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Buying a property in El Molinar: live where the sun shines

Mallorca is known for its climate, its beaches and its sea. Here the sun shines almost all year round and winter is not like in Germany. If you buy a property in El Molinar, you will perfectly enjoy everyday-life breaks.

In addition to the vibrant city life, El Molinar is an oasis of peace and relaxation not far from the centre of Palma. El Molinar’s neighbourhood is located directly on the beach and offers a very good alternative to the hustle and bustle and fast pace of Palma. Here you will not only find peace and quiet, but also a place of seclusion. Nevertheless, you can be in the centre of the island's capital and experience Palma in just a few minutes if you buy a Molinar property.

Buy a property in Molinar, enjoy the sea view


According to a well-known adage, life is better at the beach! The seaside relaxes and rests, as the endless waters, the horizon and the sand and rocks, obviously fascinate. It is widely accepted by most people that viewing water, whether a pond, a lake or a river, enhances inner balance and promotes calm. Indeed, the sea is calming and relaxing and the more natural the sites, the better.

With its small bay and the Mediterranean right on its doorstep, El Molinar is a perfect place, where people can experience the sea with all five senses. Feeling the Iodine wind and tasting the salty sea air, seeing and admiring the superb Mediterranean horizon, listening to the sound of the waves on the shore with its calming subconscious effect. If you buy a property in El Molinar, you’ll savour the coastline with all your senses.

Living right by the sea or near it, guarantees a more relaxed, balanced life. If you buy a property and live in El Molinar, and its 80 metre long sand and pebble beach, right on the south coast of Mallorca, everyday hurdles and problems will no longer seem so tiresome. El Molinar benefits from beautiful views of the Mediterranean and, although not visible from the beach, it has two spacious marinas for numerous boats. Although El Molinar is located on the outskirts of the island's capital, if you buy a property in El Molinar, you’ll enjoy a quiet life as tourists are few and far between.


Buy a property in El Molinar and benefit from a good infrastructure


El Molinar is a former fishing village that still retains its past charm and although El Molinar is not particularly large it has a good infrastructure. In recent years El Molinar has become more popular with the locals as well as immigrants who are settling here and appreciate the advantages of the place. Many of the old fishermen's houses along this coast have been refurbished to the latest standards, with great attention to detail. In the background the small promenade is lined with exclusive shops and restaurants. El Molinar is thus an ideal place to buy a property.

The marinas also have impressive new openings where visitors on boats can moor by for a delicious meal and enjoy the unique views of the Mediterranean. The harbour is also a place where you’ll find some action and numerous opportunities for water sports. Along El Molinar’s promenade itself, you’ll find various activities. The cycle lane that leads directly to Palma has been developed accordingly and offers plenty of space for cyclists and roller-skaters. More and more people are drawn to this place which has something new to offer every day despite its small size. El Molinar is ideal for those who want to buy a property near Palma and the sea.

Fresh air, healthy, varied food and views of the sea make this place a well-being oasis. Everything you need that cannot be found in El Molinar will be found in Palma. It only takes a few minutes by car to get to the capital, 3 kilometres away. The ideal route for a bike tour or an extended hike right by the sea.

Everyone likes leisure activities. In El Molinar people benefit from a variety of sport practices such as golf in one of the nearby exclusive golf courses, cycling along the coast on the well-developed lane passing through El Molinar, or simply going to the beach for a daily swim. The harbour offers numerous activity options, like snorkelling, boat rentals, fishing, surfing and jet-skiing. All the activities are either located directly in El Molinar or in the immediate vicinity.

In the winter months as the sea becomes quite cold and most water sports are no longer optional, various alternatives can be found. El Molinar and the surrounding area offer opportunities for hiking or even hunting. Not too far, the mountainous landscape enables the practice of alternative activities. Contrasting with the summer activities, mountaineering is also a very popular sport, mostly in the colder seasons. Hiking and climbing are ideal activities when temperatures drop below 20 degrees. Thus, the small fishing village of El Molinar right on the outskirts of Palma, is certainly not a boring place. From golf to cycling or hiking, El Molinar benefits from all these leisure activities for tourists and locals alike. If you buy a property in Molinar, you will be surprised by the leisure possibilities on offer.


