Life on Mallorca - Our video series

Mallorca Series: Episode 1 - Diversity Mallorca

Party all day under palm trees? This reputation of Mallorca is long outdated, because the largest Balearic island has much more to offer than you might think. But what is it that makes the real Mallorca so fascinating? Find out in this opening video to a series in which we invite you to get to know the unknown facets of Mallorca. Together with presenter and PR ambassador of NEPTUNUS INTERNATIONAL Cedric Pick and guest Nicole Rose, who has permanently relocated to the sunny island, you will get a first taste of what makes Mallorca such a special and multifaceted place. From hiking in the high mountains and sunbathing on one of the endless sandy beaches to sailing on a luxurious yacht, golfing with fantastic views and enjoying the international lifestyle. Whether you prefer it quiet or in the middle of it all - everything is possible on Mallorca. Find out the absolute insider tip from passionate golfer Nicole Rose. What do you have to do? Simply click on "Play" and enjoy your first, luxurious short break with lots of exclusive impressions.

Mallorca Series: Episode 2 - Mallorca culinary

Enjoy the sweet jet-set life with exclusive shopping in Palma, swing a golf club on one of the excellent golf courses or relax on one of the beaches - on Mallorca you always have the choice of cultivating your personal lifestyle. The island's gastronomy is just as varied with all its specialties. An upscale 3-course meal in one of the posh restaurants or would you prefer a traditional dish in one of the quaint wine cellars? Where can you buy the best wines on the island, how is modern cuisine developing on Mallorca and what special restaurant tips does the Mallorca expert have in store? Get culinary inspiration from presenter and PR ambassador of NEPTUNUS INTERNATIONAL Cedric Pick and guest Nicole Rose in the next part of our Mallorca series. Start your virtual culinary tour of the island. Click the "play button" now and feast.

Mallorca Series: Episode 3 - Golf in Mallorca

Endless beaches with crystal-clear water, a landscape that invites you to go on long hikes, numerous specialties for the most discerning palates and, of course, exclusive luxury in every conceivable form - Mallorca has so much to offer for a special lifestyle. But in this episode of our Mallorca series, we take a look at a sport that is particularly popular on the island: golf. 21 golf courses and over 300 hours of sunshine a year, a combination that makes every golfer's heart beat faster. Find out from presenter and PR ambassador of NEPTUNUS INTERNATIONAL Cedric Pick and guest Nicole Rose what makes golf on Mallorca so fascinating and why many international professionals and amateur golfers jet to the island just to play golf. We don't want to give too much away. Simply start your virtual golf vacation by clicking on the "play button".

Mallorca Series: Episode 4 - Mallorca from the water

What is the best way to discover Mallorca? As incredibly diverse as the island is with its landscapes, it can also be explored in many different ways. In this episode of our Mallorca series, presenter and PR ambassador of NEPTUNUS INTERNATIONAL Cedric Pick takes you on a special tour with guest Nicole Rose and shows you the most beautiful perspectives that you can only get from the water. A tour of this kind can be tailored to your individual needs. Take a relaxed cruise along the 550-kilometre coastline or follow the insider tip in this video. Which waterways are worth changing your perspective to, where is the best place to go diving and snorkeling and what makes the underwater world so spectacular? Follow us in this video on an exciting excursion around the theme of water by simply pressing "Play".

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