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Buy a property in Sa Torre - experience luxury in Mallorca

There are numerous reasons why you might buy a property in Mallorca, the most common is emigration and also the benefit of owning a nice property as a home for the cold days back home. Numerous fincas and houses in Sa Torre, are very suitable as second properties. Very few people want to live directly in an urban centre and thus look for a quiet area not too far from a good infrastructure. If you seek to buy a property in the small coastal town of Sa Torre, you will have numerous options. Although Sa Torre is only 20 minutes away from Palma de Mallorca’s airport, it is an idyllic and tranquil district. Mallorcans love their island and in Sa Torre, tourists rarely stray. If you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will experience the typical Spanish serenity and enjoy more than just Mallorca.

Buy property in Sa Torre for pure relaxation


More and more people suffer from burnout, depression or other mental illnesses. The cause often lies in our everyday life. Because of work, family and other life responsibilities, most people forget to listen to their own needs, which takes its toll after a while. Further south you look, the healthier people’s lives are. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Torre, you will notice the calmness of the Mallorcans. Of course, at times the pace of life is also hectic in the Balearic island, nonetheless, Mallorcans’ mentality plays a major role and everyday life seems slower and not so much characterised by stress.

The sea is the most important element that ensures balance and a healthy lifestyle here. Many people learn about the positive effects of the sea while on vacation, but this is usually limited to two or three weeks. Living permanently under the sun and near the Mediterranean sea helps make all worries disappear. Numerous studies have shown that the sea is a real health asset and if you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will quickly notice an improvement. The salty air is a real treat for the lungs, the sound of the waves is calming and the vast sea makes us forget all our worries.

If you buy a property in Sa Torre to live permanently in Mallorca, the sunny climate will also have a positive effect on your health. Mallorca has over 300 days of sunshine a year which ensures good levels of vitamin D production. In cold Germany, many people have a considerable vitamin D deficiency, especially in winter. Tiredness and listlessness are common consequences and make the symptoms of depression worse. Put an end to this, buy a property in Sa Torre and enjoy the Mediterranean sun.


Buy a property in Sa Torre and explore Mallorca by bike


Once you have decided to buy a property in Sa Torre, the specific area is of course important. The district is home to around 2500 inhabitants and is located directly by the sea. The village belongs to Llucmajor, the largest municipality on the Balearic island in terms of area. Nevertheless, Sa Torre is particularly idyllic with few tourists even in the high season. Between nature and the sea, if you decide to buy a property in Sa Torre you will most certainly find the perfect home. No need to worry about the infrastructure, you will find everything you need to live here or in Palma just 20 minutes away. Mallorca in particular is known for its good public transport network. But the roads and highways are also very well developed. There are plenty of cycle paths on the island, and many lead to the capital of Mallorca.

If you want to buy a property in Sa Torre, finding a permanent job and a suitable school for the children are of course also important. Of course, the catering sector is particularly large on the island, however, all the professions are also available. If you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will find numerous international and private schools for children. So even the little ones have a perfect start on the island, quickly overcoming language barriers. Mallorca offers the perfect life by the sea, under the sun and with many convincing advantages.

The Sa Torre area is perfect for outdoor activities. The landscape and the beach offer numerous opportunities for long bike rides. and you will take advantage of this when you buy a property in Sa Torre. The paths lead to different communities and take you to new places. This is a great way to explore the island by bike. Numerous signposts also ensure that you always find your way and don't get lost. You can enjoy the nature of this area not only by bike. Hikes and long walks are great for the soul and health. You will benefit from such outdoor activities when you buy a property in Sa Torre.

If you buy a property in Sa Torre and enjoy other sports, then the nearby golf course will be a great option. Here, beginners in particular get their money's worth. If you buy a property in Sa Torre you will have the opportunity to visit the local golf course academy. Numerous trainers ensure that you can learn and improve this sport from scratch and youngsters are also catered for here with the opportunity to attend various courses. The wonderful clubhouse on the premises is not the only unique feature. It also offers the opportunity to play golf at night. A wonderful experience under the stars with a view of the sea and the setting sun. Alternatively, you will also benefit from the adjacent tennis court. The outdoor sports offer is very well positioned in Sa Torre and thus, if you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will experience the advantages of the offer.


You will be happier when you buy a property in Sa Torre


Important economic sectors in Mallorca are tourism and the associated gastronomy and hotel industry, as well as fishing. Fishing has been an important source of income for many locals for centuries. There is a small harbour in almost each coastal town. These are often crowded with tourists and in many respects, are an important source of income for the Mallorcans. The minimalist lifestyle of the mostly conservative and non ostentatious locals can be felt here and, if you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will soon realise it.

