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Buy Molinar real estate: Live where the sun shines

Mallorca is known for sun, beach and sea. Because here there is sun all year round and no real winter like in Germany. So a break from everyday life can be enjoyed perfectly here if you buy a Molinar property.

Besides the vibrant city life, not far from the center of Palma you can find a true oasis of peace and relaxation. The neighborhood of Molinar is located directly on the beach and therefore offers a very good alternative to the hustle and bustle of Palma. Here you will not only find the peace and quiet, but also have a place of seclusion. Nevertheless, you can be in the middle of the capital of the island in a few minutes and experience Palma if you buy a Molinar property.

Buy Molinar real estate and enjoy sea views


Life is better at the beach. Loosely translated, it means: Life is better when you are on the beach. A well-known saying that is not only used in English-speaking countries. The sea is one of the most popular places when it comes to relaxation and tranquility. The water, the infinite distance and the beach have a certain fascination that many fall for. The reason for this is actually the water. People who look at a pond, a lake or a river feel an inner balance and are much more serene. The same effect is achieved at the seaside. Here, the more natural, the better. With its small bay, Molinar is the perfect place for this.

The Mediterranean Sea right on your doorstep. The special thing here is that you can experience the sea with all five senses. You can feel the shallow wind on the coast, taste the salty sea air from the water, see and admire the wonderful harmony of the waves and the horizon. The sounds of the waves as they break on the shore and the roar has a calming effect on our subconscious. So you experience the sea with numerous senses and stimuli when you buy a Molinar property.

Living directly on the water or in the immediate vicinity of the sea makes for a relaxed and balanced life. Even everyday life with its hurdles and problems no longer seems so difficult when you move your center of life to Molinar, for example, right on the coast of the Balearic island. The 80 meter long beach is a mixture of sand and gravel sections. It offers a wide view out over the Mediterranean at any time of the year and is popular for those all-important breaks in everyday life. Two marinas provide space for numerous boats and also highlight the seaside life - however, they are not visible from the beach. Quiet and secluded, you can enjoy life here if you buy a Molinar property. Tourists are few and far between, even though Molinar is located on the outskirts of the island's capital.


Buy Molinar properties and benefit from the good infrastructure


A former fishing village, which has retained a little of the charm of yesteryear. Molinar is not particularly large, but still offers a good infrastructure. Only in recent years the place gained a little popularity, so that more and more locals, but also immigrants, settle here and appreciate the advantages of the place. Along the coast you will find numerous small fishermen's houses, which have been brought up to the latest standards with great attention to detail. In the background along a small promenade exclusive stores and fulminant restaurants have settled. Ideal, therefore, for those who want to buy a Molinar property.

The marinas also benefit from the impressive new openings. Visitors can stop by with their boats for a delicate dinner and enjoy the unique view of the Mediterranean. The harbor is also a place where you can find some action. Numerous opportunities for a wide variety of water sports can be found here in Molinar. But you can also do sports along the promenade. A bike path that leads directly to Palma has been extended accordingly and offers enough space not only for cyclists. For skating or walking here is exactly the right spot. More and more people are drawn to this wonderful place, which despite its small size has something new to offer every day. Ideal, therefore, for all those who want to buy a Molinar property.

Fresh air, healthy and varied food and the unique view of the sea make this place a real oasis of well-being. All the necessary things that cannot be found in Molinar can be obtained in Palma. It takes only a few minutes drive to get to the capital, which is 3 km away. The ideal route for a bike ride or even an extended hike directly by the sea.

In everyday life we need a certain amount of leisure activities. This area is also not neglected in Molinar. Numerous offers ensure that no boredom can arise. For example, golfing on exclusive golf courses and cycling are very popular. For this reason, the well-developed path for bicycles directly to Palma is very busy. Not only people from Molinar use this opportunity for a little exercise in the fresh air. Swimming is just as possible on the beach, of course. After a small stretch where the water is very shallow, it quickly goes into the deep cool water. If swimming seems too boring for you, you can look around the harbor for numerous possibilities. Snorkeling and exploring the sea or fishing from a boat is just as possible as surfing or jet skiing. All offers are either directly in Molinar or in the immediate vicinity.

In the cooler months, water sports are no longer an option. The sea is too cold and alternatives have to be found if you don't want to spend your free time reading. Molinar and the surrounding area also offer opportunities for hiking or even hunting. Forests and mountains ensure that everyone gets their money's worth here. Mountain climbing is also very popular and the ideal contrast to the possibilities offered by the small town in high summer. Hiking and climbing are ideal activities when temperatures drop below the 20 degree mark. Even a small fishing village on the outskirts of Palma doesn't have to be boring. From golfing to biking to hiking, the village offers plenty of recreational activities for tourists and people who live here. If you buy a Molinar property, you will be surprised by the numerous leisure activities.


