The Spanish tax number NIE

If you want to buy a property on Mallorca, you should apply for the NIE (foreigner identity number) long time in advance.

The NIE number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) is a tax identification number for foreigners.
With the NIE, foreigners are registered at the Spanish tax office to pay all kinds of taxes (e.g. property tax, income tax). The NIE number is also required to register with service providers in connection with the property on Mallorca (e.g. electricity, water, telephone). You will also be asked for your NIE number when buying a car, financing or opening a bank account etc.

However, if you have an NIE, you are not liable to pay taxes in Spain at the same time!

Where can I apply for the NIE in Spain?
The NIE number can be applied for both, in Spain and through a Spanish consulate. It depends on whether the person lives permanently in Spain.

Permanent resident: Application in Spain
Foreigners staying or being resident in Spain can apply for their NIE number in person at the immigration office (Oficina de Extranjeros) or at the commissariat of the National Police.
On Mallorca, both offices are located at Calle Felicià Fuster 7 in Palma.
It is also possible to apply with a notarial power of attorney through a local service provider.
Important: The appointment must be applied for online.

Non-permanent resident: Application via the Spanish consulate
Foreigners who are not resident in Spain and do not intend to become resident in Spain can apply for an NIE number in person or with a notarial power of attorney at the Spanish consulate in whose consular district you have your registered address.

How much does it cost to apply for the NIE in Spain?
The cost of the application is EUR 9.45 (as of 02/2021). The amount cannot be paid at the authority itself, but must be deposited at a bank. You will receive the required form after the application has been successfully accepted on site.

How long is the NIE valid in Spain?
The NIE is personal and non-transferable. This means that if you get an NIE you keep the same number for life.

What is the procedure for applying for the NIE number on Mallorca?

1st step: Apply online for an appointment at the immigration office:

2nd step: Take the following documents with you to the appointment:
All applicants: Two copies of the Ex-15 application form filled out and signed
EU nationals: Your passport and a photocopy of the main page of your passport (the page that includes your photo, name, passport number, address, etc.).
Non-EU nationals: Your passport and a photocopy of your entire passport (all pages), plus proof of your legal entry into Spain (for instance a landing card, known in Spanish as a declaración de entrada or a título de viaje or cédula de inscripción). Some Oficinas de Extranjeros might accept a valid entry stamp in your passport as proof of legal entry. To be on the safe side non-EU nationals might also want to take along two recent passport size colour photographs with a plain coloured background.

The Immigration Office is located at Calle Felicià Fuster 7 in Palma.

3rd step: At the immigration office: Have your application checked and pay the fee
After a staff member has checked your application (this happens immediately), you will receive a form (Modelo 790) to pay the processing fee. This must be done at a bank. The immigration office will inform you which branch you can go to. You can do this directly afterwards. Once the amount has been paid in, the bank will stamp the receipt. With this, you immediately go back to the Office and get your NIE number.

To apply for the NIE number through a Spanish consulate, contact the authority in your home country. The consulate will tell you what documents are needed.

If you need help applying for the NIE number on Mallorca, please contact us. Our experienced partners will advise and support you with the application.

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