In Mallorca, it rains on average 60 days a year. This has a positive effect on people and the many hours of sunshine ensure a certain serenity. Sunshine makes you happy and that is exactly what you quickly notice when you discover the island. If you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will hardly ever encounter a bad-tempered Mallorcan. Friendliness is an important element here, whilst envy and resentment are non-existent and do not suit the people who are native to the Balearic island. Say goodbye to tight schedules and the precision that is typical of German when you buy a property in Sa Torre. Here, life has its own rules and is not strictly timed. It is easy to get into the rhythm and adapt to the Mallorcan mentality after just a short period of acclimatisation.

The numerous public holidays that are spread throughout the year are also important to the locals. These often have a religious background. The Mallorcans are devout and like to show it. But partying should not be neglected either and having fun in life is very high on the list of priorities. If you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will notice that socialising with neighbours or villagers is not uncommon.


What are the advantages of buying a property in Sa Torre?


It is only in recent years that many immigrants have discovered the town of Sa Torre for themselves. The real estate market is growing rapidly and the construction industry is experiencing a real boom. If you wish to buy a property in Sa Torre, now is the perfect time to look for a new home or second home in the village. Numerous residential complexes with apartments, new houses or properties such as villas or classic fincas are found here. The landscape is naturally taken into account when building, so that everything fits together harmoniously. The proximity to the Mediterranean sea, the lush landscape, the vicinity of Palma and the small golf course, are other reasons to want to buy a property in Sa Torre.

Tourism in the area is strictly minimal. A few small vacation homes and apartments provide sufficient space for vacationers, but the town is principally populated by its residents. If you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will start to experience the real lifestyle of Mallorca. Whether choosing to buy a magnificent villa with a private pool on a large estate or opting for a small cosy apartment, is entirely up to the person. All the properties are up to the latest standards with a certain luxury. Fincas and Mallorcan style houses are great classics in small villages such as Sa Torre. If you wish to buy a property in Sa Torre, you will find homes with a minimalist interior and purist style. Sa Torre also has luxurious properties in every price segment that suit every wish. Take your chance and buy a property in Sa Torre.


Buy a property in Sa Torre and opt for a furnished luxury property


If you want to buy a property in Sa Torre, you will naturally need to visit different properties. While some prefer a cosy and simple apartment, others want luxury and an extensive plot of land. If you want to buy a property in Sa Torre, the purpose of the property is also a determinant factor. For instance, for a single person a second home, a small house or an apartment are usually more adequate. However, if you wish to move to and live long term in the Balearic Island, a finca or even a villa might be more appropriate. Each property has its own advantages and therefore offers exactly the right thing for different requirements.

No matter which luxury property in Mallorca you choose, all properties are usually furnished. The furnishings are based on the architectural style. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Torre in the upper price segment, the furnishings will be correspondingly exclusive and expensive. A typical Mallorcan finca, on the other hand, has the charm of an old rural farmhouse. The furniture and interior design are often rustic and practical. From straightforward to romantic designs, the properties offer a wide range, which you will discover when you buy a property in Sa Torre.


Buy a property in Sa Torre: finca with spacious garden in Sa Torre


Sa Torre does not only triumph because of its proximity to the sea. The further inland you go, the lusher the vegetation and nature. Sa Torre has a perfect environment for families. The small village has its own character and no property fits better into the landscape than a typical finca. If you want to buy a property in Sa Torre, you will find that rural farmhouses are in high demand. On the one hand, many people want to own a typical Mallorcan house and on the other hand, a finca with a large plot of land is an ideal home for many. Fincas tend to be minimalist with a Mediterranean style, in a spacious outdoor area to enjoy the weather.

It is not uncommon for such fincas to have a swimming pool which, of course, is no substitute for the sea, but is a very good alternative to cool off in summer. The furnishings in the fincas and the architectural style are always rustic. Wood dominates in the furnishings, the flooring and also small deliberate accents in the house itself. If you buy a property in Sa Torre and opt for a finca, you will feel the cosiness as soon as you visit. The natural colours also harmonise the exterior areas. Natural stone is often used here, not only for the floors but also for the façades. This allows the house to blend in perfectly with the Mallorcan landscape.

