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Andratx real estate for sale

Buy a property in Andratx: Pearl in the southwest of the island

Andratx is a small municipality in the most south-western area of the island of Mallorca. If you buy a property in Andratx, you will enjoy its artistic culture, beautiful beaches and superb coastline.

Buy a property in Andratx and experience art and culture as well as beautiful beaches and coasts of the most southwestern tip of Mallorca. We at Neptunus International are exactly the right contact if you want to buy a property in Andratx. In Andratx there is a large offer of the best and most exclusive properties, perfectly adapted to your wishes and needs. Andratx is a small municipality in the southwest of the island of Mallorca. Future owners can expect an exclusive and breathtaking scenery in Andratx, which is guaranteed to stay in your mind. Due to its unique location, Andratx is a very popular place. Whether you are looking for a villa, house, apartment or finca, we would be happy to show you our wide portfolio of high-quality properties in Andratx. In Andratx you will find everything you need to live. Whether infrastructure, medical care, cultural program or culinary offer: Buy a property in Andratx and enjoy the many advantages of the city. Fulfill a long-awaited wish with Neptunus International by buying an Andratx property.

Buy a property in Andratx to enjoy the sea view


Buy a property in Andratx to enjoy superb sea views. Although Andratx itself is not directly above the sea, it is only a few minutes' drive from it. Buy a property in Andratx and head to Puerto Andratx nearby for a dip in the wonderful Mediterranean. A visit with your family to the neighbouring resort of Camp de Mar, with its crystal clear waters and nice atmosphere, will always be worthwhile if you buy a property in Andratx. There are also numerous romantic bays and charming harbours in the area, which you can discover at your leisure when you’ll buy a property in Andratx. If you buy a property in Andratx and settle down in this wonderful region, you will benefit from the sea and Mediterranean environment. Andratx is synonymous with culture, exclusive shopping and breathtaking landscapes with unique surroundings. Our real estate agents specialise, among others, in high-quality properties so clients can fulfil their dream to live near the sea. Thanks to our extensive experience, we will help you find the property you have been dreaming of, whether it is a house, a villa, a finca or a flat. If you have decided to buy a property in Andratx, whether a flat with sea views, a villa on the beach or another property type not far from the sparkling blue sea, you will be spoilt for choice. If you want to buy a property in Andratx we will assist you in finding the right one for you. In Andratx, the world seems to have come to a stop with everything this region has to offer. Opting to buy a property in Andratx is looking forward to pristine beaches, the bright blue sea and beautiful natural surroundings.


Buy property in Andratx and benefit from a great infrastructure


Although Andratx is not as populous as other places, it can easily be reached via the coastal motorway (highway). Buy a property in Andratx and enjoy driving through the region ‘superb winding roads, up the hills and experience unique panoramas. The road network in Andratx is very well developed, so you can easily drive from one place to another. If the surrounding area of Port d'Andratx is too densely populated for you, you could opt to buy a property in Andratx, where you will benefit from quietness and privacy. If you buy a property in Andratx, reaching the island’s capital city, Palma, will only be a half an hour drive. Nearby Andratx is the Port d’Andratx ’s marina, where boat owners can accommodate their ship and make use of the excellent services. The region is characterised by the surrounding Sierra de Tramuntana. Amazed at the very sight of these mountains, many prospective buyers opt to buy a property in the area. The demand for special properties that leave nothing to be desired in Andratx, is also very high because of the region’s well-developed infrastructure. If you buy a property in Andratx you will benefit from the good cycling routes. Cyclists appreciate discovering their property’ surroundings by bike. Likewise, the landscapes propose various ways to discover the island. The well-developed 1,200 kilometres of roads and cycle routes, the region’s lower volume of traffic, the excellent connections between the municipalities and the coastal routes developed for tourism, make cycling an enjoyable activity. Besides the numerous cycling routes, the surroundings of Andratx can also be explored walking and the conditions are ideal thanks to the pleasant temperatures. Whether hiking to reach the neighbouring locality of Camp de Mar or a natural harbour nearby, there are many trails of different levels around Andratx. An easy hiking trail perfect for families as it mainly runs through paved paths to the site of “Ses Comes”, is the “Sa Coma Freda to Sa Coma Calenta” route. While hiking here you will marvel at the magnificent views and rejoice in your choice of a property in Andratx. If you love golf, you won't be disappointed if you buy a property in Andratx, as the popular Golf Andratx is in the immediate vicinity. With a surrounding landscape of ancient olive and almond trees, the mountains and partial sea views, this 18-hole golf course ranks in the league of very challenging mountainous courses. Beginners will find a more suitable course, 20-minute away by car, in the Golf Santa Ponsa 1. This well-kept 18-hole flat golf course can easily be played on foot. One of 3 courses, it is the only one in the coastal town of Santa Ponsa that is open to the public.


