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Olive oil- The liquid gold of Mallorca

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Did you know that most of the olive trees in Mallorca are between 300 and 500 years old?

Along with fig and citrus trees, they characterize the landscape of Mallorca and provide particularly aromatic fruits that can not be compared with those of young trees. So it is not surprising that Mallorca produces excellent olive oils. In contrast to mass production, here only ripe fruits come into the press, especially the olive varieties "Mallorquina" or "Empeltre", "Arbequina" and "Picual".

And also in the production is very traditional, especially in the villages. The farmers bring, as hundreds of years ago, their olives in old mills, where the oil is cold pressed. The oil from Mallorca is therefore particularly natural.

Our insider tip: The olive harvest begins in mid-November and the oil mills are running at full speed. A visit is worthwhile especially in the old mill Can Det in Sóller, where still traditionally one of the best oils of Mallorca is produced. Also one of the most beautiful festivals takes place during this time: The olive festival in Caimari. Here it smells from afar in the streets, stalls with local products invite you to stroll and the local oil press to taste.

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