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Sol de Mallorca real estate for sale: Live in luxury

Do you also long for a place where the sun shines and the sea is within reach? Then you will love to be able to buy a Sol de Mallorca property. The small quiet town is located west of the capital Palma and is known for its natural landscapes, especially its pine groves. Far from the actual tourism, Sol de Mallorca real estate for sale is considered a safe residential area. Due to its close proximity to the capital, the coastal town offers you a luxurious, yet relaxed life and in complete privacy. Especially inviting for an excursion are the small dreamlike bays and the created rock formations along the coast. In addition, due to the favorable geographical location, numerous shopping facilities, various educational institutions and restaurants are within easy reach. For sports enthusiasts, in addition to water sports, there are various tennis courts and golf courses that allow for a welcome change. Whether you are a couple or a family looking to buy a Sol de Mallorca property: You will love the place and can spend a few beautiful years of life there or even enjoy the retirement age there.

Buy high class Sol de Mallorca real estate with views of the wide sea


Live where others vacation and wake up every morning with a beautiful view of the sea. Simply buy a Sol de Mallorca property and enjoy the magnificent views of the rocks and bays of the sunny coastal resort, which invite you to dream every day anew. Due to the direct proximity to the water, reaching one of the most beautiful beaches is possible in no time. When buying Sol de Mallorca real estate, you can reach the secluded beach Caló de sa Nostra Dona at a point in the residential area via a few steps. Here you can expect white sand and calm, crystal clear water. Likewise at the beach Cala Xada or Caló dels Reis. Enjoy the enchanting beaches with wonderfully refreshing water and relax from everyday life.

If you buy a Sol de Mallorca property, there you can not only enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea at any time, but also perceive the most diverse water activities. It is worthwhile to take a look under the surface of the sea while diving and get acquainted with the colorful underwater world of the Mediterranean. If you want to go faster and more racy, you can have fun windsurfing, water skiing or flyboarding. Even if you prefer solid ground under your feet, you will enjoy the existing hiking routes with their numerous viewpoints. Golf courses are also numerous in Sol de Mallorca. For boat owners who want to buy a Sol de Mallorca property, the adjacent harbor "Port Portals Vells" is also provided. Here you can easily launch your boat and anchor there. There are also many offers for day trips. Take your lunch on a catamaran and discover the different places along the Majorcan coast. Or take a glass-bottomed boat tour in Mallorca and get to know the dolphins off the beaches of Mallorca.


Buy Sol de Mallorca real estate and enjoy the benefits of a good infrastructure


Those who want to buy a Sol de Mallorca property do so for privacy and luxury lifestyle. Sol de Mallorca is only 5 kilometers from the Ma-1 highway. In the small town there is directly a supermarket, a restaurant and different beach bars as well as various water sports providers. If you drive to Son Ferrer, which is only 7 kilometers away, you will find various stores, banks, pharmacies and playgrounds. There is also the possibility to run errands at the weekly market. Alternatively, you can visit the designer stores and gastronomy in Port Adriano, 8 kilometers away. Or you can take a 20-minute drive and head to Palma. There you will not lack for anything. People who buy a Sol de Mallorca property are drawn to the small coastal town because of the fantastic quality of life. Of course, you do not have to do without an excellent Internet connection. Every village has fiber optic connection and in Mallorca you will find various stores as well as business parks and in the places at the port also nautical services. If you are interested in educational institutions when buying Sol de Mallorca real estate, the area around your Sol de Mallorca property for sale, offers the best international schools on the island. These include Bellver International School and Baleares International School in Palma, as well as King Richard III College and Agora International School in Portals Nous. All schools are within a short drive and offer an excellent standard of education for life.

Sol de Mallorca is a real paradise for cyclists. The streets of Mallorca are gladly taken by whole bike squads, which is why the government is already tending to create new and safe bike lanes. Around Sol de Mallorca, the area offers varied riding routes. If you buy a Sol de Mallorca property, you can ride through the flat land by the sea in one day, or take a tour through the mountains on a mountain bike. In doing so, your sporting efforts will be compensated each time again by an enchanting landscape.
A beautiful bike route with start and end point in Sol de Mallorca extends over a total of about 32 kilometers with medium difficulty. You first head west to Calvià, passing the towns of Peguera and Costa de la Calma on your tour. This bike route not only requires different terrains, but as a reward it reveals you the most beautiful places and views.
Sol de Mallorca real estate buying is also profitable for hikers. If you are one of those people who prefer to explore the area on foot, there are beautiful walking routes around your Sol de Mallorca property for sale. You have the option to participate in a guided hike and thereby also learn cultural background knowledge, or you can grab your backpack and set off on your own. A popular circular walk is the route from Calvià via donkey trails to Galilea. This route is especially ideal for beginners, as it is one of the smaller routes with approximately 10 kilometers and can be completed in just under 3 hours. Once you reach your destination, you can sit in the bar and enjoy the view.