Discover Mallorca’s exclusive culture when you buy a property in Andratx


If you buy a property in Andratx, you will be living in a municipality that is home to one of the most interesting and modern art galleries in Mallorca. The CCA (Centro Cultural de Andratx) offers 3,000 square metres of contemporary art to be admired and has various exhibition rooms, a café, a nice museum shop and impressive grounds behind the building.

Nearby, the famous nature reserve of Sa Dragonera is definitely worth a day trip and the jetty is within easy reach by car.

If you like luxurious yachts and sailboats, you will particularly appreciate Port d'Andratx. Located 5 kilometres away from Andratx, this harbour is a tourist attraction thanks to its marina with impressive moored boats, designer shops and gourmet restaurants.

Also, if you buy a property in Andratx, you will be close to the beautiful beaches of the neighbouring Camp de Mar resort.


Why buy Andratx real estate?


Andratx is a beautiful town located a few kilometres from the coast, with an incredible mountain landscape. If you buy a property in Andratx, you will have the chance to explore this stunning landscape - a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. If other typical places are too busy for you, a property in Andratx will be a good option, because of its tranquil setting and charming surroundings. Andratx has typical alleys running through it, so if you buy a property in Andratx, you will enjoy leisurely strolls through the town and marvel at the older properties, which are characterised by baroque and gothic influences. Andratx also has a quiet neighbourhood with typical Mallorcan properties for sale. Buying a property in Andratx means an easy access to the island's typical amenities in the surrounding region, as well as breathtaking scenery and an unspoilt nature. If you buy a property in Andratx, you will be a few minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, where you can take time out and dive into the blue sea, relax on the fine sandy beach, have a delicious drink in the marina and watch the beautiful sunset. If you want to end the weekend on a relaxed note and are a wine lover, Andratx has just the thing for you. On Sunday mornings there is a wine tasting at Bodegas Santa Catarina and if you are looking for a bit of romance and relaxation, we recommend going for a picnic in their vineyard - a particularly lovely experience. All reasons to buy a property in Andratx and live a happy life. Buy a property in Andratx and benefit from the many advantages of the region.


Buy Andratx real estate: Finca, house, flat or maybe a villa?


Due to its unique location, the town of Andratx is extremely popular, especially with international visitors who love to stroll through its winding streets and see the beautiful properties with dreamlike views and exclusive furnishings. We will be happy to help you find the perfect property, guiding you through our listing of incomparable villas, dreamlike houses with gardens and, perhaps, romantic and cosy flats with an enchanting roof terrace. We will also inform you of all the surrounding attractions if you buy a property in Andratx and live here.
The actual high demand for quality properties in unique locations means that Andratx is very popular although it has a limited number of properties on the market. Being very familiar with the current market situation and experts of this property sector, we will be able to find the right property for you to buy in Andratx, whether you wish for a finca in a quiet location, a house with a pool, a flat with a balcony or a villa with high-quality fittings. So, take the plunge and buy a property in Andratx!


Buy Property in Andratx: Buy Finca in Andratx


Do you wish to buy a finca in Andratx? We are the expert contact to help you fulfil your dream to own a property in Andratx. We will find the finca that exactly matches your wishes and ideas, in the southwest of Mallorca, be it a rustic finca with breathtaking panoramic views, a traditional and bucolic country house or a luxury property in an incomparably exclusive location.
Andratx has a lot to offer in terms of landscape and culture and no two fincas in Andratx are alike. The wishes and ideas of our clients are as individual as the fincas in Andratx. If you want to buy a property in Andratx, we will help you find the perfect finca for you here in the southwest, fulfilling your life dream. These fincas in Andratx have been renovated with great attention to detail, taking into account the island's typical construction methods and transformed into incomparable gems. Most of the fincas have solid wooden doors, large terraces, beautiful windows framed in sandstone. Although the exteriors are kept as original and traditional as possible, inside, furnishings are usually modern. The following criteria indicate a high-quality finca: modern furnishings, core renovation, high-quality construction, large and friendly living areas, originality, panoramic views, large terrace and pool and a central idyllic location. In Andratx, most fincas have spacious plots. However, it is not uncommon for fincas with smaller plots to be sold. Buy a property in Andratx and fulfil your dream of a traditional finca. Most fincas are surrounded by nature and have spacious living areas, several bedrooms, a separate guest house, high-quality outdoor facilities and a rustic design. Buy a property in Andratx and experience the breathtaking landscape and mountains, at a glance from the terrace of your own finca.


