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Sol de Mallorca-Property for sale - living in luxury

Do you long for a place where the sun shines and the sea is close enough to touch? If so, buy a property west of the city of Palma, in the small and quiet locality of Sol de Mallorca known for its unspoiled landscape of mainly pine forests. Sol de Mallorca is considered a safe residential area where properties are safe from major tourist areas. Fairly near the city of Palma, Sol de Mallorca is a luxurious coastal locality where life is relaxed with much privacy. The dreamlike small bays and rock formations along the coastline are especially inviting for excursions. Thanks to its favourable geographical location, there are also numerous stores, educational institutions and restaurants within easy reach. For sports enthusiasts, there are tennis clubs and golf courses and water sports for a welcomed change of pace. Regardless of whether you are a couple or a family looking to buy property, you will love Sol de Mallorca. Indeed, Sol de Mallorca is a place where to spend wonderful years and enjoy retirement.

Buying a high standing property with sea views in Sol de Mallorca


Live where others go on vacation, wake up every day with beautiful sea views. After buying a property in Sol de Mallorca you will enjoy magnificent views and the bays of this sunny dreamlike coastal locality. If you decide to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, you will reach the seaside in the blink of an eye. Indeed, a short distance away from the residential area are the lovely beaches of Caló de sa Nostra Dona, Cala Xada and Caló dels Reis, with wonderfully refreshing clear waters to disconnect from everyday life.

If you decide to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, not only will you enjoy refreshing dips in the sea any time but you will also benefit from a wide range of water activities. Discovering the colourful Mediterranean underwater world diving and snorkelling are well worth it. Near Sol de Mallorca, you will not only enjoy seaside sports such as windsurfing, water-skiing and flyboarding but also other activities such as hiking or playing golf as Golf courses are plentiful around Sol de Mallorca. Boat owners looking to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca will love anchoring in the neighbouring bay of “Portals Vells''. Organised day trips such as lunches on catamarans to discover the Majorcan coast or excursions on a glass bottom boat in Mallorca to watch dolphins, are also available.


Buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, enjoy the good infrastructure


Most people buy a property in Sol de Mallorca for privacy and a luxurious lifestyle. Sol de Mallorca is only 5 kilometres from the Ma-1 motorway, has a supermarket, a restaurant, several beach bars and water sports providers. In Son Ferrer, just 7 kilometres away, you will find several stores, banks, chemists, the weekly market and a children's playground. Eight kilometres away is Port Adriano, with its delicious restaurants and designer boutiques. Sol de Mallorca is only a 20-minute drive from Palma, which lacks nothing. People who buy a property in Sol de Mallorca are attracted to this small coastal town because of the fantastic quality of life. Basics such as the internet connection are excellent as most villages have fibre optic connections. Mallorca ‘s harbour towns offer stores and shopping areas as well as nautical services. If you wish to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca and one of your requests is an excellent educational institution, the best international schools on the island are near Sol de Mallorca. These include the Bellver International School and the Baleares International School in Palma, as well as the King Richard III College and the Agora International School in Portals Nous. These schools located within a short drive from Sol de Mallorca offer an excellent standard of education for life.

Sol de Mallorca is also a real paradise for cyclists. Mallorca's secondary roads are often taken over by cyclist pelotons, so the government is already tending to create new and safe cycle paths. The surroundings of Sol de Mallorca offer a wide variety of cycling routes. If you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, you will enjoy cycling through the flat terrains by the sea or through the mountains on an off-road bike as sporting efforts are rewarded by the enchanting landscapes. One beautiful cycling route starting and finishing in Sol de Mallorca covers a total of about 32 kilometres of medium difficulty. It first heads west towards Calvià, passing through the towns of Peguera and Costa de la Calma. This cycling route not only offers a great variety of terrains, but also rewards with beautiful spots and views.
If you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca you will also discover that the area is worthwhile for hikers. If you are amongst those who prefer to explore on foot, you will enjoy the hiking trails around your property in Sol de Mallorca. Although guided hikes to gain cultural knowledge are great, backpacking and self exploring is also possible. A very popular circular hiking route is the one from Calvià to Galilea on bridle paths. The route is especially ideal for beginners as it is one of the shortest with only 10 kilometres that can be completed in just under 3 hours. Once you reach your destination, you can sit at the village bar and enjoy the views.

