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Puerto de Sóller real estate for sale: Live exclusivity


If you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, there you will experience the originality of Mallorca coupled with the interesting history of the island. The picturesque, almost circular harbor invites you to linger and allows a view of the beauty of nature. If you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you will find one of the most beautiful floras and faunas in Spain, the area was famous for its orange and lemon groves in the 19th century. Olive oil was produced here 2,000 years ago and shipped through the natural harbor that was already in use at that time. The long history of the town can still be seen and traced today, and a ride on the historic railroad here is an absolute must. Here you can not only admire the beautiful yachts, but also purchase a mooring for your own boat. Because if you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you can take your own yacht or a rented one for day trips to different bays or even to the mainland.

Puerto de Sóller in magnificent camp


Puerto de Sóller is located on the west coast of Mallorca and when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you are presented first of all with the beautiful bay of Sóller with its green-blue water that Neptune himself could not have created better. This sheltered harbor with its green-blue water is the dream of every visitor to Mallorca. When you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you can be sure to enjoy this beautiful view whenever you want, whether from the bay's restaurants or the fine sandy beach. But also outside the municipality of Sóller, the coast offers you a breathtaking view of the beauty and originality of the sea.

When you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you are free to choose whether you want to enjoy the view of the harbor or the wide and open sea, or maybe you want both? Because here you can have that too. The coast and sea of Puerto de Sóller offer you romantic views and the region is perfect for diving enthusiasts who want to experience a pristine coastal landscape with a diverse underwater world. If you prefer to experience the view from the coast, Puerto de Sóller also offers that, because here you will not only find a beautiful variety for your vacation motives. Maybe it's the small fishing boats coming back from their catch in the morning to sell their goods in the village, or maybe you'll manage to spot the coast of the mainland on a clear day when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property.

With Cala Deià you will also find one of the quietest and most natural beaches on the island. If you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, everything you want for a pristine and romantic stay in Mallorca is open to you.


Buy Puerto de Sóller property and benefit from the welcoming infrastructure


The infrastructure in Puerto de Sóller is divided into the municipality of Sóller and the port. Just the administrative buildings are all located in Sóller, which, however, is very easy to reach from the coast.

A peculiarity of the port town is the rail service that allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the countryside and coastline and connects the port with the island's capital, Palma.

If you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, then you have the possibility to buy your freshly caught fish in the harbor or the regional goods and specialties on the market. For the larger purchase, however, you have to leave Puerto de Sóller. But even the large Carrefour in Palma is easily accessible by car.

However, the local Spar supermarkets carry everything you need for your daily needs. Also enjoy the delicious Spanish pastries that you can buy in the local bakeries. Since Puerto de Sóller has kept its originality, here you don't have to rely on going to the big supermarkets that are located outside. Just be a part of the flair of this place and stroll to the beach with your freshly baked bread and wonderful Spanish sausages and enjoy the view of nature there when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property.

In Sóller there are also international schools and care for the little ones is also well taken care of here, because Sóller is a very family-friendly region.

Enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna of Sóller when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. Probably the most interesting way to do this is, you might say, with your head under water. Puerto de Sóller is known for its richness under the water surface. If you don't have enough experience as a diver yet, you can also practice a bit with a snorkel on one of the beaches first and get a feeling for the underwater world. You can also sign up right away, when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, in one of the diving schools of the place and learn with the trained instructors the best places of the area to make your dive an experience.

Puerto de Sóller offers you not only the beauty under water, but also on land. You can complete a part of the Mallorca Challenge here and ride your bike from Sóller to Puerto de Sóller. Especially in spring you can admire the unique blooming landscape.

Furthermore, the port town is located directly on the long-distance hiking trail GR-221, which you can walk parts or all of if you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. If you don't feel up to walking big stages yet, you can walk from Sóller to Muleta or to Deià for a swim on the beach. But if you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you can also explore the area and create your own little tours.


Get to know the Mallorcan diversity when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property


Puerto de Sóller is located on the northwest coast of Mallorca and is about three kilometers from the main town of Sóller. The inhabitants of the town attach great importance to the originality and the long history of the port. The landscape around Sóller, called Serra de Tramuntana, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011 and it should remain so, because here history and culture of different eras mix together, coupled with a unique coastal region. The many cafes and bars are also a second home for many a local. Because being relaxed is the nature of every Sólleran. A good family life is a major focus here, not only among the Catalans. Many of the families who have moved here enjoy the tranquility that this place exudes when they buy a Puerto de Sóller property. Thus, especially many creative people such as authors and writers take advantage of the beauty of the port and the Serra Tramuntana to create their new works. Puerto de Sóller is therefore not only known for German or English visitors or residents. Here an international audience finds a new home to recharge their energy or to gain inspiration for artistic works. You too can benefit from the tranquility and originality of the twin village when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property.


