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Buy a property in Cala d'Or: Exclusive, sunny living

Located in the south-east of Mallorca and known as the "golden bay, Cala d'Or is a popular holiday resort by the Mediterranean sea, perfect for sun lovers seeking an exclusive lifestyle. Buying a property in Cala d'Or is really worthwhile, for the beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, the nice port and marina and various well-known restaurants. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, expect a colourful blend of relaxation, vibrant nightlife, luxurious shopping and lush nature. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, you will have 5 fantastic beaches nearby to relax on and enjoy the Mallorcan lifestyle.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or you’ll soon realise how popular a place it is, especially lively in spring and summer and while numerous international visitors are attracted by the peacefulness of this coastal town, Cala D’or ‘s community is vibrant thanks to its many programmed events and activities. Although in winter it is fairly quiet, with nearly 4,000 inhabitants and a wide range of leisure options, there will always be plenty to do when you buy and live in a property in Cala d'Or.

Buy a property in Cala d'Or and enjoy a unique life by the sea


Do you dream of living by the sea? Many do. Who doesn't enjoy the sound of crashing waves, warm sand underfoot and bucolic sunset walks? This is probably why most people love to holiday by the sea and why many dream of living near it.

A particularly beautiful place for this is Cala d'Or, on the south-east coast of the Balearic island of Mallorca. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or you will be close to superb bays, sandy beaches and pine forests. It is a perfect place if you long for peace and quiet and for a good infrastructure, including international schools and leisure options.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, you will own a residence on one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean, thus benefiting from a healthy and relaxed seaside lifestyle. Enjoying the sound of the sea and recharging batteries in the sunshine will all be possible when you buy a property in Cala d'Or.

In addition, it has been medically proven that the proximity of the sea increases happiness, calmness and relaxation. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or and live close to the sea, it will give you an intense feeling of freedom as you contemplate the sea and infinite space, feeling contentment and satisfaction.

As well as the sea water, sea air contains iodine, salt, and magnesium, enhancing and promoting respiratory health, reducing allergies and skin problems and generally stimulating the immune system. It is well known that seawater also helps cleanse the skin from dead skin cells, making it healthier and softer. When you buy a property in Cala d'Or, you will really begin to appreciate the overall positive effects of the sea on body, mind and soul.

Buy a property in Cala d'Or and benefit from the good infrastructure


Those who buy a property in Cala d'Or, benefit from an excellent infrastructure. Cala D’Or has all the necessary facilities to cover the needs of nearly 4,000 inhabitants. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or you will benefit from a very modern marina and yacht club. Delicious restaurants and high-quality boutiques where you can find everything your heart desires, make Cala d'Or a special place.

Another special feature of Cala D’or is its architectural style, which is different
from the rest of Mallorca. Cala d'Or became known as the White Town thanks to the Ibiza-born architect Josep Costa Ferrer. In the 1930s, strongly inspired by his native Ibiza, he designed the first building plans with the typical white, two-storey houses.

From your property in Cala d'Or, you’ll reach Palma’s airport in 55 minutes by car and the centre of Palma in 60 minutes. Excellent flight connections make Mallorca an internationally sought-after place to travel and live.

A big advantage for car owners with a property in Cala d'Or, is the village 's numerous free parking spaces. Only spaces along the bays marked in blue are restricted to short stays.

Tennis amateurs will appreciate “Rafael Nadal‘s Academy” located in the nearby municipality of Manacor, just 30 minutes away by car. Other international schools, such as the “Baleares College” or “King Richard III College” are in and around the town of Palma. Through the Ma-19 motorway, these schools are about 1 hour drive from Cala D’Or.

Cala D’Or has superb landscapes thanks to its unique coastal location with 5 beautiful bays - Cala Gran, Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmerelda, Cala Llonga and Cala Serena, all lined with pine trees and breathtaking sunsets.

Cala d'Or belongs to the municipality of Santanyi and, like most regions of Mallorca, attracts countless cyclists.

The municipality of Santanyi has 35 km of coastline. The excellent cycling routes, which you will discover if you buy a property in Cala d'Or, run along beautiful landscapes with picturesque views.

Recommended cycling routes in Cala D’Or:

Route 1 (red): at only 13 kilometres long, it is a fairly short but not exactly easy route, which is why it is classified as being of moderate difficulty. You should
have a certain basic level of fitness and cycling experience. The route leads to Cap de ses Salines from Santanyi via Es Llombards and offers views of the beaches of Punta Negra and Es Caragol.

Route 2 (purple): with 22 kilometres and a height of about 120 metres, this tour around Mondrago’s Natural Park, is suitable for experienced cyclists with a good physical condition. The tour starts in Cala Llombards, via Cala Figuera and back to Cala d'Or.

Route 3 (blue): although not short with 22 kilometres too, this route is the easiest of the 3. Starting at the highest point in Sa Alqueria Blanca and cycling
downhill towards the sea most of the time, the route is an absolute visual treasure and is recommended for beginners. It goes from Sa Alqueria Blanca, via Porto Petro, Calonge and Cala d'Or.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, you will enjoy discovering many other leisure venues and activities.

