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Buy Capdepera real estate - discover the beautiful nature

Around Capdepera stretches a breathtaking landscape that will bring you closer to Mallorcan life by the sea in many ways. The small town is located near the coast and directly on one of the most beautiful viewpoints to observe the wide sea.

The Artà peninsula, where Capdepera is located, borders the open sea to the north and east. On short distances you can reach the sea and the unique beaches of eastern Mallorca. When you buy a Capdepera property, take a stroll down the narrow streets to the sea. Feel the sand between your toes and breathe in the fresh air. As far as the eye can see, white sandy beach and clear blue water stretches before you. The waves rush in your ears and if you look closely, you can even spot the neighboring island of Menorca.

But not too far from the beach, the village is located directly at the foot of the mountain Puig de Capdepera. Already in the 14th century, the main cultural-historical attraction of the area, the fortress Castillo de Capdepera, was built here. It is one of the best preserved fortresses in Mallorca, from which you have a breathtaking view directly to the sea.

Should you buy a Capdepera property, we recommend climbing up to the castle to admire the Balearic Sea from high above. Follow the stairway that leads you from the Plaza de Orient to the castle. Already on the way you will be rewarded with the view of the Mediterranean landscape. Once at the top, there are two ways to get to the unique view of Capdepera: directly from the entrance portal you can reach the fully accessible fortress walls, from which you can see down to the sea. But the best place is probably the roof of the chapel Nuestra Senyora de la Esperanza. It was once used for defensive purposes, as it is the highest point of the complex. Today, from this unique terrace you can enjoy the view over the Mediterranean landscape of the Llevant Plain.


Capdepera property for sale - coastal resort with good infrastructure

Capdepera, with its 11,000 inhabitants, is located directly on the mountain Puig de Capdepera. This is located approximately in the middle of the municipal area of the same name near the coast. The highway MA-15, which leads from Palma via Manacor and Artà to Capdepera, ends here. It reaches up to the touristically highly frequented bay Cala Rajada. A whole 72 kilometers separate the island capital from the small coastal town. In addition, you can make a detour from Cala Ratjada to Menorca by boat!

Buying a Capdepera property means letting the historic infrastructure of the village lead you on new paths. The narrow streets give you the opportunity to explore the town on foot. However, you will look in vain for parking spaces here due to the narrow development. Therefore, we advise you to park your car in the center of town.

To improve the infrastructure, Capdepera invested over 4 million euros in expansion in 2019 - especially in the north of the town. In the Cala Gat neighborhood there, roads and sidewalks, among other things, were modernized for over two and a half million euros. The remaining amount was spent on the further expansion of similar neighborhoods. This investment will benefit you in particular as a future resident when you buy a Capdepera property.

You can reach the first hiking opportunity right from your new city property: From the Plaza de Orient, you can walk up a narrow staircase to the Castillo de Capdepera. Already during the ascent you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sea, the Cales de Capdepera and the Serres des Llevant.

We can also recommend a special bike tour: It leads along a former railroad line, through an 85 meter long tunnel, which is located between Capdepera and Son Servera to the south - a unique experience. You will be offered breathtaking views of land and sea.

The coastal strip of Capdepera also invites fascinating walks. It has a particularly high variety of cliffs, numerous shallow bays and extensive sandy beaches. At the northern exit of Capdepera, in the direction of Cala Mesquida, you will reach extensive high dunes. There, beautiful landscapes full of wild olives, dwarf palms and mastic bushes await you. This area is a delight for all ornithologists, as various nightingales, wrens and robins nest in the trees and bushes. The nearby coves of Cala Agulla and Cala Moltó are natural protected dunes lined with pine trees, which are worth a visit in any case.

As an avid golfer, you should buy a Capdepera property right here. With its location in the midst of the hills in the Llevant, its partly sloping rocky slopes of the Serra and the fairways between olive trees and ponds, the 18-hole golf course Capdepera Golf offers both experienced and inexperienced golfers an unforgettable experience. You'll also find an exquisite restaurant in the accompanying finca-style clubhouse. Unwind on the golf courses around Capdepera when you buy a Capdepera property.