Golf is also very popular in Mallorca. So even after you buy your Sol de Mallorca property, you can choose from several golf courses where you can show off your skills.


Buy Sol de Mallorca real estate and get to know Mallorcans properly


By deciding to buy a Sol de Mallorca property, you get the unique opportunity to experience life under the Mallorcan sun with cultural diversity. Communication problems will be rather less. The locals speak Spanish and the Mallorcan dialect Catalan. It is therefore worthwhile to learn the basics of the Spanish language before emigrating or buying a second home. This makes everyday life on Mallorca much easier and helps you to settle in. About 20% of Mallorcans are not locals. The largest percentage consists of Germans, but you can also find British, French and Scandinavians. If you had to describe the mentality of the Mallorcans with one word, it would be grandeza. This means that they accept things as they are. That is why envy plays less of a role in the lives of the locals. Note, however, if you want to buy a Sol de Mallorca property, that the Mallorcans are a talkative people, but also known for their secrecy and therefore confidential would never divulge. Otherwise, you should know when buying Sol de Mallorca real estate that life on the island is rather more relaxed and a tad more comfortable than you are used to in southern countries. This is also due in part to the climate there. Thus, keeping the siesta around 2 pm is an absolute must. Only after you have eaten, drunk and talked comfortably with family and friends for 2-3 hours, can work continue again and then gladly until 8 pm. Accordingly, the evening is postponed and dinner is usually taken around 9 pm.


Good reasons to buy a Sol de Mallorca real estate


Sol de Mallorca property buying is ideal for those who prefer quiet and want a private and safe residential area. The residents are mainly people who like their privacy. Tourism has so far stayed away from the small town and is hard to find. Due to the international population in Mallorca, the languages English and German are represented in addition to Spanish, although you should still familiarize yourself with the Spanish language. Properties in the coastal town offer you a Mediterranean and luxurious lifestyle, with sea views, charming gardens and swimming pools. When you buy a Sol de Mallorca property, you get a piece of Mallorca in a safe residential area. With the nearby MA-1 freeway, you are well connected to the rest of the island and within a very short time you can reach bigger cities like Palma or even the airport. The connection to the capital allows you to live in a peaceful residential area and on the other hand to be in the middle of the action in a few minutes by car. Popular excursion destinations and sights are easy to reach. But also opportunities for Majorca shopping can be taken. If you like hiking or cycling, you have with the Sol de Mallorca real estate buying an ideal starting point to enjoy challenging tours and magnificent views. In addition, the small coastal town is a true paradise for nature lovers. The adjacent landscape reflects the typical Mallorcan nature. Fragrant pine groves and secluded rocky coves invite you to discover. With Sol de Mallorca real estate buying you have the opportunity to let your soul dangle and enjoy life to the fullest.


Sol de Mallorca real estate for sale - No matter what type


To be able to buy the right Sol de Mallorca property, you should first think about exactly what kind of property you have in mind. This depends entirely on whether you are looking for a vacation home, a second home or a new home. Are you more of a social person or do you prefer to be among yourselves and prefer to enjoy your peace and quiet. Whether you like to share a common facility or insist on your privacy. If you like to be among people and love the proximity to your neighbors, an apartment with, for example, your own doorman is a good choice. If, on the other hand, you prefer a little more peace and quiet, you may decide to buy a house as a Sol de Mallorca property. With your own small plot of land, this gives you a little more space and thus your own personal space. If you want more luxury and comfort, a villa with its own swimming pool is very well advised. But if you rather love nature and like to look at the vastness of the country, Sol de Mallorca property buying in the form of a finca, can be a very relaxing and lucrative investment. No matter what type of Sol de Mallorca property you want to buy, there is something for everyone in Sol de Mallorca property buying.


Sol de Mallorca property for sale - country house style villa in Mallorca


The most typical type of Sol de Mallorca real estate for sale is the country house style villa. Regarding the popular building style, many new buildings in country house style were built near the coast. These are spacious and leave nothing to be desired. Especially people who enjoy luxury will surely be happy with such a villa. Swimming pools are now standard if you choose a villa in country house style. The same goes for the beautifully landscaped gardens and terraces that provide stunning sea views. For all nature lovers, a villa in country house style is therefore a true dream when you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca. Surrounded by wonderful wide land, such a villa exudes completely island-typical flair and that without having to do without comfort. The villas are available in various sizes and equipment. Therefore, before you buy a villa in country style in Sol de Mallorca, you should be aware of how much space you need. Do you like to receive visitors, so planning for guest rooms and additional bathrooms is advantageous. Or you can accommodate relatives and friends in an adjacent guest house. The possibilities here are many. If you like to stay away from the hustle and bustle and prefer to enjoy the peace and quiet in an idyllic landscape, then buying a country house style villa in Sol de Mallorca is ideal for you. This type of property is also suitable for family. Such a villa offers enough space for the whole family and the children have plenty of room to play in the extensive garden. If you decide to buy a secluded villa in country style as Sol de Mallorca property, you should have a car available to do shopping and important errands. You should definitely include this aspect in your purchase consideration.


