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Legalization in rural areas on Mallorca soon possible again

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As part of a decree aimed at simplifying administration, the legalization of illegal buildings in rural areas will once again be possible. According to estimates, around 25,000 buildings could benefit from this. These buildings were built a few years ago without permission or the established illegality of the building has now expired. Under the previous Company Act, the owners of such buildings had the option of legalizing the building by paying a fine. This idea is now to be revived. However, some changes are to be made. The decree includes administrative and urban planning measures, including the outsourcing of the issuing of building permits. The basic prerequisite for the new possibility of legalization is that the limitation period for the buildings in question has expired, meaning that demolition or alteration measures are no longer possible. Only then will it be possible to "buy" legalization. The decree is currently expected to be passed shortly after Easter.

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