural and natural environment and enjoy peace and relaxation in a private atmosphere. If you want to buy a property in Palma and move there with your family, a finca will offer you plenty of space. These properties usually have modern facilities and modern conveniences and a swimming pool for exclusive use. Although fincas often have a rustic appearance, their interior is modern and extremely luxurious. Of course, you can determine the style of your finca yourself and furnish it to your own taste. When renting out your finca, you could offer guests extras such as a summer kitchen, table tennis, a children's pool, a playground, a barbecue, a hot tub or a pool table. Fincas for sale are usually located a little outside the city, but you can also find fincas by the seaside, a perfect property requirement if you want to buy in Palma. The price of a finca will vary according to the size, features and location. For many people, buying a finca is the absolute dream of independence and freedom. You too can fulfil this dream in the middle of the unspoilt nature of Palma. From a classic rural finca to a luxury finca with modern comforts, the offer of fincas in Palma leaves nothing to be desired.


Buying a property in Palma: buy a villa in Palma


More and more people want to buy property in Palma and the demand for luxury villas is constantly increasing. For this reason, the value of villas cannot be overestimated. Palma’s villas are primarily associated with luxury. After all, a villa is always unique, large and elegant. A villa is often superior to a house in terms of size, facilities, location and comfort. The most valuable of all properties is probably a villa with a sea view. Villas that are situated close to a golf course are also very popular. Like most villas in Palma they are of more recent construction and naturally easier to maintain than older fincas. Only high quality materials are used in the construction of such villas, with of course a swimming pool and garden area. In Palma, most villas are located in exclusive residential suburbs and thus, buying a villa in Palma means living in an elegant neighbourhood. You could also opt to buy a villa with sea views and direct access to the beach. We will be happy to advise you on the best location of Palma to buy your dream villa quickly. Many people dream of buying a villa as a property in Palma. Such villas often have a swimming pool, a large terrace, sea views and plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy. If you are looking for a unique and special property in Palma, a villa is ideal. Some villas can even be rented-out to tourists. Palma’s villas are often situated on a hillside and have stunning sea views. As in Palma the supply of such villas is fairly limited, their value will increase in the long run. Buy a property in Palma and make your dreams come true. We are always at your disposal to help you with the purchase of a property.


Buy a flat in Palma: buy a flat in Palma


Are you thinking of buying a property in Palma but don't know exactly what to choose? Here is what matters when buying an apartment in Palma. How about an exclusive flat in the centre of the old town? Flats in the old town have a lot of charm and reflect the bucolic atmosphere of the centre of Palma. If you buy a flat in the centre of Palma, you’ll enjoy strolling through the alleys and marvel at Palma’s impressive architecture. We list a wide selection of beautiful flats. Most of these flats have been carefully refurbished and feature exclusive furnishings, beautiful bathrooms, spacious rooms and enough living space for families to feel at home. Why not opt for a property with a loft character. If you buy a property of this type in Palma, there are a few features to consider prior buying. Most of Palma’s flats in a prime location offer popular features such as a lift, air conditioning, a modern fitted kitchen, high quality materials, bright rooms, luminous spaces, a garage or parking allotment, a balcony, a terrace and even a roof terrace. Make your dream of living in Palma come true and buy a property in Palma. Criteria such as the location of the property will determine the value and price of the property. Other criteria such as the type of construction, new or renovated, a garden, a residential area, a swimming pool, sea views and general features such as air conditioning, a fitted kitchen and a garage will also influence the price. Would you like to start your day with stunning sea views? Opt for a dream flat on the beachfront or on a hillside.


Do you want to buy a property in Palma? Neptunus International is your expert


If you have decided to buy a property in the city of Palma, Neptunus International will be pleased to give you advice and assist you. As experienced real estate agents, we have been working for a long time in this sector and especially in this region. Therefore, we are very familiar with the current real estate situation in Palma. You can count on our comprehensive viewing service and a wide range of top quality properties in Palma. As we have a wide network, we have no problem finding luxury properties to suit a variety of tastes. Neptunus International has a wide portfolio of exclusive and traditional properties in Palma. Whether a flat, a villa or a finca, we will make your dream of owning your own property in Palma come true. Buy a property in Palma now and you’ll soon start your days with the sound of the sea and the Mediterranean breeze. This, and much more, will be yours to enjoy when you buy a property in Palma. If you wish to buy a property in Palma, do not hesitate to contact us.

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