Take the Mallorcan people to your heart when you buy a Cala d'Or property


If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, you will quickly pick up on how friendly, sociable and outgoing Mallorcans are and, unlike Germans, sometimes unpunctual.

Also, siesta breaks are still as much a part of their daily routine as late-night gatherings and socialising.

If you learn the local tongue, you'll be even more welcomed by the Mallorcans who will show you great hospitality and introduce you to their authentic customs. On balance, it is worth looking a little further inland when buying a property in Cala d'Or.

Why the decision to buy a property in Cala d'Or is a wise choice


Why buy a property in Cala d'Or, in particular? There are countless reasons to
choose Cala d'Or.

In addition to the already mentioned Mediterranean climate and healthy fresh air, Cala d'Or is in a fantastic location by the sea, which you will fully enjoy when you buy a property in Cala d'Or.

When buying a property in Cala d'Or, you’ll have the choice between various beaches. From the family-friendly sandy beach of the same name, to larger ones such as Cala Gran, perfect for divers and cliff jumpers. Cala D’Or does have a beach to suit everyone.

Those who like it particularly natural when buying Cala d'Or real estate will name the idyllic bays Cala Serena, Cala Es Forti, Cala Ferrera and Cala Esmeralda as their personal favorites. Here, too, fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters await you. And it can also be a little quieter. For an unmistakable nature experience, the sandy beach of S'Amarador in the nearby Mondrago Nature Park is recommended.

So if you not only want to live by the sea, but also like to spend a lot of time on the beach, then you will find it in Cala d'Or! Because when buying Cala d'Or real estate, everyone will find the right beach for their taste.

The beaches are complemented by a wide range of water sports, made possible by the large harbor in the heart of Cala d'Or. If you want to buy a Cala d'Or property and not just lie on the beach, you can rent boats here and even get a boating license. And also stand-up paddles, as well as surfboards are available as non-motorized alternatives.

Of course, you can also learn snorkeling or take a diving course in Cala d'Or. We can assure you, if you buy a Cala d'Or property, you will not get bored so quickly.

Cala d'Or property for sale: finca, villa or flat


If you buy a property in Cala d'Or and love natural sites, you will appreciate the idyllic bays of Cala Serena, Cala Es Forti, Cala Ferrera and Cala Esmeralda, with fine sand and turquoise waters. An incomparable experience is the sandy beach of S'Amarador, in nearby Mondrago Natural Park.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or you will be close to the sea and so be able to head to the beach whenever you wish. Thanks to Cala d'Or’s large harbour, many water sports are accessible as well as rental boats with the obtention of a sailing licence. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or and love the beach and water activities, non-motorised alternatives such as stand-up paddles, snorkel, diving and surfboards are all on hand and so, on balance, it is really difficult to get bored living in a property in Cala d'Or.

Most villas and flats in Cala D'or are one floor spaces. Cala d'Or owes this delicate look and elegant overall design to Ibiza-born artist and architect Josep Costa Ferrer who built the first houses in Cala d'Or in 1933, inspired by the architecture of his native Ibiza.

An attractive artists resort was created, soon followed by a few hotels in the same architectural style, which boosted tourism. The former architectural style is still maintained and strict regulations for new constructions of hotels and houses apply. Thanks to these regulations, Cala d'Or has been spared unsightly high-rise buildings and mass tourism hotels. You will appreciate this very much when you buy a property in Cala d'Or.

Cala d'Or is popular for its selection of beautiful fincas, villas and flats with sea views and sometimes even a direct access to the beach. Most of the properties possess the coveted holiday rental licence, which makes it possible to generate additional income when you buy a property in Cala d'Or, as long as you do not use your property as your main residence.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, whether a flat on the seafront promenade or a villa with a private pool on the edge of the town, you’ll see that Cala d'Or is a charmful community with all the needed amenities and an upmarket atmosphere that will conquer you.

Buy a property in Cala d'Or: Enjoy life in a finca in Cala d'Or


If you wish to buy a property in Cala d'Or, opting for a finca will get you much more than just a house in the open countryside.

Living in a finca in Cala d'Or, surrounded by nature, will give you a sense of great freedom and exclusivity. People who buy a property in Cala d'Or look for privacy, peace and idyllic settings.

What makes a finca so special and why will you find so much tranquillity here? Quite simple! The specific term “finca” means a plot of land or estate. In the past, fincas were plantation grounds where farmers cultivated olives, oranges, grain or wine.

To avoid walking many times daily the usually long distances to their crops, farmers built average houses on their land, to spend the night there whenever necessary and avoid long back and forth journeys.

Presently the name “finca” designates the house and the plot of land. Today, a typical finca has little in common with the bare farmhouses of the past.

With the arrival of tourism, these simple, sparsely furnished country houses of former times have been restored to high standards and transformed into magnificent country estates.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or and opt for a finca, you’ll generally acquire a historic building with the charm of an old country house yet equipped with all the extras of modern times. Spacious rooms, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, large outdoor terraces and, of course, almost always a swimming pool, are the most common features of finca property in Cala d'Or.