Sol de Mallorca property for sale - buy modern villa in Sol de Mallorca


You are thinking about buying a Sol de Mallorca property? Then a villa is a good idea. A villa is a spacious, detached house with a secluded plot, a garage and in many cases with its own swimming pool. Properties can be found near the coast, sometimes even in the first line of the sea, or inland within easy reach of cultural facilities. Are you interested in buying a Sol de Mallorca property, should it rather be a modernized historic villa, a designer villa or rather a modern, newly built villa? Here you can find the most different objects. Important criteria for buying Sol de Mallorca real estate are the plot size and location, the year of construction and the style and of course the existing equipment. If you do not want to forego luxury and comfort, then you should choose a Sol de Mallorca property to buy a villa. The mansions are usually very modern and the rooms are very spacious. Ideal for families or even pet owners. Your dog can run free here without further ado in the fenced garden, without you having to permanently watch over him. The distance to the neighbor offers you a great deal of privacy and the associated freedoms. Many larger estates are equipped with an infinity pool and wellness facilities such as a spa. If you like to have your own tennis court for tennis in Mallorca, you can also get your money's worth. To have space for your visitors without having to share personal space, there are villas with guest houses available for purchase. Buying a Sol de Mallorca property is a very lucrative investment and you can be sure, no two villas are alike. If you decide to buy a villa, as Sol de Mallorca real estate for sale, be sure to have a car. Cab rides to pick up or take guests from the airport are economically disadvantageous. Also, if you want to drive yourself home from the theater or the like at a late hour, your own vehicle is highly recommended.


Sol de Mallorca property for sale - buy a house in Sol de Mallorca for your family


To be the owner of your own house in Mallorca is the dream of many people. You can make it come true with Sol de Mallorca real estate buying. Houses in the small coastal town are available in all conceivable variations. Both in the middle of the city or in village surroundings there are appealing houses to buy. Townhouses, for example, are perfect for those who like to have everything within reach and do not want to depend on the car. There are delightful townhouses with a historical background, but also freshly renovated houses in Mediterranean style to move into. If you prefer more free space, there is the possibility to buy a terraced house or a semi-detached house with a piece of garden. If you want more tranquility, a detached house with garden is ideal, far from the neighbors you can enjoy your life undisturbed. To buy such a Sol de Mallorca property is particularly suitable for families with children and pets. Here the offspring can easily play in the garden and the dog can let off steam. The interior design of the property varies as well and therefore depends entirely on your wishes. There are beautiful properties with a view of the sea, in direct beach location as well as a swimming pool. Depending on the location, you should have your own car available, for example to run errands. Except for the local weekly markets, which are of course easily accessible on foot or by bike. If you like to receive guests, you should take into account when buying Sol de Mallorca property that there is enough space for your visitors and that you do not have to unnecessarily forfeit your privacy. Many properties are equipped with additional bedrooms and bathrooms. If you are interested, a vacation rental license can also be purchased with the Sol de Mallorca property buying, in case you want to rent out your house during your absence.


Sol de Mallorca property for sale - buy stylish apartment in Sol de Mallorca


Buying an apartment in Sol de Mallorca is ideal for those who like to have neighbors and do not want to live in complete isolation. The right choice of apartment also depends on the purpose for which you want to use it. Will it be your permanent home, a second home or will it be used more as a vacation accommodation. Objects therefore come in different variations and equipment. The space is generally somewhat smaller in relation to other types of real estate, but this does not mean that you have to do without luxury. In addition to a doorman and night service, many apartments include an underground garage and their own roof terrace. The possibility to pursue a sporting activity is also available. Usually golf courses and tennis courts can be reached in the immediate vicinity. By buying Sol de Mallorca real estate, you can save yourself a considerable amount of effort for the permanent maintenance of your property compared to other properties. Since the apartments are usually located within residential complexes, the Sol de Mallorca real estate buying offers you an increased level of security due to the neighborly living situation. In particular, even if you can not be on site, for example, because you are traveling. In addition, there is good lighting and illumination of the area in the apartment complexes, which also contributes to this. The spatial layout of the apartments is mainly a living room, which is open to the kitchen. When buying Sol de Mallorca real estate, you should choose an apartment if you are single, moving in with your partner or already older. For families with children and pets, it is more suitable to purchase a different type of property due to the limited space. Within an apartment complex there are various house and garden rules to be observed for peaceful coexistence. If you have no difficulties with this, nothing stands in the way of buying Sol de Mallorca real estate.


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