Buy Property in Andratx: Buy Villa in Andratx


Would you like to realise your dream of owning a villa in Andratx? We can help you buy the property in Andratx that will meet your wishes and expectations. Many expatriates dream of buying a luxurious villa in one of the quietest and most popular places in Mallorca. If you also dream of a unique property in the southwest of Mallorca, we can fulfil your dream of an exclusive villa. For most owners, buying a villa in Andratx is a dream come true. You could buy a property for permanent residency or as a holiday villa. The purchase of an exclusive property in Andratx is a good investment, with a usual large increase in value, due to the fact that the properties here are very popular. Of course, we attach a great importance to finding a property that suits you, respecting your requirements for the furnishings of your future villa. We will take your wishes into account during the search to find the luxury villa that is perfect for you. Buy a property in Andratx and enjoy the many possibilities to which you’ll have access, making your dream life in your luxury villa real. Villas can also be individually styled, depending on the buyer's preferences for modern, minimalist or cubist decor. Modern villas usually have high-quality decor elements such as floor-to-ceiling windows, straight lines and shapes, white façades, cosy sleeping areas, bright living spaces, distinctive panoramic views, roof terraces and often, free-standing bathtubs. In addition to the high-quality furnishings, the villas in Andratx are usually very spacious with spectacular exterior designs with Mediterranean plants, infinity pools and extensive terraces. Tranquillity, privacy, sea and mountain views, high quality materials, low maintenance costs and good sun exposure are the other criteria of Andratx’ exclusive villas. And so, to buy a property in Andratx is to experience pure luxury.


Buy Property in Andratx : Buy a House in Andratx


Are you planning to buy a house in Andratx and don't yet know exactly what to look out for? We are your competent contact partner who will support you in your search for the perfect house, to the smallest detail. After all, houses are particularly popular properties in Andratx. Most houses in Andratx offer dreamlike panoramic views over the valley and the mountains. We are happy to list typical village houses. These typical houses are often very narrow with several floors. As we have a large portfolio of the best houses in Andratx, we can propose houses with sea views or mountain views, helping you find your first, or second, home in Andratx. Houses with sea views are very popular with future owners. When you buy your property in Andratx you will be able to discover this unique island.
As it is located above the harbour, Andratx has incomparable views of the sea. On the other hand, properties in Andratx facing the mountains have a cosy atmosphere, with plenty of comfort. Located in the middle of nature, these houses enjoy much peace and privacy. Houses in Andratx are quite individual, most have a roof terrace, modern equipment, a garage and even a pool and even. If you buy a property in Andratx, you will have the choice between traditional village houses or modern luxury estate. In Andratx you will find everything your heart desires. If you wish to find out more about Andratx and potential properties, do not hesitate to contact us.


Buy Property in Andratx: Buy a flat in Andratx


Buying a flat in Andratx, is another option if you have decided to live in Mallorca. Do you want to realise your dream and buy a flat in Andratx? In terms of design, facilities, location, size and architectural style, Andratx has a variety of flats on offer. We would be happy to advise you in more detail. If you wish to buy a property in Andratx. The flats on offer in this region are very attractive and the unimaginable variety is ideal to make anyone’s dream come true. Whether you buy a flat to use as a holiday home or as your main residence, you will discover the unique surroundings and sights of the region. You might wish for a ground floor flat or want to benefit from the sun as much sun as possible with a rooftop terrace. Whatever your dream, we will help you find an adequate property on the market, taking all your wishes into account. Of course, we also offer exclusive flats with spacious living areas of more than 100 m2. These flats usually have an ideal layout and, depending on your choice, come with all the amenities you could imagine. Whether you are looking for a modern kitchen, smart home technology, friendly living and dining areas, many bedrooms or wellness bathrooms, we will help you find the flat that will offer you an excellent quality of life. So, buy a property in Andratx and fulfil your dream with your ideal flat.


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