Know the Mallorcans when you buy a property in El Molinar


For many years, Mallorca has exerted a unique fascination on other peoples. The Balearic island is not just a popular holiday destination and many decide to move and settle here. Spain is known for its cosy lifestyle and this is also the case for Mallorca. Things are simply accepted as they are as Mallorcans have a perfect amount of serenity and contentment.

The Mallorcan way of life and their natural cheerfulness towards other people are not a secret. With the right communication, foreign residents quickly make friends, already adopting Mallorcan’s way of life after a short time. You quickly realise what really matters in life and how easy and stressless life in Mallorca can be, enjoying a new pace of life here and a better balance between work and leisure, perfect for a healthy and stress-free life. After buying a property in El Molinar, living on the island will become a great experience.


Why buy a property in El Molinar?


If you decide to buy a property in El Molinar, you will benefit from new life experiences. This former fishing village situated right by the sea, on the outermost edge of Palma, has the perfect conditions for a quiet yet well set lifestyle. Although the village is very small and idyllic, the centre of Palma, the island's capital, is reached in just a few minutes. You will hardly find another place with such a balance between tranquillity and action. If you buy a property in El Molinar, you won't even have to worry about the place being overrun by tourists in summer.

Families also appreciate the tranquillity of El Molinar. Here children can grow up safe and protected, without neglecting the educational needs. El Molinar’s centrally located surroundings benefit from international educational institutions for children of all ages. In the Balears the school system is highly rated, with private and public schools ensuring a high level of education and future start. Neptunus International’s list of properties in El Molinar includes houses, small fincas and exclusive flats. El Molinar’s lovingly renovated former fishermen houses are especially popular.


Buying a property in El Molinar: a house, a flat or a villa?


El Molinar offers numerous property options, such as luxury small terraced houses, modern flats and a few villas. The choice of property all depends on particular wishes and needs. Typical Spanish-style corner homes are very popular here as well as terraced houses with a sundeck and a pool or even former fishermen's homes. Most of the luxury flats also have a roof-terrace with beautiful views of the town and of the sea. If you decide to buy a property in El Molinar, you’ll need to reflect on the type of property you wish for but, if you are not sure yet, Neptunus International will be happy to guide you.

If however you wish to buy a spacious villa, know that El Molinar does not propose many such luxury buildings. In EL Molinar, you are more likely to find typical middle-class, down-to-earth Mallorcan character houses. Sometimes, amongst the housing options it is possible to find a villa in El Molinar. In general flats with superb views of the town, the harbour and the sea, are most popular. Anyone looking to buy a property in Molinar will have the choice between a diverse range of properties including modern or classic houses as well as bourgeois or rustic buildings.


Buy a property in El Molinar: buy a villa in El Molinar


While there is a great diversity of villas for sale throughout the island, finding a luxury villa to buy in El Molinar is a little more complicated. This former fishing village right on the coast and on the outskirts of Palma, mostly proposes flats and former fishermen's houses. Magnificent villas do not fit in this bucolic village. If you are seeking to buy a property in El Molinar, there are alternatives to typical villas, for example, small fincas in the upper price segment.

El Molinar doesn’t boast luxury villas with direct views of the sea and beach, but there are opportunities to buy such villas in El Molinar’s neighbouring villages and, of course in Palma itself which offers various options. Neptunus International’s experts in El Molinar’s properties have the expertise to find real property gems. Many luxury flats can be found in the centre of El Molinar. Their upscale furnishings include wide rooms, roof terraces, etc. Simply adapt to the charm of the village and take advantage of the serenity of the Mallorcans.


Molinar property for sale: buy a house in Molinar


If you seek to buy a house in El Molinar, you’ll have various options to choose from. Basically, the houses differ in terms of construction, style and atmosphere. When looking for a property to buy in El Molinar, terraced houses are very popular and either have a classic Mallorcan style or a modern open-space. If you want the unique flair of the coastal town, then opt for a classic style property when buying in El Molinar. Most of these are former fishermen's houses that have been modernised and if their outer appearance remains unchanged, their interiors meet modern standards.

