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Very close to the clouds - hiking in Mallorca

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Mallorca is known for summer, sun and sea. No wonder, because all year round summer temperatures invite to a real estate purchase and dreamlike vacation. The numerous beaches leave nothing to be desired. Numerous sights, such as the Cathedral of Palma round off any vacation on the Balearic island. However, Mallorca is gaining more and more interest as a hiker's paradise. The unique landscape, developed and lonely hiking trails in the mountains of Mallorca and impressive flora and fauna make hiking in Mallorca more and more popular. In this article we want to bring you a little closer to the clouds over Spain's island and discover with you the varied tours while hiking in Mallorca.

What makes Mallorca so attractive for hiking?

Mallorca offers a wide range of hiking trails for every level. Day trips for families, but also extended adventure hikes lasting several days with a hiking guide that leads through Mallorca's mountains. Scenically, when it comes to hiking in Mallorca, the island is dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, the highest mountain in Mallorca, which stretches from the northwest the central part of the island to the stands in the southeast. This results in Mallorca a unique mix of sea and mountains, numerous valleys and mountain villages and unique landscapes that make Mallorca almost perfect for hiking. In addition to the well-known long-distance hiking trail "Ruta de pedra en sec" (dry stone route), there are tours for experienced active vacationers as well as beautiful routes for the inexperienced and beginners, so that the island can be "hiked" for everyone.

When is the best time to go hiking in Mallorca?

Mallorca, with its Mediterranean climate, invites you to hike all year round. Nevertheless, usually the best season to discover the Mallorcan hiking trails is in the spring from about February until the end of May. During this period, the almond blossoms begin to bloom and nature starts to sprout in its most beautiful colors. Since it can get very hot in the summer, hiking in these months should be limited to coastal walks, the highlands or forests, as the heat can quickly become uncomfortable and stressful. After that, in the second half of the year, from mid-September to November, you came back to discover the lowlands.

The 5 best hiking trails in Mallorca

But now we do not want to keep you in suspense and take you mentally hiking in Mallorca. So today we are your Mallorcan hiking guides and show you our best hiking trails in Mallorca.

1st hiking trail in Mallorca: Alcúdia

The peninsula of Alcúdia is located in the eastern part of the island and presents itself with a diverse landscape and fragrant pine forests. Directly connected is the crystal clear sea, so you can always enjoy a view into the distance while hiking. A 13-kilometer hiking tour leads through the picturesque coves and up Talaia d'Alcúdia. Once at the top, a unique view over the sea and nature awaits everyone who tries the hiking trail.

2nd hiking trail in Mallorca: Albufera Nature Park (Parque Natural S'Albufera de Mallorca).

The Albufera Nature Park is located in the northwest of the island, not far from Alcúdia, and is well suited for hiking in Mallorca for beginners. The circular trail shows a length of 13 km and has a walking time of just under 4 hours. If you want to discover the trail in Mallorca, you must first get permission to enter the protected area from the information center.

3rd hiking trail in Mallorca: Muleta

Not far from Port de Sóller is the hilly landscape of Muleta, which offers a beautiful ambience for hiking in Mallorca. At Cap Gros, the northern tip is the famous lighthouse, which is directly connected to a hostel for hikers. From here you can make a small tour of Muleta. Those who want to hike a little more ambitiously in this part of Mallorca can explore the coastal path of about 12 kilometers from Deià to Port Sóller. The picturesque nature between olive groves and pine forests will inspire you in any case.

4. hiking trail in Mallorca: Llucmajor

Hike along the monastery mountain Randa about 7 km round trip from Llucmajor to the witch mountain. The moderately difficult hike to the "Puig de ses Bruixes", as it is called in Spanish, starts at the parking lot of the cemetery of Llucmajor. It takes about 2 hours to climb between fields of almond trees and pines. The difference in altitude is 200 meters. The name of the witch's mountain comes from a Mallorcan folk tale. Witches are said to have lived in the caves in the 13th century. After the hike in Mallorca you can ideally strengthen in one of the restaurants in Llucmajor.

5. hiking trail in Mallorca: challenging trekking tour

For experienced hikers who regularly start large tours, the still little developed hinterland in the north of Mallorca is suitable. The route of the dry stone walls, marked as GR 221, offers numerous possibilities of multi-day hiking tours such as the approximately 129 km from Port d'Andratx through the Serra de Tramuntana to Pollenca. The stages are divided into 8 sections. The hiking trail of Mallorca leads through quaint villages along the dry stone wall and is characterized by the landscape of the mountain massif.

This is what you should keep in mind when hiking in Mallorca

If you want to hike in Mallorca, be aware that not all hiking trails are well signposted. While most are well-maintained, it is not uncommon for them to lead across private terrain. Hikers can orient themselves by the cairns and colored dots. Therefore, we advise you to equip yourself with a hiking map or a GPS-enabled cell phone. Also, pay special attention to warning signs such as "Prohibit pasar" (or Prohibido el paso) which translates to "No passage" or "Vedat privat de caça" (or Coto privado de caza) which stands for "Private hunting area". If you want to discover hiking in Mallorca in a new way, you can also book a hiking guide.

We at Neptunus International Real Estate recommend you to visit the island for a walking vacation. If you would like to enjoy the beautiful landscape for a longer time or even forever, we can help you with your real estate search.

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