Get to know the Mallorcan people when you buy Molinar real estate


Mallorca has exerted a unique fascination on numerous people for many years. The Balearic island is a popular destination not only for vacationers. Many people decide to spend their lives here forever. However, this is not only related to the wonderful weather on the island, which you get with the Molinar real estate buying on top. Also the mentality and the atmosphere, which is present here throughout the year, convinces people to move here. Spain is known for its cozy lifestyle and this is also the case in Mallorca. Here, things are simply accepted as they are. Mallorcans bring the perfect amount of serenity and contentment that is simply infectious.

The joy for others and the beautiful life are in the foreground in Mallorca. With the right communication, immigrants quickly find a connection and adopt the way of life of the people in Mallorca after a short time. You quickly realize what really matters in life and how easy and stress-free the colorful life in Mallorca can be. You follow your own rhythm here and exude a certain balance between work and leisure. Perfect for a healthy and stress-free life. This feeling makes life on the island after Molinar real estate purchase not only popular, but encourages many people to move your center of life entirely on the island.


Why buy Molinar real estate?


If you decide to buy Molinar real estate, you will be able to underline this purchase with positive experiences. The former fishing village directly on the sea and on the outermost edge of Palma has the perfect conditions for a quiet and yet regulated life. The place is very small and idyllic, but in a few minutes you are in the middle of the pulse of the island capital. You will not get a better balance between tranquility and life in any other place. Moreover, with Molinar real estate buying you don't have to worry that the place will be overrun by tourists in the summer.

Families love the seclusion of Molinar. The little ones can grow up sheltered and safe. But education does not fall by the wayside here either. Thanks to its central location, the small town offers numerous international educational institutions for children of all ages. Especially the school system is very well rated on the Balearic island. Private and public schools provide a high level of education and a very good start into the future. We at Neptunus International offer you different properties in Molinar and are broadly positioned. You can choose a villa, a small finca or even an exclusive apartment. Very popular are the small fisherman's houses, which have been renovated and modernized in a contemporary way.


Molinar real estate for sale: House, apartment or a luxury villa?


Molinar offers you numerous possibilities for buying a property. Besides some small luxury townhouses, there are numerous apartments and also luxury villas available. Here, on the one hand, it depends on your wishes and needs. Small houses have a high value here. Corner houses in a typical Spanish style, terraced houses with a small terrace and a pool or even the classic fishermen's cottages can be found in this part of the island. Especially the luxurious apartments have a roof terrace in most of the offers. Here you not only get a very nice view over the place, but you can look far out to sea. If you want to buy a Molinar property, you should be aware in advance what exactly you are looking for. If you are not yet aware of this, we will of course be happy to advise you.

If you are interested in a villa, then you need a lot of patience. The small town is not very famous for such magnificent buildings. Here you can find rather the bourgeois and the down-to-earth of the island. However, it is not impossible in Molinar real estate buying. Some villas cavort between the numerous housing options. Basically, just the apartments are very popular. Enjoy the view of the town, the harbor or rather the sea. The style of the real estate ranges from modern to classic to middle-class and rustic. A sufficient selection, which has exactly the right offer on the real estate market for everyone who wants to buy a Molinar property.


Molinar property for sale: Buy a villa in Molinar


Buying a villa in Molinar actually turns out to be a bit difficult. While on the entire island in the Mediterranean Sea different villas are available when buying Molinar real estate, one looks for them in vain in the former fishing village. The place directly on the coast and on the outskirts of Palma is known for numerous apartments and small fishermen's houses. An ostentatious villa does not fit into the image of the village. Nevertheless, there are alternatives to the typical villas when buying Molinar real estate. For example, you can choose a finca in the upper price segment. The only thing you will give up here is perhaps a few living rooms.

You won't find a villa in Molinar in that sense. With a view of the sea and the wonderful beach, vacationers can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Molinar here for a few days. However, around the small town there are numerous opportunities for buying a villa. Other villages, small towns and of course Palma itself offer here for numerous options. The real estate agents specializing in Molinar property buying not only know the real gems, but also have one or two insider tips for their customers. In the end, however, you will get the luxury you are looking for in the numerous apartments in the middle of Molinar. The upscale furnishings, a wide range of different rooms and a roof terrace can be found here. Just adapt to the charm of the village and take advantage of the serenity of the inhabitants of Mallorca.