Fincas are similar to bungalows and often have no more than one floor. However, they have enough rooms to accommodate a family and guests. The living and dining areas are spacious. Mallorcans like to have visitors and so there is plenty of space for a cosy get-together or even an evening with delicious tapas or fresh fish from the sea. If you would like to buy a property in Sa Torre and opt for a finca, then you have already created the basis for new life on Mallorca.


Sa Torre property for sale: buy a Spanish villa in Sa Torre


If you want to buy a property in Sa Torre that resembles a large estate, then you need to look around the numerous villas in the area. In recent years, many expats have discovered the area and the Mallorcans are increasingly developing the area between the forest and the sea. Sa Torre is a quiet village, perfect to spend your life here. In addition to numerous undeveloped plots, if you wish to buy a property in Sa Torre, you could also view many different villas. The style is classically Spanish and fits in perfectly with the surroundings and the Mediterranean sea. You will also find modern properties with a simple and clear architecture here.

You could buy a property in Sa Torre, choosing your home between the numerous houses and fincas surrounded by nature and enjoy life in Mallorca, with all its advantages. Villas are properties that offer plenty of space and privacy. In addition to a private pool, they usually have a spa area, a private sauna and commodities for diverse leisure activities. A villa impresses with its spaciousness, the large number of rooms and various bathrooms that offer sufficient space for everyone. It doesn't matter what style it was built in, a certain level of luxury always awaits if you buy a property in Sa Torre.

The outdoor areas of villas on the eastern side of the bay of Palma have a lot to offer. Not just a simple terrace, but various balconies and in some cases also a roof terrace to linger looking out over the sea and enjoying the wonderful sky at dusk. If you decide to buy a property in Sa Torre, your villa will usually have a large plot of land, a space for a guest house and a private barbecue area.


Buy property in Sa Torre: buy a house in Sa Torre, a terraced house or a detached house


In your search for the right home, you should not ignore the numerous houses on offer. If you wish to buy a property in Sa Torre, you will have the choice between a terraced house, a detached property or a semi-detached house. All variants are available in this rather small and tranquil village near Palma. Many of these houses are built in a typical Mallorcan style. This style blends best with nature and offers a very beautiful overall picture. If you seek to buy a property in Sa Torre, you will soon realise that not only the houses’ appearance is impressive.

The houses in Sa Torre are not only adapted to the area, but fulfil their purpose. On average, these properties have 5 or more rooms, so that there is also enough space for large families. The houses are built on at least 2 floors. However, some of them also have 3 floors, which of course gives a wonderful view over the village and the sea. Despite the proximity to the sea, most of the gardens have their own swimming pool. This is by no means a substitute for the Mediterranean sea nearby, but it provides a wonderful alternative and is standard in southern countries. Decide today to buy a property in Sa Torre and discover the numerous possibilities.

The outdoor areas not only impress with a wonderful landscape. Often with palm and olive trees, both the gardens and the front areas are adapted to the property. These houses are very typical on the island and exude a wonderful atmosphere. As soon as you enjoy your coffee or a glass of wine on the terrace or balcony, you will notice that relaxation sets in immediately. If you wish to buy a property in Sa Torre, then you should definitely take a look around the numerous houses, as you are guaranteed to find the right home for your wishes and ideas.


Buy Sa Torre property: Buying an apartment in Sa Torre for your second home


Would you like to buy a property in Sa Torre, but not live on the island permanently? The apartments in this town are perfect as an investment or as a vacation home. The offer in this area is not only very well positioned, but also offers numerous possibilities for use. If you buy a property in Sa Torre, you will not have to use it all year round. Many buyers also rent out the property to tourists or locals. Temporary living is nothing unusual and can often be found in Mallorca. You will also have the opportunity to spend your vacation on the island and right by the sea at any time.

An apartment is nonetheless ideal for permanent living. If you would like to buy a property in Sa Torre, you could purchase a small apartment with a large living space for yourself. Many apartments are located in so-called residential complexes. Neighbours are therefore in the immediate vicinity and you can benefit from the advantages of this community. Most residential complexes not only have a beautiful outdoor area to relax in, but also offer a pool. The advantage of this is that you don't have to worry about anything. Instead, the area outside the apartment is used by all residents. You should be aware of this when buying a property in Sa Torre.

Depending on which floor the apartment is on, you may have a balcony or a small terrace. However, every apartment always has the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on the island. If you want to buy a property in Sa Torre and decide on an apartment, it will already be furnished. Only very rarely will you find a property without furniture or a certain level of equipment. However, it is the perfect base for a second home or as a vacation home. After buying a property in Sa Torre, you could move straight in and enjoy life in the small village.


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