Live in a relaxed atmosphere when you buy a Capdepera property

In Capdepera you will encounter in many places the down-to-earth and traditional life of the Mallorcans, characterized by modesty and restraint. The inhabitants of Capdepera are particularly proud of their centuries of history.
Built in the Middle Ages by King Jaume II, the small village in the heart of the Llevant plain still exudes tradition. Due to the still well preserved protective castle on the Puig de Capdepera, it captivates with an enchanting atmosphere. Between its old stone houses and narrow cobbled streets, it tells of times long past. Buying a Capdepera property therefore also means that you can join the Mallorcans in celebrating its history with the most diverse festivities.

The village and its surroundings enchant not only by the location to the sea, but also by the diverse coastal landscape, the proximity to the Puig de Capdepera and the mountain range Serres de Llevant. The unique landscape invites to many activities - from hiking to golfing. It also radiates its own charm here, in the most northeastern corner of Mallorca.

Another charming advantage of the small town that you will benefit from if you buy a Capdepera property is its seclusion. Capdepera is not even discovered by most visitors to the island. Only a few stray here and even much fewer visitors decided to stay forever. Therefore, Capdepera is mainly a place of residence for the Mallorcans. If you buy a Capdepera property, you can look forward to peace and exclusivity due to its secluded location.

Capdepera real estate for sale - this speaks for it

Capdepera has its own charm due to the townscape and the castle. History lovers as well as lovers of the local culture and way of life will find their place to stay here. If you want to buy an exclusive Capdepera property, which convinces with charm and past, you will find it here. The traditional stone townhouses will convince anyone who appreciates the Mediterranean life.

Another special feature is the remoteness of Capdepera. The town remains largely undiscovered by most visitors to the island. Almost exclusively Mallorcans live here. Only a few immigrants have discovered the city for themselves. It is therefore particularly attractive for all those who want to settle in Mallorca away from the everyday tourism and buy a Capdepera property.

Also in the immediate surroundings of Capdepera you can find real estate of various types. Many houses in the surrounding area were built from the stones of the old fortress wall. They allow you an incredible view of land and sea, due to their location on the mountain slopes of Puig de Capdeperas. From here you have the best starting point for beautiful beach walks and hikes. It is not too far to the rugged peninsula of Punta de Capdepera, with the lighthouse Far de Capdepera. There, a wide view of the sea awaits you. The beaches of Cala Ratjada, Cala Torta, and Cala Mezquida are also not far from the village and easy to reach.

Buying a Capdepera property means getting to know and love the real Mallorca. Find here the people far from the tourist strongholds and the unspoiled nature, located between the mountain ranges of the Serres de Llevant and the Balearic Sea.


Capdepera real estate for sale - you can experience

When you buy a Capdepera property, you will feel more than comfortable between the history of the town and its Mediterranean environment. You will appreciate the medieval ambience and the historic architecture and will come across evidence of centuries of history at every turn during walks. Through small winding streets you will pass picturesque stone houses up to the old protective castle, the Castillo de Capdepera. Believe us when we tell you that the view, which you will enjoy already during the ascent, will reward you for your exertions. Once at the top, you can look out over the open sea from the fortress walls or the northern roof of the chapel. From up there you will have a breathtaking view of the entire town, its surroundings and the sea.

The castle, which was built in the 14th century, fascinates with its triangular ground plan. It offers many interesting corners to discover. The entrance area in the southern corner is flanked by a massive defense tower. From here, the fortress walls are completely accessible. In the northern corner of the castle, the highest point of the complex, is the chapel of Nuestra Senyora de la Esperanza. The roof of the church, which was once used for defensive purposes, now serves as a popular viewing platform. Another highlight is the Miquel Nunis fortress tower, whose square basement still dates from its Moorish predecessor. Since the tower was once twice as high as it is today, it served as a watchtower until the 19th century. Until the middle of the 19th century, the castle was still used as a garrison for a dragoon unit.

Besides the historical importance of Capdepera, the nature of the surrounding area also offers you a lot of sights worth seeing. Especially popular and fascinating is the stalactite cave Coves d'Artà, which lies about 50 meters above the coast. You will find the cave at a sea bay east of the village Canyamel.

Then be sure to visit the small rugged peninsula of Punta de Capdepera, located east of the coastal town of Cala Rajada. On it is the Far de Capdepera lighthouse, built in 1861, which inspired the German writer Karl Otten to write his work "The Lighthouse".