Why buy an exclusive Puerto de Sóller property?


In Puerto de Sóller you will find a variety of properties that you will not find a second time. You have the choice between city life, life at the harbor or in the countryside, as well as between historic building, finca in the countryside or pure luxury. Sóller offers you all this when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. In Puerto de Sóller, the main focus is on the tranquility, family life and the originality of the place. However, the island capital Palma is very easy to reach for this purpose and you can always combine your life here with a pinch of big city if you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. The twin town also gives you the choice of living in the main town of Sóller, with its town hall and museums, or in the port, with its beautiful views of the sea and the bay of Sóller, and quaint bars and cafes near the beach. But even if you decide and buy a Puerto de Sóller property in one of the main towns or in the rural part, you always have the possibility to benefit from the advantages of both places. If you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you can benefit from rurality, tranquility and originality as well as from the proximity of Palma.


Puerto de Sóller property for sale: Finca, house, apartment or maybe buy a villa in Puerto de Sóller?


If you want to buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you can choose between very different types of houses and you can find the perfect location for you. You want a luxurious villa with sea view and close to the port? No problem, Puerto de Sóller is located on a hillside and combines in its villas everything you dream of. But maybe you want a finca that has a large garden but is still close to both town centers? This is also no problem if you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. The typical Mallorcan fincas here come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you want two houses on your property to rent one or prepare for guests, this is no problem if you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. Within the town centers, you also have the choice between townhouses and apartments. Again, you have the option to choose between old houses and modern architecture. The size of the houses and apartments also varies greatly, as does their location. When you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, all you have to do is decide what the living of your dreams will look like.


Puerto de Sóller property for sale: Buy luxury finca in Puerto de Sóller


Buying a finca as Puerto de Sóller property always means buying a finca in one of the most beautiful areas of all Mallorca. Not only we from Neptunus International think so, but also UNESCO. This pristine spot proves again and again that it is one of the most wonderful places to want to buy a Puerto de Sóller property. And just as beautiful as the surroundings are the fincas in this area. Whether with a pool or without, a large house for the whole family or a big garden where your children can romp around. A finca in Sóller offers you everything you could wish for. The fincas located outside the twin towns offer you simply everything from a view of the sea to the mountains of Mallorca. But here, too, you can of course choose whether you prefer to benefit from modern luxury or prefer the originality that this place brings. The mostly stone-built fincas keep the heat out of your living area in the summer just as well as they keep the heat in during the winter. When you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you get the idyll of a beautiful landscape coupled with the uniqueness and originality of two towns. The fincas here consist of luxurious flair and you yourself choose to what extent you prefer the rural life, because the fincas near the village, are perfect for families who want to experience both. If you prefer to choose a rural life, this is also not a problem when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property with Neptunus International.


Puerto de Sóller property for sale: Buy exclusive villa in Puerto de Sóller


The pure luxury you get in one of our villas when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. Whether located in one of the outlying areas overlooking the harbor or in the center of Sóller, these properties are pure beauties. You will want for nothing here. The modern Spanish construction blends perfectly into the landscape and the terraces surround these properties, so you can enjoy a different view at any time of the day. Here you can start dreaming and learn that God does not live in France, but in a villa in Puerto de Sóller. Of course, our villas are also equipped with a pool, which provides you with cooling at any time. So you don't have to look for the cooling in the sea after a long day, but you can completely devote yourself to the peace and quiet at your own pool. When you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, these Neptunus International villas can be the luxury for your soul. Each villa is unique in its nature and you can let your individuality run wild here. A villa in Puerto de Sóller combines small-town flair and coziness with the perfect view of the surroundings, so all you have to do is decide how many rooms your dream villa in Puerto de Sóller should have.


Puerto de Sóller property for sale: Buy dream house in Puerto des Sóller


If you want to live not only in one, but in two towns, you can decide to buy a Puerto de Sóller property. Then you are very flexible in which place you want to buy your domicile. On the one hand, you can choose a house near the port. These are full of the original charm of the island of Mallorca. Your view from the slopes of the bay to the natural harbor of Puerto de Sóller will always be blessed with a perfect view thanks to the steep slope. In the twin village, things are a bit more modern for that. Even though some of the houses were built in turn-of-the-century charm, everything here is a bit more contemporary. You have the administrative buildings and a lively shopping mile right on site.