Transformed into beautiful gardens, the former agricultural lands on which most fincas stand, can measure up to several thousand square metres. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or and choose a finca, you will definitely enjoy pure privacy!

Buy a property in Cala d'Or: Buy a villa in Cala d'Or and enjoy privacy


Are you looking for a particularly high-quality property, preferably with sea views? You will find it in Cala d'Or!

Although Cala D’Or ‘s original fishing village has developed into a popular holiday resort, it has been spared from mass tourism thanks to strict building regulations. These regulations were necessary to preserve the architectural style of Ibiza-born architect Josep Costa Ferrer, which is unique in Mallorca.

And so, unlike other places in Mallorca, Cala d'Or has no large hotel complexes. Instead, when searching to find a property in Cala d'Or you will mainly encounter villas with sea views and two-storey buildings with holiday flats.

Many properties in Cala d'Or have sea views. If you seek a property in Cala d'Or and buy a coastal villa, you’ll most certainly have direct access to the sea and views of the turquoise blue water. Combined with a minimalist ambience and state of the art facilities, these are high calibre properties, which you will enjoy if you buy a property in Cala d'Or.

Where can you buy villas in Cala d'Or?

Cala d'Or can be divided into three areas: the centre of Cala d'Or with the larger bay Cala Llonga, the northern part Cala Ferrera and the southern part Cala Egos.

In the centre of Cala d'Or is the well-known marina of Cala Llonga. Here you will find a wide range of restaurants and bars, but also luxury boutiques and other stores. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, here you will discover beautiful
villas in the typical whitewashed style.

The area around Cala Ferrera convinces by its very beautiful family-friendly beach, 60 metres wide and 100 metres depth, making it one of the largest beaches in Cala d'Or. On the other hand, Cala Ferrera is a sloping beach with turquoise waters that invites beachgoers to linger.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or and prefer a less secluded beach, you will feel at home with Cala Egos. The bay is about 30 metres wide, 80 metres deep and there are several hotel complexes in the area. Like Cala Ferrera, the beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and is very popular with hotel guests.

Buy a property in Cala d'Or: Buy a house in Cala d'Or and furnish it in style


If you wish to buy a property in Cala d'Or, but do not want to live in a high-priced area with sea views, you will find alternatives on the outskirts of Cala d'Or, where bucolic houses with lots of character and charm have sprung up and will delight you, if you buy a property in Cala d'Or.

Usually cubic and with a white-washed look, these houses have a neat appearance which you will enjoy if you buy your property in this area of Cala d'Or.

Located on the edge of the village, these houses may not have sea views but usually include private pools and spacious Mediterranean gardens. If you buy a property in this area of Cala d'Or, outdoor living can also be enjoyed thanks to the inviting terraces and Mediterranean gardens.

In this part of Cala d'Or, the surroundings are much quieter. Cala d'Or being a very popular holiday resort, the coast and beaches get very busy in the summer months. In contrast, if you buy a property in this area of Cala d'Or you’ll enjoy much greater calm and although the sea might not be directly in sight, it is always within easy reach.

When you’ll buy a property in Cala d'Or, you’ll realise that it is not very extended and so the coast and beaches can be reached on foot in some 20 minutes or by car in less than 5 minutes.

If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as the weekly market in neighbouring Santanyi, visiting the fishing village of Porto Petro nearby or exploring natural sites, such as the isle of Cabrera’s protected reserve, only reachable with authorised boats.

If you seek to buy a property in Cala d'Or, value peace and quiet but are price conscious, then a house here on the outskirts of Cala d'Or will be the right choice for you.


Buy a property in Cala d'Or: Buy a flat in Cala d'Or and be flexible


You might seek to buy a property in Cala d'Or as you wish to become a permanent resident in Mallorca, or as a holiday residence so as to spend more time on the island without permanently leaving Germany. Maybe you are just looking to buy a property in Cala d'Or for rental investment with tourists.

When looking to buy a property in Cala d'Or, a flat can be the perfect purchase
as there are many advantages.

Firstly, a flat can serve as a holiday home and as in most cases there is no garden care required, maintenance costs are relatively low. If the property you buy in Cala d'Or is a flat, you will rent it out more easily and generate additional income.

In Cala d'Or, the rental possibilities for flats are quite attractive. If you buy a property in Cala d'Or, you’ll find that highly sought-after holiday rental licences are almost always available here, especially on the first sea line, so you can start renting straight away.

The flats in Cala d'Or are also very much in demand because of their beautiful appearance in very pretty holiday complexes that comply with building regulations. Like the rest of the constructions in Cala d'Or, flats have the white-washed Ibiza style and are maximum 3 storeys high. A real holiday feeling is guaranteed here when you buy your Cala d'Or property.

Newly built flats have high quality furnishings, are bright and open-plan. When buying a modern flat in Cala d’Or, you’ll find that superb sea views and communal swimming pools are fairly standard.

If you seek to buy a flat in Cala d'Or for your own use and even sublet it a few months, you will find the perfect property in Cala d'Or.


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