Buy Capdepera real estate - with us to your dream property


At the northeastern tip, on the Artà peninsula, lies the traditional town of Capdepera. Here, the Mediterranean charm of winding streets and flower-adorned townhouses combine with a breathtaking view of the endless sea. The small town on the mountain Puig de Capdepera is still one of the most untouched corners of Mallorca. Only a few tourists stray here, which is why you should buy a Capdepera property if you enjoy this seclusion.
The small town captivates with its stone townhouses that tell of centuries of history. Buying a Capdepera property can take different forms for you: You will find gorgeous houses and apartments that let you participate close to the Spanish life of the Mallorcans. From here you can explore the cobbled streets of the town and go shopping at the market in the Plaza de Orient.

With a property in Capdepera you always have the opportunity to enjoy the elevated view out to sea or down to the plain of the Llevant. On the mountain slopes and in the plain you can buy dream Capdepera property. Here you can choose the luxurious life of a Spanish villa, with sweeping views of the sea. Or you can choose a Mediterranean finca with a spacious plot and enjoy living in Mallorcan ambience.


Capdepera property for sale: Buy finca in Capdepera


The view from a finca in Capdepera lets you look out to the sea or the hills of the Llevant. The old town, built as early as the 14th century, winds along the Puig de Capdepera. With the Castillo de Capdepera castle towering high above the town, a unique and historic atmosphere has been created for which it is worth buying a Capdepera property.

The numerous stores and the Mallorcan weekly market on the Plaza de Orient combine modern life and shopping with the traditional Spanish markets. Capdepera's unique location between mountain ranges and the sea creates various possibilities for you to organize your daily life. Activities range from hiking and biking to sunbathing on the beautiful white beaches of the northeastern coast of the Artà peninsula. Make these dreams come true by buying a Capdepera property.

You can't go wrong with a finca in Capdepera or the surrounding area. Enjoy the many advantages that this location brings with it: Nestled between the southwestern mountain range of the Serres de Llevant, a low mountain range, and the open sea to the north and east, Capdepera combines two of Mallorca's natural trademarks. From your finca you have a perfect view of the fantastic nature, the mountains and the sea. You can set off from here for forays into the historic town or for a shopping spree.

Buying a Capdepera property means for you to be able to experience the many advantages of Mallorca. Here especially the interaction of the Mediterranean environment of the mountain plain, the unique Mallorcan coastal landscape and a town with the historical flair of the Middle Ages - including a castle that towers over everything and allows a breathtaking view of the sea.


Capdepera property for sale: exclusive villas in Capdepera


If you have ever been to Capdepera, you know the distinctive ambience that moves between history and modernity. You are also one of the few island visitors who have recognized and possibly learned to love the value of this small town on the Artà peninsula.

So, should you follow our recommendation and buy a Capdepera property, this step will be worth it for you. You have so many possibilities to organize your days: For example, stroll along one of the countless white sandy beaches, enjoy the sun and sea air.

Take the opportunity to visit the many attractive beach resorts in the area: Just a few kilometers away is the coastal resort of Cala Rajada. The charming place belongs to the northeast of Mallorca and is therefore the exact opposite of Capdepera. It convinces especially with its beautiful sandy beaches. East of Cala Rajada you will find yourself in a somewhat quieter place: the rugged peninsula Punta de Capdepera with the lighthouse Far de Capdepera. From there you have a wide view of the open sea, which can reach all the way to the neighboring island of Menorca.

In addition to the luxurious life in your villa, why not indulge in a generally very popular sport on the island: The nearby Capdepera Golf Club, with its beautifully landscaped fairways, offers both accomplished and novice golfers a place to relax. The 18-hole golf course enjoys a magnificent setting among the hills in the Llevant and was built in the 1990s by famed North Carolina golf architect Dan Maples. If you buy a Capdepera property, you can take advantage of this offer all year round.

A villa in Capdepera convinces with its quiet location in a place that few tourists know and visit. Nevertheless, you will not lack cultural activities or sports activities here. A quiet life and varied life in Mallorca awaits you when you buy a Capdepera property.


Neptunus International is your expert when buying a Capdepera property

If you want to buy a Capdepera property, we at Neptunus International are your contacts. We are an international team dedicated to helping you fulfill the dream of living by the sea. You will benefit from our own experience, with which we are at your side.