The houses of the twin villages usually have small gardens where you can enjoy the tranquility from a stressful everyday life or your retirement. From your terrace you can enjoy your life in this quiet landscape and contribute yourself to create your perfect Mallorcan garden with lemon and olive trees. These will not only provide you with the wonderful fruits, but will also be wonderful sources of shade in the summer when you buy your Puerto de Sóller property.

We at Neptunus International offer you modern furnished houses, where you will want for nothing. No wish remains unconsidered with us. Enjoy the view of the sea, the port or the center of Sóller when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property. We offer you the perfect panorama and the undisguised Majorcan way of life combined with the luxury of getting a house exactly according to your ideas and wishes. Here you can relax and enjoy your free time.


Puerto de Sóller property for sale: Buy apartment in Puerto de Sóller


You prefer something smaller but still want the advantages of a townhouse? Then an exclusive apartment is just what you need if you want to buy a Puerto de Sóller property. Here you can choose between different sizes. Would you like just a studio or perhaps a three bedroom apartment for the whole family or friends who visit frequently? Then you will find exactly what you are looking for. You can choose between the twins and also decide which luxury is the most suitable for you. You can choose whether you prefer an apartment with a balcony or a large terrace when you buy a Puerto de Sóller property.

The beautiful view of the port of Puerto de Sóller is also unobstructed in the apartments and shows you the charm of the fishing village just like the blue-green sea that will take your breath away every day. With a step outside the door in the morning you can watch the fishermen go about their business or get your own fresh food for the day. In Sóller, with one step you can sit in your favorite café and enjoy Mallorcan specialties when you buy a property in Mallorca.

Everything is open in the design of the living space and also the living space itself. While the old buildings have kept their charm from the outside, inside you can expect every luxury your heart desires. The open spaces and generously cut rooms will make you feel at peace, while the stone old building will protect you from the midday sun on particularly hot days.

When you buy a Puerto de Sóller property, you have the freedom to choose completely adapted to your life. From a studio with a small balcony to a luxurious roof terrace apartment, at Neptunus International you will find everything to make your life in Mallorca a perfect one.


A historic flair awaits you when you buy Soller real estate


If you buy a Soller property, you will be amazed at how many exciting and historical sights await you there. Soller, with just 14,000 inhabitants, is one of the most popular destinations and one of the most unspoiled regions of Mallorca. Hardly any vacationer visiting the Balearic island in the Mediterranean will miss a day trip to Soller, because the historically dreamy village has so many sights to offer. Buy a Soller property now and enjoy every day the beautiful landscape around Soller and a historical atmosphere in the center of Soller.

Soller and its port Puerto de Soller have a long and successful history in orange cultivation. In any case, it is worthwhile to visit the "Huerto de sa Vinyassa" and learn about the history of Soller's orange trees during a tour of the 18,000 m2 of very fertile land. You will be delighted with the freshly squeezed orange juice that you will be served there!

In the center of the village Soller you will find Placa de la Constitucio. Buy Soller property now and you will surely spend a lot of time there and enjoy the great atmosphere. In addition to countless stores, cafes and restaurants, you will also be able to admire the beautiful parish church of Sant Bartomeu here. The historic church dates back to the 13th century and is one of the landmarks and probably the most visually imposing building of Soller.

In addition to several other handsome buildings, you will also find a botanical garden, the art nouveau museum Ca'n Prunera`and the museum Casa de Cultura as well as a marine museum in Puerto de Soller when buying Soller real estate. Fans of culture and history will definitely get their money's worth in Soller.

If you like to be out in nature and enjoy great views, then when buying Soller real estate we definitely recommend you to visit the nearby weir and lighthouses of Puerto de Soller. From them you have fantastic views of the coastline and the mountain ranges in the hinterland. Many of these towers were part of a defense system against pirate raids in the 17th century.

For relaxation and recreation, Soller offers gorgeous, flat sandy beaches with fine white sand. Buy a Soller property now and variety is provided: Choose daily between the beaches Playa Puerto de Soller and Playa d'en Repic, which of the two you want to visit. Both are guarded by a lifeguard, are well protected and very suitable for children due to the shallow water, little wind and hardly any waves.


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