El Molinar’s modern houses are characterised by their straight lines. However, the new architectural style mixes perfectly with the village’s former fishing atmosphere. The architects have planned the houses in such a way that they blend in harmoniously and they offer plenty of privacy. Many of them not only have a beautiful and relaxing outdoor area, but also have a private pool. The terraces and gardens furnishing and planting are indeed Mediterranean. Treat yourself with your Mallorcan dream home and start enjoying a new serenity by buying a property in El Molinar.

In El Molinar, terraced houses are just as charming as the detached properties. Here too, you will enjoy an oasis of seclusion and tranquillity. In addition to a small garden, you will often find a balcony or even a roof terrace, with great views of El Molinar and the sea. When looking for a property in El Molinar, prices will vary depending on the architectural style and the type of property you wish to buy. Ultimately, the property market in El Molinar responds to different wishes and needs and buyers do not need to compromise on the dream property they wish for, in this bucolic area near Palma.


Buy a property in El Molinar: buy a flat in El Molinar


Are you looking for a flat in Mallorca that offers peace and seclusion, yet is located not too far from all the action? This is what you can expect if you buy a property in El Molinar. The numerous flats on offer here differ in size, furnishings and architectural style. The houses in El Molinar have a typical Mallorcan character. El Molinar is a peaceful and quiet village with a great lifestyle and Palma, the capital city of Mallorca, is just 3 kilometres away.

In El Molinar, most exclusive flats typically have 3 rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen and are very luminous spaces. When you buy a property in El Molinar, luminous sunshiny spaces are guaranteed. You can relax on a balcony, a small terrace or a spacious roof terrace. If you decide to buy a property in El Molinar, you’ll find that most properties are sold furnished. Features include air conditioning in the bedrooms and living rooms. You will also find everything you need for a carefree life, in line with the latest standards.

Flats in El Molinar are always popular. The small village is an opportunity for many locals and immigrants alike to live in an idyllic Mallorcan setting, near the sea and the centre of Palma. This is what makes buying a property in Molinar so popular. You don't have to compromise on anything if you decide to buy a flat in El Molinar. Whether it's a simple living space or a spacious and luxurious flat doesn't matter. The town has the right property for every price segment. When you buy a property in El Molinar you'll be seduced by the area’s Mallorcan lifestyle and the unique views over the city that most of the flats benefit from.


Sights that await you if you buy a property in El Molinar


The people who live here seek a change from everyday life. El Molinar itself is already one of Palma's sights. This former fishing village is recommended as a site to visit in most travel guides. You can cycle directly from Palma to El Molinar and enjoy the special atmosphere of the sea. Although El Molinar has developed a lot in recent years, the ambience of the fishing village has not been lost. The harbour, the promenade and the restaurants make you feel right at home here.

But the village has more to offer than just the harbour. The name "El Molinar" goes back to the 28 windmills that were found in the village until the 1980s. Today, only 2 of them remain. Everything else had to be demolished in order to create the necessary living space. The combination of the old preserved houses and the construction of new buildings creates a wonderful harmony here. The balance between the old and the new has been wonderfully combined, so you never get the feeling that you are in a modern and growing area of Palma. Rather, it is important to the residents that you immediately realise where the roots of El Molinar lie. This charm should never be taken away from the village. If you decide to buy a property in El Molinar, bear in mind that most are older houses that instead of being demolished, have been refurbished and renovated and given a new lease of life.

On the promenade, a pyramidal monument attracts residents and tourists alike. Named “la Rosa de los Vientos", in English “the Rose of the Four Winds”, the monument is a local symbol ever close to the hearts of El Molinar residents. Although El Molinar has always been characterised by the sea and the fishing trade it had an agricultural activity, as evidenced by the many grain mills that once stood here. The Rose of the Four Winds monument is not only intended to symbolically connect the sea and the land, it is a reminder of the origins of this village, right on the outskirts of Palma. A forged cormorant with a wingspan of 2.5 metres which resembles a German weather vane, sits impressively atop the monument, turning with the winds.


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