Our brokers and partners are experts in the region and the language. Once you want to buy a Capdepera property, we will help you not only with your dream property, but also with any organizational and language obstacles. Our service is professional and all-inclusive, as we also take care of your purchase, sale or rental of your Majorcan property.

Feel free to contact us as soon as you want to buy a Capdepera property. We are at your disposal with advice and support. We offer you a comprehensive service around the inspection: We will compile a portfolio of all properties in question, from which you can choose your favorites and then arrange viewing appointments with us.

In case you are prevented or do not want to travel to Mallorca, we offer a special service: a virtual tour. We guide you digitally, via Zoom, Facetime or other software platforms through your dream property. This individual tour allows you to see your property from every perspective. You can contact us in real time and clarify questions directly.

If you would like to buy a Capdepera property in the end, we offer you our holistic service. Our activity as your real estate expert goes far beyond the normal standard. We work together with a network of different Majorcan partners. With insider tips, such as the best restaurants, leisure activities and beauty salons, we are also happy to assist you outside of the real estate business. We also tell you where to buy the most beautiful furniture for your Capdepera property.

Capdepera property for sale: How about a cozy house?

If you've gotten to know Capdepera, then you've probably succumbed to its historic and traditional Mallorcan charm. A house directly in the village will be just right for you, if you like the atmosphere of the alleys and stone houses. Also in the immediate vicinity, you can fulfill your real estate dream in a quiet village of Mallorca, once you buy a Capdepera property.

Within the old town, there are relatively few exclusive houses available. Due to the historic development, free properties are few and far between. But it is worth keeping your eyes open. Because not only the place is worth it to settle here or to acquire a vacation home. The way of life of the Mallorcans is particularly evident in their traditional festivals, which are celebrated every year. Look forward to being able to attend these in the future from your home.

Since 2000, the 700th anniversary of the fortress Castillo de Capdepera, every year on the third weekend of May is held the Mercat Medieval: a medieval craft market with street parades and musical performances. So, in addition to living in one of Capdepera's historic townhouses, you have the opportunity to enjoy the medieval ambiance at the annual medieval market.

When you buy a Capdepera property, you choose a house in a picturesque landscape between mountain ranges and the Balearic Sea. You choose to enjoy the natural wonders of Mallorca: explore the stalactite cave Coves d'Artà, located 50 meters above the coast on a sea bay east of the town of Canyamel.
With a house in Capdepera, you'll enjoy sweeping views of land and sea. You will get to know and love the land and the inhabitants from their very own side. It will be worthwhile for you to move your residence - or even the vacations - to a historic house, surrounded by flowers and built of natural stone, in Capdepera.


Capdepera property for sale: modern and stylish apartments


Some places, including Capdepera, combine many facets of the Balearic island. Among its charms is the unique location at the foot of the Puig de Capdepera. Buying a Capdepera property means moving into a dreamlike apartment below a medieval protective castle from the 14th century. You will be treated to a quiet Mallorcan life.

But besides history and tradition, Capdepera's townscape is also characterized by small, select boutiques and exquisite restaurants. Between the natural stone houses decorated with flowers, you can reach many modern stores via the narrow cobbled streets, which guarantee you a relaxed shopping experience. Here you can buy clothes or but also unique decoration for your Capdepera property.

Every Wednesday you can visit the weekly market in the Plaza de Orient and in the streets Carrer del Castell and Carrer Camamil to buy local delicacies and food. Back in your apartment, in one of Capdepera's historic houses, you can turn your purchased goods into culinary delights and enjoy them, looking out of your windows over the open sea.

Should you ever feel like being entertained, numerous restaurants in town or by the sea offer you this possibility in an enchanting Mediterranean ambience. Many localities and bars are within walking distance of Capdepera. If you are buying a Capdepera property and are in the mood for something a little more unusual, we recommend lunch at Andreu Genestra's restaurant. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, you'll enjoy Michelin-starred dishes. The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients from Genestra's own vegetable garden that surrounds the restaurant - a real treat for the palate.

If you want an exciting and diverse life between tradition and modernity, you should buy a Capdepera property. Every day you can choose between Mallorcan nature, culinary adventures and a little exciting window shopping.


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