Golf is also very popular in Mallorca and if you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, you will have a choice between numerous golf courses.


Buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, meet the Mallorcans


If you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, you will have the unique opportunity to experience life under the Mallorcan sun with its cultural diversity. Communication problems are less likely to arise. The inhabitants speak Spanish and Mallorquin, a dialect similar to Catalan. Therefore, learning Spanish before emigrating here to buy a second home will be worthwhile. This will make everyday life in Mallorca easier and help you settle in. About 20% of the locals in Sol de Mallorca are not from here, the majority are German, British, French and Scandinavian. If one had to describe the mentality of the Mallorcans in one word, it would be grandeur. This means that they accept things as they are and envy does not play an important role in the life of Mallorcans. However, if you want to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, keep in mind that although Mallorcans are welcoming, they are also known for their discretion and never divulge confidential information. If you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, know that life on the island tends to be more relaxed and open minded. This is also partly due to the local climate. Napping around 2 p.m. is a must. Only after about 2 hours after eating and chatting with the family is work resumed, often until 8 pm. As a result, the evening is delayed and dinner is not usually eaten until 9:00 pm.


Good reasons to buy a Sol de Mallorca real estate


The main reason to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca is the residential area’s security, peace and privacy. Mass tourism has been kept away from Sol de Mallorca and residents greatly appreciate the area‘s privacy. Due to Mallorca's international population, English and German are spoken in addition to Spanish, nonetheless it is advisable to learn Spanish. In this coastal resort most properties will have a luxury Mediterranean style, sea views, a lovely garden and a swimming pool. Deciding to buy a property in the residential area of Sol de Mallorca is opting for a safe little piece of Mallorca. Thanks to the nearby MA-1 freeway, you are well connected to the rest of the island and can fastly reach the airport and larger cities such as to Palma. The easy connection to Palma allows the residents of Sol de Mallorca to live in quiet surroundings, yet to be just minutes away from the boisterous Palma with its popular destinations and places of interest within walking distance. Discover great opportunities in our shopping in Mallorca link. If you enjoy hiking and cycling and wish to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, your property will be the ideal starting point to enjoy challenging hikes and magnificent routes. With its beautiful surrounding landscape, the small seaside resort of Sol de Mallorca is a true paradise for nature lovers. Mallorca’s nature includes fragrant pine forests and many secluded rocky coves to be explored. If you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca you will enjoy relaxation and life to the fullest.


Buy a property in Sol de Mallorca - no matter the type of property you wish for


To buy the right property in Sol de Mallorca, you first need to reflect on the type of property you exactly wish for, which will mostly depend on whether you want a vacation home, a second residence or a new home. Are you a social person or do you prefer to be alone and enjoy peace and quiet? Do you want to share facilities or do you insist on privacy? If you enjoy being surrounded by people and being close to your neighbours, a flat with a doorman would be a good choice. If on the other hand, you prefer a little peace and quiet, opting to buy a house as a property in Sol de Mallorca would be ideal. With a small plot of land of your own, you will have more personal space. If you want luxury and comfort a villa with a swimming pool would be the perfect choice. If you love nature and the vastness of the countryside however, a finca type property in Sol de Mallorca, would be the most relaxing yet lucrative investment. Regardless of the
type of property you wish to buy, Sol de Mallorca has properties for everyone wishing to buy a property here.


Buy a property in Sol de Mallorca - buy a rustic style villa in Mallorca


The most typical type of property to buy in Sol de Mallorca is the country house style villa. With respect to the popular architectural style, many new country house properties have been built near the coast. They are spacious and leave nothing to be desired. Luxury lovers will be delighted with such villas. A swimming pool is usually standard when opting for a rustic style villa. The same goes for the villas‘ gardens and terraces, often with breathtaking sea views. For most nature lovers being able to buy a rustic style villa as a property in Sol de Mallorca is a dream come true. Surrounded by the wonderful countryside, such villas have a style totally typical of the island and loads of comfort. Villas come in diverse shapes and sizes, with different features. Before opting to buy a rustic style villa in Sol de Mallorca, the space must be carefully considered. For instance, it is an advantage to have guest rooms and bathrooms or even an annexed guesthouse to accommodate family and friends. If you wish to live away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and prefer peace and quiet in an idyllic landscape, then opting to buy a country style villa in Sol de Mallorca will be ideal. A villa is a type of property also suitable for families. A villa has enough space for a whole family and children have plenty of room to play in the large garden. Those who buy a detached villa in Sol de Mallorca will need a car for shopping and important errands. You should definitely include this aspect in your purchase considerations.


Buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, buy a modern villa in Sol de Mallorca


Are you thinking of buying a property in Sol de Mallorca? Then a villa is a good idea. A villa is a spacious, detached house with an enclosed plot, garage and, in many cases, a swimming pool. Such properties can be found near the coast, sometimes even on the seafront or inland, within walking distance of cultural facilities. Are you interested in buying a property in Sol de Mallorca? Would you prefer a modernised historic villa, a designer villa or a newly built sophisticated villa? Sol de Mallorca has a wide variety of properties. If you decide to buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, important criteria will be the size and location of the plot, the year of construction, the style and, of course, the existing features. Those who wish to buy a villa in Sol de Mallorca will find luxury and great comfort in the modern manor houses with very spacious rooms, ideal for families with pets. Dogs can run free in the fenced gardens of the manor houses. Fair distances between neighbours offer great privacy and the associated freedom. Many of the larger properties are equipped with an infinity pool and wellness facilities such as a spa. In Sol de Mallorca, those who like tennis will get their money's worth here and find their best court in our tennis in Mallorca link. If you want to offer space to your visitors without sharing your own private space, there are villas with guest houses. Buying a property in Sol de Mallorca is a very lucrative investment and you can be sure that no two villas are the same. If you buy a villa as a property in Sol de Mallorca, having a personal vehicle will be highly recommended since travelling by cabs is economically disadvantageous.


Buy a property in Sol de Mallorca - buy a family house in Sol de Mallorca


Owning a home in Mallorca is the dream of many people. Make it come true, buy a property in Sol de Mallorca. In this small coastal town houses are available in all imaginable variations. There are attractive houses for sale both in the centre of Sol de Mallorca and in the rural surroundings. Townhouses, for example, are perfect for those who like to have everything within easy reach and do not want to depend on the car. There are charming townhouses with a historical background, but also newly renovated houses in Mediterranean style. If you prefer large open spaces, you could buy a semi-detached or terraced house with a garden. If you want more peace and quiet, a detached house with a garden is ideal, away from the neighbours you will enjoy an undisturbed life. Opt to buy such a property in Sol de Mallorca, especially suitable for families with children and pets. Here, children can easily play in the garden and let the dog run free. The interior design of these houses also varies and therefore depends entirely on individual wishes. There are beautiful properties with sea views, in direct location to the beach and with a swimming pool. Depending on the location, you will need to have a car to travel. Exceptions are the local weekly markets, which are of course easily accessible on foot or cycling. If you enjoy receiving guests, buy a property in Sol de Mallorca with sufficient space for visitors. Many properties are equipped with additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Certain villas possess a vacation rental licence or could obtain one. These villas can be rented out while owners are away.


Buy a property in Sol de Mallorca - buy a stylish flat in Sol de Mallorca


Buy a flat in Sol de Mallorca if you want neighbours and do not wish to live in complete isolation. The right choice of flat also depends on the intended use. Will it be a permanent residence, a second home or a vacation accommodation? Properties are available in different variants and equipment. Although the space is usually somewhat smaller compared to other property types, luxury does not need to be sacrificed. In addition to concierge and night service, many apartments include subway parking and a private rooftop terrace. Sporting activities are also available. There are usually golf courses and tennis courts in the immediate vicinity. Compared to other types of properties in Sol de Mallorca, if you buy a flat you will save a considerable amount of time and effort on the ongoing maintenance of your property. As most flats are located within residential complexes, if you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca and opt for a flat, the neighbourhood living guarantees a higher level of security. This is especially interesting for those who travel and are not permanently on site. In addition, flat complexes’ good lighting contributes to this. In terms of its layout, flats are predominantly open kitchen living-room spaces. If you buy a property in Sol de Mallorca, opting for a flat is especially interesting for a single person, a couple or the retired. Due to their limited space, families with children and pets will find it more convenient to buy another type of property. Within a flat complex, several home and garden rules must be followed in order to live together peacefully. If you have no problems with this, buy a flat type property in Sol de Mallorca.


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