Molinar property for sale: Buy a house in Molinar


If you want to buy a house in Molinar, then here you have different options to choose from. Basically, the houses differ in construction, style and atmosphere. Very popular and often found when buying Molinar real estate are terraced houses. These are either in the classic Mallorcan style or very modern and straightforward. If you want the unique flair of the coastal town, then choose the classic style when buying Molinar real estate. Here it is often former fishermen's houses that have been modernized in recent years. The renovation ensures that the appearance does not change, but the interior meets modern standards.

Modern houses in Molinar are characterized by straight-line construction. But this new building style does not detract from the atmosphere in the former fishing village. The architects have planned the houses so that they blend in harmoniously and do not look like a foreign body. The houses also offer a lot of privacy. Many of them not only have a beautiful and relaxing outdoor area, but also have their own pool. The furnishings and also the planting for the terrace and garden are adapted to the southern style. Treat yourself to a time-out in your Majorcan dream and get to know the serenity of the Spaniards by buying a Molinar property.

The terraced houses have their charm as well as numerous detached properties. Here, too, you do not have to do without an oasis that promises seclusion and tranquility. In addition to a small garden, you can often find a balcony or even a roof terrace. Both give a view of Molinar and the vastness of the sea. Depending on the property and building style, prices can vary significantly when buying Molinar real estate. Ultimately, however, the real estate market in Molinar also offers exactly the right home for your wishes and needs. You do not have to cut corners in your search. Buy the house in the small town near Palma that you have been dreaming of for a long time.


Molinar property for sale: Buy apartment in Molinar


Are you looking for an apartment in Mallorca that offers you the peace and seclusion, but still not too far from the pulse of life? Quite simply buy a Molinar property, because here you are exactly right. Here the offer of the numerous apartments is very well positioned. Different sizes, different furnishing styles and building styles in the typical island flair are available to you when buying Molinar real estate. The small place offers you the sufficient rest, which you need for yourself. But nevertheless you do not need to renounce life and lifestyle. In just a few minutes you are in the capital of the Balearic island, 3 km away.

The numerous exclusive apartments have on average 3 rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Light-flooded rooms can also be found at many properties. So you will have the sun in your home at all times when you buy a Molinar immobile. You can relax on a balcony, a small terrace or on a spacious roof terrace. In addition, the objects are already mostly furnished when buying Molinar real estate and can be inhabited directly. The equipment includes a Air conditioner in the bedrooms and living rooms. In addition, you will find, according to the latest standards, everything you need for carefree living.

The apartments in Molinar are very popular. The small village offers in this way for many locals, but also immigrants, the opportunity to live in the idyll of the island. Besides the proximity to the sea, Palma is also not far away. This is exactly what makes Molinar real estate buying here so popular. You don't have to sacrifice anything when you decide to buy an apartment in Molinar. Whether it is a simple living space or a spacious and luxurious apartment does not matter. The place offers a suitable object for every price segment. You do not have to make any compromises here. Let yourself be convinced by the Mallorcan lifestyle and the unique view of the place, which the apartments have in store for you when buying Molinar real estate.


These sights are waiting for you when you buy Molinar real estate


People who have their center of life here want a little change from everyday life - and of course this is offered here in a brilliant way. Molinar itself is already one of the sights of Palma. The once sleepy fishing village is recommended for a visit in many travel guides. By bike you can get directly from Palma to Molinar and enjoy the special atmosphere of the sea. Although Molinar has developed a lot overall in recent years, the atmosphere and ambience of the fishing village is not lost. The harbor, the promenade and the restaurants contribute to the fact that one feels here directly at home.

But the village has more to offer than the port. The name "Molinar" comes from the 28 windmills that were in the village until the 80s. Today only 2 of them are left. Everything else had to give way so that appropriate living space could be created. The combination of the old preserved houses and the construction of new objects, creates a wonderful harmony here. The balance of the old and the new has been wonderfully combined here. At no time does one have the feeling that one is in a modern and growing area of Palma. Rather, it is important to the residents that you immediately notice where the roots of Molinar lie. This charm should never be taken away from the village. That is why even old houses are being renovated and not demolished. Keep this in mind when buying Molinar real estate.

A magnet not only for tourists is a small pyramid directly on the coast. The "Piramide en el Molinar rosa de los Vientos" is the symbol of the neighborhood and has been dear to the hearts of the locals for years. Not only the sea and fishing have shaped Molinar, but also agriculture. For this reason, in the past there were numerous mills that processed the corresponding grain. The Rose of the Four Winds, as the pyramid is translated, is not only to symbolically connect the sea and the land, but to remind where the origins of the village are on the outskirts of Palma. On the top is a cormorant, which is very similar to the German weathercock. Again, the animal turns depending on where the wind is blowing from. With a wingspan of 2.5 meters, he sits very imposingly on top of the monument.


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